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Government management means

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Conversations and Morning Walks

1972 Conversations and Morning Walks

The future is not very nice. And government management means no one's servant.
Room Conversation -- October 25, 1972, Vrndavana:

Prabhupāda: So you have to waste so much time.

Gurudāsa: Milk you have to purchase in queue.

Prabhupāda: Everything.

Pañca-draviḍa: I have experienced that directly in India, Prabhupāda, because I'm working with these merchants all the time, and the government is nationalizing and taking over one industry after another. They took over the control of flour, they took over the control of sugar, they've already got rice, then they took over the exportation of textiles. And I say, "Don't you have anything in your Constitution to prevent this?" They said, "No. We have voted in the government for six years; they can do as they like. The only way is to wait six years and vote them out again. But there is no provision..."

Prabhupāda: The future is not very nice. And government management means no one's servant.

Pañca-draviḍa: No what?

Prabhupāda: No one's servant. Everyone's servant means no one's servant. They are no one's servant.

Pañca-draviḍa: They will never give you anything.

Prabhupāda: Comparatively, life in foreign countries nice. Because I am seeing, from materialistic point of view. In America, you can get anything without any control. Any amount, anything.

Gurudāsa: There is more supply than demand.

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