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1968 Correspondence

Letter to Janardana -- Los Angeles 7 February, 1968:

Our program for Krishna Consciousness is solid, and backed by most authoritative literature—Bhagavad-gita, and Srimad-Bhagavatam; there is no question of our not being popular to the world. Simply we have to present ourselves in true perspective. We can challenge any rascals of the world but the difficulty is that it is folly to be wise where ignorance is bliss. Maharishi Mahesa has gained so much popularity over Europe or America, means the people of this part of the world are not very much advanced in spiritual science. What is there philosophy in the teachings of Maharishi Mahesa? He is very clever man to collect fund. He is proposing individual mantra which is complete nonsense, and he is charging for mantra and allowing his disciples to enjoy life as they like. So these are all nonsense propaganda proposals, but people are blind in accepting his advice. One thing is, however, clear, that the Western people are searching after some spiritual enlightenment in the real sense of the term. Bhagavad-gita with the right presentation and the program of Krishna Consciousness is the right prescription, simply we have to administer them with cool head and solid program. I think by the Grace of Krishna my working has produced some sincere souls like yourself, Brahmananda, Hamsaduta, and others. Now we have to chalk out a solid program by consulting together.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Janardana -- Los Angeles 16 January, 1970:

I am especially enthusiastic for our Krishna Consciousness philosophy or the teachings of Lord Caitanya to be advanced for the benefit of the learned circle and in this connection your well received expose at the university is encouraging. Please continue your efforts to convince them of the great universal necessity of this scientific philosophy to solve all the knotty difficulties of life by practical application of the Vedic knowledge according to the Parampara prescription of the bona fide Acaryas.

Letter to Rudra -- Los Angeles 9 March, 1970:

Lord Nityananda is Guru. He can instruct us, but ultimately it depends on the disciple. A doctor may say "Do this, Do not do this," but if the patient does not follow the prescription, what is the result? Similarly, Nityananda Prabhu will hear the prayer of an insincere rascal, if that rascal actually wants to change his condition. One must agree not to be a rascal any more, then his rascaldom can be reformed. Jagai and Madhai begged the Lord for His mercy and they were prototype rascals, drunkards and debauchees. Lord Caitanya told them first you stop your nonsense activities, then I will accept you. So a rascal may be accepted provided he agrees to stop his nonsenses. Otherwise, how can one expect to be reformed if he does not agree or like to be reformed. To be reformed, he must agree to the reforming process.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Satadhanya (Stan Federoff) -- Bombay 30 March, 1971:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your nice letter date 15th January, 1971. I am very glad to know that you are feeling happy in Krsna's service and you are chanting His holy Names regularly according to the Vaisnava prescription. I am very glad that you have requested initiation and I have duly chanted your beads and they are enclosed herewith. So, I have accepted you as my initiated disciple and your spiritual name is Satadhanya das Brahmacari. Please follow the regulative principles very strictly, chant Hare Krsna Mahamantra sixteen times daily round the beads and be happy.

Letter to Giriraja -- London 12 August, 1971:

If you are feeling tired, you may take rest. Your body is very valuable. It is dedicated to Krishna, so you must take care of the body very carefully. The best medicine is to rest and chant Hare Krishna Mantra, along with the doctor's prescription. Hare Krishna Mantra is bhavausadhi, the panacea for all material disease.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Govinda -- Bombay 30 April, 1974:

Engage your life fully for Krsna Consciousness. Only chant Hare Krsna Mantra day and night, read books and expressing the philosophy in your own words write articles for publishing in BTG. Don't bother anymore with rascals like Gaurasundara or anyone else. Take Krsna as your Supreme Protector and Krsna will help you in all respects. Practice this prescription and you will be happy eternally.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Gatravan:

Do not be puffed up but always be more tolerant than the tree. This is the prescription given by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

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