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"After my sannyasa" |"As a Sannyasi I" |"I accept sannyasa" |"I am a sannyasi" |"I am a vaisnava sannyasi" |"I am also taking sannyasa" |"I am an Indian sannyasi" |"I am mendicant, and Sannyasi" |"I am now sannyasi" |"I am sannyasi" |"I cannot accept this sannyasa" |"I cannot take sannyasa" |"I did not want to take sannyasa" |"I had no desire to accept the sannyasa" |"I had no desire to accept this sannyasa" |"I had to take sannyasa" |"I have become a sannyasi" |"I have become sannyasi" |"I have taken sannyasa" |"I have to become sannyasi" |"I have to take sannyasa" |"I left my home, sannyasi" |"I shall become a sannyasi" |"I take sannyasa" |"I took sannyasa" |"I took sannyasa" |"I will have to take sannyasa" |"I will not take sannyasa" |"In my old age, or as a sannyasi" |"We are beggars, sannyasi" |"after taking sannyasa" |"forced me to take sannyasa" |"me adopt this sannyasa" |"me to accept this sannyasa order" |"me to accept this sannyasa" |"me to become sannyasi" |"me to take sannyasa" |"me to take sannyasa" |"my acceptance of sannyasa" |"my dress, this is called sannyasa" |"my home life and take sannyasa" |"my sannyasa" |"my sannyasa" |"my taking sannyasa" |"sannyasa in ripe old age like me" |"sannyasi like me" |"sannyasi, just like I have become" |"taking sannyasa in 1959 I" |"we are a sannyasi" |"we are sannyasi"

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