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1967 Correspondence

Letter to Ramananda Bhaktisindhu -- San Francisco 11 March, 1967:

I am enclosing herewith one letter for Sripada Sar Maharaja which will speak for itself. The certificate is urgently required per return of post. The thing is that I have to go to Canada Montreal next month to open the third Branch there. But as soon as I leave the borders of U.S.A., my Visa for this country will automatically cancelled. Then I will have ask for new Visa to enter U.S.A. which may be delayed for formalities. I am therefore trying for permanent visa and for that purpose the certificate is necessary. I have also written to other Godbrother Sannyasins because such certificate is necessary.

Letter to Brahmananda -- San Francisco 14 March, 1967:

But I am very sorry to learn that Mr. Taylor is still playing in his own way. I do not know why. If the financier is paying him all cash what is the cause of delay. We have already handed over the amount $5000.00 and if things are still lingered in such a way it becomes really disturbing. I shall be glad to hear from you how things are taking place. In your last letter I was given to understand that while signing the agreement Mr. Taylor was not present. This was something like marriage performances without the bridegroom. In your last letter you informed me that you are going take possession of the house immediately. I hope you are going to do so and I may inform you that the possession must be taken on or before the 26th March 1967 because that is the day of Lord Caitanya's birthday.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- San Francisco 15 March, 1967:

I hope by this time you must have received another $100.00 from new york which was delayed on account of the Pass Book. The Bank has however sent me the debit note for this $100.00. I am anxious to know what you have done about editing my lectures. Have you done something or not. I shall be glad to hear from you in this connection. I was indisposed for four days on account sudden attack of cold. Now I am well. Please send me a weekly report for all the work that you are doing there. I understand that Jadurani is there and she is doing well. I am sending herewith a work for her. I am returning to New York by the 9th April 1967.

Letter to Brahmananda -- London 24 July, 1967:

I am always thinking of your separation feelings. Please do your duty nicely and Krishna will help you in all respects. We are delayed here for 16 hours. Starting this morning at nine for Delhi. The attention of Mr. B.K. Nehru the Ambassador of India was drawn to me the other day. I have told him about my permanent Visa and he has promised to help me when I come back. Please make an appointment with him informing that I wish to present him our set of Bhagavatam and our other literatures. Then go to him and personally present the books etc. at Washington D.C. It may be that as soon as I feel some strength I shall be coming back. Up to now there was no disturbance about my health and I hope to reach Delhi this night. I shall write you again after reaching Vrindaban. Convey my ardent affection and blessings for all the boys and girls. I am very much hopeful of my movement. Please keep steady, follow all my instructions scrupulously, chant Hare Krishna and Krishna will give you all strength. Hope you are all doing well.

Letter to 'Children' at New York -- Vrindaban 26 July, 1967:

We had a very nice plane ride here to New Delhi, although it took somewhat longer than we had anticipated. We arrived in London on schedule Sunday morning, and Kirtanananda gave me a massage, and then I took shower bath and rested until afternoon. We boarded the plane for Moscow and no more than we got in our seats, when it was announced that due "to health regulation" there would be a short delay—the delay, however, turned out to be some 16 hours. It seem that someone on the plane when it came into London had smallpox, so the plane was quarantined until it could be thoroughly fumigated. So they put us up for the night in the "Excelsior" Hotel, which was something like a dream palace, complete with air conditioning, TV, Hi-Fi, swimming pool and everything else. We had a nice meal and slept very nicely. We boarded the plane for the second time the next morning at nine a.m. and took off for Moscow shortly thereafter, and arrived at that bastion of propaganda about three hours later. We had an hour stop there, so we got off the plane just to take a walk.

Letter to Janardana, Pradyumna, Sivananda -- Vrindaban 9 August, 1967:

I am very glad to inform you that we have safely reached India on the 25th July at midnight due to a sixteen hour delay in London. But I am glad to inform you that there was no bodily discomfort while traveling. Kirtanananda and I stayed for a few days in Delhi and then came to Vrindaban on the first. I am undergoing the treatment of an ayurvedic physician celebrated to be the best there is in the area, and I think I am feeling a little better. Anyway, as soon as I am a little fit, I shall return to you by the Grace of Krishna.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Delhi 3 October, 1967:

Please ask Brahmananda if he has already dispatched the manuscripts to the above address. I do not wish to delay publication any longer but I wish to publish here in India.

Regarding my return. I may inform you that I am now 90% cured & I can immediately return but I want to return with permanent visa. Please therefore consult Mukunda, Brahmananda & Co. & do all the necessary action. I shall expect your reply touching all the points made herein to my Calcutta Address. Hope you are well.

Letter to Hayagriva -- Calcutta 19 October, 1967:

Your letter dated Oct. 3rd, sent to my Delhi address is redirected to Calcutta & therefore I have delayed in replying. We are again leaving this place for Navadvipa & you can reply there, the address you will find on the envelope. It is so nice to read your letter & the reply as to how you are always thinking for Krishna. When you write to say that "I would like very much to be teaching them Krishna Conscience instead of English" it reminds me of Lord Caitanya. For some time Lord Caitanya was conducting a Catuspati, which is a small tutorial village class run by a learned Brahmin. When Lord Caitanya was teaching grammar to his students he was explaining Krishna. There is a chapter in Sanskrit grammar which is called Dahtu, it is verbal denominations.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Calcutta 15 November, 1967:

We have to prosecute our real program being sincere to Krishna and Krishna-Caitanya. I am just ready for starting for America but as you know our competent government is very slow in action. The P-form was submitted almost a month ago, but still it is going under red tapism. The visa was granted to me within half an hour. The passage money was deposited within two days but unfortunately the Reserve Bank of India is delaying the matter unnecessarily. I expect the P-form at any moment and as soon as I get it I shall start for your country. I understand that you want Subala to go to Amsterdam but who will take care of the Sante Fe Temple? I think Subala and his wife should take care of the Sante Fe Temple, as much as Dayananda and Nandarani should take care of the Temple at Los Angeles. Once a center is opened it must be maintained. A responsible man for each center must be found out before opening. In your previous letter you wrote something about difficulties in our different centers, therefore you should be cautious before opening any further centers. Regarding Gargamuni and Karunamayi's problem, I have already replied and if required, you can see his letter.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Calcutta 18 November, 1967:

Regarding BTG, it is understood that Rayarama is in some difficulty financially. The recent editions of BTG is very much encouraging to me. The standard should be maintained and improved so that one day it may come on the level of such magazines as Life, Time etc. If he is in difficulty financially I think you can give him loan of $500.00 to be paid in monthly installments of $100.00. As he is now engaged in finishing Gita Upanisad, it is understood that he cannot work. The editing of Gita Upanisad is already much delayed. I think it was in this month of November last year my compilation of Gita Upanisad was finished. The editing work was first entrusted with Rayarama, but as he could not finish it the work was transferred to Hayagriva. In this way even within one year the editing work could not be finished. This is not very encouraging. Now it must be finished within three weeks and hand it over to MacMillan Co. Today I shall go to the travel agent's office for booking my seat and may start by next Monday or Tuesday. In my next letter I shall let you and Mukunda know of my journey from Calcutta to San Francisco, via Bangkok, Hong Kong etc. Hope you are well.

1968 Correspondence

Letter to Rayarama -- Los Angeles 11 January, 1968:

I wanted Teachings of Lord Caitanya to be immediately printed, therefore I said that it may not be delayed by further editorial work, but if you think that it needs further editorial work, please do it through Satyavrata, and forthwith prepare the manuscript ready for printing.

Letter to Sri Krishna Pandit -- Los Angeles 20 January, 1968:

So far your coming here I think at the present moment it is impossible for the reason that the government of India will not allow anyone to go to foreign countries by spending Indian money. This time when I was coming back to the U.S. I had a great deal of trouble. Though when I went to the U.S. Consul General my visa was granted in 1/2 hours. The gentleman in charge was an Indian and as soon as he saw me he told me, "Swamiji, I'll give you your visa; simply wait here for half an hour." So it was Lord Krishna's Grace. My granting of the P-form was also delayed. My travelling agents had so many difficulties in getting my P-form. The form was sent to the chief controller in Bombay and returned after a month after several telephone conversations from Calcutta to Bombay. Then he sent instructions that if I had money from America I could go. So with great difficulty I had to convince him.

Letter to Sri Krishnaji -- Los Angeles 1 March, 1968:

I received your letter dated February 2, 1968 duly but I am delayed to reply because I was consulting my colleagues about you and the kirtana parties coming here at our expense. To call a man from India and to arrange for his stay here at best for six months in different branches of our city means rupees 20,000/—or $2,000 per head, If we call for you and a party of nice kirtana singers, five men altogether, it means rupees 100,000/—the Society is not in a position to spend such an amount at present period. I am therefore training local boys and girls for kirtana and very soon we shall be out on world tour with this kirtana party. In India, however, many rich business men maybe ready to spend this amount to spread the kirtana movement. But the Govt. will not allow us to spend Indian money in such fashion without special sanction. I have written to authorities at the Govt. of India for sanction, but I have received no reply til now. You assured me that you would be able to get such sanction from Dr. Zakir Hussein but you are now silent on this format. Why not take sanction from him for this purpose and I will arrange money from India.

Letter to Mukunda -- San Francisco 26 March, 1968:

I am sorry I am delayed to reply your letter dated March 14, 1968, which I received over a week ago. I am very glad that you are repentant even for some action which is not sanctioned by me. This attitude is very nice and improves one in progressing on the path of devotional service. The Rakhi Bandhan ceremony observed by you under instruction of Prasad isn't approved by our Vaisnava rituals. Of course, such ceremony is observed among the Hindu community as a socio-religious convention. But in our Vaisnava community there is no such observance. Now, forget the incidence, and in future don't be misled by some unauthorized person. Our next ceremony is Lord Ramacandra's Birthday, on the 7th of April. It should be observed in the same way as Lord Caitanya's Appearance Day, namely, fasting up to evening and then accept Prasadam, and all our ceremonies should be performed with continuous Kirtana, of Hare Krishna, Hare Rama. That will make all our functions successful.

Letter to Upendra dasa -- 20 September, 1968:

I the undersigned Mr. George E. Taylor professor of oriental languages after offering obeisances to the lotus feet of Guru beg to acknowledge receipt of your kind letter which I received a few days ago. I beg your pardon because I am delayed in replying your letter on account of my being engaged in some other business. I hope all success to Bhaktivedanta swami for his great endeavour in preaching religious activities which I come to learn by your kindness. In your letter you have asked for some time to see us but there is no such opportunity to meet you. The authorities of the Washington University does not encourage anyone's religious activities and it is well known that there is specific stricture.

Letter to Syama -- Seattle 21 October, 1968:

I am in due receipt of your letter undated, but I am sorry I am late in replying it due to so many letters I have to reply every day, so please excuse me my delay.

Regarding your questions, you want to offer something in the evening to Krishna besides fruit and milk, so there is no harm. Because Krishna can eat as many times as you give Him to eat, because He is unlimited. He can eat unlimitedly, provided we can supply foodstuff unlimitedly. But that is not possible for us. Therefore, we limit the supply. But anyway, if you can increase the offerings it is very nice. But one thing is that whatever you make routine work to offer Him food stuff, that should be continued. Do not change it.

Letter to Mukunda -- Los Angeles 3 November, 1968:

I have not heard anything from you in about a fortnight, and I am anxious to hear how you are doing there. It may be there is some mail delay due to my leaving Seattle, for Santa Fe, and then coming here to Los Angeles. You can write me at the above address, my residential apartment. And you will be pleased to know that I am now accepted with the USA Immigration Department as Permanent Resident, with option to apply for citizenship. And yesterday's report of the activities of Sankirtana party is that they sold 175 copies of Back To Godhead, and collected 130 dollars in donations.

Letter to Sivananda -- Los Angeles 3 November, 1968:

I have not heard anything from you in about a fortnight, and I am anxious to hear how you are doing there. It may be there is some mail delay due to my leaving Seattle for Santa Fe, and then coming here to Los Angeles, California. You can write to me at the above address, my residential apartment. And you will be pleased to know that I am now accepted by the USA immigration department as permanent resident, with option to apply for citizenship.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 20 November, 1968:

I am in due receipt of your letter of the 17th of Nov., and I have noted the contents carefully. Yes, get the books from Japan as soon as possible, and I have also written them one letter which you will find enclosed herewith. They have agreed to gold print on the cover, that is all right. So get it as soon as possible. I think the binding is all right. So not delay, just try to get them as soon as possible.

Regarding Uddhava, I am very glad that he is going to marry Lilasukha. She is a very nice girl. I approve. They can wait and finish school as her mother desires. But they can become betrothed, engaged, now.

Letter to Janaki -- Los Angeles 9 December, 1968:

I think also that it is good sign that Krishna is delaying to give us a nice London temple because when it finally will come it may be the most ideal temple for our purposes. So none of you be discouraged but go on with your engagements and everything will come automatically very nice.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 9 January, 1969:

Whatever is done is done. I am now very much serious about printing my books. There may be three sources for their printing. One source is that if the MacMillan Company is interested to publish my books that will be a great relief. I do not mind for the profit concerned. But I want to see them published. Another source is if MacMillan isn't interested, we can get them printed from Dai Nippon, but the delaying procedure of this company in Japan is not very encouraging. Therefore the next step would be to start our own press at New Vrindaban, because Hayagriva is ready to start a press there immediately, taking responsibility for the investment. He has told me that he could take a loan from his friend, Dr. Henderson. In this connection of purchasing a press I sent a list to be filled by the press men of New York telling of the prices of printing machines but there is no response. So I ask you what to do in this connection. Ultimately, if nothing is done, I shall be obliged to return to India for getting them published there.

Letter to Gaurasundara -- Los Angeles 16 January, 1969:

Regarding my going to Hawaii, it is not the question that I will have to take with me my present secretary and attendant. I can go alone as you are so anxious to see me, but the most important thing is if my presence there will improve the situation of our movement and temple very nicely. In this case, I am prepared to go alone; it doesn't matter. But if you think there is no such urgency, I can wait until the rainy season is over. So in any case, do not think that I am delaying to go to Hawaii because you cannot pay for my other assistants. I came to your country alone, and if necessary, I can go to Hawaii alone still providing there is urgency.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 5 February, 1969:

I am in due receipt of your letter of January 29, 1969, and I am so glad to learn that you have permission to have kirtana all the time on the streets and parks. You have written that you are missing me, and similarly, I am sitting here anxious to meet you as soon as possible. In previous letters of Syamasundara it was understood that the Beatles were going to help us positively, but the delay method appears to be diplomatic to avoid the pledge. I do not know what is the position, but I think that without depending on anyone, we may take the risk of renting a nice house for our temple immediately. If you think that my presence will accelerate matters, I am prepared to go immediately. In Yamuna's letter I understood that many people are interested in our temple work, and they are prepared to contribute items such as deities.

Letter to Yamuna -- Los Angeles 5 February, 1969:

I thank you for your letter of January 22, 1969, and I have duly noted the contents. The reply to your points you will find along with your husbands letter. I am very much anxious to go to London, but I do not know why you are delaying to call me. The legal documents being submitted, there is no impediment to rent a nice house. So you should take this risk, and everything will come out all right. How is Mr. Parikh doing? I hope this will meet you in the best of health.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 5 February, 1969:

If they agree to print 5,000 copies of 400 pages at their agreed rate of $5,000 that is good. So far the sample of print, the binding, and the size of the book is concerned, that is now all settled. The only thing is they must give us a definite date of delivery of printed books, and they must agree to the formerly stipulated price. If there is no question of delay we can immediately hand over the manuscript either of the second canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam or Nectar of Devotion. If MacMillan Company is interested in Srimad-Bhagavatam, then negotiate the transaction, and by the 15th of March we can deliver them the complete revised version of the 1st canto. So far as I understand, they will print the first canto to see the result. In case they agree to continue printing of Srimad-Bhagavatam, then we shall stop printing at Dai Nippon, and MacMillan will be handed over the charge for all other cantos. If their experiment on the 1st canto does not become successful, then let us go on printing all other cantos as usual. This is my decision, and you can arrange accordingly.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Los Angeles 13 February, 1969:

Regarding Bhagavad-gita if you have not yet received them, just take the rate of air-cargo carrying from Germany to New York. If it is not prohibitive, then you can ask immediately Brahmananda to send by air-cargo. I think the present delay is on account of a dock strike in New York.

Letter to Rayarama -- Hawaii 6 March, 1969:

You select your articles according to your best choice but I shall recommend to publish the article of Hayagriva, "Hare Krishna Movement Exploded." I have received suggestion from Dindayal—he is getting good response from Berkeley and he is expecting that the whole quota of 5000 may be completely sold. In Hawaii, however, they have no Back To Godheads, and receipt of them is very much delayed and sporadic. So if the shipping is closed they can be sent by air cargo. So we have to organize the transport means also. I think there is some special postal rate for 50 lb. lot. So with the assistance of Subala please do the needful and make Back To Godhead a successful Krishna Consciousness magazine.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Hawaii 10 March, 1969:

Regarding Teachings of Lord Caitanya distribution, it is a fact that you are the sole distributer. But now that you have already instructed Dai Nippon to dispatch two separate consignments, I think that if you now change the decision, it will again be perturbing for them and things may be delayed. Better not to give them any adverse instruction at this late hour. But you can send your bill to Purusottama in Los Angeles for the L.A. consignment. The bill should be paid to you . That will save you botheration from distributing again from New York. In other words, as soon as the bill is submitted by you, it means that it has been dispatched from your stock.

Letter to Advaita -- Hawaii 16 March, 1969:

If we have our own press we become completely independent in the matter of printing. The difficulty of printing in your country has increased on account of higher wages of the workers. But as we are now training our own men, I think we shall be able to print our books and magazines in lesser cost than in Japan. Now the practical experience is that for printing one book, TLC, this Dai Nippon has delayed so much. So I do not find any good prospect of printing our books in the Dai Nippon. So if you are confident our press can now be successfully run; if you are confident that now you can conduct our press, just to print our books and magazines with the help of your other God-brothers, just try to think over the matter very seriously. And when we meet together next in April, we shall finally decide about this. If we have got our own press then we shall print at least four books yearly, and 50,000 magazines every month.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Hawaii 24 March, 1969:

I hope you are well; I am receiving many letters daily, therefore there was some delay in your letter reply last week. I shall meet with you on the 7th* of next month and we shall be able to discuss things at length, so do not be disturbed in the meantime. I hope all is going nicely there, and convey my blessings to all your God-brothers and God-sisters.

Letter to Satyabhama -- Hawaii 30 March, 1969:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated Feb. 22, along with the Deities dress, and it was received by me just yesterday. I think due to my change of address it was delayed. Anyway, everyone here has very much appreciated the beautiful dresses you have sent for the Deity and today we are changing the dress by putting on your dress on the transcendental Body of the Deity.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Allston, Mass 26 April, 1969:

P.S. The draft board letter must be replied now. It cannot be delayed anymore. ACB

Letter to Dayananda -- Columbus, Ohio 13 May, 1969:

Therefore we may agree to the desire of Mr. Spellman to keep peace with him so that in the future if required we may increase the term of lease. But as we are increasing in volume ourselves, it is better to find out a suitable place. We require nice compound around our temple. This will facilitate our work. So as soon as you find a suitable place through Mr. Leo Brown or any other Realtor, I shall return to Los Angeles. For the time being, I shall stay in New Vrindaban, and if I am not called for a London visit, surely I will return to Los Angeles as soon as possible, the latest by the end of June. One thing is though, I am wondering if in July it is very hot in Los Angeles. Please inform me on this point. I am enclosing the papers you sent to me, and you can hand them over to Mr. Spellman without any further delay.

Letter to Mandali Bhadra -- New Vrindaban 25 May, 1969:

There is sufficient land for building great temples and houses for devotees. There is pasturing land, and sufficient grass and vegetables for the grazing of cows. I am glad to learn that you have already translated the foreword of Bhagavad-gita, and you have already sent it to Hamburg. The boys there are working very hard, and recently they have sent me some newspaper cuttings describing about their Sankirtana activities. They are expecting your arrival there at any moment. Jaya Govinda has got some experience of layout work, and when you go there you should do it jointly. Until then there is no need of corresponding with him about layout, and thus delay matters. I have already informed them that when you are there you will be the chief editor, and your name should be mentioned as editor of the paper. The boys there are very submissive, and I am sure when you go there everything will be done in nice cooperation.

Letter to Prabhas Babu -- New Vrindaban 4 June, 1969:

In further reference to my last letter sent in reply to your letter dated April 2, 1969, I am surprised that the packages sent by Jaya Govinda das Brahmacari as well as those sent by Atma Ram & Sons have not yet been sent. You acknowledged that these goods are ready to be shipped in your letter of April 2, 1969, but you have still not shipped them. I could understand that there was a delay on account of Pibhuti Babu's disappearance, but why are they still delayed? Please let me know why the shipping of our goods is so tremendously delayed. Kindly treat this letter as very urgent, and let me know why my goods have not been shipped yet.

Letter to Prabhas Babu -- Los Angeles 2 July, 1969:

The copy of the letter addressed to the bank will speak for itself. I hope this copy of the letter and the triplicate invoices will solve the question, and so you can immediately dispatch the books to the New York port. I can understand that for the goods which were as gifts you had some difficulty in getting "No Objection" certificate from the Reserve Bank of India, but why you should delay in dispatching goods which we are purchasing? Before placing the order with you, I took assurance from you that ordered goods would be dispatched within one month of the date of receipt of the order. But practically, it has not happened. Why have you delayed so much in dispatching the goods? I also understand that from Hawaii they have also sent you one order, but there is no news. Anyway, for our future business relationship you should be very much prompt.

There should be no question now of delaying, and I hope on receipt of this letter you will do the needful as promptly as possible and let me know the result. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Letter to Pradyumna -- Tittenhurst 28 September, 1969:

So far as your family life is concerned, the description given by you is nice. You should always remember that sex life should be avoided as far as possible, and simply it can be utilized for begetting Krishna conscious children. So you are all grown up boys and girls, advanced also in Krishna Consciousness; so you will do the necessary thing even without consulting me. Regarding the pages of Nectar of Devotion which were sent to you from Germany, it may be delayed so you will have to wait for some days. It was sent by registered mail, so I am hoping it is not lost. When you receive it, please let me know. Please offer my blessings to the others. I hope this meets you in good health.

Letter to Manager of The Bank of Baroda -- Tittenhurst 30 September, 1969:

We have received complaint from the Bina Musical Stores that on their inquiry about $400 dispatched from America you have replied in the negative. The $400 was sent by cable on the 3rd September 1969, and before that you received $300 and odds. Then why you should reply them in the negative? For this reply the dispatch is held up and delayed. Kindly inform the immediately in the affirmative so that the consignment may not be delayed. Please reply this letter to my above address. Thanking you in anticipation.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Tittenhurst 3 October, 1969:

Replying your letter dated September 28th, 1969 and October 1st, 1969, I beg to inclose herewith a check for $4,000 in favor of Iskcon NY, and the copy of the letter addressed to First National City Bank is also sent herewith. So you can utilize this check in the matter of press. I shall talk with Tamala what money he has or hasn't got. In the meantime, the transaction may not be delayed, and therefore I am sending this check for $4,000. I hope this settles up the press question. Regarding New Vrindaban, last time I advised Hayagriva to wait transferring the property till the lease amount is paid in full. It is understood that he saves $700 per year on account of his being in the lease holder's name. So he has to pay $500 per year, but he is saving $700 from his income tax. Under the circumstances, I think that why should we pay this $500 per year from our pocket? Better it is paid from this $700 saving from income tax.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- London 14 November, 1969:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated November 12, 1969 and thank you very much. Regarding the delay in composing books, I have just now written to Pradyumna and Arundhati asking them the reason why they are delaying the matter. So on receipt of their clear reply I shall take necessary action. I can appreciate also that the matter is being delayed. If they are having difficulty in composing, can you suggest any other boy or girl to take up this work in Boston? Centralized activity is desirable, but because we have not got all workers in a place, there is difficulty. Now gradually it will be centralized.

Letter to Pradyumna -- London 27 November, 1969:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated November 20, 1969 and I have noted the contents. Prior to this I received one letter from Arundhati explaining why things were delayed, and you have also kindly explained it. So everything by Krishna's Grace is all right. Regarding your dismissal from the job, I think it is Krishna's indication that you are not meant for such kind of service. Now you can freely and completely engage yourself in Krishna's service as He has very kindly allotted to you in the matter of editing, transliterating and helping your wife in composing. This is sufficient engagement for you.

Letter to Pradyumna -- London 27 November, 1969:

Now so far as your composition work is concerned, it is very, very nicely done, save and except there are some typographical misplacements of letters. I see there are some marginal marks, and I think these are marking the mistakes. Anyway, the composing is first class, and the transliteration is also very nice. If you can maintain this standard of composing and transliteration, that will be quite sufficient for my satisfaction. I see that your letter was posted sometimes on the 20th November, and you sent it by Special Delivery air mail. But unfortunately I received it only today and the envelope was torn out. Anyway, although it was delayed I have got it now, and I shall go through it critically and let you know in my next letter about my criticism on it.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Syamasundara -- Los Angeles 10 February, 1970:

Recently I received one letter from Bhagavan das and the copy of my reply to that letter is enclosed herewith, please find. Now everyone has heard how strenuously you induced George Harrison to contribute for our Krsna book. The delay of payment was not due to your so-called "negligence," but it was due to the tricks of the lawyer, Mr. Klein. Anyway, now we have got the money, let us forget the delay. I have received one letter from Dai Nippon and they have informed me that it will take at least 85 days for finishing the printing work completely. I am going to submit the manuscript and pictures.

Letter to Candanacarya -- Los Angeles 12 March, 1970:

I thank you very much for your nice letter of appreciation. The kindly words that you have used in this connection are very much pleasing, but all the credit goes to my Guru Maharaja. He asked me to take up this job as soon as I met Him in 1922; unfortunately I was so worthless that I delayed the matter until 1965, but He is so kind that by force He engaged me in His service; and because I am very much worthless, therefore He has sent me so many of His nice representatives—the beautiful American boys and girls like you. I am so much obliged to you that you are all helping me in the discharge of my duties towards my Spiritual Master, although I was so much reluctant to execute it. After all, we are the eternal servants of Krsna, and by the Divine Will of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura we are now combined together, although originally we are born in different parts of the world, unknown to one another.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 13 March, 1970:

he first volume of KRSNA may be delivered with pictures to Dai Nippon. I do not know whether it shall go directly to Japan or through their N.Y. office, that is up to Brahmananda. So as soon as possible, please deliver to them—it is already delayed.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 20 March, 1970:

Somehow or other, we shall overflood the market with Krishna Conscious literature. That will create our prestige, and being cheap distribution, many people will learn our philosophy. Another point is that while BTG is delayed, you can sell these.

I am very glad to learn about New York's situation. New York must have a nice Temple as Los Angeles as soon as possible. That will be prestige for New York City. Next weekend, you can transfer my bank money, as addressed by you personally.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 16 April, 1970:

P.S. What has happened to the Caitanya Almanac which was to be printed? Brahmananda said it would be a little delayed, but I have not heard anything further is several weeks. Is it still being done? What is the situation?

P.P.S. My Dear Pradyumna, Please accept my blessings. I have just received KRSNA tape #30. Why are you still putting in "sannyasin" etc? I have written you that the "n"s should be left off e.g. "sannyasi," that is the first case ending should be used.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Los Angeles 29 April, 1970:

Regarding Citralekha, her husband is anxious to have her there, and she is also anxious to go to him, so why the matter is being delayed? Even she has applied for immigration visa, that does not mean that she can be detained from going on a visitors visa while the immigration visa is being approved. She has got some urgent business there in Australia, so does it mean that because her immigration visa will take some long time she cannot carry out her important business immediately by means of visitor's visa. So while she is waiting for the immigration visa, send her there with a visitor's visa, and get it done as soon as possible. The matter is being too much delayed. I do not think the immigration department will make such a law that she cannot go immediately to her husband just because her immigration visa has not yet been cleared. Anyway that is my experience. So please do the needful.

Letter to Govinda Maharaja -- Los Angeles 24 May, 1970:

o far I see on the list of complimentary copies of "Back to Godhead" your good name is there as well as Sripada __ Maharaja and Sripada Tirtha Maharaja, so I think you must all be receiving regularly the copies as they are published. Sometimes they are delayed by accidents like postal strikes, otherwise your copies are regularly dispatched.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 25 June, 1970:

The title for the Second Chapter of Second Canto, "The Lord in the Heart", is alright. In the cover picture, the footmark on the chest of the Lord should not be painted.

Regarding the Deities, although we were formerly advised that they were to be dispatched, we have just received news that they have been delayed in India pending some Government sanction. So you will be informed of Their arrival in due course.

Letter to Jayapataka -- Los Angeles 10 July, 1970:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your two letters dated 29th June and 2nd July, 1970, and noted the contents with great pleasure. In the meantime I have written two letters addressed to both you and Acyutananda in which I wanted to know if you have changed your place. In you letter dated 29th June you wrote to say, "We shall move into our apartment the next day after or tomorrow, Acyutananda Says," but in you letter dated 2nd July it appears that you have not gone there, so I am surprised why the delay. It is not possible to stay at the Gaudiya Math because we want to organize our preaching work in our own way which we are following here. So in the Gaudiya Math we will not get any facility except for staying, neither they will be able to accommodate more men who are intending to go to India.

Letter to Nevatiaji -- Los Angeles 16 July, 1970:

I thank you very much for your letter dated 10th July, 1970, and noted the contents. I am surprised that the mail parcel containing the following articles has not reached you. Maybe it is delayed, but still if it is not yet arrived I shall send you a second batch on hearing from you. There was a copy of a letter addressed to Hanuman Prasad Poddar which covers all your questionnaires, so I am sending herewith another copy which will cover all your questions. Furthermore I am also giving you answers in sort of your questionnaires.

Letter to Puri Maharaj -- Bombay 19 November, 1970:

I hope you are getting my magazines regularly. But recently the publication has been delayed due to my travelling now all over the world and some of my important assistants, members of the Governing Body Commission, accompanying me. Certainly you will get my magazines regularly as I was sending as well as my books which are coming very shortly. Some of them have already reached Calcutta port and we have to undergo some formalities regarding this import of books.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Gerald -- ISKCON Akash Ganga Bldg; 89 Bhulabhai Desai Road; Bombay-26 India 19th February, 1971:

I beg to thank you for your nice letter dated Lachine, 23rd December, 1970. I am travelling all over India just now on preaching tour and Samkirtan, so sometimes my mail is delayed.

I am very glad that you are inquisitive to know the science of Krsna consciousness and you are already practically experiencing the awakening of transcendentally blissful love of God Krsna by the simple chanting of His Holy Names. This awakening of pure love of God is the ultimate perfection of all bona fide religious principles including Christian, Judaic, Mohammedan, Hindu, etc. Just as it is recorded that Lord Jesus Christ said that the first commandment is that one should love God with all his heart, and soul and mind. Similarly Krsna instructs that everyone should surrender unto Him in Love. Lord Jesus says that the first thing is to develop your love for God. Krsna is God. Krsna says to love Him only. So what is the difference between the original teachings of Lord Jesus Christ and Krsna?

Letter to Candanacarya -- Bombay 23 March, 1971:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 30th November, 1970. Please forgive this late reply but due to my travelling, much of my mail has been delayed. I have received the enclosed copies of BTG, numbers 36-38 and they are very nice. The layout made by you and the others are completely satisfactory. Thank you very much. I have again begun speaking on the tapes and very soon you will get transcribed copies of my dictaphoning for being edited and laid out for printing, chapter-wise, the fourth canto. Let the second and third cantos be finished quickly so that the fourth canto can be started. Henceforward I shall be supplying material for all cantos and you must do the rest; editing, layout, printing, etc.

Letter to Damodara -- Bombay, India 11 April, 1971:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 11th February, 1971 and have noted the contents. Yes, Washington D.C. is very good location for the site of East coast Rathayatra festival. So go ahead as planned and do it nicely. I do not know whether I shall be present at that time, but if Lord Jagannatha desires, then I shall be there without a doubt. The point is that recently there is contemplation going on for me to go to Australia and then Russia, so my return to U.S.A. may be somewhat delayed. Here in India things are going on very nicely also. We just completed one grand Sankirtana festival entitled "Bhagavata Dharma Discourses, a Hare Krishna Festival" in which 25,000 to 30,000 people were attending daily for eleven days for lecture, arati, kirtana and prasadam distribution. It was a grand success and we should be establishing our permanent center here in Bombay very soon.

Letter to Tulsi, Bhakta dasa, Pat, Sandy, Bill, Geoffrey, Terry -- Bombay 13 April, 1971:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your kind letters dated 1st March, 1971 requesting that I visit San Diego temple upon my return to U.S.A. Thank you for your invitation. When I go to L.A. next time, I will be sure to visit San Diego temple as well. But when that will be I can't say. My program is not yet fixed. Presently arrangements are being made for me to go to Australia, Malaysia and Russia also. So my return to U.S.A. may be somewhat delayed.

Letter to Ranadhira -- Bombay 21 April, 1971:

Presently I am in Bombay where preaching work is going on very successfully. Soon I shall be going to Russia also. We have got an invitation from one professor at the University of Moscow to speak there, so it is a good opportunity for spreading Krishna Consciousness. From there I may be going to Malaysia and Australia also, so my return to U.S.A. will be somewhat delayed.

Letter to Nandakisora, Jahnava -- Calcutta 27 May, 1971:

I thank you very much for your very thoughtful letters dated 21st April and 6th March, 1971 respectively. They were so much pleasing to me. I have just now received them, so there must have been some delay in the mail. Anyway, your kindly sentiments are very much appreciated. You are such a nice couple. I am always remembering how nicely you are preaching and helping me to fulfill the order of my Guru Maharaja. Thank you very much. May Krishna bless you both.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Calcutta 29 May, 1971:

There has been a slight change of plans and I will not be arriving Bombay on 31st May, 1971. Rather my arrival there will be delayed for a few days. At the request of my Godbrother, Puri Maharaja, I have consented to go to Rajahmundry with party for a few days. I will be leaving Calcutta for Rajahmundry program on the evening of the 1st June, 1971 and will let you know by telegram when I am due to arrive in Bombay. The address in Rajahmundry is as follows: c/o B.V. Puri Maharaja; Sri Krishna Caitanya Ashram; Rajahmundry-1; E. Godavari (A.P.).

Letter to Kirtanananda -- London 22 August, 1971:

I understand that during the festival Hayagriva Prabhu was not there. How is that? Where he is now? The index of Bhagavad Gita is very much delayed. Kindly ask him to send the complete index immediately for which the complete work is suffering.

I was sick for four or five days; now I am a little better but the disease is prolonging in a different way. I cannot sleep at night more than 2 hours and during the day sometimes I am feeling some dizziness. Otherwise everything is all right. I am chanting Hare Krishna as usual and writing my books regularly.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Delhi 12 December, 1971:

Silavati should not think displeasure. There is no question of displeasure. Because we are travelling, your letters sometimes reach me only after several weeks, and similarly my replies may be delayed. There cannot be displeasure. This is my mission and you are helping me, so whatever help you are giving is welcome. There is no possibility of displeasure.

1972 Correspondence

Letter to Bali-mardana -- Bombay 2 January, 1972:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated December 28th, 1971. I think I have received all of your letters as all of the mail is always forwarded to me. Sometimes there is a delay when the mail is redirected due to the slowness of Indian postal system, so if you are awaiting reply to any of your previous letters, when they reach me I shall reply all the important points.

Letter to Kirtiraja -- Bombay 2 January, 1972:

Our New York Temple has got the most devotees so rightfully, they should also lead our Society in book distribution. You have got a very important duty to see that all the branches are kept with a full stock of all my books. And I know that we are getting many mail-orders daily, so you must see that these orders are all filled promptly. If we take the public's money, and then delay too long in filling the orders, this will give us a bad reputation. So be very conscientious and hard-working and Krishna will give you the ability to do everything nicely. There is no difference between chanting Hare Krishna or Sankirtana and doing one's assigned work in Krishna Consciousness. Sometimes we have to do so much managerial or office work, but Lord Caitanya promises us that because in the Kali yuga this is required for carrying on our preaching mission. He gives assurance that we will not become entangled by such work. When the work has to be done, do it first, then chant. But you must fulfill at least 16 rounds daily. So if necessary sleep less but you have to finish your minimum number of rounds.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bombay 5 January, 1972:

As you say there are some serious delays in the negotiations for purchasing the large buildings, I think you must immediately return the $15,000 loan to Karandhara and the $8,000 loan from San Diego. I believe there was some agreement on your part that the money should be repaid within six months, so nearly four or five months have already passed. You first fix up the contract definitely and when everything is settled beyond any doubt, then you should think of again getting the money.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Nairobi 29 January, 1972:

The Gurukula program has my full approval and I am requesting you to develop it to the perfectional stage. This is a tremendous new chance that Krishna is giving you to serve him. You may go ahead with the down payment but if there are any further delays you may return the money to Karandhara or transfer it directly to my account: no. 308-1-62526 La Cienega Branch.

Letter to Govinda -- Madras 12 February, 1972:

I shall be very glad to see you both again, but my program shall be delayed for about one month as I have just purchased for a very good price one large 20,000 sq. yard plot in Juhu, the wealthiest and most beautiful section of Bombay, very much like your Hawaii, and in the month of March I shall be lecturing there on the site in our pandal, in order to supervise the construction of our first "Hare Krishna City." I shall inform you more when we next meet.

Letter to Ksirodakasayi -- Calcutta 18 February, 1972:

I am in due receipt of your letter of 10th February, 1972, and have noted the contents. One thing is, I left on February 11th from Bombay and still there was neither intimation nor waybill for the 2000 BTG's, and you say "receipt no." and then there is blank, so I am curious how you are doing things, when you say everything was dispatched on the 5th. In 6 days mail cannot travel between Delhi and Bombay? Also, I understand that you were requested to send the magazines immediately upon returning to Delhi from Jaipur, which ended on the 23rd. Why you delayed so long? Now we have no Hindi magazines to distribute, either in Madras or Visakhapatnam, so I think things are not being managed very well, because, even there may be now 2000 magazines in Bombay, also there is no one there now to distribute them, nor will anyone be there until March, so you must take all these things into account, because unless the magazines are distributed nicely, what is the use of printing them? Also, I note that only Rs. 850/- was collected from Jaipur, but I was told by you and by others that more than 1000 magazines were sold. Kindly clear up this matter. And why no magazines (by 10th February) have been sent to Calcutta. There are many Hindi-speaking people there, practically the business community is all Hindi-speaking, so why they have not received any BTG's?

Letter to Jayadvaita -- Calcutta 5 March, 1972:

As I have informed, Pradyumna and Syamasundara will be sending you regularly completed transcriptions of my translation work by post, that will avoid the high cost of sending tapes, which besides are very expensive and may be lost easily in mail, and because I am here if they have questions I can answer and make the final proofreading, and this will expedite everything. One thing, now you say the date for printing by MacMillan Co. is set for August 1st, but last time you said June 1st, so I am wondering how long this delaying business shall go on? Our Bhagavad-gita As It Is is so much important to the world for uplifting it from darkest condition of ignorance, but still we cannot give them it, that is our neglect. I shall appreciate if you can help to expedite the printing of BGAII as quickly as possible. Hope this meets you in good health.

Letter to Gurudasa, Yamuna -- Los Angeles 24 June, 1972:

There is one saying that one should cut the coat according to the pocket. So even we cannot afford the proposed temple project as we have got the plans drawn by Saurabha and that architect, Mr. Suri, still, if we have not got sufficient funds and if there is long delay to get them, better to go ahead and build something little cheaper and very simple. The temple can be made with ordinary bricks if there is no money available, as I have drawn the plan before in the beginning. Unless someone comes forward with money, this structure as you have drawn it will be too much expensive. According to our means and strength we can construct a simple temple of bricks only. But one thing is, you must have somebody who can look after the work who has got some experience or you will be cheated. Jayapataka has got good experience in Mayapur, so he can sometimes go to Vrndavana, give instructions, and go back, like that. So you may write him in this connection and make the proposal. Singhania will not give anything, rest assured. Don't go after him, he is like that, very difficult to deal with. Regarding the revised plans that you have sent me, the side-supports or slabs vertical can be made of stone slabs which are easily available.

Letter to Jayapataka -- Amsterdam 30 July, 1972:

Regarding funds, we are supplying for building purposes from here, but if there is emergency, then Giriraja can help. But for the present we are sending whenever you have requested. But your form of requesting has not been as we had arranged, therefore there has been delay. I told you at least two must sign, but in the last request from Bhavananda, even he did not sign, the letter was not even signed by one person! Try to be very careful in these matters at all times, we are doing very responsible work. And so far the maintenance, Calcutta is taking care, so there is no problem. Yes, you are correct, all membership and book collections shall be sent to Bombay, donations for maintenance may be kept there and spent locally, unless they are very sizeable, then they can go to Bombay.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 29 August, 1972:

Bhavananda is now in Bombay, and I have asked him to return to Calcutta by passing through Vrindaban, and he can help you get the thing started. Tamala Krishna is on tour and he shall be delayed for some time more.

I am very pleased to hear that my rooms have been repaired and painted so nicely, I am looking forward to coming there sometimes around middle of October, I shall let you know. Meanwhile, go on with your work and do not for one moment feel depressed because you are rendering the highest service to Krishna and He appreciates that, know it for certain.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 30 September, 1972:

So upon return immediately I signed the purchase contract. Now Mr. Nair is not making the conveyance complete and I do not know why our lawyer, Mr. Deewanjee is also silent. About a fortnight ago both of them were sent telegram asking why the matter is being delayed, but I received no reply from either of them. So you have been informed already by copies of letters the situation in Bombay. The summary of the Bombay situation is this: Nair says he has to pay 5 lacs of rupees to the government as a tax. This 5 lacs of rupees he is unwilling to pay from his pocket, so Giriraja, with the help of Sumati Morarji-Ben, is trying to take loan of 5 lacs from the bank, but it is not yet completed. A copy of Giriraja's letter is already sent to you and I have requested you to go there along with Bhavananda if possible or you go alone and save the situation.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- San Francisco 6 October, 1972:

I enquired through a local lawyer why Diwanji is delaying the matter. He replied that he (Diwanji) is no longer our solicitor. So things appear to be very hazy, but we must not become the victim to the tactics of Mr. Nair and Mr. Diwanji. If things can be settled mutually even by paying 5 lacs more on the account of purchase agreement, do it and settle up the things properly, otherwise let us go to the court for specific action, either civil or criminal against the tactics of Mr. Nair.

Letter to Tamala Krsna, Giriraja -- Manila 11 October, 1972:

2. Mr. Nair has purposefully delayed with a motive to cheat us as he had done with some others in this connection.

Letter to Karandhara, Tamala Krsna, Bhavananda, Giriraja -- Vrindaban 19 October, 1972:

I am in due receipt of your letter of October 18, 1972, jointly signed by all of you and delivered to me by Syamasundara. If the Charity Commissioner refuses us the permission then there is no point continuing, and in that case we shall try to get the two lakhs we have paid back and go away. But it appears the Charity Commissioner permission is delayed and not refused, it is not a very grand mistake, and we can chastise for that the lawyers. I have read the clause 11, in the original Agreement for Sale and I do not find any mention of there being any six month time limit for obtaining the Charity Commissioner's approval, as you have told Syamasundara. So there is only some delay, that's all. That will not be sufficient grounds for him to rescind the contract. Rather, our position is very strong so long we are in possession and we have paid him the earnest money and more. So best thing is to consult Mulla and Mulla and proceed accordingly.

Letter to Karandhara, Tamala Krsna, Bhavananda, Giriraja -- Vrindaban 19 October, 1972:

So we shall not be willing to pay the twelve lakhs unless this matter of Chhaganlal's lawsuit and the registration of the conveyance deed and payment of capital gains tax by Mr. Nair are peacefully settled without any risk to us. Try to fix up some arrangement acceptable to Mr. Nair for paying him, but we shall not risk that we may lose everything to Chhaganlal or some other of Mr. Nair's cheating dealings. So best thing is to follow the advise of Mulla and Mulla and stick to our position very securely. If there is no possibility of settling with Mr. Nair without any risk to ourselves, then we shall stick to the terms of the original agreement and take the matter to court. How he can say we have defaulted? He has purposefully delayed, so if we take the matter to court he must reply to these charges. One thing is, that the whole trouble is due to Deewanji's misdealings. He should be brought before the Bar Association and exposed. We shall deal with him later.

Letter to Karandhara, Tamala Krsna, Giriraja, Bhavananda -- Vrindaban 24 October, 1972:

You think your position is rather hopeless. But I say that our position is very strong, just the opposite. Why you say hopeless? When Nair accepted two lakhs rupees of ours, the terms of purchase are finished, simply he has delayed to give us the papers. The transaction is finished when he accepts the money, so by tricks he is delaying. So why you are delaying to make case, there is no question of searching out the title. The point is when he accepted the money he accepted the conveyance. So immediately make a criminal case. After the case is decided, he shall be forced to give us the conveyance, and within one year after we shall give him the next installment of two lakhs. Because the transaction is finished, so we can legally occupy all the land, it is not trespass when the transaction has been completed and Nair has accepted the terms of sale by accepting money.

If you are thinking hopeless, then how I can make you hopeful? Our point is, he has accepted the money, that means he has agreed to terms of SALE. Take police precaution if he is threatening violence. We are in possession according to the terms of the agreement, simply he has delayed the conveyance. Therefore I say that you boys cannot deal very well in these matters, because you are too timid. Now whatever you like you may do. Immediately criminal case should be taken, that you are not doing because he is bluffing you. He says big words and makes threat and you believe him foolishly and do like he says. That I shall not do. When we have paid money that means he has accepted. Whatever it is, do not mention title search. That will come later, after the case is settled by the court.

Letter to Karandhara, Tamala Krsna, Giriraja, Bhavananda -- Vrindaban 24 October, 1972:

Immediately an application should be submitted to the magistrate that he has accepted the money and has willfully delayed the conveyance on tricks, and he has threatened to drive away even by violence, what is this? You could not find out a good lawyer even? This must all be heard before a magistrate.

The transaction is finished, he has illegally delayed to give us the conveyance. Now through the courts we can force him to give. We shall stick to the purchase agreement, nothing else. And take police precaution that he is threatening us. Go to the magistrate and tell him we gave Nair money and now he is threatening violence to drive us away. We shall go to the court, there is no other way. Criminal court means complaint that we have given money, he has not given conveyance, he is threatening by force to drive us from the place. This is the only settlement possible, that he returns our Rs. 2,70,000 immediately and we vacate, or immediately file criminal case. There is no other alternative. We have finished the business. He is entrapped because he has received the money. Our boys do not understand. Anything, as soon as you receive money the transaction is finished. And even it is six months passed, it is our option to rescind, not his. Charity Commissioner has delayed, that is not very serious for disqualifying us. There is no time limit mentioned for getting permission from Charity Commissioner. Still, try for the permission from Charity Commissioner as quickly as possible, then we shall go on with the terms of the original agreement, either voluntarily or we shall have to force him through the courts. One thing is, you have said that we shall have to pay "entire additional Rs. 70,000 stamp duty," so does this mean we must pay only an additional 5% of Rs. 70,000 or Rs. 3,500 extra, or again pay Rs. 70,000 plus 5%? That is not clear.

Letter to Vaikunthanatha -- Bombay 29 December, 1972:

So first of all you must get back your healthy condition. For that, living in Europe or America may be better for you, that I do not know. But in any case, remember always that you have now got this golden opportunity of human form of life, and it is not by accident that you have met your spiritual master and have become involved in Krsna's work, therefore remember these things and try to utilize your best intelligence and energy to take advantage of the situation and without any further delay take yourself to the perfectional platform of your life. The activity most recommended by Krsna and Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu for taking oneself to the perfectional stage in this age of Kali-yuga is this sankirtana or preaching mission. So if you will be able to form yourself into the first-class preacher, that will be best for you and for others also. Your wife may also assist you in your important activities of spreading Krsna consciousness. She is a very nice painter and artist, and she is very sincere and serious also, so you may together utilize your spot-life as preachers of Krsna consciousness, that will be the better occupation. There is no harm for having children, that is no impediment for preaching endeavor. But too much attachment for children, home and work will spoil your opportunity to get very quickly the mature benefit of Krsna consciousness or self-realization.

Letter to Bali-mardana -- Bombay 31 December, 1972:

Regarding that building in Manhattan, of course we are not very much mad after big buildings, so long there is enough space for our devotees so they may be able to carry on their preaching work, but if you can get such building as you are describing in the midtown area costing between $1-1.6 million, oh, that will be your greatest achievement in Krsna consciousness. Such building being our world headquarters of ISKCON, would facilitate our preaching expansion work all over the world. So far money is concerned, you are saving roundabout $30,000 per month, so go on saving like this, and even it takes a few more months to raise the down payment for such expensive building, never mind, a few months' delay is not much. But the point is that Krsna is now giving freely so much money, why He can't increase that amount more and more? I don't think there will be any difficulty to raise the money for down payment, you will be successful under any circumstance, of that I am certain. But I want to keep my bond of $80,000 to be spent for books for India, that is my final decision.

Letter to Dhananjaya -- Bombay 31 December, 1972:

Better to take the upper hand and begin very energetically attempting to get some place. By our expending energy for Krsna, that is appreciated, not the actual result of our energy. But if there is lack of energy being devoted for some purpose, then everything will be delayed and possibly stopped. Better to seize the iron while the fire is hot, that my Guru Maharaja used to tell me. So George is now convinced of our movement, he will pay, so why the delay and difficulty? I think you should very seriously and with a cool head apply yourself to getting that place or some other place as soon as possible, at least by springtime. Otherwise Krsna may take away this golden opportunity, being disappointed by our lack of enthusiasm and labor. You may inform me from time to time how your search for the new place is progressing more and more.

1973 Correspondence

Letter to George -- Bombay 4 January, 1973:

Regarding that house in London, I have not heard from my disciples for some time in that connection, what is the progress. But I have written one letter to Dhananjaya that he should keep in contact with you for getting the place, because you had kindly volunteered to help, so why he has not done anything? My spiritual master used to say me: Strike while the iron is hot, so if we delay the matter too long it may not remain a favorable proposition. Krishna will help, we do not rely on anything non-Krishna, but He will give facility when He sees we want it very, very seriously, working very hard and with great determination to get it, just to be able to serve Him better. Then He will give everything and anything. He is the Supreme Proprietor, Enjoyer and Friend. These three things, if we always remember them, our life will be completely perfect.

Letter to Krsnanandini -- Calcutta 28 January, 1973:

I be to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 9/25/72, which has just now been forwarded to me from Vrindaban. So there has been some delay. Please do not be disturbed. So for the time being you may call the baby Bhakta Gaura, and then initiated can take place when she is grown more, not now. So you are my initiated disciple, and I must instruct you to be sure to always follow the regulative principles like chanting 16 rounds on the beads daily, reading my books, eating only prasadam, and in every way trying to serve Krsna. This will keep you purified and help you to advance more and more in spiritual life. So try as much as possible to associate with our devotees and to bring up your baby firmly in Krsna Consciousness. This will be the success of your life.

Letter to Kirtiraja -- Calcutta 5 March, 1973:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of letter and plans for the new building dated the 14th of February. After some delays, I have just arrived here the day before yesterday.

I have examined the plans for the building on West 43rd Street just near the corner of 5th Avenue and I think it is perfectly suitable for us in every way. Please work together with Bali Mardan Maharaja and try your best to secure it.

Letter to Cyavana -- Calcutta 6 March, 1973:

There has been some delay in replying because of my travels. I have just arrived here a few days ago and by the 15th I shall be going to Mayapur.

Yes, I should not travel so extensively any more if I am to finish my work on the Bhagavatam. So I am turning over all the management to the GBC and the presidents.

Letter to Govinda -- Calcutta 11 March, 1973:

Gaura Nitai Deities may be approved and ordered by the local Temple presidents with consultation of the GBC. There should be at least three or four brahmanas available. So there is no need to delay any shipments if these qualifications are met.

Letter to Bali Mardan -- Bombay 14 October, 1973:

Now as I have been delayed in Bombay I wish to get leisure from this business by the 25th(?) instant. Then I shall go to Vrindaban and Delhi, and stay until the 18th November, then go from there to Nairobi. Brahmananda is there and we shall go with him for the installation ceremony and remain there until the end of Nov. Then I go to south Africa until Dec. 10, then Sydney, and remain say up to 15th Dec., then Hong Kong, and if your Japanese program is fixed I can go there or I can go to Hawaii on my way to L.A. by Dec. 20th.

Letter to Tusta Krsna -- New Delhi 7 November, 1973:

So kindly take my word and do not leave our society. If you cannot agree with the GBC, I can take up your matter personally and do the needful. I love you all very much, and if you go away and stay independently that will be a great shock for me. I want to meet you all together. Let me know where I shall go to meet you. Just now I have received the news that in Hawaii the tulsi plants are drying for want of watering. How has Govinda dasi left the tulsi plants which she nourished so lovingly? Please therefore all of you go to your respective positions and revive your devotional activities without any further delay, and if you cannot cope with the GBC men, which I suppose there must have been some disagreement, I shall deal with you directly. But, do not leave the Krsna consciousness movement, at any cost.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- New Delhi 7 November, 1973:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 1/11/73 and have noted the contents. So why Mrs. Nair has not given the tax certificate. What is the cause for delay? What answer does her lawyer give you?

Regarding the fencing, why depend on others? That there is delay means we cannot depend on Mr. Shetty to do the work. We have to do ourselves. He proposed he would sit down and supervise. If he does so, that's nice. Otherwise we have to arrange for our own men to work.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Jayapataka , Bhavananda -- Bombay 3 April, 1974:

As for the advance of Rs 25,000 so that work can continue at Mayapur, that has already been sent from New York by Bali Mardan. There has been some delay in receiving it here but from our Bombay BBT account we have already forwarded the sum of Rs 25,000 to Calcutta, so that question is already answered. You have the money and work should go ahead full force to be completed as agreed.

Letter to Alfred Ford -- Los Angeles 16 July, 1974:

Please accept Krishna's blessings and be happy. Hare Krishna. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your kind letter dated May 22, 1974. I do not know why it is so much delayed. Anyway I was not here and I have just come here one week ago, so I am sorry that replying your letter is delayed so much.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Mayapur 19 October, 1974:

I have not received the new books. I have learned about them from Puranjana, but I have not received them. Maybe they are held up due to a postal delay in Calcutta, but anyway I am so pleased that you have published. Even I have not seen them, I am pleased and obliged to you. Continue this work. Whenever there is any publication in any language, it enlivens me 100 times.

Letter to Taittiriya -- Bombay 8 November, 1974:

With further reference to your letter dated September 11, 1974, I beg to inquire whether you have taken possession of the house at 5th Avenue, and if not please let me know why it is delayed. Please send Bali Mardan with detailed information and necessary documents.

Letter to Manager of Punjab National Bank -- Bombay 19 November, 1974:

I have received from my Los Angeles Headquarters by mail Remitter's Advice from Bank of America dated November 7, 1974 No. 588183 that the amount of Dollars 9,843.18 was transferred to you via cable. To date I have not received any acknowledgement from you. If you have not received the money at this date, then immediately enquire from your Head Office as to what is the delay. If you have received the money, which should be by this late date, then you must inform me. How can I arrange things if you do not acknowledge receipt of the transfers?

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Ramesvara -- Perth, Australia 15 May, 1975:

Caitanya caritamrta is complete (12 parts) and only 3 parts are published, and now the 5th Canto is almost finished, so why these books are not being published? This is our first business. Immediately, these pending books (17 in total) must all be published. Why the delay? The US printer's binding is better than Dai Nippon. So, some may be printed in US and some in Japan, but the pending books must be finished in a very short time. When I see so many books pending, it does not encourage me to translate. When I see books printed, I become encouraged to write more and more. We can talk this over more in Hawaii. Now, you and Hamsaduta expedite the publishing work. That is your business. And push on the selling. You request Tripurari Maharaja in this connection along with the others. Now, Bhavananda Swami and Gargamuni Swami are there. They are also expert in pushing this on. By combined effort, publish as quickly as possible and immediately Caitanya-caritamrta should be done.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Honolulu 4 June, 1975:

Why the guest house in Vrndavana is not yet organized? You have not even mentioned it in your report. That will pay for the maintenance budget if you simply organize it. You must do it immediately. Pranava and Dhananjaya together can organize it, or anyone else who may be able to do it, but it must be done. Why is there delay? Stop construction for the time being, and clear all of the debts.

Letter to Saurabha -- Detroit 3 August, 1975:

Regarding the east side adjacent land, why don't you purchase it? The price has already been settled at Rs. 20/- per sq. yard. You should immediately purchase. The money is there in the bank, so go to the bank. Why there so much delay? So many men are there, Gopala Krishna, Pranava, etc. What is Pranava doing? The M-V Trust will pay, so do not worry about Vishvambar. What is his family business? Anyway, purchase the land first, then we shall see about the scheme. If there is some difficulty about investigation of the sellers properties, then go together to the D.M. and arrange for the seller not to be investigated if possible. You are all simply writing letters to me. Without my personal presence there you cannot do anything. Simply correspondence. Anyway, be careful there is no underhanded dealings in this transaction. It is very much risky, so be careful.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Deoji, Upendra -- Vrindaban 2 April, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your two telegrams from Fiji, and I can inform you of the following. I am scheduled to leave Vrindaban for Bombay on the 12th April and then departing for Melbourne en route to Fiji from Bombay on the 18th April. Allowing some days in Australia, we could be in Fiji on or about the 24th or so of April. The only delay could be that I am scheduled to meet the minister of Haryana concerning the donation of land to us at Kuruksetra. If the meeting is favorable it may be necessary for me to attend a conference in Kuruksetra in late April, April 29th. However, that is not settled yet and so far my plans to arrive in Fiji on or about the 24th April stand. I shall inform you immediately as soon as I know of the Kuruksetra land. In the meantime, you should honor the contract, and if necessary do whatever is required. If I am delayed beyond the date of beginning the construction contract then I shall give you further details what to do.

Letter to Palika -- India Unknown Date:

Please have my Bengali book Gitar Gan composed by some printer there in Calcutta in the next two or three days, and immediately send it to ISKCON Tokyo. I will correct it personally and hand it over to Dai Nippon for printing. I have asked Jayapataka Maharaja to do this, but he has not done anything yet, so you do it immediately and please do not delay. Books are being sent to our branches in India from Japan, at no cost to you. You may sell them and use the profits for our building funds, 50%, and book fund, 50%. I do not know if we may require the COP permission, so you may inquire this from Gurudasa.

Letter to Bhagavan -- New York 14 July, 1976:

Concerning the proposed meeting with the Pope, I have no objection cancelling or delaying the journey to Tehran if the meeting with the Pope is assured. That is important. But if it is simply a courtesy visit, then what is the use? If he is prepared to discuss seriously how religion is becoming degraded all over the world, then it is worthwhile. Religion is now being taken as a formality. People generally have no real conception of God. Ours is a tangible connection with God. We know who is God and how to serve Him. Everything is fact.

Letter to Upendra -- New York 19 July, 1976:

Concerning the domes for the temple, you can inquire from Aksayananda Swami in Vrindaban who did the domes on the Krishna-Balarama Temple. To date I have not received any letter from Vasudeva in reply to my last letter. If perhaps there was some delay, you can send the letter to Paris as I am leaving for London tomorrow and shortly thereafter to Paris.

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