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Lack of Knowledge

From Vaniquotes

"Real knowledge is lacking"|"knowledge about the science of God. That is lacking"|"knowledge is also lacking"|"knowledge is lacking"|"knowledge lacks"|"knowledge of God's name is lacking"|"knowledge of the Supreme Lord is lacking"|"knowledge, they are lacking"|"knowledge. That you are lacking"|"lack knowledge"|"lack of absolute knowledge"|"lack of knowledge"|"lack of perfect knowledge"|"lack of real knowledge"|"lack of spiritual knowledge"|"lack of sufficient knowledge"|"lack of the real knowledge"|"lack of transcendental knowledge"|"lack of your knowledge"|"lack perfect knowledge"|"lack such knowledge"|"lack the real knowledge"|"lacked sufficient knowledge"|"lacking in absolute knowledge"|"lacking in knowledge"|"lacking in real knowledge"|"lacking in spiritual knowledge"|"lacking in that knowledge"|"lacking in the knowledge"|"lacking knowledge"|"lacking some fundamental knowledge"|"lacking that knowledge"|"lacking the conclusion of transcendental knowledge"|"lacking this knowledge"|"lacking this raja-vidya, the king of knowledge"|"lacks knowledge"|"lacks spiritual knowledge"|"lacks this knowledge"

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