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"God's creation" |"creation of God"|"creations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead"|"lord's creation"|"creation of the Lord"|"Lord and His creation"|"creation by the Lord's"|"Krsna's creation"|"Lord’s simultaneous oneness with and difference from His creation"|"creations of the Almighty"|"Lord, after creation"|"creation is the hand of the Supreme Lord"|"creation takes place and is again annihilated"|"His plenary expansion and caused the creation"|"Lord has caused the creation"|"He has created"|"conducts the creation"|"creator is the Lord"|"Lord of the universe and the master of creation"|"Lord Visnu is the resting place of the entire creation"|"and is responsible for the creation"|"Lord is the primeval cause of all creations"|"His plenary expansion and caused the creation"|"The creation of the universe, subcreation, planetary systems, protection by the Lord"|"Lord is the cause of the creation"|"He impregnates the vast material creation"|"supreme source of creation, the Supreme Lord"|"Supreme Personality of Godhead, the original source of all creation"


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