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"vaisnava families"|"vaisnava family"|"family of vaisnava"|"family of vaisnavas"|"family of devotees, Vaisnavas"|"Vaisnava's family"|"family of a righteous brahmana vaisnava"|"family where a vaisnava"|"vaisnava takes birth in a family"|"family of a lower caste is a vaisnava"|"vaisnava, thirty-six families"|"vaisnava coming from a family"|"vaisnavas even from those born in families considered lower than those of sudras"|"vaisnava may appear in any family"|"vaisnavas born in brahmana families"|"vaisnavas born in sudra families"|"family, he becomes a vaisnava"|"vaisnava, he may come from any family"|"vaisnava's family"|"family also, there are vaisnavas"|"vaisnava, even if he's born in the family"|"vaisnava coming from sudra family"|"family, vaisnava family"|"family of a very high class brahmana or vaisnava"|"vaisnava son like you is born in this family"|"vaisnava, the whole family"|"vaisnava, whether he is born of low family"|"vaisnava, very rich family"|"vaisnava in the family"|"vaisnava born in a family"|"family and has become a vaisnava"|"vaisnava in a family"|"vaisnava, even born of dog-eaters' family"|" family, if he has become vaisnava"|"vaisnava, never mind from which family's"|"vaisnava, even though he may come from the candala family"|" vaisnava son in the family"|"vaisnava appears in a family"|"vaisnava devotee or pious man, in his family"|"family members of a pure vaisnava"|"family, and he said his parents are vaisnavas"|"vaisnavas are born in the family"|"family belongs to which vaisnava"|"Vaisnava son in a family"|"Vaisnava becomes the light of the family"|"family to be exemplary Vaisnavas"|"Vaisnava if born in a brahmana family"|"family become perfect Vaisnavas"

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