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Category:Imperfect Senses

"imperfect senses"|"imperfect sense"|"senses are so imperfect"|"senses are neither imperfect"|"imperfect material senses"|"senses are imperfect"|"sense is always imperfect"|"sense perception for their imperfect knowledge"|"senses must be imperfect"|"senses are so imperfect"|"senses, you become imperfect"|"sense, it is imperfect"|"imperfect of senses"|"senses, all are imperfect"|"senses are very imperfect"|"senses are so limited, imperfect"|"senses are not imperfect"|"sense perception are all imperfect"|"senses are all imperfect"|"imperfect in his senses"|"senses are blunt, imperfect"|"senses? They are all imperfect"|"sense, they are imperfect"|"senses are also imperfect"|"senses you will find imperfect"|"senses is always imperfect"|"imperfect, illusioned, and cheating senses"|"imperfect experience of the senses"|"senses are very blunt, imperfect"|"senses are faulty, imperfect"|"sense impressions, imperfect"|"sense perception, that is imperfect"|"senses are admittedly imperfect"|"sense - they are all imperfect"|"senses are not perfect"|"sense are not the perfect"

  • VedaBase query: "imperfect sense*"or " imperfect * sense*" or " imperfect * * sense*" or " sense* * imperfect" or "sense* * * imperfect" or "sense* * * * imperfect" or "senses are not perfect"

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