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1947 to 1965 Correspondence

Letter to Mahatma Gandhi -- Cawnpore 12 July, 1947:

I am your unknown friend but I had to write to you at times and again although you never cared to reply them. I sent you my papers "Back to Godhead" but your secretaries told me that you have very little time to read the letters and much less for reading the magazines. I asked for an interview with you but your busy secretaries never cared to reply this.

Letter to Gandhi Memorial Fund -- Calcutta 5 July, 1949:

The Secretary

The Board of Trustees of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial National Fund,

New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

With reference to the invitation issued by your Board, for suggestions for the administration of the Fund, I beg to inform that Gandhiji's memorial can fittingly be perpetuated by a continued effort to keep in motion his spiritual movements. I beg to suggest most humbly to your board that Gandhiji, minus his spiritual activities, is an ordinary politician. But actually he was a saint amongst the statesmen and his basic principle was to overhaul the very foundation of present civilization by the novel philosophy of satyagraha and nonviolence.

Letter to Gita Mandir Trust -- Calcutta 1 September, 1949:


Sri Gita Mandir Trust,

Gita Mandir Road,


Dear Sir,

I am so much obliged to your kindly conveying the blessings of Reverend Swamiji 108 Sri Srimad Vidyanandji Maharaja.

I am very glad to learn that your program for preaching in the foreign countries, is still under consideration. I beg to submit herewith my missionary views in respect of preaching Bhagavad-gita and I shall be glad to know the reaction of your association in respect of my views:

Letter to Mr. Bailey -- Allahabad 7 July, 1953:

The registered office of the above League is situated at the big spacious building "Bharati Bhawan" at Sipri Road, Jhansi. Gentlemen interested in such cultural activities may ask from the Founder Secretary, the prospectus of the mission (in Hindi or in English) with details of the institution.

Letter to Gosvami Maharaja -- New Delhi 16 September, 1955:

You will be glad to learn that day before yesterday morning at about 9 O'clock Sri N. C. Chatterji the big advocate and President of the Hindu Mahasabha came to our Sangha with his secretary unexpectedly. It happened that about a fortnight past we had a Path Kirtana function at his residence at 7-B, Pusa Road and in that evening we had some talk about Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Letter to Ratanshi Morarji Khatau -- Bombay 5 August, 1958:

I beg to inform you that I am in reciept of your invitation letter in the matter of observing Bhagavata week through the secretary of Bombay spiritual centre. As I know what sort of Bhagavata week can be observed by the Mayavadins for misleading the innocent public and therefore I not only restrained myself from attending the function but also I advised many others not to attend for the very reason that the recitation of holy Bhagavata is being performed by men who have no access in this great scripture in which only the liberated persons, who are freed from all pretentious religiosities, can take part.

Letter to Visitors' Book -- Delhi 18 September, 1960:

I am pleased to write herein that I have come to Delhi from my H.Q. 1/859 Kesi Ghat, Vrindaban (U.P.) purely on spiritual mission to propagate the cult of devotional service of the Lord. And I am more pleased to mention herewith that Sriman Sri Krishna Sharma, Haribhaktan das, has provided me with a suitable room for my literary activities. I am publishing an English fortnightly magazine of the name "Back-To-Godhead" from this place and the Nawal Prem Shabha of which Sri Krishnaji is the Hony Secretary is arranging for my daily lectures on Srimad-Bhagavatam.

Letter to Visitors' Book -- Delhi 18 September, 1960:

Late Pandit Jyoti Prasad Sharma father of Sri Krishnaji was also known to me and during his life lime whenever I used to come to Delhi, Late Pandit Jyoti Prasadji would provide me with residential place. His good son is also following the foot prints of his noble father and as secretary of the Nawal Prem Sabha, he is doing good service in propagating Rama Nama all over the city.

Letter to Visitors' Book -- Delhi 18 September, 1960:

Anyway so far I have been well treated both by Sri Krishnaji the Secretary and Sri Prabhatilal along with his son Sitaram—care taker of the temple.

Letter to Doctor Radhakrishnan -- Delhi 29 March, 1961:

I wish therefore that you can specially recommend my case to Minister Humayun Kabir to arrange for it. If it is impossible altogether, then personally you can send me there without any difficulty. They have already agreed to pay for my boarding and lodging for the days I shall remain there. I may also inform you that the Secretary of the INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR CULTURAL HARMONY has already agreed to publish some of my literatures. If you will kindly somehow or other dispatch me there, then it will be a chance for my mission.

Letter to Mr. Nakano -- Delhi 18 April, 1961:

I was secretary of the Social Union movement of which Late Mr. J. Choudhury Bar-at-law was the president. In this movement there was a great stir for intercaste marriage in favor of Patel's (Vithalbhai) bill. I was married during my student life in 1918 with Radharani Devi and she is in Calcutta with her sons and daughters five children and a few grand children also. After my education I was appointed (1921) as the Asst. Manager of Dr. Bose's Laboratory Ltd of Calcutta and then engaged myself in my personal business in the chemical line. I was a research student in chemical and medicinal composition and for the first time in India, I introduced Gadine preparation in the medical profession.

1966 Correspondence

Letter to Unknown -- New York 17 March, 1966:

Mr. Martin the Finance Secretary seen today personally. Requested him to 4:80 per dollar in exchange. He formally agreed and will get it confirmed from sender and let me know finally. It is good news.

Letter to Sir Padampat Singhania -- New York 18 March, 1966:

So In the meantime I negotiated with the authorities of the great Missionary organization namely The Salvation Army Inc. The Finance Secretary of the great organization writes as follows in his letter D/14/3/66 "This will acknowledge your letter of March 5,1966, in connection with the possibility of The Salvation Army paying you American dollars and having you release an equivalent amount of Indian currency for The Salvation Army work in India. It is noted that you will need $200,000/- (two hundred thousands dollars) immediately for starting your work in New York." "The Salvation Army in America rarely sends money directly to India . . ." "In the event, however, that an occasion might arise, what would be the basis of the rate of exchange? We understand that there is the official bank rate and there are other rates available to us, which are legal, but which provide more funds in Indian currency than would be provided by the official bank rate."

Letter to Sir Padampat Singhania -- New York 18 March, 1966:

On receipt of the letter from The Salvation Army as quoted above, I saw the Finance Secretary of the very great organization and I talked with him very freely and frankly. I convinced him that our Radhakrishna Temple will be similar missionary preaching centre for God consciousness and there is no question of business profit. We want to spend here for the benefit of the American people as you are spending in India. It is mutual cooperation for spreading the idea of God consciousness in the world when there is very great necessity for it. The usual black market exchange is Rs 7/- per $. But I have convinced him to accept Rs 4.80/ per $ and by the Grace of Lord Dvarakadhisa he has agreed. So the difficulty of exchange as referred to in your letter of 14th January 1966 is now solved. Now you can send your man immediately for beginning the work as suggested in my last letter. I asked you to send me the name of the man whom you want to send for this purpose so that I could arrange for the "No objection Certificate" from the local Indian Consulate Gnl. But now you have to send the name immediately for sponsoring him. Please therefore immediately take steps in the matter and let me know the result per return of post. I am counting every moment for starting the Temple of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and here is the opportunity now which we must utilize without delay. Please therefore reply this letter immediately per return of post and oblige.

Letter to Mangalaniloy Brahmacari -- New York 23 June, 1966:

"Prakash Shah Second Secretary Embassy of India Washington D.C. dated June 9, 1966. Letter No. Con. 63(1)/66. Dear Mr. Swami, This is to acknowledge your letter dated May 28, 1966. Your application for release of Foreign Exchange has been forwarded to the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Yours sincerely Sd/Prakash Shah"

Letter to Sumati Morarjee -- New York 13 November, 1966:

Sriman Choksi, your secretary, wanted to visit the States while I was coming. Now I am in a position to sponsor him. If you so desire, please let me know and I shall send the sponsoring letters in this connection. My blessing for Choksi and all your staff members, and my good wishes for you.

1967 Correspondence

Letter to Brahmananda -- San Francisco 17 February, 1967:

So far records are concerned, the secretary here told me that they are prepared to pay enough for the records up to 1500 pieces.

Letter to Brahmananda, Satsvarupa, Rayarama, Gargamuni, other Trustees -- San Francisco 4 March, 1967:

In my opinion the check should never be drawn in favor of the financier. But it should be drawn in the name of original seller Mr. Taylor. If the Financier pays to Mr. Taylor the purchase money it is then only the above $5000.00 should be money paid on behalf of the Financier and the Financier should enter into agreement with you acknowledging receipt of the amount with definite date or immediate possession of the house. In all circumstances the check may not be drawn in favor of the financier. The check should be signed by the President and the Secretary because Brahmananda and Satsvarupa are the main support for purchasing the house and Kirtanananda is supplement to this from his kitchen department. The money and society is yours. You can spend in any way but it is my duty to give you guidance as ever well wisher. You should send me a copy of the resolution you will make in this connection in the meeting of the Trustees. Please note that I have already advised the Bank to transfer $5000.00 in the account of the Society and have sent them the Pass Book as desired by Brahmananda. Pray to Krishna for your successful transaction and I hope when I go to New York next I shall enter the new house forthwith. Please send me a copy of the agreement entered.

Letter to Ramananda Bhaktisindhu -- San Francisco 11 March, 1967:

If Sripada Sar Maharaja is not in the station or if there is no chance of meeting him immediately, then I shall request you to send me certificate in your official form and signed by you as Secretary.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- San Francisco 7 April, 1967:

By Krishna's planning Brahmananda's presence at Montreal was so much helpful. I very much appreciate your selection of Janardana as the President and Paul and Helena as treasurer and secretary respectively. May Krishna bless them and let me congratulate them for execution of Krishna's service so nicely.

Letter to Sumati Morarjee -- New York 18 April, 1967:

Kindly pray to your Bala-Krsna to help me more in this connection. I have now opened three centres namely one in New York, one in San Francisco and one in Montreal (Canada). This branch is opened by one of my American disciples. Kindly let me know if you have got any office in Montreal and in San Francisco. I shall be much pleased to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Kindly convey my blessings to Sriman Choksi and your other Secretaries.

Letter to Rayarama -- Delhi 4 October, 1967:

Better to avoid it; if not possible, to have in a regulated married life. But in all circumstances, our primary necessity is to advance in K.C. I am glad that you are training Jagadananda to become my personal secretary as well as you are training Mr. Phil to translate our thoughts to German. Please keep this boy with great care because Krishna has sent him to help us. It is a good combination. Janardana is well acquainted with French, Hayagriva & you with English & Mr. Phil is well acquainted with German. So combinedly you can perform great blitz for bombarding the Western World with Krishna philosophy. This I wanted & Krishna is sending my good lieutenants. I was under the impression that you were in Boston so I have sent you some letters there. Anyway please send to my Calcutta address by air mail some Prospectus, BTG & stationery. I am going to Calcutta on the 9th. The address is on the envelope.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Delhi 6 October, 1967:

I am always aspiring after returning at your care and overload you with typewriting tasks. You have done this work always very nicely and sincerely and a secretary like Satsvarupa Brahmacari is a great fortune for me. I hope we shall very soon meet again and help each other in the matter of discharging Krishna consciousness engagements. I am now 90% alright and I think I can return now safely. This typewriting work is done by me. For two days I am alone and doing everything myself as experiment. This proves that I am now well. Please offer blessing to all the boys and girls there.

1968 Correspondence

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 8 February, 1968:

So the meeting was nice and I understand that he has recommended my case as a permanent immigrant to the Immigration Department. His assistants and secretaries in the Embassy and Consulate General have written me letters confirming this. They have promised that they will do their best in getting my permanent visa, but usually it takes 5 to 6 months to complete the process. We have, however, submitted the Immigration application by the first week of January, 1968. So I think I shall have to wait for securing the visa. I quite appreciate your proposal that you cannot go out until the two books are published.

Letter to Rayarama -- Los Angeles 17 February, 1968:

Also, please send a copy of the new Back To Godhead to this address as soon as possible: Secretary; Sri Radha Madhava Seva Sansthan; Sri KrishnaNiketan; Rly. Circular Road; Gorakhpur; U.P., India. Hope you are well.

Letter to Purusottama -- Seattle 6 October, 1968:

In the meantime it is understood that everything is complete, and it is all Krishna's Grace that we have got a center in the United Nations. And you shall be in charge of the office as the secretary, and if possible, I may be living with you for conducting this office specifically. The activities of this office will be simply to educate the United Nations people, the leaders of all nations, and the representatives of all nations, about our missionary activities, analyzing the present society's position, and how they can be elevated to the right position.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Seattle 9 October, 1968:

Most probably we shall have our secretarial office in UN Church Center by the next month. I shall require some nice paintings for this important office.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Seattle 10 October, 1968:

I am also trying to get one secretarial office in the Church Center of the United Nations, with a view to confer with the heads of the United Nations, both political and ecclesiastical, to propagate our Krishna Consciousness. Please let me know replies for all the points raised herein, and offer my blessings to Mukunda, Janaki, Malati, Yamuna and Gurudasa.

Letter to Aniruddha -- Seattle 19 October, 1968:

The Sankirtana party is going to Los Angeles very soon, and I shall decide about you when I go there. In the meantime, you stay in San Francisco, and help Cidananda as secretary.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 16 November, 1968:

Regarding Purusottama, both you and Rayarama have inquired from me what specific duty he will have to execute here. My intention of calling him is that he expressed a strong desire to live with me in Montreal, so I wish to keep him with me at least for some time and train him to act as secretary. Of course, he will work in other spheres also, to secure advertisement, but in case Govinda dasi goes to Hawaii, I shall require a secretary. Govinda dasi is quite competent to act and she is doing very nicely, she is willing worker, educated and intelligent, everything complete, but the only thing is that she is young girl and I am a Sannyasi. At the present time of course Gaurasundara has gone there without any money, so he has no sufficient means just now for her to go there. At the present moment she is living at night with Nandarani and in the daytime she is assisting me as my secretary. Formerly when Gaurasundara was with me, she was living at night here also, but since he has gone with great responsibility for organizing a Hawaii center, he cannot be called, although I am feeling his separation because he was always helping me day and night. So after all it is an experiment, I do not know how the future program shall be fixed up, but if Purusottama's service is absolutely needed in New York, then he may go back again.

Letter to Hayagriva -- Los Angeles 23 November, 1968:

Now that you will be coming to visit me soon, we shall discuss your plans of marriage. I think this is a good idea and you will require a wife who is an expert typist to be your secretary. Such a wife with good typing ability will be a great asset in your writing activities. So when you arrive we can discuss this further.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 19 December, 1968:

Purusottama is helping me since he has come and I think that he should remain with me always. I require a male secretary because there are so many letters coming daily and which require expert management. At the same time he will be securing advertisements for Back To Godhead so I hope that you will not feel very much inconvenience because he is not there in New York. Regarding my health, I am glad to inform you that it is in better condition than that last year when I returned from India. I am feeling no more headaches nor any severe buzzing sound—but still some buzzing is going on. After all it is a broken house and I cannot expect all the comforts of a newly built house in an old broken residence.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 31 December, 1968:

The new temple in Los Angeles is very nice and Sankirtana is going on there very nicely. I do not know how is your temple there, I have heard that it is very nice, but I think that the temple here is probably nicer. The rent is higher here though. Nara Narayana will give you details when he arrives. Enclosed is the duly signed documents for instating Rsi Kumar as the new secretary. He is very good boy.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Gaurasundara -- Los Angeles 16 January, 1969:

Regarding my going to Hawaii, it is not the question that I will have to take with me my present secretary and attendant. I can go alone as you are so anxious to see me, but the most important thing is if my presence there will improve the situation of our movement and temple very nicely. In this case, I am prepared to go alone; it doesn't matter. But if you think there is no such urgency, I can wait until the rainy season is over. So in any case, do not think that I am delaying to go to Hawaii because you cannot pay for my other assistants. I came to your country alone, and if necessary, I can go to Hawaii alone still providing there is urgency.

Letter to Sivananda -- Los Angeles 23 January, 1969:

Regarding serving your godbrothers, this is a very good practice. The Spiritual Master is never without His followers, so to serve the Spiritual Master also means to be the servant of His disciples. When you want to serve the king, you must also serve his minister, secretary, and everyone who serves him. And to serve his servants may please him more than to serve the king personally. So the Spiritual Master is not alone. He is always with His entourage. We are not impersonalists. We take care of every part of the whole, as much as one should take care of his hat as well as his shoes. Both are equally important for the upkeep of the body. I hope that you will understand this rightly.

Letter to Mukunda -- Los Angeles 5 February, 1969:

At your earliest convenience, please submit to me a list of the names of the devotees who are filling the following offices: President, Secretary, and Treasurer in your center.

Letter to Govinda -- Los Angeles 10 February, 1969:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated January 30, 1969, and I am so glad to learn that you are working as a full-time secretary in a good business firm. Please try to continue this work as far as possible. I think that by Krishna's mercy you must be feeling happy. Now you are getting some income which is essential for householder life, and you are living with your husband, so I am very much satisfied that you are in happy mood. Now I am sure that you will be able to contribute $5,000 to my book fund. I understand that you have some difficulty with your dictaphone, and as soon as you fix it, I will continue to send you some tapes.

Letter to Sivananda -- Los Angeles 13 February, 1969:

So in the future, when your services are called for in New Vrndavana I think I will be able to give you all protection. But for the time being you have got great responsibility to organize the Hamburg center as far as possible. I think you should make the board of management for your center as follows: President; Sivananda das Brahmacari, Treasurer and Secretary; Krishna das Brahmacari, Editor of German BTG; Uttama Sloka, Superintendent of press; Jaya Govinda das Brahmacari.

Letter to Swami B. S. Bhagavata Maharaja -- Los Angeles 21 August, 1969:

I thank you very much for inviting me to your head office in Calcutta for heart-to-heart talk and discussion. I shall be always glad to abide by this suggestion, but the thing is if I go to India, it will cost me at least Rs. 25,000 to go and come back. In this old age, wherever I go I take with me one personal assistant. This means if I go to India, I will have to take my secretary, and that means two return tickets also, as well as other expenses. But if something is tangibly understood on the line of cooperation, it will be not difficult for me to go and see the acharya of the Mission for the final decision.

Letter to Dr. Nagendra Babu -- Hamburg 28 August, 1969:

There is immense potency of preaching the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness under the guidance of Lord Caitanya, and I wish that all my Godbrothers should go to different parts of the world and preach this sublime message everywhere, because that is the desire of Lord Caitanya. Of course, as far as possible I am trying to spread this movement all over the world, and at the present moment my activities are prominent from Hamburg to Tokyo, a distance of 14,000 miles. I think the circumference of the whole earth is 25,000 miles. So this should be covered by some of our Godbrothers so that Lord Caitanya's message may be properly executed. I do not know why none of our Godbrothers attempt to this important side of our propaganda. Just now I am in correspondence with the Gaudiya Mission secretary, and I have promised also to help them if they will take up this work. I have not as yet received any reply from them. I have also asked them to help us in so many ways. Immediately I am in need of some supplies from India. They are as follows: 1) regular supply of 10 first class mrdangas every month. 2) regular supply of 50 pairs of Navadvipa-made karatalas every month. 3) at least two dozen pairs of Radha-Krishna Murtis, made of brass and 24" high. Besides these things, I require many other articles like temple paraphernalia.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Hamburg 3 September, 1969:

Regarding Scindia Navigation, correspondence will not be fruitful, but if somebody sees Srimati Sumatee Morarji personally, then it will be at once done. By correspondence the underhand clerks and secretaries do not sometimes like the proposal. That is the envious nature of the human being in conditioned state. Regarding your correspondence with the leading men in India, I don't think it will be very much fruitful. Personally I have no faith in them, but if you decide to open correspondence with them, I have no objection. But my personal opinion is not very hopeful. I thank you very much for your submissive mentality, and as it is stated in the Bible that God is for the humble and meek, similarly, Vaisnavas are taught by Lord Caitanya to become humbler than the grass and more tolerant than the tree. Thus one can seriously execute progress in Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Dr. Syama Sundardas Brahmacari -- Hamburg 5 September, 1969:

Regarding Gaudiya Mission, I am enclosing herewith a copy of the letter addressed to the Secretary Official. You will understand the whole situation. I am prepared to cooperate with the Gaudiya Mission wholeheartedly. I am prepared also to be amalgamated, and they have invited me to go to India to talk frankly, face to face. But unless we have come to some definite understanding, how I can risk the journey which will involve more or less Rs. 25,000? But I am sure if Gaudiya Mission and I combine together, it will be very nice thing to preach the cult of Lord Caitanya all over the world. I can reorganize all the branches of the Gaudiya Math in India, and if there is any financial question, it will be not difficult for our society to help in that way also. So if you can negotiate about our amalgamation on a cooperative basis, it will be great service to Srila Prabhupada. I have not as yet received any reply to the enclosed letter.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Govinda -- Los Angeles 8 January, 1970:

You are very good secretary and your husband is good editor, so to keep myself under your care will certainly be a great boon. The only thing I am considering about staying in the mainland because the devotees in different centers here can see me if required more quickly then they can do so in Hawaii. So the things are not yet settled up. I am staying here in a house for which they are paying $600 rent. I think so much expenditure will be a kind of luxury for me because I am a Sannyasi, but at the same time a house like this is necessary for me because it is suitable for my working. Anyway, in the next summer, I have been invited to go to Japan and when it is fixed up, I shall start a little earlier and break my journey in Honolulu to stay with you for some days and see things practically.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Los Angeles 23 January, 1970:

Regarding George's money: Brahmananda talked with Gargamuni and informed him that one week ago the secretary of Mr. Klein's APTKO (?) record company called our temple and said that the check is ready for you, please come and pick it up. In response to this, Rsi Kumar went to that APTKO Co. and they wanted to give him a check for $1,900. (19 hundred). Rsi Kumar said that we were expecting a check for $19,000 (19 thousand). So the check was mistaken and he did not receive the check.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Los Angeles 23 January, 1970:

Then it is learned that two days ago the secretary of Mr. Klein phoned Brahmananda and submitted his regrets that the check was drawn wrongly as $1,900, and he would call him again for delivering the right check. But up to now there is no news from them.

Letter to Jayadvaita -- Los Angeles 30 January, 1970:

I am very glad to learn that Nectar of Devotion is now completed. You have inquired about the quality number 63 of Krishna that He is surrounded by loving devotees can be explained as follows: When we speak of Krishna, Krishna is not alone. Krishna means His name, His qualities, His fame, His friends, His paraphernalia, His entourage—everything included. Just like when we speak of a king, it is to be understood that he is surrounded by ministers, secretaries, military commanders and many other people. Krishna is not impersonal, so in His Vrindaban Lila especially, He is always surrounded by the Gopis, cowherd boys, His father, His mother and all the inhabitants of Vrindaban.

Letter to Sumati Morarjee -- Los Angeles 2 February, 1970:

You will find in the enclosed copy of the letter that Dalmia-Jayan Trust has contributed one pair of Murti, and similarly the Birla Trust has contributed four pairs of Murtis. Now I request you to carry these Murtis to America by your shipping line. The Murtis are being prepared in Vrindaban, under the direction of Sri H.S. Sharma, Secretary to Dalmia Jayan Trust. The Murtis are already packed and ready for dispatch, so on hearing from you, immediately they will be sent to your care for being carried by your shipping lines to the respective destinations; namely Boston, Montreal, New York and Los Angeles. So kindly send your instructions to the following address: H. S. Sharma, Dalmia Charitable Trust, 4 Scindia House, New Delhi.

Letter to Hanuman Prasad Poddar -- Los Angeles 5 February, 1970:

The management of our different centers is made by three officers; namely a President, Treasurer, and a Secretary. They have got separate banking accounts in each center. The checks are signed by two officers out of three. Although in each banking account my name is there as Acarya, and when I am in a center sometimes I sign the checks, still, usually I do not. I try to keep myself aloof from business transactions; but as far publications is concerned, I manage the book fund personally.

Letter to R. D. Birla -- Los Angeles 9 March, 1970:

I understand that four pairs of Murtis have already been donated by your Trust through correspondence with the Secretary of the Dalmia Jayan Trust. But I want many hundreds of pairs of such Murtis. Generally in our Temples we install 24 inches high brass Murtis or 42 inches high marble Murtis. A picture of our London Deities is sent herewith for your inspection.

Letter to Balmukundji -- Los Angeles 17 April, 1970:

The Secretary of Sri R. D. Birla has replied my first letter, and I have also replied that asking him to supply immediately four pairs of Sri Murtis, but so far I have not received confirmation. But I received no reply from Jaipuraji, so I shall wait a few days more for his reply and then I may remind him.

Letter to Radha Madhava Sharan -- Los Angeles 6 June, 1970:

I have advised my secretary to send you immediately a copy of "Back to Godhead," and I am getting also many demands for the KRSNA book. I think in future you will be able to get this book from Atma Ram & Sons, P.O. Box 1429, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-6.

Letter to Jadurani -- Los Angeles 11 July, 1970:

For example you may take some hints like this: Dhrtarastra sitting in the palace room and his secretary, Sanjaya, relaying the activities in the battlefield with a television-like picture within his heart. The idea is that he is looking within the reflection of the battlefield and explaining to Dhrtarastra. So if somebody tries for it, then I shall send similar hints with reference to some important verses.

Letter to Nevatiaji -- Los Angeles 16 July, 1970:

All the devotees strictly follow our regulative principle of 1) no eating of meat, fish or eggs, 2) no illicit sex-life, 3) no taking of intoxicants including coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol, and 4) no gambling. In each center we have a president, secretary and treasurer who manage the local affairs.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Tokyo 14 August, 1970:

Now that I have formed this Governing Board Commission, the twelve members should each act as my zonal secretaries. So kindly keep me informed of your zone's activities at least once a week or once fortnightly. In this way I will be encouraged and can give you direction and inspiration.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Tokyo 14 August, 1970:

Now that I have formed this Governing Board Commission, the twelve members should each act as my zonal secretaries. So kindly keep me informed of your zone's activities at least once a week or once fortnightly. In this way I will be encouraged and can give you direction and inspiration.

Letter to Karandhara -- Tokyo 14 August, 1970:

Now that I have formed this Governing Board Commission, the twelve members should each act as my zonal secretaries. So kindly keep me informed of your zone's activities at least once a week or once fortnightly. In this way I will be encouraged and can give you direction and inspiration.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Tokyo 14 August, 1970:

Now that I have formed this Governing Board Commission, the twelve members should each act as my zonal secretaries. So kindly keep me informed of your zone's activities at least once a week or once fortnightly. In this way I will be encouraged and can give you direction and inspiration.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Tokyo 14 August, 1970:

Now that I have formed this Governing Board Commission, the twelve members should each act as my zonal secretaries. So kindly keep me informed of your zone's activities at least once a week or once fortnightly. In this way I will be encouraged and can give you direction and inspiration.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Tokyo 14 August, 1970:

Now that I have formed this Governing Board Commission, the twelve members should each act as my zonal secretaries. So kindly keep me informed of your zone's activities at least once a week or once fortnightly. In this way I will be encouraged and can give you direction and inspiration.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Tokyo 14 August, 1970:

Now that I have formed this Governing Board Commission, the twelve members should each act as my zonal secretaries. So kindly keep me informed of your zone's activities at least once a week or once fortnightly. In this way I will be encouraged and can give you direction and inspiration.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Tokyo 20 August, 1970:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated August 13rd, 1970. Since I have left L.A. I have received many letters from many centers, but I have not received any letter from New York nor a letter from Brahmananda Swami nor Gargamuni Swami. I have already sent a circular letter requesting the Zonal Secretary Governing Body Commissioners to send me at least twice in a month the reports of the activities in the respective zones. So I shall be glad to know how the new building in New York is being worked out.

Letter to Central Bank of India -- Calcutta 29 September, 1970:

A meeting of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Founder-Acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Calcutta Branch, at 37/1 Hindusthan Road was held, and it is passed by resolution that a local account be opened with the Central Bank of India, Ballygunje Branch.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Bombay 28 October, 1970:

I have received your letter dated October 6th and have noted the contents carefully. Formerly I issued one circular letter requesting all GBC members who are zonal secretaries also, to give me a fortnightly report of the activities in his jurisdiction, but I am not receiving. I've received no letter since a very long time from Karandhara, and I'm very interested to know how things are going in L.A. We have a great responsibility to pay $2,000. monthly to the church trustees. In regards to my activities here, I'm trying to open many centers here in India.

Letter to Sagar Maharaja -- Bombay 3 November, 1970:

When I come to Calcutta this will be adjusted. Another thing is that since I've come to India, I've received many Hindi and Bengali letters. So if you work as my Indian secretary, it will be of great help to me. I shall be glad to know your decision in this matter. You have inquired from me about your future activities with our mission. Therefore this is the first offer to you.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bombay 4 November, 1970:

So far your management of Southern USA centers as Zonal secretary, I have instructed Brahmananda Maharaja, Gargamuni Maharaja and Visnujana Maharaja to open one center in Coconut Grove, near Miami, Florida. Now you must open correspondence with them in this regard and encourage them.

Letter to Murari -- 74, Marine Drive, Bombay 20 Nov. 17, 1970:

Here in India we are very encouraged by the favorable response of the Indian public, especially in Bombay. We shall begin on December 2nd a tour to Indore, Surat, and other places. Still, Guru Maharaja has instructed me to take this movement to the western countries, and especially he was favorably disposed toward London, so the West must be our first order of business, and I am most pleased that my disciples are opening many new centers there. Why don’t you open some more centers in the British Isles? If you can do this, in cooperation with your zonal secretary Shyamsunder, it will be to your great credit. New centers must be managed by strong men, trained in philosophy, samkirtan, deity worship, cooking and temple business. With these qualifications there is every chance for a successful program in any city of the world. So kindly train up men in your London center to open many centers in England.

Letter to Jayapataka -- Bombay 27 November, 1970:

So the account should be opened and checks should be drawn out by two signatures. One of the signatures must be mine and the other names should also be registered: Jayapataka Swami, Acyutananda Swami and Madhudvisa Swami (Founder and Acarya, President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.) These four names should be registered.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Bombay 1 December, 1970:

So far as shipment of the three sets of Murtis is concerned, you may ship as soon as possible one set to Boston and the other two sets may go to L.A. From L.A. one set can be sent to Montreal. So far as the marble Deities are concerned, one set may be sent to San Francisco and the other to Baltimore. I have also written to Jayapataka Maharaja about the building fund. Please consult him about this. Our Calcutta branch should be managed as follows: Jayapataka Maharaja - president; Acyutananda Maharaja - secretary and yourself as treasurer. So if the building fund is being nicely raised, that is all right and you may stay in Calcutta. If not, then when I go to Gorakhpur I shall call for you from there, but if fund raising

1971 Correspondence

Letter to R. D. Birla -- Bombay 10 March, 1971:

I will be pleased if you will kindly give me some time to meet you through your secretary.

Letter to Whom it may concern -- Bombay 14 March, 1971:

Resolved in a meeting of the International Society For Krishna Consciousness held in Calcutta at 3, Albert Road, Calcutta 16 in the presence of the Acarya Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, GBC Secretary Tamala Krishna Das Adhikari and initiated members as Ksirodakasayi Das Adhikari (Kedar Natha Gupta) and Revatinandana Das Brahmacari (Robert Stephen Cusimano) that a checking account of the society be opened in Central Bank of India, Delhi and Ksirodakasayi Das Adhikari (Kedar Natha Gupta) and Revatinandana Das Brahmacari (Robert Stephen Cusimano) will jointly sign the checks. Their specimen signatures are as under.

Letter to Karandhara -- Bombay 18 March, 1971:

It is very nice that Dayananda has taken most of the management of L.A. Temple. He will be more active now and his intelligent wife should also assist him, at least in secretarial work.

Letter to Rameswar Dayalaji Birla -- Bombay 31 March, 1971:

With reference to my interview with you yesterday evening, I beg to inform you that my attempt to exhibit the Krishna Consciousness Movement to the Bombay public is still going on at the Cross Maidan, and it has become very successful. Similar attempts will be made in Calcutta and Delhi also, in order to establish at least four centers in India; Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and Navadvipa. I am therefore opening a scheme herewith for raising funds for the above purpose. I have already discussed with you in this matter and I hope you will kindly generously contribute to this fund so that your example may be followed by other rich men in India. Your check may be collected from your secretary, Mr. Dhruva, upon hearing from you.

Letter to Central Bank of India -- Calcutta 26 May, 1971:

An account would be opened under the name INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS BUILDING FUND and that it would be operated jointly by the Founder-Acarya A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami and the Zonal Secretary for India Tamala Krishna Das Adhikari. Checks will be signed by both jointly. The account would be a current account, with the Central Bank of India, Camac Street Branch.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 9 July, 1971:

I have seen the newsletter and it is nicely written, but the idea itself is not so good. If you post such newsletter to big businessmen and politicians, etc., their secretaries will throw it away. It is not so easy to approach such big people by letter. An attempt to see them personally is better. Otherwise it is a waste of time. Thousands of advertisements are going in the mail. Who cares for them?

Letter to Umapati -- Los Angeles 9 July, 1971:

GBC members are simply to see that things are going on. Other centers have got president, secretary, etc. and they are managing separately. That is the formula. So how is it that the GBC are the final authority? They are simply to examine that things are going on nicely, that is all.

Letter to Giriraja -- London 12 August, 1971:

GBC does not mean to control a center. GBC means to see that the activities of a center go on nicely. I do not know why Tamala is exercising his absolute authority. That is not the business of GBC. The president, treasurer and secretary are responsible for managing the center. GBC is to see that things are going nicely but not to exert absolute authority. That is not in the power of GBC. Tamala should not do like that. The GBC men cannot impose anything on the men of a center without consulting all of the GBC members first. A GBC member cannot go beyond the jurisdiction of his power. We are in the experimental stage but in the next meeting of the GBC members they should form a constitution how the GBC members manage the whole affair. But it is a fact that the local president is not under the control of the GBC. Yes, for improvement of situations such as this I must be informed of everything.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- London 14 August, 1971:

When American boys and girls push on this Krishna Consciousness movement, everyone is interested with this movement, not with what office he holds. So if Gurudasa becomes president, let him become so. Then the post of secretary and treasurer may be divided between Subala Swami and Ksirodakasayi. That you can settle up when he reaches. In the meantime you organize that center very nicely. Regarding Acyutananda, he may not come to Delhi because I think his presence in Mayapur is necessary. I understand from his letter that he has already ordered some bricks for the toilet room. So for the time he may not come to Delhi.

Letter to Jayapataka -- London 24 August, 1971:

And who has been appointed treasurer and secretary? The president, secretary and treasurer elected by the members of the center cannot be changed at least for one year; better to continue it for three years. All combined together should be responsible for keeping correct accounts. Giriraja is reponsible and he should be made the treasurer. You should remain as president and Acyutananda Swami as secretary. So make arrangements in that way.

Letter to Gurudasa -- London 27 August, 1971:

So far London temple is concerned, things are going on here very nicely under the supervision of Dayananda Prabhu who is appointed treasurer and Tribhuvanatha as president. I may go to Africa and then come back to India. You are in India so do not think of coming back here. Also there will be no GBC meeting. It is not necessary. So stay there and develop things nicely. Tamala said that there is so much potential for preaching in India and that is a fact. Later on we can send more men there also. So you remain as president of Delhi and Ksirodakasayi when he goes there, can be the treasurer and Subala Maharaja as secretary. When Ksirodakasayi goes there I shall send one letter with him to you and you can do accordingly. So work combinedly to push on this movement.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- London 1 September, 1971:

I have issued a letter to all the GBC members only for this purpose that each one of you should always think how to improve the cause and advance our society and as soon as there is some good point you can communicate with your colleagues and give some decision and put it before me so that I can give my final approval. So you should not remain for a moment without thought of improving ISKCON activity. So far you are concerned, being the zonal secretary of that quarter of the world, your duty is to see that all our different centers within your jurisdiction must be going very accurately. The accounts are not being kept very scientifically and if there is extravagant spending that should be changed. We should simply accept the bare necessities of life. The balance money and energy should be employed for pushing forward Krishna's mission.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- London 1 September, 1971:

So how these things happen? It is your responsibility as zonal secretary. Besides that you are supposed to be one of the members of the book trust but in your presence the book fund money is being eaten up. So we have to rectify all these processes. I know it very well that you are all sincere workers but still it is my duty to point out the discrepancies. In Delhi however I hope you will do things very nicely from the very beginning. Whatever mistakes you have committed in other centers may not be repeated in Delhi.

Letter to Ksirodakasayi Adhikari -- London 6 September, 1971:

As treasurer of the branch, you will sign the checks of our banking account there jointly along with the president or secretary. Besides your post as treasurer you shall be in charge of the Hindi publication department. As such you are authorized to sign relative papers and documents in this connection on behalf of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, jointly or severally as it is needed. Your signature is herewith attested duly.

Letter to Patita Uddharana -- Delhi 15 November, 1971:

It will be a good idea in the future if our devotees take lesson from this unfortunate incident and take precaution not to drive late at night for any reason—no gain can come from such driving at night which will ever compensate for much great losses. Please advise your GBC zonal secretary that in future great precaution must be taken.

Letter to Badarinarayana -- Delhi 18 November, 1971:

We should always be thinking of how to spread this Sankirtana Movement by applying our basic principles according to time and place, and I especially want that my students enter into the schools and colleges and present our Krishna philosophy and sell our books. So you may do this in consultation with Brhaspati das and other temple officers, and whenever such questions arise in future, do not hesitate to refer all matters of temple management to your GBC Zonal Secretary, Bhagavan das, for his help. I have appointed this GBC body to relieve me from the burden of administration, so I may concentrate on my writing and translation of books.

Letter to Abhirama -- Vrindaban 27 November, 1971:

You may give your new child the name Purnima dasi, as you like. But one thing, always inform my secretary if there is a new name given to any of your children, so that a record may be kept.

Letter to Lalita Kumar, Jambavati -- Vrindaban 27 November, 1971:

You may name your daughter Mitra dasi, I have no objection. You may call your children as you like, but you should always inform my secretary to make sure the name is entered on our list to avoid repetition. Later, the children may be given another name upon initiation, as it is seen fit. You ask if children may be taken to ordinary medical doctors. Why not? Of course we do not always trust that these doctors maybe doing the right thing, but what can be done?

Letter to Chairman of Municipal Committee of Vindavan -- Delhi 30 November, 1971:

We want to open a centre of magnificent proportions in Vrindaban City, as was discussed with Your Honor by my secretary, Sriman Ksirodakasayi das Adhikari. I therefore request you to give us the one-acre piece of land near the Dak Bungalow for this purpose.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Vrindaban 30 November, 1971:

So far the Soviet Yatra is concerned, Syamasundara., who is with me here in India as my secretary, has made a plan with that boy Madhukar. Madhukar is in Delhi for the vacation months from his University in Moscow, so there have been discussions in Delhi and a plan has been made. You may consult with Syamasundara. what they are doing.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Delhi 9 December, 1971:

I have asked my secretary, Syamasundara., to add a note to each letter I dictate informing that party that now we have got nice posters in Los Angeles and that they may order as many as possible from you and Karandhara.

1972 Correspondence

Letter to Kirtiraja -- Bombay 2 January, 1972:

Regarding the list of my Godbrothers, you do not any longer need to send them issues of BTG or other books. That we will do from here in India. Similarly whenever you get requests for BTG subscriptions or other literature, you can forward these requests to Bombay ISKCON to the Secretary and he will deal with the requests.

Letter to Mangalamaya, Madhupuri -- Calcutta 20 February, 1972:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of January 30, 1972, along with the very nice poem entitled "Birth of Lord Krsna." I am very pleased to hear that you are feeling yourselves very much satisfied in Krsna Consciousness. One thing, in Nairobi, I went there with Madhudvisa Swami who is not my normal secretary, and because of that by mistake he has recommended to initiate Tom and Carol Woolfe from Philadelphia Temple, but he did not know that I had already initiated them from India a few weeks before, but because some of my disciples are sending two or three copies of the same letter to various places where I might be, he found their request-letter in Nairobi and the mistake was made. So you can disregard the second initiation and the beads may be kept by you, because I have chanted on them, and at the appropriate time I will inform you where to send them to some new initiates.

Letter to Manager of Punjab National Bank -- Vrindaban 14 March, 1972:

KSIRODAKASAYI DAS ADHIKARI, President for the time being and countersigned by GURUDASA ADHIKARI, Secretary, or by KASHI RAM SARAF, Treasurer for the time being and to debit such checks, orders, receipts, bills or notes to the said account or accounts whether the same be for the time being in credit or overdrawn and to accept the endorsement of any two on checks or other orders, bills or notes payable to the said International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to All ISKCON Temple Presidents -- Sydney 8 April, 1972:

"Atreya Rsi das was selected to be the Secretary for GBC and receive all correspondence including monthly reports." I never appointed Atreya Rsi member of the GBC, and I do not know how he can be appointed Secretary to GBC without my sanction. "He was also appointed to be on the Management Committee. with Karandhara for the purpose of supervising ISKCON business and implementing the decisions reached by GBC." This has very much disturbed me.

Letter to All ISKCON Temple Presidents -- Sydney 8 April, 1972:

I shall be very glad to know the names of your assistants such as Secretary, Treasurer and Accountant. Finally, I beg to repeat that ALL GBC ORDERS ARE SUSPENDED HEREWITH BY ME UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Sydney 10 April, 1972:

But I have been very much disturbed recently by the meeting which you all have had in New York, wherein you have passed so many resolutions and elected Atreya Rsi to GBC Secretary, and made so many other changes. I am very much puzzled by the whole business. Therefore I have not approved of it, and you may by now have received my letter why I have temporarily suspended the GBC. Let us not revive this old matter, but I want to know from you what is your opinion of the matter, and how is it that Hamsaduta and Atreya Rsi were able to persuade you all senior leaders of the Society to follow their foolish activities? Kindly inform.

Letter to Citsukhananda -- Auckland 15 April, 1972:

I have received your letter dated 3/10/72, duly forwarded to me here in New Zealand from our Bombay branch. I am very much pleased to hear that Mexico City center is developing very nicely under your expert supervision, and I also note that you say that Latin America is very much ready for Krishna Consciousness movement. So if you like I can come there after leaving Hawaii, before coming to Los Angeles, where I shall end my touring. So we are going to Honolulu from Tokyo on May 6th, 1972, and I think we shall remain about two to three weeks in Hawaii, then we can come to Mexico City direct from there, say, near end of May. Is that all right? You may correspond with my secretary, Syamasundara., in this regard, and make all arrangements with him. I think we can stay in Mexico City about one week or ten days before we must return to Los Angeles.

Letter to All Temple Presidents -- Tokyo 22 April, 1972:

The formula for ISKCON organization is very simple and can be understood by everyone. The world is divided into twelve zones. For each zone there is one zonal secretary appointed by Srila Prabhupada. The zonal secretaries duty is to see that the spiritual principles are being upheld very nicely in all the Temples of his zone. Otherwise each Temple shall be independent and self-supporting. Let every Temple President work according to his own capacity to improve the Krishna Consciousness of his center. So far the practical management is concerned, that is required, but not that we should become too much absorbed in fancy organization. Our business is spiritual life, so whatever organization needs to be done, the Presidents may handle and take advice and assistance from their GBC representative. In this way let the Societies work go on and everyone increase their service at their own creative rate.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Tokyo 2 May, 1972:

Let us look forward to correcting our mistakes. So far you are concerned, I am very much convinced of your sincere service. I am especially glad that the school Gurukula is improving more and more in its standard under your management. That is our real work, to educate people in spiritual life by giving them the practical example, so I wanted that the GBC would be a chosen body of men for that purpose, to see how the students are learning and reporting to me as my secretaries. I do not know how you could have missed these points, as they are clearly spelled out in my original constitution. Anyway, whatever is done, is done. So I am very glad that you are leading all others in book distribution, so you go on with your work in this way and Krishna will give you all the clear idea of how to do everything.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Honolulu 12 May, 1972:

I am glad to hear that you are consolidating you energies to expand Krishna consciousness more effectively throughout midwestern zone, and I am pleased to learn that you are organizing travelling Sankirtana Party. That is our real business, travel and preach, distribute literature and prasadam. I want now that all of my GBC secretaries do my work.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Honolulu 14 May, 1972:

I am very much encouraged by your increase in literature distribution for Canada zone, and I can understand that you are very methodical and careful to keep proper accounts. That is very good qualification for manager. Now one thing, as you know we are thinking to re-distribute our GBC secretaries around the world, so I am wondering, if you shall be willing to go to some other part of the world for managing things there? Another question, whether or not you are speaking French language nicely? Kindly inform me at Los Angeles Temple, where I am going on May 18th from Honolulu.

Letter to Acyutananda -- Honolulu 16 May, 1972:

You have been offered to be secretary of some committee. to protest against Jagabandhu and others claiming to be incarnations. So keep that position, it will be a great credit for our institution. I am enclosing the copy of one letter I have sent to Golan Ahmand Murtuza for your consideration. Thank you very much for helping me in this way.

Letter to Bibhu -- Los Angeles 21 May, 1972:

I think my secretary has recently sent one copy of Gayatri Mantra for Kutila dasi and enclosed herewith please find one sacred thread and one copy of Gayatri Mantra for Mahendra dasa. Either you or Ranadhira can hold a fire sacrifice and present sacred threads to Kutila and Mahendra. One thing, you can get a copy of me reciting Gayatri Mantra from Rupanuga in New York but the tape must be heard through the earphones into the right ear.

Letter to Friends -- Los Angeles 23 May, 1972:

So my only request is that you immediately return either to the Cleveland temple or to some other temple. You may correspond with Bhagavan das at the Detroit center, 8311 E. Jefferson St., Detroit 48214, in this connection. He is the GBC zonal secretary for that zone of the mid-west, so you may address your questions and inquiries to him. I am very much encouraged that you are all chanting Hare Krishna and trying to become Krishna Conscious. But I do not advise that you approach the matter of perfecting your life in this independent way. Unless there is connection with a bona fide spiritual master, coming in the line of disciplic succession, there is no possibility of making progress in spiritual life. So I have established ISKCON centers for the purpose of catching up the Lotus Feet of Krishna by intimate connection with the spiritual master. These are my authorized centers for that purpose. You say that whatever I instruct you you will carry out, so again my instruction is that you abandon this independent scheme and join your good god-brothers and sisters at some one of our ISKCON centers.

Letter to Mr. B. D. Joshi -- Los Angeles 23 May, 1972:

Your letter is very nice and you have praised me very highly so again I thank you you very much. Your son came to see me the other day so if you have time you may also come to see me by making an appointment* with my secretary and I shall be very glad to welcome you here along with your family members. I have decided not to give Jayananda das the sannyasa order of life at this time, let him wait. I shall be going to Mexico city around June 1st for a few days so if you come here you may come either before that time or after I shall return.

Letter to Sudama -- Los Angeles 26 May, 1972:

Regarding Trivikrama Maharaja I have informed Madhudvisa Swami, who is the new GBC secretary in Australia and South Pacific zone, to write to Trivikrama and engage him for preaching work in that zone. But if there is difficulty for the temple in general to raise the money for his fare, then let Madhudvisa Swami supply his fare for going to help him in that zone. And any money that Trivikrama has collected he can turn over to you for getting that new temple in Tokyo city center.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Los Angeles 12 June, 1972:

I have received your letter from Sydney dated May 30, 1972, wherein you have expressed some hesitation to become the GBC Secretary for the Pacific zone. Actually you may be misunderstanding the present position or policy of this GBC. I have instructed all of the GBC men to give up their staying in one place and to remain always constantly traveling throughout their zones from temple to temple.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 12 June, 1972:

Now I understand that Ksirodakasayi is going to London soon, so in his absence you shall be the president and I think if Tejiyas is there, that he can be treasurer, or I have heard that Vaikunthanatha is there, so if it is better arrangement, then he can be treasurer and your wife Yamuna devi, may act as secretary.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Los Angeles 16 June, 1972:

I fully approve of your program for traveling, now you combine the sannyasi requirement for traveling extensively, and at the same time as GBC man you shall be my personal secretary for maintaining the highest level of Krishna Consciousness amongst the devotees in your zone. I am very much concerned that the devotees should be given all good instruction and knowledge of Krishna Consciousness, that is the duty of the GBC man. (?) better to utilize time and train the devotees, especially the responsible officers, and they can go out for preaching to non-devotees and making new devotees. But if they do not have any knowledge, how can they go out and preach?

Letter to Jayapataka -- Los Angeles 16 June, 1972:

I have appointed Giriraja to be the GBC zonal secretary for India zone, and I am sure that he meets your requirements of being equipoised and considerate of all the needs of all the branches under his control or jurisdiction. Simply all you leaders there in India must cooperate with him nicely and give him confidence and advice how to manage the things in the best manner. So I suggest you address your ideas for managing to Giriraja and cooperatively make arrangements. Bombay should be the headquarters for India. You send all money there and when you require you take and they sould keep all accounts nicely. Whatever you need, they will supply.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Los Angeles 25 June, 1972:

So far your naming of the new initiates, Syamasundara. tells me that there are several duplications, and this is not very much desirable. So in future, better to telephone or somehow contact my secretaries and get the names from them, and in that way there will be no duplication in the future.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 1 July, 1972:

You mention that you are no longer much occupied with seeing that the rent and mortgage is paid and that the incense is sold, but GBC means to be occupied with everything in the zone. It is not that now we are preachers we can neglect all other points. No, the GBC member is supposed to know everything and anything about the condition and situation of all matters within his jurisdiction. That is the meaning of secretary. So because we are engaged in many fields of activity I am especially relying upon that knowledge of my GBC assistants and secretaries to manage everything properly.

Letter to Sri Jogeswar Chowdhury -- Paris 22 July, 1972:

I have seen your letter addressed to the Secretary of our London branch, and I am very much pleased to note that you have somehow or other seen one copy of our "Back to Godhead" magazine and that you wish a copy of our Teachings of Lord Caitanya. I have instructed the secretary here in London to forward you one copy immediately by ordinary mail, gratis. I am glad to inform you that a party of my disciples will be coming to Bangladesh soon for spreading the message of Lord Caitanya there. They will be stationed at Jessore, but will travel wherever they are invited and hold Sankirtana. So if you are very much eager to receive them, about six or eight of my foreign American and European disciples, you can invite them to Chittagong and they shall be happy to stay with you there and hold programs of kirtana and preaching.

Letter to Yadubara -- London 6 August, 1972:

Let it be and help Giriraja with the construction work in Bombay immediately. When I return to India in October I shall see what is the situation and we shall consider further. Lalita Prasad Thakura also wants to consult with me so I shall do that. You should submit to me a weekly report as secretary of our Bombay center, as I am always anxious to know how the things are going on there.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 23 August, 1972:

That day is auspicious on account of the appearance of Vamanadeva and Srila Jiva Goswami. If it is a fact, then we can invite many responsible persons—the Prime Minister, Governors, many secretaries on that occasion. Then it will be possible to place our philosophy before a very respectable assembly and it will be easier to raise funds also. People have not yet understood our philosophy, how glorious it is, and how this Indian culture could be accepted throughout the whole world. The ritual foundation stone ceremony was already observed and you have the marble tablet. I think President Giri's name also will be included in that tablet and it will be set up on the corner foundation of the temple.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 24 August, 1972:

Regarding my coming there, yes, I shall be very glad to attend the Dallas Gurukula immediately departing Pittsburgh I can go there for about 3 days on my way to Los Angeles. So you should be prepared to provide for airline tickets from Pittsburgh to Dallas for myself and my three secretaries. Then we shall see how the things are going on there, and I am very much looking forward to that day. The tickets may be sent here to Los Angeles address as soon as possible.

Letter to Atreya Rsi -- Los Angeles 13 September, 1972:

Regarding your questions, Seva Puja* means only for daily worship of deities. The building fund will construct, the book fund will maintain, and this fund is for daily expenditure of Seva Puja or worship of the deities only. So far your administrative duties as secretary of Mayapur-Vrndavana Trust Fund are concerned, that will be informed by you. For the time being, rents should be collected by Karandhara and sent to India. How it will be done I shall think over and let you know. As for the responsibility for proper spending, the man in charge or the president will be responsible in Mayapur and Vrndavana.

Letter to Atreya Rsi -- Los Angeles 13 September, 1972:

The Secretary may secure food grains and powder milk from U.S.A Government for distribution to the poor people in India for expanding Seva-Puja department in the matter of "Prasad" distribution.

Letter to Yadubara -- Manila 13 October, 1972:

In my last letter I informed you that 70,000 and 29,000 rupees were transferred from the Book Fund, whether this money has been returned to Book Fund. So there is no information in your letter about this, so let me know in Vrndavana whether this fund has been returned yet. Mahamsa knows it, Giriraja knows it and you as secretary should also have known it. So when I return you should inform me and then I shall do the needful.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Vrndavana 1 November, 1972:

We shall be engaged in Calcutta up to January 20th, so after that date I may fly there from Calcutta, and I may remain in Australia and other places up to March 1st, 1972. Then I shall return to Mayapur for celebrating the Lord Caitanya's festival. So if you are able to supply four round-trip airline tickets from Calcutta for myself and my three secretaries, then I shall be glad to come there. You may correspond with Syamasundara. all the details of programme.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Bombay 21 December, 1972:

But one thing is, I must travel at least with two secretaries, Srutakirti and Syamasundara.. So you may send three tickets to Bombay, informing us name of airline, etc. But I think your programme is bit strenuous. We should not work strenuously. Whatever can be done easily, that will be better. However, I am prepared to do as you think best, but flying here and there, so many places, that will be little troublesome, what do you think? Better a few programmes with many persons attending of high interest and intelligence, instead of many programmes here and there if there is chance nobody may come.

Letter to Hariprasada -- Bombay 23 December, 1972:

Now I want that you become the Treasurer of our branch at Hyderabad, so I have sent one letter of Resolution to Subala in that connection. Kesava will be President and Subala will be Secretary. So far the movie-projector, etc., those things you should arrange locally with co-operation of others, and you may order films from our Los Angeles centre for some cost-price only.

Letter to Bhavananda -- Bombay 29 December, 1972:

Tamala Krishna has informed me that you are inviting me to come there to Calcutta immediately after the Bombay Cross Maidan Pandal program is finished, so I shall come there as you desire. So you may kindly arrange the airplane tickets for four persons, namely myself and three secretaries, and we shall come there on 23rd morning of January 1973, provided that you mail us the tickets at your earliest.

1973 Correspondence

Letter to Revatinandana -- Bombay 4 January, 1973:

They may continue to send me their letters of request, along the President's recommendation, and I shall give them name and it will be entered by my Secretary in our records, only I will send my letter of reply to you and you will purchase beads there and chant them and send, along with my letter to the new initiates. Is that all right?

Letter to Karandhara -- Melbourne 10 February, 1973:

So you GBC men now decide how to manage things so nicely so that I may spend my time solely for translating my books. This I desire. Each GBC man can act as my secretary for one month at a time as I originally planned. In this way you will all be trained up nicely. Syamasundara. Prabhu will returning to London in order to get that building.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Sydney 14 February, 1973:

I will be returning to Calcutta from my preaching tour in Australasia by the 2nd. of March and therefore I am requesting that you come to Calcutta no later than this date in order to travel with me and be my secretary for one month. If there is any difficulty in this would you please write to me at Auckland, New Zealand for I will be arriving there on the 19th of February. I hope this finds you in good health.

Letter to Turya -- Calcutta March 8, 1973:

Your project for a Temple sounds all right to me, and even if you don't get that particular building, Radha-Krsna Deities are approved for the present Temple. Of course, I want that you can work out all these kinds of details with Karandhara, your GBC secretary.

Letter to Bhumata -- Calcutta 10 March, 1973:

Now you can consult my Governing Body Commission for advice in your situation. I have no objection to your establishing a center there in Nashville, but these matters I am leaving up to my GBC. The GBC representative for your area is Rupanuga das Goswami who is presently here with me as my secretary for one month. He will be returning to the USA by the first week in April to New York City and I think you can leave a message for him there where he can reach you and he can see you personally in the matter. In the meantime you can make arrangements again with Atlanta for more literature making the proper arrangement for payment also.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Calcutta 10 March, 1973:

Now I think that you can join me as the next GBC secretary for travelling with me by my side. If I go to New York in the first week of April you can meet me there, or if I go to South Africa you can meet me first here in India. What do you think? If there is some difficulty kindly let me know immediately.

Letter to Pusta Krsna -- New York 11 April, 1973:

I have been informed of the situation of the South African program by Brahmananda Swami who is here with me now as personal secretary, and I want to send you there. There is one boy there Ksudhi Dasa who is very young boy, so I want you to go there to take charge of the preaching program there in Durban.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 8 August, 1973:

I was not at all inconvenienced by you, on the contrary, I say that you were the best secretary and you did your work most faithfully, I appreciated it, may Krishna bless you.

Letter to Nityananda -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 17 August, 1973:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated August 14, 1973. Regarding the deity installation you may consult Satsvarupa Goswami your GBC secretary for this. I have appointed these GBC men to oversee and manage all the affairs of the society giving me relief to do my translation work fully.

Letter to Vamanadeva -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 17 August, 1973:

I am referring your letter to Satsvarupa Goswami since he is the GBC Secretary for your zone. I have made him in charge of Gurukula so he is competent to answer your question, please write to him in matters of management

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Bombay 12 October, 1973:

Regarding your service as secretary, you are as good as the others, and sometimes better than the others, so don't say like that. I am very satisfied on you and your good wife, so go on serving Krsna with greater enthusiasm. That will make me happy. Actually everyone one of you my disciples are good, and my task is to find out the fault in you. Yes, just like Caitanya Mahaprabhu, His spiritual master simply found Him to be a great fool number one. He said that the Lord was unfit to read Vedanta and should just chant Hare Krsna. .

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 5 December, 1973:

I waited in London but it did not come so I proceeded on to Los Angeles. The idea is to curtail the Indian influence in Kenya, either political or religious. That I can understand. Brahmananda Maharaja was allowed but not myself or my secretary. It was a great trouble for me. From Bombay to Nairobi took nine hours, then six hours waiting in the airport and then 9 hours to London. It was a great strain. I rested for three days in London.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 11 January, 1974:

I am glad to hear you have a nice secretary there in Aditya; now take care of sending the BTG out regularly. There are some complaints in this department. So make Bombay the center for distributing BTG to life members.

Letter to Resolution -- Bombay 1 April, 1974:

That the President, Secretary, and Treasurer are hereby authorized to appoint any architect, labor contractor, other contractors, engineers, to purchase, etc. for the purpose of construction.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Bombay 1 April, 1974:

I have already sent you a telegraphic reply reading as follows: "Thank you for your telegram. All blessings of Krsna to you. Letter to follow." I am very much engladdened to receive you telegram and I am prepared to go to London by the 1st of May. My preaching program is to go to Hyderabad on 18 April and after a week to visit Tripati Balaji Temple. I think I can come back to Bombay by the 1st of May and then London as invited by you. You can arrange tickets for myself and my three secretaries, Paul Sherbow, Neil Delmonico and Stephen Guarino (Pradyumna, Nitai and Satsvarupa).

Letter to Manager of Punjab National Bank -- Bombay 16 April, 1974:

Kindly send the receipt which is lying in your custody immediately to your Vrindaban branch by Registered post, and oblige. I am forwarding this letter to my secretary, Sriman Tejyas das Adhikari in New Delhi. Kindly do the needful.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Hyderabad 21 April, 1974:

By now I hope you have received my telegram and letter sent to Hamburg advising you to go to Bhaktivedanta Manor for managing affairs there. There were so many letters and reports coming from Mukunda, Puranjana, Bhaja Hari, Prabhu Visnu and then contrary reports from Madhavananda and with Shayamasundar away affairs seem perilous. I hope you are able to settle things up in regard to the debt of the Bury St. temple and temple organization at the Manor. Now Shayamasundar has wired me that he will send tickets for myself and three secretaries for coming to London. I have asked him to send me tickets and I can leave India for London about May 1st. As I have already informed you I am going to Paris the second week of May and Bhagavan das is arranging for a tour of Geneva, Rome and Sweden. I may also visit cities in Germany if you will arrange for that. So when I arrive in London if Syamasundara sends tickets, or when I arrive in Paris, I shall discuss these matters further with you. Now we are in South India at Hyderabad and will visit the Balaji temple in Tirupati and then return to Bombay prepared to leave for London on May 1st.

Letter to Acarya Prabhakar Mishra -- Bombay 1 May, 1974:

You are paying Rs 1,250 rent—that is not very much considering present circumstances. Please let me know the area of the place and under what terms you are in possession of the land. If possible, you can immediately go to my secretary at the following address: G 12 Ananda Niketan Extension, new Delhi 110023. My secretary's name is Tejyas das Adhikari.

Letter to Acarya Prabhakar Mishra -- Bombay 1 May, 1974:

We have a temple there and the quarter is very nice. But if some suitable arrangement is made we can take up your place at Kirti Nagar on the approval of my secretary there. So the best thing is you may come immediately at Bombay at the above address and probably I may go back to New Delhi along with you because I have to go to Vrindaban before I go to Europe. I am expected in Rome on the 23rd of May and then Geneva, Paris, Stockholm and London and then I will return to India. In Vrindaban I am constructing the big temple you have seen. I hope you will approve my scheme in Vrindaban.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Geneva 2 June, 1974:

As you know, since the March GBC meeting in Mayapur you have been asked to manage affairs of the west coast U.S. zone until a permanent GBC man for that zone could be selected. From my careful observation of your activities especially in Los Angeles and the other temples, I can understand that you are doing very well as GBC representative for the west coast. Therefore I am appointing you as the regular GBC representative with full standing, for heading affairs in the western region of the U.S.A. I have already instructed the president of the Seattle temple in a recent letter, to sent new initiates beads to you for chanting. I know you will discharge the duties of GBC with full responsibility, especially seeing that the spiritual life in the temples is not neglected. I am having my secretary send a newsletter to all GBC informing them of your regular GBC status.

Letter to Nandalal -- Paris 9 June, 1974:

Please inform Sudama Maharaja that I have received his May 27th letter and that I am encouraged by the progress of the farm as well as the continued book distribution. I have asked Yasodanandana Swami to help out in Taiwan where there are only two men, rather than come to Hawaii. By now Sudama Maharaja should have been informed by Bali Mardan that myself and my two secretaries will be stopping off in Hawaii on our journey from Australia to the U.S. and that we will arrive July 3rd on Quantas airlines at 8:45 A.M.. We will stay for 30 hours and he should arrange for our staying in Honolulu. More when we meet.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Paris 13 June, 1974:

Tamala Krsna Maharaja said that you are not following the regulative principles. I do not know why you should do like that. Anyway, if there was any discrepancies in that way I hope you will rectify it and fully cooperate with Karandhara Prabhu. I am coming to India on my way to Sydney to stop for one day in Bombay on June 23rd. If you so desire you can see me in Bombay on the 23rd. Further, Brahmananda Maharaja wanted to remain in India and act as my secretary, but there is no proper man to replace him. Sometimes back you also wanted to go to Africa. If you still feel like that you can consider on the matter and I shall call Brahmananda here in India to act as my personal secretary. Hope this will meet you in good health.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Frankfurt 17 June, 1974:

I am glad to read that you are eager to join me as my permanent secretary and that your major concern is to help provide me with "a conducive environment to translate" my books. That is my desire also. On the other hand, I can understand the programs are developing in Kenya and therefore you want a strong replacement before you leave Africa. I think Gargamuni Maharaja can do it nicely. I have written him a letter inviting him to go to Africa and also Karandhara has gone to Calcutta to talk with him directly about this. So we shall see whether he is willing.

Letter to Batu Gopala -- Vrindaban 16 August, 1974:

Regarding the secretary for the Central Zone, I have now re-appointed Jagadisa Prabhu who has returned from India.

Letter to Madhukara -- Vrindaban 19 August, 1974:

Regarding the two twenty dollar checks that you had sent previously. It has not been recorded because of the change of secretaries. I suggest that you contact your bank whether or not the checks have been deposited and you can inform me.

Letter to Bali-mardana -- Vrindaban 5 September, 1974:

BBT management should be rigidly done very carefully, and I think Ramesvara is a good manager. He can be appointed BBT secretary. I approve BBT moving to New York, because of their freehand dealing. Ramesvara may be made your assistant and remain with you. It is all right that no others be appointed as Trustees at present.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Vrindaban 6 September, 1974:

So you may remain wherever you may be peaceful. You may resume your GBC duties as secretary for the Central U.S.A. Zone. GBC means that one must be ideal Vaisnava. That means there must be strict observance in following all the rules and regulations. This is your main responsibility, and then to see that all others are following strictly. Then everything will be all right.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Vrindaban 14 September, 1974:

Regarding Ramesvara being made BBT Trustee, I have no objection. I have already written to Bali Mardan that he can be made the secretary to the Trust Board, and then later on we can see if required he can be added. He should be taken as one of the important members. He is doing nicely. At the upcoming GBC meeting we shall discuss it further. He can be made the official secretary for the time being. I have already informed this to Bali Mardan.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Vrindaban 20 September, 1974:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated September 12, 1974 copy of which to all GBC Secretaries. My only requet is we must spend money very cautiously and not to waste. For improvement we can spend. I am simply afraid that money may not be wasted. So when I saw that the sanctuary was not being finished it gave me some agitation in my mind. So if people say it will be better than Birla Mandir, then your labor and expenditure is a success.

Letter to Mukunda -- Mayapur 29 September, 1974:

If it was decided by vote that Hamsaduta would select the president then Hamsaduta is right. Without authority Hamsaduta cannot change the election. If the vote was in favor of Madhavananda, then Hamsaduta cannot whimsically change the vote. But, if by vote he was authorized to select the president, then whomever he selects is right. I was not informed by my secretary that Hamsaduta was authorized by vote to make the selection. But, why was Hamsaduta authorized if the vote was already taken? This I do not know.

Letter to Mr. Winter -- Mayapur 8 October, 1974:

Regarding what you want to do, I suggest that you discuss the matter with my secretary, Hamsaduta das Adhikari. He is my secretary and you can discuss the matter fully with him. He can be reached at Schloss Rettershof, Konigstein, Taunua, West Germany.

Letter to Saurabha -- Mayapur 25 October, 1974:

I have received from the Punjab National Bank, Vrindaban a copy of their letter dated 14/10/74 to the Secretary of ISKCON Vrindaban regarding the opening of a new current account No. 683. I do not know anything about this account. Who is the Secretary? Who are the signatories? What is the purpose of the account?

Letter to Dr. Ghosh -- Bombay 17 November, 1974:

I am very much thankful for your nice letter dated November 8, 1974 and the presentation of the copy of Pancamrta written by you. I saw the verses formally also. If anyone reads these verses regularly certainly he will make progress in his spiritual life. I have now advised my secretary to send you immediately one copy of my Caitanya Caritamrta. by registered post.

Letter to Professor Stillson Judah -- Bombay 20 November, 1974:

Most probably my secretary in Los Angeles will direct the book here, and I shall read it with great interest.

Letter to Mr. Kapoor -- Bombay 22 November, 1974:

I have recently heard from Bhagavan Das the GBC secretary for India, and also from Tejas that the accounting records are in a shambles and there has been some mismanagement on your part, So upon rectifying these discrepancies we shall see further regarding your position of your working within this Society As well as your proportionate raise in salary.

Letter to Attorney General's Department -- Bombay 26 November, 1974:

I have appointed Madhudvisa Swami (Mr. Michael E. Morrissey) as the GBC Secretary for Australia. Mr. Morrissey is my sole agent in Australia and my official representative, and he has supreme authority there in all matters.

Letter to Patita Uddharana -- Bombay 2 December, 1974:

As you are doing secretarial duties there at the Manor, there is one matter I would like you to look into. There is one man Mr. Mody. What happened? He is a big man. Now Kausalya has irritated him. Try to compromise the situation, and inform me.

Letter to People of Bangkok -- Bombay 14 December, 1974:

I am sorry I am not able to come but I must remain here in Bombay for some pressing matters. So I am sending my secretary His Holiness Brahmananda Maharaja who will represent me.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Ramesvara -- Bombay 1 January, 1975:

I am in due receipt of your letters dated Dec. 15th and 27th and have noted the contents. Hamsaduta is here and we have discussed many of the points and questions in your letters. You can discuss with him for the details. You are secretary so, you should go on with normal business, budget the money and write regular reports.

Letter to Visnuprasada N. Decai -- Bombay 2 January, 1975:

Along with your secretary, Mr. Ramanbhai B. Tolat. The thing is that we are in a little difficulty on account of our entrance road being very narrow. Therefore, I request you to give up your strip of land in front of our Hare Krishna Land for opening the road which will facilitate the traffic congestions. Our Hare Krishna Land is an international institution for preaching Krishna Consciousness all over the world. So, I am seeking your sympathy for these world-wide activities. The other day, your secretary informed me that you will construct a community hall on the road-side, but I know that the strip of land in front of our land will not be required by you. Neither it can be used for any other purpose. So, if you will kindly recommend your committee. to give for this great cause, Krishna will be very much pleased upon you without any doubt.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Tokyo 27 January, 1975:

Under the circumstances, I have asked Hamsaduta to come to me at Hawaii. There I shall try to rectify the mistakes and as previously arranged, the GBC's should act as my secretary at least one month in a year. So, he may come and remain with me and in the meantime, you work conjointly with Brahmananda Svami. Try to manage Germany, London, and Paris. The main business in Germany is to reply the charges and rescue the frozen money. In England, we have to revive the Rathayatra festival which is now stopped by the police intrigue. In Paris, you require a larger place to accommodate devotees, so find out a suitable place.

Letter to Dr. Wolf -- Caracas, Venezuela 19 February, 1975:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated Feb. 12th, 1975 and have noted the contents carefully. I am very soon going to London and I shall meet with Hamsaduta and other secretaries there. I shall seriously see that all such undesirable things may not happen in the future.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Honolulu 4 June, 1975:

Regarding your staying in Houston, yes, but do not neglect your other business. Jagadisa can take over New Orleans management. Yes, you will be my GBC travelling secretary in August.

Letter to Mr. N.V. Bhakta -- Honolulu 8 June, 1975:

I can go to Zambia at any time by my secretary's arrangement. So, Brahmananda Swami, my chief secretary, is coming to meet me in Los Angeles on the 20th of June, and then he can give you reply as to when I shall be coming to Zambia.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Vrindaban 15 September, 1975:

You have written: "The BBT is capable of keeping up with Prabhupada's pace at this time and we humbly request all devotees to respect Prabhupada's desire to fulfill his dreams of publishing and distributing thousands and millions of volumes of Srimad-Bhagavatam in Twelve Cantos all over the world by not disturbing him at this time with problems and decisions that can be made by his direct representatives, the GBC Secretaries." Yes, this is wanted. I want to increase my work. Brahmananda Swami and Gopala Krishna were suggesting that I go to some other place in India, but if Tamala Krishna flies 10,000 miles to lodge some complaint against Jayatirtha what can I do? If you all leaders cannot work together, then how can you expect the others to cooperate with you? Differences may be there, but still you have to cooperate together, otherwise where is the question of my being relieved of so many problems and decisions?

Letter to Dhananjaya -- Bombay 19 November, 1975:

I have yesterday sent through my secretary the following reply: PRABHUPADA COMING DELHI MONDAY NOVEMBER 24th INFORM DALMIA

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bombay 20 November, 1975:

I have seen the photograph you sent of the Houston temple. It is very impressive building. It looks like a secretariat building. I want that our Mayapur festival there should be booths showing our activities. There should be one booth showing all the photographs of our temple buildings. This will be very impressive. Even big, big businessmen, they haven't got such branches all over the world as we have got. And our business is with honor. Why not purchase the Houston temple? And I am glad to note the successful program in Gainesville temple.

Letter to Sri Krishna C. Batra -- Vrindaban 8 December, 1975:

We have published more than 50 big books in the English language such as Bhagavad-gita as it is, Caitanya Caritamrta, Srimad-Bhagavatam, and others. For a complete catalog of our publications write the secretary at New Delhi temple.

Letter to M. N. Chaudhuri -- Bombay 17 December, 1975:

The bearer of this letter is my secretary of our Mayapur establishment, and he will explain to you about our activities there. It will be a great satisfaction if you kindly visit our Mayapur establishment to see how things are going on there. We are developing a plan there to be self sufficient. Namely to produce our food grains, maintain cows for drinking milk, and weave cloth for garments, and for this purpose we want a considerable tract of land. For this purpose I wish that the government may acquire some land for us so that we may develop our plan, and I hope you can help me in this connection.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Hrdayananda -- Nellore 4 January, 1976:

Jagadisa Prabhu also is thinking to come as my GBC secretary for the month of February. If you come in February I have no objection, I can have three dozen secretaries. If your business will not suffer, you are welcome anytime. I wish to remain with all my disciples together, but we have to do preaching work and therefore have to remain separate. But actually there is no question of separation for one engaged in Lord Krishna's service.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Nellore 7 January, 1976:

The first business is that the GBC must see to the management of their zones. Still, I require a permanent secretary. In addition, one GBC man may come and go.

Letter to Yasomatinandana -- Bombay 9 January, 1976:

Regarding Dr. Ashok's address, my secretary shall be sending it to you by separate post.

Letter to Subhavilasa -- Bombay 10 January, 1976:

I received your letter and I gave it to my secretary with instructions to reply it.

Letter to Sri Chaudhuri -- Mayapur 23 January, 1976:

The bearer of this letter is the secretary at our Mayapur establishment, and he will explain to you about our activities there. I am presently at Mayapur and it would be a great satisfaction if you could kindly visit our establishment and see how things are being conducted. We are developing a plan to be self-sufficient. Namely, to produce our food grains, maintain cows, for drinking milk, and weave cloth for garments. We have plans for erecting a magnificent international city based on this Vedic culture. For this purpose we want a considerable tract of land, and I therefore wish that the Government may acquire some land for us so that we may develop our plan. I hope you can help me in this connection. I would be very glad if you could come to Mayapur, see our activities, take noon-day Prasadam and discuss with me.

Letter to Sri K. C. Kapur -- Mayapur 31 January, 1976:

I am remaining in Mayapur most likely until the end of March. At that time I shall be going to Vrindaban. Vrindaban and Kanpur are not far from each other, so it will be most convenient for me to come. From Vrindaban I am tentatively scheduled to go to Manipur, so I am thinking to stop in Kanpur on the way. In the meantime I am sending Sri Gopala Krishna das Adhikari, ISKCON's Zonal Secretary for India and Southeast Asia, to see the land.

Letter to Vicitravirya -- Mayapur 25 February, 1976:

So many others are doing it successfully, we also can be successful. I will have the papers sent through my personal account in Lloyd's Bank and you can deposit all monies received from sales of the saris in my account. You may also keep a percentage of the sales for the London temple. Please advise my secretary if you are able to execute.

Letter to RamRam Maharaja -- Mayapur 5 March, 1976:

As I am scheduled to stay in Mayapur up to the end of March, I am giving a copy of your letter to my zonal secretary. So you should hear from him shortly.

Letter to Dr. Chittaranjan Mohapatra -- Mayapur 21 March, 1976:

In reply to your questions of your letter dated 16-3-76 addressed to my secretary, I beg to offer you the following on the basis of the sastras. Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The dictionary defines God as the Supreme Being, therefore, Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita: Mattah parataram nanyat, kincid asti . . . (BG 7.7) "There is no Truth superior to Me. Everything is resting upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread." And in many other sastras Krishna is accepted as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. All the acaryas such as Ramanuja, Madhvacarya, Nimbarka, Lord Caitanya, and innumerable others have come to this conclusion: that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Letter to Mrs. Blasko -- Melbourne 21 April, 1976:

Concerning the 88 acres of land there in Alabama, you can contact our GBC secretary for that area, Balavanta das Adhikari, c/o Iskcon Atlanta, 1287 Ponce de Leon Ave., N.B., Atlanta, Georgia 30306. He can assist you in this connection.

Letter to Mr. Fagan -- Melbourne 22 April, 1976:

For the past several months, one of my disciples, Mr. Denis Harrison, holding British passport number P606464, has been my personal secretary and for this reason I require that he accompany me to the U.S.A. I know that he is a good boy as I have had ample time to study is character, and I can assure you as the Founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness that our society will take care of all his expenses, including maintenance and upkeep, as well as his air tickets to the next place after America; at this time we are scheduled to go to England after our program on the Eastern coast in New York city. I trust that you will do the needful to help me keep my schedule as I am expected to be in certain places on certain dates, and I require the accompaniment of Mr. Harrison, so kindly if you will issue him the required U.S.A. visa for the 3-4 months that he may be there in time before our departure on Monday April 26, 1976.

Letter to Personal Secretary to the President of the United States -- Honolulu 9 May, 1976:

Letter to: Personal Secretary to the President of the United States

Letter to RamaKrishnaji -- Honolulu 14 May, 1976:

The difficulty is, I have come out of India with a program scheduled to continue up to August 14th, 1976, the expected date of return to Bombay. Now, if I suddenly return to India, I will have to cancel all other programs, or if I go to India by the time, June 28th, I would have to return again to complete the scheduled program, which means very heavy expenditures. Two secretaries travel with me inevitably, so I am in this dilemma; whether I shall return and again come back spending heavily. So, I shall be glad to hear from you what you advise. In this connection, you can contact my secretary, Giriraja das Brahmacari, at our Bombay center.

Letter to Trivikrama -- Honolulu 16 May, 1976:

Yesterday my secretary received a telephone call from you indicating that everything was mended between yourself and Gurukrpa Maharaja, and then today he received a call from Gurukrpa Maharaja saying that the both of you were not cooperating. So what am I to do? I have appointed Gurukrpa Swami the GBC for Japan and for now at least it will be necessary to comply with him. He has suggested that you leave Japan while waiting for the reply from the S. Korean embassy there, so you can please comply with his request. He suggested one island called Okinawa where you could go for the time being, and if that is not possible then you should come here to me in Hawaii. In any case, for whatever reasons Gurukrpa Maharaja has requested like this and he is delegated GBC by me, so follow this course of action for the time being so that things can go on peacefully in Japan, as you know it is a very touchy situation with the government, and being GBC, Gurukrpa Swami is given sanction by me to develop the program along guidelines which he can cho

Letter to Nandevara -- Honolulu 23 May, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your telephone message from my secretary and on your recommendation I am accepting Allan (spiritual name Taraksa das) for first initiation, and the following devotees for second initiation: Dyapaka das, Jitarati das, Dayalaji das, Gauranga das, and Jaganmatha devi dasi.

Letter to GBC Secretaries -- Toronto 18 June, 1976:

So I am sending advice to Bank of America to transfer 2 lacs of Rupees to the Bombay construction account at the State Bank of Hyderabad, Juhu Beach Branch, Bombay, and I want that the 3 GBC secretaries for India should discuss together whether or not to give this 2 lacs to Hyderabad centre for completing their construction.

Letter to Sri Modi -- New Vrindaban 24 June, 1976:

You can contact my secretary, Sriman Jayatirtha das Adhikari at the Bhaktivedanta Manor for details. Looking forward to seeing you then.

Letter to Satsvarupa Goswami -- New Vrndavana 30 June, 1976:

We are concerned with service. What is the meaning of the post, that is, president, secretary, etc., etc. I am glad to see that Govardhana is doing nicely. I have confidence that things will go on nicely there, but he should be encouraged to faithfully follow the rules and regulations and chant 16 rounds daily.

Letter to Vasudeva -- New Vrindaban 30 June, 1976:

We have got about 20 GBC's looking after the whole world affair, and above the GBC I am there. Below the GBC there are the temple president, secretary, treasurer in every centre. So the temple president is responsible to the GBC and the GBC is responsible to me. In this way we are managing. But why are you proposing a separate trustee for Fiji. We have up to now no separate trustee. If this is for security purposes, that we can discuss.

Letter to Vasudeva -- New Vrindaban 30 June, 1976:

The deed for the property and temple should be made in favor of "His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder-acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness." It cannot be dedicated to any of the office bearers. So I suggest that you become the president of the temple and Upendra become the secretary, and either your brother or your wife can become treasurer. There is no need of trustees.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- New York 14 July, 1976:

The power of attorney is presently at the Indian Embassy and by Friday (2 days from now), after it is certified by them, my secretary will send it to Delhi as per your instructions. I am enclosing a letter to Governor Reddy and this may be helpful when you go to see him. If the other groups that you mentioned have been tax-exempted, then our Society should at least have the same facility.

Letter to Parmanand Patel -- Paris 31 July, 1976:

I am sorry I could not reply to you in Hindi because I have no Hindi Secretary here. I hope this will find you in good health. More when we get together.

Letter to Sri Kuwar Candra Prakash -- New Delhi 26 August, 1976:

Please excuse me that my secretary could not write in Hindi, therefore the reply is sent in English. Please accept my good wishes and more when we meet.

Letter to Giriraja -- Vrindaban 23 September, 1976:

Harikesa is not working as my secretary now; he has been sent for preaching work.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Vrindaban 26 September, 1976:

It was wanted that he follows our instructions including following the GBC, so that everything can go on nicely. Let one brother be president and one treasurer, and give one good man who can act as secretary. I have not lost confidence in Vasudeva. Now the matter is clear—I'm very much pleased with him so let him remain president and that will please him more, and his brother treasurer with one secretary. If the temple remains permanently in ISKCON Fiji's name and cannot be sold, that is very nice; it is not for selling, it is for improving more and more.

Letter to Jayapataka -- Vrindaban 28 September, 1976:

In this concept we can accept anyone from any part of the world, what to speak of West Bengal, and give them shelter, food, occupation and enlightenment. I had no contact with Chief Secretary.

Letter to Balavanta -- Vrindaban 4 October, 1976:

Yes, you are welcome to join me. I wanted that besides my permanent secretary that one of the GBC's may accompany me regularly.

Letter to Sriman Bajaji -- Chandigarh 14 October, 1976:

I thank you very much for your letter dated October 4, 1976, I have noted the contents carefully. I accept your invitation. I will advise Giriraja, my secretary in Bombay to see you in this connection. I wish to take with me my sankirtana party whether you would like to accommodate them. If not then only my personal secretaries, all together five, will go with me, so you have to arrange accommodation for them.

Letter to S. B. Bartarya -- Chandigarh 15 October, 1976:

I am in receipt of your letter dated October 6, 1976 and have noted the contents carefully. I shall be returning to Vrindaban on the 20th October and shall be glad to see you any day thereafter at 4:30 PM. Please bring this letter with you and show it to my secretary on my arrival.

Letter to Sacimata -- Chandigarh 15 October, 1976:

Hamsaduta Maharaja has told me about you, and he is presently acting as my secretary.

Letter to Radha-sarana -- Vrindaban 24 October, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your letter to my secretary dated October 2, 1976.

Letter to Vasudeva -- Vrindaban 3 November, 1976:

Regarding the Fiji situation, your solution to amend the constitution is nice. Let Vasudeva become president. Your idea to sell BTGs, collect donations, hold kirtanas and distribute prasada profusely, yes, do that. I was given the impression that this temple was to be controlled by the Punja family and our devotees would not have any hand. This was the impression given. We want that a very nice relationship be kept with Vasudeva. It was wanted that he follows our instructions including following the GBC, so that everything can go on nicely. Let one brother be president and one treasurer, and give one good man who can act as secretary. I have not lost confidence in Vasudeva. Now the matter is clear; I'm very much pleased with him so let him remain president and that will please him more, and his brother, treasurer, with one secretary. If the temple remains permanently in Iskcon Fiji's name and cannot be sold, that is very nice; it is not for selling, it is for improving more and more.

Letter to Giriraja -- Vrindaban 6 November, 1976:

Regarding the Gita Pratisthan conference, will they pay for my going or not? Talk to Bajaj personally about it, his secretary is useless. When he returns speak to him. If they do not pay we will not take a sankirtana party. But, if we can transport in our own bus, then we can do.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Vrindaban 18 November, 1976:

Regarding your coming to be the secretary in February. You arrange amongst yourselves. All of you are welcome.

1977 Correspondence

Letter to Alex, Bob, Drdhavrata, Gupta, Rsabhadeva, Stan -- Bhuvanesvara 24 January, 1977:

If you can do this it will revolutionize our book distribution and afford greater spreading of Krsna Consciousness than any book distribution thus far. I want that every respectable person has a full set of Bhagavatam and Caitanya Caritamrta in his home. I have given some suggestions how this book distribution in the homes can be done to one of my secretaries, Satsvarupa das Goswami and you can consult further with him as well as with Ramesvara and Tamala Krsna Maharajas. Hoping this finds you all in good health.

Letter to Giriraja -- Bhuvanesvara 31 January, 1977:

I have received a letter from the Bombay secretary, Aditya dasi, requesting me to sign a number of legal forms for the bank. Neither you or Gopala Krsna have even signed or initialled an approval, so how can I sign these forms? If you actually want me to sign them please write me your approval with regular signature.

Letter to Aksayananda -- Bombay 3 May, 1977:

Just now I have sent you a telegram reading as follows:


Letter to VARIOUS -- Unknown Place Unknown Date:

From now on the twelve GBC men will be acting as Srila Prabhupada's secretary on a rotating basis as Srila Prabhupada originally planned, and it appears that I shall have to go with Him to Australia, at least a couple of weeks, to explain the system to Madhudvisa Swami. Syamasundara prabhu will be shortly going to London via Los Angeles. You will probably be seeing him there shortly. He has many big ideas for increasing the preaching work, which he will probably tell you about. I have just received your letter regarding polygamy and Prabhupada has told me it should strictly be prohibited; although he does not object to the principle, we do not have the correct persons nor the correct time and place for putting it into practice.

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