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"not contaminate"|"not contaminating"|"not contaminated"|"no contaminations"|"no contamination"|"not materially contaminated"|"no material contamination"|"not be contaminated"|"not become contaminated"|"no in contamination"|"no more contamination"|" no such contamination"|"not very contaminated"|"not, therefore, become contaminated"|"not deluded or contaminated"|"not be so contaminated"|"not become materially contaminated"|"not be materially contaminated"|"no question of contamination"|"no tinge or contamination"|"not so much contaminated"|"no tinges of material contamination"|"no tinge of material contamination"|"no trace of material contamination"|"no chance for such contamination"|" not affected by such contaminated"|"without contamination"|"without contaminated"|"never contaminated "

  • VedaBase query: "not contamin*"@5 or "no contamin*"@5 or "without contamin*" or "never contamin*"

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