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1947 to 1965 Correspondence

Dimensions 18'6" x 102'2". Fully air conditioned by 10 ton central unit.
Letter to Sumati Morarjee -- New York 10 November, 1965:

The house which I have seen for this purpose is just suitable for this great missionary work as if it was built for this purpose only and your simple willingness to do the act will complete everything smoothly. And thinking that you will agree to this I am just giving you an idea of the space etc.

1. Dimensions 18'6" x 102'2". Fully air conditioned by 10 ton central unit.

2. Bronze front approximately 4500 square feet.

3. The house is practically three storied. Ground floor basement and two stories up with all suitable arrangement for gas heat etc.

The ground floor may be utilized for preparation Prasadam of Bala Krishna because the preaching centres will not be for dry speculations only but for actual gain for delicious Prasadam.

1967 Correspondence

Dimension of the spirit soul
Letter to Brahmananda -- Vrindaban 4 August, 1967:

Regarding your question about Lord Caitanya's thinking himself lower than the grass, it should be understood spiritually. The dimension of the spirit soul is 1/10,000 part of the hair tip; so the spirit soul is certainly smaller than the grass. Caitanya Mahaprabhu was teaching us as a teacher, so he represented himself as an ordinary living entity; but as the Supreme Brahman he is greater than anything.

1968 Correspondence

Seal dimension.
Letter to Brahmananda -- Montreal 19 August, 1968:

So you send me the above letter signed by you as president along with the photostat copies of certificates which you may have in NY. I have got the original, so if you have not got photostat copies then I shall have to get them here. While signing, just stamp our society's seal which you have got with you.

I have given instruction to Yamuna to write one certificate form and in that connection she may require to see the seal dimension so if she wants to see, you can show or give her an impression of the seal.

Hope you are all well

Your ever wellwisher


1971 Correspondence

Dimension of the soul.
Letter to Dr. Bigelow -- Allahabad 20 January, 1971:

The undertaking of "soul research" would certainly mark the advancement of science. But advancement of science will not be able to find out the soul. It can simply be accepted on circumstantial understanding. You will find in the Vedic literature that the dimension of the soul is one ten-thousandth times smaller than the point. The material scientist cannot measure the length and breadth of a point. Therefore it is not possible for the material scientist to capture the soul. You can simply accept the soul's existence by taking it from authority. What the greatest scientists are finding we've explained long ago. As soon as one understands the existence of the soul, he can immediately understand the existence of God. The difference between God and the soul is that God is a very great soul and the living entity is a very small soul, but qualitatively they are equal. Therefore God is all-pervading and the living entity is localized. The nature and quality is the same.

1972 Correspondence

Plot dimensions.
Letter to Gargamuni -- Madras 15 February, 1972:

Now I have just received a cable from Ksirodakasayi Prabhu that Mr. Saraf has given us the land. We shall gladly accept the offer, so kindly inform Ksirodakasayi to draw up all the legal papers and gift deed for handing the land over to our Society, and he can bring those papers, along with a plan of the plot showing length and width dimensions, and we shall settle up our Vrindaban program when he shall meet me in Mayapur. Meanwhile, Subala Maharaja may remain there for looking after things in Vrindaban and assisting Ksirodakasayi wherever possible. I am very much pleased to know that we shall be raising up a nice center now in Vrindaban, and also in Bombay, so Krishna has been very kind upon us, now let us all work cooperatively and with full enthusiasm to do the needful.

I am enclosing one plot-plan of the Bombay land for your attention. Kindly send me your report c/o our Calcutta branch.

Plot dimensions.
Letter to Ksirodakasayi -- Calcutta 18 February, 1972:

I have received your telegram advising me of the Saraf promise, and I have duly replied by cable: "Offer accepted, finalize legal matters, bring papers plot dimensions to Mayapur by 22nd." So I have nothing to add to this except that Rohininandan is also coming there and we shall chalk out a plan how to do everything nicely concerning both the printing and Vrindaban land.

Govindaji's temple dimensions.
Letter to Gurudasa, Yamuna -- Tokyo 25 April, 1972:

I am much very happy to hear that hut and fence are finished. You may submit the bill to Gargamuni with my approval that he can pay it. I don't think there is any question of Ksirodakasayi's ability to manage everything there, and he is appointed president by me, so what is the question? So far designing the temple is concerned, it is nice that you have got the honourary services of one Mr. Suri to help us. Govindaji temple is there, and a common 3-story as residential quarters may be built, so there is no difficulty for designing. One set of plans should be drawn up of Govindaji's temple, including dimensions, and one copy of them may be sent to Saurabha in Bombay.

1973 Correspondence

Transcendental bliss not measurable within the three dimensions.
Letter to Dhananjaya -- Los Angeles 23 December, 1973:

Karandhara has informed me of the receipt of the letter from you reporting the establishment of an ISKCON Center in Rome, Italy. The transcendental bliss I have derived from hearing the news is not measurable within the three dimensions. I thank you very much for your humble service and I pray to Krsna to always protect and bless you. I will look forward to seeing the first Italian Back to Godhead which I understand you are printing at present. We shall try and locate some Italian speaking devotees to send there to assist you. Kindly offer my blessings to your good wife Bala Gopala dasi.

1976 Correspondence

Altar dimensions.
Letter to Aksayananda -- Honolulu 6 May, 1976:

We have just come from Fiji Island where we are about to build our first temple outside India. This Krishna Kaliya Temple will be in many respects similar to the Vrindaban Temple as regarding the architectural work. Therefore, I am requesting you to make photos of the altars, and give detailed dimensions of the same, as well as the Vyasasana. Also take photos of the area outside the altar from where people will view the Deities. These items and others requested by the devotees in Fiji should be sent to them directly so that they can go ahead unimpeded in the construction of the new temple. Please do this immediately.

Kuruksetra land dimensions.
Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Honolulu 20 May, 1976:

You mentioned that the chief minister of Haryana promised to give me land in Kuruksetra for constructing our project there, but where is his letter? We must have this in writing. You mentioned that there is not much land available next to the Bengali temple. That will not suit us. In any case send me a site sketch of the available land, giving length and breadth. However, we do not want some land on one side of the canal and some land on the other side of the canal. All the land must be in one piece, together, not separately. If the government gives us 30 acres of land then we shall attempt, otherwise, let it be postponed. We are not anxious to construct next to the Bengali temple, but send the dimensions of the available land in any case.

Dimensions of the altar and vyasasana, etc.
Letter to Aksayananda -- New Vrindaban 24 June, 1976:

I had written to you about sending dimensions of the altar and vyasasana, etc. to Fiji where we are presently constructing the Krsna-Kaliya temple, but I have received word from Fiji that as yet they have not received this information from you. Please try to do the needful as they are nearly ready to begin work on that portion of the temple.

Dimensions of the altar and Vyasasana of the Krishna Balarama Temple.
Letter to Vasudeva -- New Vrindaban 24 June, 1976:

I have also sent a reminder to Aksayananda Swami in Vrindaban to send the dimensions of the altar and Vyasasana of the Krishna Balarama Temple. I trust that you will receive this shortly.

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