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Mercy of Guru

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"mercy of guru"| "mercy of the spiritual master"| "mercy of the guru"| "mercy of Krsna and guru"| "mercy of Krsna and the guru"| "mercy of his guru"| "mercy of both guru"| "mercy of all these Vaisnavas and gurus"| "mercy of the Lord and the guru"|"mercy both of Krsna and guru"| " mercy or process of accepting a guru"| "guru's mercy"| "spiritual master's mercy"| "mercy both of them, guru"| "guru, to teach you. Mercy"| "mercy of Krsna and His representative, guru"| guru unless you are agent to draw out the mercy"| "Guru-Gauranga, by whose mercy"| "guru, and we should always pray for his mercy"| "mercy of Krsna and guru"| "mercy of Krsna and the spiritual master"| "mercy of God and guru"| "Krsna's mercy-incarnation is guru" |"guru is the cloud. He has taken the mercy"| "Guru is the mercy"| "mercy, guru"| "mercy of my guru"

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