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Category:Spiritual Body

"Krsna's body and Krsna is nondifferent because it is completely spiritual" |"body are complete spiritual" |"body becomes spiritual" |"body can be spiritualized" |"body have become spiritualized" |"body is also spiritual" |"body is completely spiritual" |"body is eternally in spiritual" |"body is made of spiritual" |"body is spiritual" |"body is spiritualized" |"body is transcendental, spiritual" |"body of spiritual energy" |"body spiritualized" |"body that is spiritual" |"body will be spiritualized" |"body's spiritual" |"body, we have to spiritualize" |"spiritual blissful body" |"spiritual bodies" |"spiritual body" |"spiritual body" |"spiritual form within this body" |"spiritual head, body" |"spiritual spark has got body" |"spiritual transcendental body" |"spiritualize this body" |"spiritualized body" |"spiritualizing the present body" |"bodies were so spiritual"

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