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Regarding the meter sung by Narada Muni

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"Regarding the meter sung by Narada Muni"


1969 Correspondence

It is not necessary for us to practice this.
Letter to Jayapataka -- Los Angeles 14 February, 1969:

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of February 7, 1969, and I have carefully noted the contents. I have also seen the leaflets done by this boy, Mark, and they are very nicely done. Regarding your question about the 10 senses, such questions should be taken up at your Istagosthi meetings. I have already answered most of the questions you have asked in this connection in a previous letter, so you may refer to it.

About the shell which you are presently keeping in the temple, because it is not a conchshell, it should be considered as impure, and therefore it may not be placed upon the altar. Regarding the meter sung by Narada Muni, it is not necessary for us to practice this. For your final question, you are correct in your idea that leaflets which are destined to be thrown upon the ground should not contain pictures of Krishna, Jagannatha, etc. Such leaflets may only be hung up for people to see.

I thank you very much for your offer to print any pages I may need upon your press there, but I think that the first business should be to immediately print another issue of Back To Godhead, French edition. The first issue was very nice, but I hope this will be printed regularly so that it may be a great help to us in spreading this Krishna Consciousness movement to the French speaking peoples of the world. Please inform me immediately as to what is the problem of printing this second issue of Back To Godhead, French edition.

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