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"exalted position"|"exalted positions"|"exalted transcendental position"|"exalted devotional position"|"exalted spiritual position"|"exalted her position"|"exalted, transcendental position"|" exalted a position "|"exalted or nasty positions"|" exalted the actual position"|"exalted to the position"|" exalted, in any position"|"position more exalted "|"position was exalted"|"position so exalted"|"position, very exalted"|"position as exalted"|"position was more exalted"|"position was so exalted"|"position is very exalted"|" position of an exalted"|"position is always exalted"|" position is most exalted"|"position is so exalted"|" position is therefore exalted"

  • VedaBase query: "Exalt* position*" or "exalt* * position*" or "exalt* * * position*" or "position* * exalt*" or "position* * * exalt*"


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