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I went in U.S.A. without any sponsor

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"I went in USA without any sponsor"


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I went in U.S.A. without any sponsor.

Prabhupāda: These are also done within these five years.

Guest (1): And that, too, in the foreign countries, to establish that, it is . . .

Guest (2): Yes, it's a wonderful thing. I was all the while imagining, imagining . . .

Prabhupāda: So I went in USA without any sponsor. No, I . . . that is the . . . one gentleman sponsored for one month. One month only. Not even one month; I remained there only three weeks, and then I chalked out my plan. He was my friend's son, and my friend wrote him that, "You sponsor Swāmījī for one month."

Guest (1): Some American gentleman?

Prabhupāda: No, Indian. One gentleman from Agra. So his son immediately sent me, sponsoring. But still, the government objected that, "We cannot allow you to go there, because you are sponsored by an individual person." But I wanted to see chief controller of . . . what is called, foreign exchange, Mr. Rao. So he kindly accepted, "Yes, Swāmījī, you can go." He fought . . . (indistinct)

Guest (2): That time it was very difficult. Passport I have got already.

Prabhupāda: Passport, visa.

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