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Debit side means

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"debit side means"


1971 Correspondence

Generally debit side means receiver's side and credit side means payer's side.
Letter to Jayapataka -- London 2 September, 1971:

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 25th August, 1971 along with trial balance and balance sheet but I do not follow the debit and credit side. Generally debit side means receiver's side and credit side means payer's side. Apart from that I could not follow what are the following accounts: Temple maintenance a/c (Does this include purchasing of flowers and incense?); Devotee maintenance account; Typewriter a/c; O.P.P.S a/c; B.D.D. Expenses a/c. So I will be glad to know if you will kindly explain what are these accounts. For purchasing the Mayapur land I issued one check from the building fund for Rs 18,000/- as well as one for Rs 3,000/- and also for the fencing I issued one check for Rs 5,000/-. I don't see any mention of that Rs 26,000/- in the trial balance. So what does it mean?

Regarding the Mayapur flood you have not mentioned what is the depth of the water on our land and what is the condition of our cottage there. Please let me know. And keep Rahul there in Calcutta and affectionately so that he may not go away again.

Gargamuni Swami has written from Kathmandu (c/o American Consulate General Kathmandu, Nepal) as follows: "Recently I have also taken orders for your books from Indian and American libraries and also stores, 10 sets combined. So I need to have books sent immediately." Therefore you should immediately send at least 25 sets complete of books to Gargamuni at the above-given address.

Hoping this will meet you in good health.

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