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1947 to 1965 Correspondence

Letter to Brother -- Unknown Place September 1955:

Rule 4. "The members will be of three classes defined as class A, B and C in accordance with the membership fees paid. (a) Those who will contribute Rs 500/- and above per month will belong to the "A" class. (b) Those who will contribute Rs 50/- and above per month will belong to the "B" class. (c) Those who will contribute Rs 10/- and above per month will belong to the "C" class."

Letter to Members -- Bombay:

Please try to contribute the expenses for one, two, three or more up to 2 x 12 issues in a year. If not at least for one month in a year, you can accept the burden for God's sake and distribute the same with YOUR GOOD NAME PRINTED ON THE ISSUES AS A DONOR. This service of spiritual value with your hard earned money on behalf of Godhead, will be recognized by the Lord and you will be blessed with spiritual enlightenment in your life without fail. Please experience it factually exactly like a man fed in hunger.

1966 Correspondence

Letter to Madhava Maharaja -- New York 1 August, 1966:

The American Foundations do not contribute anything to any institution or organization if it is not properly incorporated by law of the land. So far I have knowledge of the Indian residents in America they are mostly engaged in local educational or Indian Government service in the Embassy. Therefore there is very little hope to get from them any substantial help for the proposed temple construction which will require some millions of dollars. But if the Americans take the matter very seriously there are many Foundations one of them alone can contribute such amount.

1967 Correspondence

Letter to Brahmananda -- San Francisco 30 January, 1967:

I am in due receipt of your letter of the 28th instant. I was very much eager to get the records but they are still delayed. Our yesterdays function was very successful. There were about 1500 or more audience and all of them chanted and danced continually for one hour and fifteen minutes. I came back at 11-30 at night. I think Sriman Haridasa Brahmacari (Harvey) will contribute $1000.00 towards the building fund at New York. I am sorry that the Lawyer of the owner is delaying the matter. Will the proprietor of the house be carried by the Lawyer? If it is so what is the use of wasting time in that way. If they are serious they must finish the business without delay. I wish that we must enter the house by the 1st of March 1967.

Letter to Brahmananda -- San Francisco 30 January, 1967:

Please try to secure a copy of each film so far taken of us while performing Kirtana. If required we may pay something for this; better they should contribute a film to the society as we have not charged anything. If we get the film we can then purchase a projector to show in different places. Please send the records as early as possible. There is possibility of selling a great number of records here. They are all purchasing cash. Please expedite the matter.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- San Francisco 11 February, 1967:

And if you approve then both New York and San Francisco will contribute each $200.00 and this may be returned by the Montreal Branch later on. I wish that each and every Branch shall keep their independent identity and cooperate keeping the Acarya in the centre. On this principle we can open any number of Branches all over the world. The Ramakrishna mission works on this principle and thus as organization they have done wonderfully.

Letter to Brahmananda -- San Francisco 14 February, 1967:

When actually there is Sale contract signed I shall induce the San Francisco Branch to contribute $1000.00 positively rest assured.

Letter to Brahmananda -- San Francisco 24 February, 1967:

I have decided to contribute to the Montreal center $100.00 from each center namely New York and San Francisco.

Letter to Brahmananda, Satsvarupa, Rayarama, Gargamuni, Rupanuga, Donald -- San Francisco 28 March, 1967:

I have taken quotation from good printing houses in San Francisco for Gitopanisad and it is estimated to cost about $11000.00 for five thousand copies case bound and golden title. I will have $5000.00 from here and shall be glad to know how much you can contribute so that I can take up the work. I wish that you may contribute the balance either by selling my books (Srimad-Bhagavatam) or by raising funds.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Calcutta 12 December, 1967:

I am already in negotiations with the government of Rajasthan for securing one palace in Vrndavana. This house is perhaps the best house not only in Vrindaban but also it is one of the best palaces in all of India. When you arrive in India you will see it and you will be pleased. I am leaving behind my dictaphone and when you come here you will take it back to me. I quite appreciate your program for contributing $3,000.00 in the matter of publishing Teaching of Lord Caitanya. Please finish the contract with MacMillan, take $1,000.00 from them, add $1,000.00 from the reserve fund to you, and take $1,000.00 from Satyavrata and get the book published immediately.

1968 Correspondence

Letter to Hayagriva -- Los Angeles 15 January, 1968:

Perhaps you know that we have got to finish the Srimad-Bhagavatam in 60 parts, out of which we have published only 3 parts. Two parts are already in the press in India. So still we have to finish up 55 parts to complete the whole text of Srimad-Bhagavatam. I am now very much hopeful that it will be done with your good cooperation. To finish the whole Bhagavatam I require about $40,000, out of which I have got about $12,000 contributed by Brahmananda, Jayananda, and others.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 1 February, 1968:

Therefore his decision to start immediately one center at Kanpur is acceptable. As proposed previously, $10 from each center should be contributed for the Indian American House. Now, you can immediately sent him at the following address $100 from the book account. And for the next month we shall arrange to send him $60, collected from each center $10. He is requesting me to send you, Rayarama, and Rupanuga for sometime there for preaching work. Rayarama has already sent him a note that he may be going there, latest by April 1968.

Letter to Brahmananda -- San Francisco 21 March, 1968:

I am in due receipt of your letters dated March 14th, 18th, and 19th, and have noted the contents carefully. So far the Chatham Tower is concerned, you may drop the plan, and try to get the two-story house which you mentioned. Please check into it and keep me informed. Yes, it would be very nice for Mr. Kallman to contribute 1000.00 dollars for the printing; please try to encourage that. I shall be expecting to receive the dummy publication which you described in a few days. You may keep that bottle of liquid which you mentioned, and when I come there I shall see to it.

Letter to Mukunda -- Allston, Mass 6 May, 1968:

That is all right, whenever you are able to do so, then contribute 50% of your income to the temple.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Montreal 7 June, 1968:

Your judgment that because you think that you cannot take part in the translation work, therefore, you have decided to contribute for its publication. This dictation from within your heart from Krishna is quite in order. For serving the Lord, we require to sacrifice our life, our wealth, our intelligence, and our words. One can serve the Lord with these four possessions; if not, with three, if not, then with two or even one, and that is sufficient to please the Supreme Personality of Godhead. I wish that you can utilize your best talents in business organization and the result utilize for Krishna's satisfaction is on the absolute platform. To make the idea more clear, if I am translating Srimad-Bhagavatam, and if you are contributing for its publication and helping for its distribution, this means there is no difference between your service and my service.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Montreal 7 June, 1968:

To make the idea more clear, if I am translating Srimad-Bhagavatam, and if you are contributing for its publication and helping for its distribution, this means there is no difference between your service and my service.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Montreal 7 June, 1968:

That means I require $25000.00. Anyway, Krishna will provide for this, but I shall request you to make your point either by selling or by contributing, you try to finance as far as possible for these great publications. I am advising the Japan printing company to send you directly 2500 copies of Teachings of Lord Caitanya.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Montreal 21 June, 1968:

3) As he is my friend's son, I have requested him to contribute 50% of the profit for delivering to our International Society Indian center, and he has agreed to this proposal.

Letter to Hayagriva -- Montreal 17 August, 1968:

Last night we celebrated here Janmastami festival very gorgeously, and many Indians in large number attended and they contributed also very liberally. One Madrasi gentleman demonstrated a Krishna dance by his two young daughters, and it was nice. At the present moment, many devotees from San Francisco, New York (specifically your intimate friend Umapati, is present here) have come here. Today they will observe Vyasa Puja ceremony (my Birthday Anniversary), so from this day, I will be stepping on the 73rd year. I hope the remaining days of my life may be utilized to serve you all Western devotees of Krishna. Please pray to Krishna that he may give me the necessary strength to discharge the duty entrusted by my Spiritual Master. Convey my blessings to Kirtanananda, and I hope you are all doing well.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Montreal 19 August, 1968:

I have given some hints to Brahmananda about a story of a mouse and a tiger, and you can ask him for the hints. And he will give you. In the meantime, if Brahmananda asks you to join in some important meeting, I think you will be able to go for a day or two. I am so glad that Sriman Srinivasa is already contributing some money for the activities of the society, and please convey my sincere thanks to him, and Krishna will be very much please, for his mentality. Regarding your question: Is it not true that by service I am with you?

Letter to Balai, Advaita -- Montreal 19 August, 1968:

It was very nice. The other day they performed my Birthday Anniversary, very decently, there were good gathering and people appreciated. And before that, there was Janmastami, at night all the Indians here, they joined and they contributed also liberally. So here the news are very good, as you have in NY and the London party they are proceeding to NY today and will reach there and stay for a few days, and then will go to London. Give them hearty send-off and good wishes.

Letter to Aniruddha -- Montreal 24 August, 1968:

In San Francisco, I understand the Kirtana party collects sometimes up to $40.00 daily, and Montreal, the other day, Hamsaduta collected $24.00, similarly I hear from Boston, they are also making good collection. So if you can organize this Sankirtana party chanting in the parks and in the street, with permit from the authorities, there will be no scarcity of money, and people will be very glad to contribute.

Letter to Hitsaran Sharma -- Montreal 28 August, 1968:

Another thing, regarding Deities: I understand from Jaya Govinda's letter that Sethji wants to contribute two Pair of Deities provided the freight is paid by somebody else. So I agree to this proposal. Kindly arrange to send at least two Pairs of Radha Krishna Deities, brass, as per specification given to you before.

Letter to Sri Krishna Prasad Bhargava -- New York 3 September, 1968:

So if you kindly give me the quotation for such Murtis from the manufacturer where from you secured these Murtis, I shall arrange to send you the required money, either directly or by negotiation through some friends in India. It is my ambition that Indian Vaisnavas may contribute at least one pair of Murtis, following your nice example, and we can establish them in each and every center of our Society. If we do not find such persons to contribute such Murtis, then the Society can arrange to send you the required money.

Letter to Sri Krishna Prasad Bhargava -- New York 3 September, 1968:

It is not that the Society cannot pay for the Murtis, but it is my desire that Indian Vaisnavas should be energetic in cooperating with this Krishna Consciousness movement in the Western countries. I am already in correspondence with some friends in India, and they may be agreeable to contribute one pair, each of them, so in the meantime, if you kindly give me the exact price for similar Murtis (only with greater height, of at least 24 inches), I will appreciate this very much.

Letter to Mukunda -- San Francisco 14 September, 1968:

Annapurna's father, Mr. Webb, told me that there are many old churches which are not being properly used. So if you can secure one big church, that will be very nice. I am glad to learn that in London there are 2 to 5 lacs of Indians. And if they cooperate with you, we can maintain a very big establishment. If they contribute one pound per annum per head, that means a lot of money. And temple organization is the best means to attract devotees. Temple organization means decorating the Deities very nicely, with flowers, lights, dress, decoration, offering nice foodstuff in good silver plates, five times arati, with Kirtana and lecturing. So you have got all these ideas, and you are six there. If you strictly follow the rules and regulations and become American priests, of the temple, so the Indian hindus will be surprised and certainly they will be attracted. Just like the hindus in San Francisco are being gradually attracted due to our nice temple arrangement here. They will hold a meeting here with me tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. to consider how to improve the temple. One of the Gujarati devotees has contributed a silver Vigraha of Krishna, and has donated $51.00.

Letter to Mukunda -- San Francisco 14 September, 1968:

I hope that the money which I sent from Montreal to the Charter Bank in account of Samuel Speerstra has already been received by him. I shall be glad to hear on this point. So the $1,655.00 and further $600.00 contributed by me and Hamsaduta may be conveniently deposited in London in the branch of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. And open an account in my name. And send the passbook to me so that when I shall go to London there will be no difficulty there for me. I hope this will find you in good health, and offer my blessings to Janaki. Please keep me informed at least once in a week.

Letter to Rayarama -- Seattle 17 October, 1968:

There is no question of monetary transaction to enter into these centers and institutions, but because we have to maintain such institutions, public should voluntarily contribute and that is very gladly accepted. Next point, when people are accustomed to associate with these different centers, of Krishna Consciousness movement, they will one day come out of the material concept of life. Just like one becomes awakened from sleep.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Los Angeles 1 January, 1969:

"I am going to write to Sivananda in Germany requesting them to pay my passage, and in exchange, I will bring them goods as you have outlined, and perhaps some things to sell, and of course I am anxious to contribute to the progress of their center, and perhaps I will find better luck with my visa affairs in Germany which are still troubling me here in India."

Letter to Kedar Mataji -- Los Angeles 25 January, 1969:

I think that devotees of Lord Krishna in India should come forward and cooperate with my missionary activities. Krishna Prasadji donated one pair of Sri Murtis for our New York temple, and I wished that many other rich merchants of India who are devotees of Lord Krishna may contribute a pair of 24" high Radha-Krishna murtis for installing in various temples here. You should also come forward to cooperate with this movement. I am already getting murtis 24" high at a rate which is almost 50% less than the price quoted by you. If you therefore wish to cooperate with this great adventure, you shall not please try to make any profit out of it. You simply cooperate with me in supplying murtis at the rate which I am already purchasing. We do not require any clothings because our devotees here are now expert in making nice clothings.

Letter to Kedar Mataji -- Los Angeles 25 January, 1969:

Similarly, an attempt is being made in England also for which we are requesting legal documents. So I hope you will cooperate with us, and induce others to cooperate with this movement. The Americans have enough money to purchase the deities, but I wish that the Krishna devotees of India should come forward and cooperate with this movement by contributing pairs of deities. I shall be glad to hear from you soon.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Los Angeles 1 February, 1969:

I am in due receipt of you letter of January 26, 1969, and I have carefully noted the contents. I am very pleased to understand that you are going to contribute $250.00 for murtis. I think that you can pay at the rate of $100.00 twice and $50.00 once. That will save much time, but if it is inconvenient, you can pay at the rate of $50.00 per month. As soon as I get $100.00 I shall immediately order the deities with this advance.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 5 February, 1969:

If you think that my presence will accelerate matters, I am prepared to go immediately. In Yamuna's letter I understood that many people are interested in our temple work, and they are prepared to contribute items such as deities. All such things being favorable, why you are not taking a temple at your own risk? Besides that, you wrote to say that I will not go there for one year, but I have no such idea. I do not know who has spread such rumor. I have already postponed my journey to Hawaii in the month of April. In April I will go to Columbus, Ohio, so these two months of February and March I am completely free.

Letter to Govinda -- Los Angeles 10 February, 1969:

I think that by Krishna's mercy you must be feeling happy. Now you are getting some income which is essential for householder life, and you are living with your husband, so I am very much satisfied that you are in happy mood. Now I am sure that you will be able to contribute $5,000 to my book fund. I understand that you have some difficulty with your dictaphone, and as soon as you fix it, I will continue to send you some tapes.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Los Angeles 13 February, 1969:

In the Western World, people are simply interested more in politics because the problems here is materialistic. In the material way of life, people are embarrassed with the thoughts of how I shall sleep, how I shall eat, how I shall mate, and how I shall defend. That is the way of material life. In the spiritualistic life one knows that God has provided food for everyone, so we shall live on whatever things are contributed by the Grace of God. God has provided immense land on this globe, so so we have enough place to lie down.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Los Angeles 14 February, 1969:

I am sure that your little son, Eric, will come out a great preacher of this Krishna Consciousness movement because he is trained by an expert father and mother, and this will not go in vain. If you can contribute this one son to Krishna for preaching His Glories, you will be doing the greatest service to your family, to your country, and to the people in general.

Letter to Rayarama -- Los Angeles 15 February, 1969:

Anyway, the whole thing is depending upon you because I can not possibly divert my attention. But if I receive some contribution from each center for publishing Back To Godhead regularly, that will be a nice program so that we may not have to depend on advertisements or sales. Each center should take responsibility of contributing some money towards the publication of Back To Godhead, instead of depending upon each center for selling Back To Godhead. For example, if a center contributes $100, we send them copies at cost price to the amount and it doesn't matter whether they sell it or not. It doesn't matter if they sell it or not. But we must have the monthly contribution. The copies which are not sold may be distributed free to schools, libraries, influential gentlemen, etc. This will greatly further our propaganda, and I am thinking in these terms.

Letter to Rayarama -- Los Angeles 15 February, 1969:

I have received one letter from Subala regarding his circular letter to different centers, and the reply is enclosed herewith. I can induce Los Angeles to pay $750, and we can deliver them 5,000 copies of Back To Godhead. Similarly, if San Francisco contributes $750 we can deliver them 5,000 copies. So far as Los Angeles and San Francisco are concerned, I can ask the boys to work and pay $750 positively every month. Similarly, if New York is agreed to work and pay $750, then the whole question is solved, and we can print 20,000 copies immediately from Dai Nippon. I do not know if it is practical, but to my mind, if New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles agree to pay $750 each month, there is no problem.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 17 February, 1969:

Please send to me the address of Satyavrata (Stanley Moskowitz). I would like to send to him one copy of Bhagavad-gita As It Is. Regarding your need for a typist. Try to find out somebody to help you for now. If need be, when I go to New York in April I shall arrange for someone to type for you. Regarding the departments not contributing to the temple, this is not very satisfactory situation. The method of contributing should be those who are not married should contribute all their income to the temple. Those who are married should contribute 50%. That should be the principle of contribution of the members and followers of the Krishna Consciousness movement.

Letter to Mukunda -- Los Angeles 17 February, 1969:

My next program is to distribute at least 20,000 copies of Back To Godhead from four centers, namely New York, London, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. So each of these centers will contribute $750 and they will get 5,000 copies free delivery to destination. That means they will get the copies at 15 cents each, and the price fixed up will be 50 cents. So even by wholesale distribution the centers will get at least 30 cents per copy, and that means a 15 cents profit. If all the 5,000 copies are not sold, then we shall distribute the remaining copies to schools, colleges, libraries, institutions, etc. free of charges. This propaganda has to begin immediately. Please let me know your opinion. Los Angeles has already agreed, and I am very much encouraged. I hope you will also agree and encourage me. So on receipt of your confirmation, I shall immediately arrange for printing 20,000 copies beginning from the latest April, 1969.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Los Angeles 17 February, 1969:

I am pleased to note that your store, the Spiritual Sky, is doing successfully. Krishna has given you nice talent for doing business, and I am glad to see that you are using it well. There is no need for you to contribute to my book fund immediately if you are unable. Do it as it becomes convenient for you. Your suggestion that we print transliterations in our future books is very nice, and I think we shall follow this principle in the future.

Letter to Mukunda -- Los Angeles 20 February, 1969:

From practical experience I see that in Los Angeles on the average they are selling minimum of 50 copies daily, or in other words sometimes they are selling 100, sometimes 150, sometimes 85, sometimes 40, etc. So in this way, on the average they are selling not less than 1500 copies per month. Now the price is going to be fixed at 50 cents, so I have asked Tamala to contribute to me $750 against delivery of 5000 copies of Back To Godhead. By selling only 1500 copies at 50 cents, they cover the whole $750. The balance 3500 copies left for distribution either may be used for profit or they may be distributed freely.

Letter to Rayarama -- Los Angeles 20 February, 1969:

Regarding printing 20,000 copies of Back To Godhead, I have appealed to 4 centers, namely New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London to contribute $750 monthly. I have got confirmation from Los Angeles, so I shall be glad to hear from New York also whether this center is going to hand over to me $750 per month. I have no objection if this $750 is collected in the way of advertisements from New York, but charges will be increased because we are going to print 20,000 copies henceforward. So we shall charge $100 per page and we shall not accept any advertisements from the hippies. So who is going to pay me this $750?

Letter to Cidananda, Dindayal, Aniruddha, Makhanlal -- Los Angeles 23 February, 1969:

I have duly received all of your elaborate letters, and there are so many points to reply, it will take time to reply you properly. In the meantime, my request to you is that you take very seriously our program of Back to Godhead, and, as you have promised to contribute your quota of $750 per month against delivery of 5,000 copies of Back To Godhead, I am so much obliged to you all.

Letter to Yamuna -- Hawaii 13 March, 1969:

In the meantime I am just sending you information. She offered her respect unto me just like her Spiritual Master, several times she touched my feet, and her devotees contributed $20. And she contributed $5. She has got Sri Sri Radha Krishna Murti with her always, and she chants Hare Krishna, so if there is any possibility of cooperating then we shall welcome it. She and her Gujarati devotees have invited me to go to Africa so I told her that if I go to London then I may go to Africa from there. I have in my mind to form a very strong Sankirtana Party in London. Namely, the members who are already there, joined by the L.A. party and some others—some from Montreal, some from New York, to make a strong party of not less than 25 boys and girls. We wish to make a world tour with this Sankirtana Party—that is my ambition. I do not know what is Krishna's desire, but if it is successful, I am sure to push our movement very nicely this will be the way.

Letter to Advaita -- Allston, Mass 25 April, 1969:

I am advising Brahmananda to submit the manuscripts to Messrs. Dai Nippon under suitable arrangement, and whatever you can all get together for contributing to this purpose may immediately be handed over to Brahmananda for deposit in my book fund account. Your letter is very much encouraging, and it is worth exhibiting to all grhastha disciples, and not only to disciples, but to people in general who are simply interested in the matter of sense gratification. Our members of Krishna Consciousness society should be ideal human beings, and if they try to follow the principles, surely they will be the ideal men in the world.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- New Vrindaban 1 June, 1969:

I am very glad to know that one rich Indian, Mr. Raj Anand, is prepared to contribute some money for our temple activities. Of course your idea that when I go I shall talk with him and get some big contribution from the Indian community is all right. But my mission will be more successful if the Americans construct a temple, although we have no distinction as to American or Indian; anyone can do it.

Letter to Syamasundara -- New Vrindaban 12 June, 1969:

I was planning to go to Los Angeles because Tamala Krishna and others are insisting that I attend the Rathayatra Festival that they are performing very pompously in San Francisco. They have secured a wonderful hall at the beach where the festival will be held and the proprietor of the hall has donated the hall for one week's use. They have received promises from many persons contributing grains, fruits and flowers for holding huge prasadam distribution. It is understood that the hall has a kitchen with twenty burners, and it will easily accommodate 5,000 people. So I have not said anything to them yet unless I hear from you finally, but you may know that I am quite fit to go to London as soon as you can arrange for my arrival there.

Letter to Yamuna -- Los Angeles 3 July, 1969:

Regarding Mataji Syamadevi, she wanted to give us some pairs of Deities, but since she has left the USA she has not mentioned what she is going to do. So you can ask her straightly whether she is going to contribute the 24" Deities. If not, then we shall have to arrange for that. In any case, if Mataji does not contribute the Deities, I shall take with me some Deities when I go to London. In the meantime, Syamasundara. may prepare the nice throne of which I have given him the design.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 5 July, 1969:

Regarding your $2,000 which you promised to send me within three weeks, I beg to thank you for this.* Actually, a brahmacari should contribute whatever he has got to Krishna, through the Spiritual Master. The Spiritual Master does not accept anything for his personal use, but he employs everything for Krishna's service. Therefore the Spiritual Master is accepted in the renounced order of life. So far as householders are concerned, they may contribute at least half of their income to Krishna. Then life is sublime.

Letter to Murari -- Los Angeles 11 July, 1969:

The price for selling is declared at 50 cents, so there is a 35 cents difference. So even if you make at least 20 cents profit per copy, that is $500 per month for your temple. Now you have got good opportunity for selling, so you help BTG by contributing this amount monthly. I have heard that you have mentioned to Brahmananda that your temple will contribute $3,000 dollars for my book fund. This is very good news for me, and try to send it as soon as possible. I am so pleased that you are arranging for the Rathayatra Festival very nicely, and similarly in London, Buffalo, and what to speak of San Francisco, they are arranging.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Los Angeles 11 July, 1969:

I think if you can organize it nicely there, maybe some other Americans may come and contribute for a nice temple. So keep these things in your mind. It is a hint for your work in India, and you can think this scheme over conveniently.

Letter to Carl Lange -- Los Angeles 12 July, 1969:

I am glad to learn that you are coming to San Francisco for the Rathayatra Ceremony, and I am so much obliged to you for contributing each month for the book fund. Thanking you once more. I hope this meets you in good health.

Letter to Mr. Mottissey -- Montreal 16 July, 1969:

Sometimes I think when I see on the street strewn cigarette butts, that if people in general give up cigarette smoking, how much money they can save daily without any effort. And if they contribute the money for spreading Krishna consciousness, we can prosecute so many activities to change the face of the world. So Krishna Consciousness movement is all good from all sides. From social , political, economical, hygienic and many other points of view. And at last it is the greatest gift because at the end, we become associated with Krishna. I am very glad that you are attending Kirtana and eating prasadam and transcendentally enjoying the association of the devotees in the temple. Kindly continue this method and you will be more and more enlightened.

Letter to Subala -- Los Angeles 6 August, 1969:

Satsvarupa has now purchased a large house on the strength of this profit. So in selling BTG not only are we doing first-class propagation work, but also we are making profit to support the temples and facilitate other activities. You have mentioned that Chris has contributed $500, and you are considering sending this to me. This idea is nice, and you may do it. I am thinking that the press department may immediately be begun now in Boston in the new house, so there is necessity for funds for purchasing printing equipment and the necessary paraphernalia for printing our many books. Any extra money you have you can send to me, and when you require some money, I shall supply it. But try to become rich by selling BTG. There is possibility of making profit of at least $1,000 per month.

Letter to Mukunda -- Hamburg 1 October, 1969:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated September 1st, 1969. If Mr. Lennon contributes his place as described by you, then we shall turn it into a place of Divine Culture which the younger generation needs so badly. And if the Archbishop of Canterbury gives us one, two, three, four, up to the point of all the redundant churches, I shall turn them all into great places of worship of all kinds of men. If so desired, we can worship the picture of Lord Jesus Christ who we admit as the son of Godhead. We worship all worthy sons and servants of God, but we kick on the face of all rascals who claim to have become God so cheaply to mislead many innocent persons.

Letter to Hitsaranji -- London 16 November, 1969:

With further reference to my letter dated November 1, 1969, I beg to inform you that immediately I want one pair of Radha-Krishna Deities in London. If you will kindly send me out of the five pairs contributed by the Dalmia Trust and Birla Trust at least one pair to London by the quickest transport, maybe by air cargo, then it will be very kind of you. Kindly treat this as urgent. I hope this will find you in good health. I am awaiting your early reply.

Letter to Hit Sharanji -- London 5 December, 1969:

I thank you very much for your letter dated November 24, 1969. You need not send the Murtis by air cargo to London because some devotee here has contributed a Radha-Krishna Murti pair imported from Jaipur. It is 42" high and very nice. So Krishna has saved us in this point because we are going to have our opening ceremony on the 14th December through the 21st of December. But if one pair is ready, you can immediately dispatch by ship to Boston as previously advised. From here I shall go to Boston, and if the Deities reach there timely, then I shall install them there also. I think in my previous letter the instruction was to dispatch one pair to Boston, so you can send the Deities to some shipping agent in Bombay and they will forward to Boston.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 27 January, 1970:

In the meantime, I am trying to purchase a plot of land there at the cost of somewhere near $3000. We have got about 22 branches and on the average everyone should contribute $150 for this purpose immediately. Big branches should contribute at least $200.

Letter to Damodara -- Los Angeles 30 January, 1970:

You will be glad to know that Mr. George Harrison has contributed the entire cost of publishing Krishna, and we are going to publish it very soon in Japan with various pictures. It is now in progress and in due course we will receive the books.

Letter to Cidananda -- Los Angeles 30 January, 1970:

In my book fund, not only my disciples are contributing, but also others who are outsiders like Mr. George Harrison who has contributed the entire cost of publishing my book Krishna—the cost will be $19,000. Now we have got our press and we propose to publish many books. Also, attempt is being made in Hamburg for translating all our literatures into French and German languages and to publish them regularly.

Letter to Sumati Morarjee -- Los Angeles 2 February, 1970:

Also you will be pleased to know that now I have got 24 branches—perhaps you have seen the list in our "Back to Godhead." Our Indian Vaisnavas are helping me by contributing each one pair or more Radha Krishna Murtis for our different Temples. I would request you also to contribute one pair of Radha Krishna Murti and recommend some of your friends to do the same.

Letter to Sumati Morarjee -- Los Angeles 2 February, 1970:

You will find in the enclosed copy of the letter that Dalmia-Jayan Trust has contributed one pair of Murti, and similarly the Birla Trust has contributed four pairs of Murtis. Now I request you to carry these Murtis to America by your shipping line. The Murtis are being prepared in Vrindaban, under the direction of Sri H.S. Sharma, Secretary to Dalmia Jayan Trust. The Murtis are already packed and ready for dispatch, so on hearing from you, immediately they will be sent to your care for being carried by your shipping lines to the respective destinations; namely Boston, Montreal, New York and Los Angeles. So kindly send your instructions to the following address: H. S. Sharma, Dalmia Charitable Trust, 4 Scindia House, New Delhi.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Los Angeles 8 February, 1970:

Sriman George Harrison has certainly done an unique service by contributing $19,000 for publishing my Krsna book. When I was in London, he saw me four times and he was very submissive and devout and he was not at all proud of his very well-to-do material position. He has a reputation as a first class musician and he is considered to be rich or as they say one of the richest men in the world. Still he was not at all puffed up, but was humble, meek, polite, and devout. So all these qualities and his service to Krishna will certainly help him in his advancement of Krishna Consciousness. Thus I see that although he is not an initiated disciple, still he has been trying to help us in so many ways.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Los Angeles 8 February, 1970:

This change of his heart has been possible by the endeavor of Syamasundara.. Syamasundara. tried to win his friendship by all means and the result obtained thereof was offered to Krishna. In the London Temple the first class Italian marble throne worth about $3,000 was also contributed by George through the service of Syamasundara.. So actually George's leaning towards Krishna Consciousness has been greatly influenced by Syamasundara.'s endeavor. Srimad-Bhagavatam recommends that we shall employ our life, money, intelligence, and words for the service of the Lord. So Syamasundara. employed his intelligence to bring George Harrison into the service of Krishna Consciousness and thus George's money has been employed in Krishna's service.

Letter to Ekayani -- Los Angeles 10 February, 1970:

I always advise married couples that the male should be engaged in some work; but if somebody is busily engaged in our activities and therefore he cannot work outside, that is also nice. We do not press people to contribute, and even though we do so, it is for the good of the contributor because everything is employed for advancing this Krishna Consciousness movement. The initiated householders are supposed to be Brahmins, and according to scriptural injunction a Brahmin can accept charity for employing the income in the service of the Lord. The boys and girls who chant in the street are also giving in charity the highest benefit to the people in general. So far such Brahmins or Brahmacaris or Sannyasis asking contributions is not against the law, actually that is the way of livelihood for persons who are not karmis.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Los Angeles 10 February, 1970:

Recently I received one letter from Bhagavan das and the copy of my reply to that letter is enclosed herewith, please find. Now everyone has heard how strenuously you induced George Harrison to contribute for our Krsna book. The delay of payment was not due to your so-called "negligence," but it was due to the tricks of the lawyer, Mr. Klein. Anyway, now we have got the money, let us forget the delay. I have received one letter from Dai Nippon and they have informed me that it will take at least 85 days for finishing the printing work completely. I am going to submit the manuscript and pictures.

Letter to Aranya Maharaja -- Los Angeles 27 February, 1970:

Outside our Society, people are appreciating our movement gradually, and you will be pleased to know that they are also contributing for various activities of the Society. Perhaps you have heard the name of George Harrison, the celebrated musician of England. He has contributed nearly about two lakhs of rupees, the entire cost of publishing the first part of my book, KRSNA. Similarly, just the day before yesterday, one boy has contributed 15,000 rupees for my book fund. We have got in many places our own buildings, just like in Boston where we have got our own press, ISKCON Press, in Buffalo, in Detroit, and just yesterday, on the Advent Day of Srila Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, we have completed the negotiation for purchasing a big church property worth 20 lakhs of rupees.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Los Angeles 27 February, 1970:

I am happy to learn that your Sankirtana party is very successful. If you have some extra money, you can contribute to the book fund because I am contributing to purchase a large church here to the extent of 20,000 dollars; and try to send the maintenance charges to me regularly.

Letter to Sumati Morarjee -- Los Angeles 4 March, 1970:

I am also enclosing herewith a picture of the Deities in our London Temple. These Deities were donated by one London Devotee, Mr. Goyal, and they were purchased from Jaipur. The Deities contributed by Dalmia Jayan Trust and Birla Trust (5 Pairs) are made in Vrindaban, 24 inches high brass Deities, but these London Deities are made of first-class marble from Jaipur, and they are 42 inches high.

Letter to Hanuman Prasad Poddar -- Los Angeles 4 March, 1970:

The Dalmia Jayan Trust and Birla Trust have given us 5 pairs of Radha Krsna Murtis for installing in our different centers. Sriman Hit Sharan Sharma is dispatching these Murtis, and the Director of Scindia Steam Navigation Co., Srimati Sumati Morarji, has kindly consented to carry them on their ships. If you will also recommend some of your Vaisnava friends to contribute such Murtis, it will be very much encouraging. Or if you give me a prospective list of gentlemen, then I can directly request them for this cooperation.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 16 March, 1970:

Your Temple will save about $400, including price and freight of the Deities from Vrindaban, India. This money may be contributed to my book fund.

Letter to Pradyumna -- Los Angeles 1 April, 1970:

Please accept my blessings. I have just received one check of contribution from Brahmananda and I understand that you have contributed $500, so I thank you very much for this.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 1 April, 1970:

One thing, all other centers print the Acarya's name on the letterhead of their stationary—you should also do that. And every center contributes $15 monthly towards my maintenance fund, so you also try to contribute this monthly. Besides that, in your book list I don't find the name of Srimad-Bhagavatam. You should have all the books in stock always. If you have not got any Srimad-Bhagavatams in stock, just order them from Brahmananda. Also, I have not heard anything from Ksirodakasayi in some time. So let me know how he is doing.

Letter to Sri Dhruva -- Los Angeles 7 April, 1970:

The minimum expenditure for such a temple will not be less than L1,000,000. So far I have met with the Hindus in London, they are not very rich. Most of them are engaged in service and some of them are doing business, but still it will be difficult to raise this L1,000,000 from the local Hindus. If, however, Sri Birlaji assures to contribute 50% of the expenditure, I think I shall be able to raise the balance funds somehow or other.

Letter to Sri Dhruva -- Los Angeles 7 April, 1970:

I know there is difficulty for transferring money from India, but if Sri Birlaji contributes the money in India, I think I shall be able to utilize the money for London temple program. I have already established one Radha Krsna temple in the most busy part of the city at 7 Bury Place, just adjoining the British Museum. This temple is situated in a five story rented (on lease) house, and many devotees are coming to see the Deities from distant places. So by the grace of Lord Krsna it is going on.

Letter to Sri Dhruva -- Los Angeles 7 April, 1970:

Regarding marble murtis of Radha Krsna contributed by Sri Birlaji, I may inform you that Srimati Sumati Morarji, Director of Scindia Steam Navigation Co., has kindly agreed to carry all the murtis by her different ships to different parts of the world. I think Sri Birlaji has his own shipping line also, therefore this carrying will not be a problem. I am sending herewith again the picture of our London murtis, and I am requesting Sri Birlaji to contribute at least 4 pairs of murtis: one to Paris, France, one to Honolulu, and two to Philadelphia, one of which will be for our New Vrindaban temple.

Letter to Turya Shramy Maharaja -- Los Angeles 8 April, 1970:

Last December I have established our London temple at 7 Bury Place in a five story building, and it has become a great attraction because people from distant places come to see this temple. Our Radha Krsna Temple has become very popular because of two record albums published by Mr. George Harrison who is a world known musician. This young boy is very much sympathetic with our movement and he has very kindly contributed 2 lakhs of rupees for publishing my book, KRSNA.

Letter to Balmukundji -- Los Angeles 17 April, 1970:

Your good self are an influential gentleman both in London and Kenya, similarly Sriman Becharbhai G. Patel, and Birlaji etc. are willing to contribute substantially, so why not join together in this Krishna Consciousness movement and construct an unique and imposing KRSNA temple in London, the most important city of the world.

Letter to Upendra -- Los Angeles 25 May, 1970:

Regarding using our Temple for marriage ceremonies for the Hindu community, if they contribute something to the Temple they can use the Temple and perform the marriage with their own priest, but we cannot take responsibility for marrying others who are not initiated by us.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Calcutta 29 September, 1970:

Since we have come to Calcutta many boys are coming to us even they were very much subversive to the social orders. People are very much appreciating our Movement. Wherever we go for preaching work hundreds of men gather and they contribute liberally according to their capacity. We have already two centers in Calcutta and trying to have our own center in the most important neighborhood of this city.

Letter to Hayagriva -- Bombay 8 November, 1970:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 27, Sept. I'm very pleased that you're opening a nice center in the important city of Pittsburgh. Please develop the Pittsburgh and New Vrindaban plan conjointly. If Pittsburgh center can help contribute financially to our New Vrindaban, that will help relieve many financial problems. I am often thinking of New Vrindaban and I'm so much glad that you have taken the initiative to establish that program. Before I came to your country, I was thinking to establish an ideal Vedic community. So please work very hard to make New Vrindaban grow.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Bombay 13 November, 1970:

You have made it a proposal and plan that each center shall contribute $20 monthly for the improvement of our New Vrndavana Community Project. I have no objection to this, but it has been already the program that every center shall send me maintenance funds of $15 per month and since leaving Japan I have hardly received any. I do not know if they have sent or not sent, but I have not received. So if they cannot even send my maintenance charges, you cannot depend on their sending monthly $20 for the maintenance of New Vrndavana.

Letter to Karandhara -- Surat 18 December, 1970:

I have already telegrammed you in return regarding the money contributed by Sai and his followers. The money is to be kept for the purpose of purchasing one very nice house in Calcutta for which we have already begun serious negotiations. You have utilized $500 for the Berkeley Center's immediate need, but this must be repaid by them so the entire contributed sum must remain intact as I have instructed by telegram. It is a very good news that the disciples of Sai and Sai himself are now coming to join with our ISKCON. Because they were chanting Hare Krsna, they developed some love for Krsna and therefore they have decided upon this right course of action. So they are all very welcome and you can give these good souls all encouragement so that they may not feel any inconveniences. They must live with us according to our standard practices and they shall surely advance in Krsna's service.

Letter to Karandhara -- Surat 18 December, 1970:

So far the current estimate for printing the revised and complete edition of Bhagavad-gita, you may immediately go ahead with this project and it is very much encouraging to me that you are eager to do so. However the proposal for using the money contributed by Sai for this purpose is not feasible. That money is already reserved. The London Temple has taken Krsna books worth $20,000, so they should send the requisite $17,000 for the publishing of our Bhagavad-gita As It Is in new enlarged edition immediately. I understand that the KRSNA book is selling there very well, so they can easily do it. I hope your international attempts for placing our books in libraries and selling our KRSNA books in particular is going on. I am always anxious to know that our programs are going on nicely.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Surat 28 December, 1970:

The $28,000 plus $800 contributed by Sai may not be touched for any other purpose until you hear from me. Dai Nippon's debt regarding BTG should be liquidated by the Department of BTG. Why the debt should be cleared with a contribution which Krsna has sent for another purpose? I can understand that from London the payment is not regularly coming from the very beginning, so in order to counteract this anomaly I shall be sending someone out of the four important members to check out the condition of London. Most probably Hamsaduta will very soon go there.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Allahabad 11 January, 1971:

I hear from all our centers that they have instituted regular classes for writing articles and still you say they do not contribute sufficiently to Back to Godhead. How is that? I want all our students to write articles for our transcendental magazine. That is practical. Karandhara has also written that my long desired scheme of a Krsna Conscious daily newspaper is being implemented. Please do this work very nicely. It will be a very great step in the history of ISKCON movement.

Letter to Mulchand Deomal -- Allahabad 31 January, 1971:

You are so kind upon me that you are taking very serious interest in my Krishna Consciousness Movement. Certainly Krishna will benedict you with progressive devotional service for Him and I shall always pray for your higher spiritual life. I wish to request you to come and live with me but that you have already said will not be possible for you. So your help to my book fund is very much welcome. You have so kindly desired to contribute Rs. 500 in this connection. So you can conveniently directly send this money by Mail Transfer, to my book fund account, no. HSS 14538 in the Central Bank of India, Gowalia Tank branch, Bombay. The procedure is that you go to the local Central Bank in Surat and ask them to transfer your money by mail which is technically called M.T. So there will be no difficulty. You can simply intimate me that you have transferred such and such amount through the Central Bank at Surat. Then I'll take care of it.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Gorakhpur 15 February, 1971:

From the beginning it was my program not to sell books but to make life members. The idea is that in India when we speak of price Rs. 64/ for KRSNA book or say Rs. 30/ for Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, practically their hearts begins to fade because in India most of them are not accustomed to pay so much price but when we speak of membership they agree to contribute very easily because Indian mentality is still charitable toward the cause of spiritual activities. So either reduce the price or not, if we endeavor to create life members it will be easier task. For example you are delivering a set of books; KRSNA, TLC, NOD, Handbook, one copy of BTG land you are taking favor for Rs. 101/ by reduction of price. If you take the real price of these books, it comes to somewhere near Rs. 220/ but if we make a member with the same delivery of books, we get the full membership fee.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Gorakhpur 15 February, 1971:

Therefore we should contribute more energy for making life members than selling. When there will be no possibility of making members, at that time we can sell books at reduced price. Actually if it is possible to sell 100 sets of books per month, then you can do that. We will discuss the point further upon my arrival in Bombay. Most probably I'll be able to reach Bombay by March 1st. In my next letter I shall let you know.

Letter to Rameswar Dayalaji Birla -- Bombay 31 March, 1971:

I am therefore opening a scheme herewith for raising funds for the above purpose. I have already discussed with you in this matter and I hope you will kindly generously contribute to this fund so that your example may be followed by other rich men in India. Your check may be collected from your secretary, Mr. Dhruva, upon hearing from you.

Letter to Abhirama -- Malaysia 5 May, 1971:

They require about $20,000 out of which I have asked Karandhara Prabhu to send them $5,000 from the Book Fund. Similarly, if Lyndan Prabhu can contribute $15,000 then the present problem of printing this book is solved. So if you can kindly let me know your decision to Calcutta address, 3 Albert Road, Calcutta-17.

Letter to Sumati Morarjee -- London 25 July, 1971:

You wanted to contribute some pairs of Deities. Mr. R.D. Birla has already supplied six pairs of Deities from Jaipur. Similarly you can also donate Deities for being installed in these western countries.

Letter to Gurudasa -- London 11 August, 1971:

I understand that you have been invited by Syama Dasi in Africa. I don't advise that you associate with her because she is sahajiya. To associate with her will hamper pure devotional service. Besides that you are going there for only one month after taking so much labor. What will be the profit? Will they contribute money for our Mayapur project? Unless our Mayapur project is finalized, I don't think any one of you can go outside of India. My advise is that Tamala and yourself immediately make arrangements for going to Delhi and organize that center nicely.

Letter to Giriraja -- London 12 August, 1971:

It is nice if you can hold kirtana in factories and some foremen in the factory may deliver coupons also and we will collect the money. It is best to have such meetings on the salary payment day. Then it will be very easy for anyone to contribute Rs. 1/-.

Letter to Atreya Rsi -- London 13 August, 1971:

Now immediately we have got a very big project to construct a temple at Mayapur, the birth site of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. So you can contribute the sums for our Mayapur construction scheme. Sannyasis should not be given any money. They should manage themselves and maintain themselves by taking small alms from different persons—not a lump sum from one person.

Letter to Atreya Rsi -- London 20 August, 1971:

Further books are being published. You can show them the books so that they can understand the importance of this movement and if sufficient cooperation is available we can increase our branch opening activity and surely we can contribute the best knowledge to the human society. So with our books, workers, and sincere activities we must come out successful in this attempt.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- London 1 September, 1971:

Regarding collections, all this collection must go to the building fund. Now we have got good beginning. R.D. Birla has given Rs 25,000/; B.M. Birla another Rs 25,000/ and Bajoria will contribute also. In this way if you simply catch 100 contributors each paying Rs 25,000/ then immediately our Mayapur scheme is successful. To find out such 100 men will not be at all difficult because it is headed by Birla and others will follow. So we have to pick them out throughout India—Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi and Madras. If we spend 25 to 30 lakhs Rupees then our Mayapur program will be a great success. So we have to do it. It will be a world center for teaching spiritual life. Students from all over the world will come and we shall revolutionize the atheistic and communistic tendency of rascal philosophers. So we must be responsible for this great task. Not for a single moment shall we be without ISKCON thought. That is my request to you all.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Mombassa, Kenya 16 September, 1971:

Our policy is "madhukari" or the profession of the bumblebee. The bumblebee does not eat all the honey in one flower. It goes from flower to flower and takes little. The purpose is that saintly persons, Vaisnavas, if they take something from many men, everyone is benefited. We should not follow the policy that one man gives us everything and we become idle. This is a material policy. Whatever Mr. Jayan is contributing should go directly to the building fund and for maintenance we should collect from many persons as monthly subscription and big donations should go to the book and building funds. And so far your idea for giving the bank instructions to deposit 50% in each account, the bank will not take so much trouble. Better you do it. Already there is book and building fund accounts. As soon as the money is there, you should deposit 50% in each.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Nairobi 26 September, 1971:

Subha Laksmi is a very popular singer and dancer. I know in Delhi the Ramakrishna mission with the help of Subha Laksmi singing and Prime Minister Nehru presiding, in one day they raised fund 10 lakhs. So it requires good organization and selling of tickets, etc. I think alone Subha Laksmi can contribute 5 lakhs by her performance. So this is a good opportunity to take her help. I think you should not dictate the dates for her performance. Let her fix it up and do the needful according to her convenience.

Letter to Dayananda, Nandarani -- Nairobi 13 October, 1971:

So you try to find out a nice church, preferably the Paddington one, and I think there will be no difficulty in raising the necessary funds. Our book sales are increasing. If we attempt to do something the Indian community also will contribute. George will also contribute. So try to find out the best one. Krishna will help you.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Delhi 21 November, 1971:

I am glad that you are writing essays, and that all of our students are contributing their work. I think that if we simply improve the contents of our BTG magazine that so many changes are not required. I have written to Karandhara on this point, so you may write him for my opinion. What is the use of instituting many changes?

Letter to Mukunda -- Bombay 28 December, 1971:

But even he breaks his promise, many other very rich men will contribute and there will be no difficulty to raise one to two million pounds here, provided Mr. Chawar agrees with our proposal. Even they do not allow, Dayananda is confident we can raise the money in England, because George and his friends are offering to help very enthusiastically. So I think that if you are free, and if it suits you, you may go there to help him. You know London very well, and you know George and many other rich men, so your being there will practically assure us of getting the place. It is the best place for us. It will be the most grand headquarters for ISKCON in all the world, and I want to get that place very very much. I understand that Syamasundara. may also have to go there soon, so the three of you and Jaya Hari can do the needful, of that there is no doubt.

1972 Correspondence

Letter to Hrdayananda -- Bombay 6 January, 1972:

And you must all study very scrutinizingly all of the books so that when the need arises you can repeat in your own words their purport. Also I will be very pleased if you contribute articles to BTG. By writing regularly, what you read will become realized. As much as possible read, chant, and preach. This is our life and soul. If we keep to this simple formula then there is no doubt that we will be victorious wherever we go and very soon we shall become the only religion in the world.

Letter to Ksirodakasayi -- Sydney 2 April, 1972:

Meanwhile you must stockpile enormous quantities of cement, sand, rock chips, bricks, etc., along with steel, so you may cooperate with Gurudasa and others to work very hard for securing ample supply of these things. Gargamuni is collecting funds in Bombay for Vrindaban scheme, so he will be in charge of getting money, and you may also help by getting rich men to contribute.

Letter to Giriraja -- Sydney 12 April, 1972:

Better Smt. Morarji may contribute rice, dahl, etc. for this prasadam distribution program. According to our Vedic system prasada distribution should not be on the line of hotel or canteen business. Whatever prasadam we can distribute, that should be done free of charges. So to summarize, you should distribute free prasadam, and try to introduce immediately KC instruction to the students through English medium. I know many parents are eager to educate their wards through English medium.

Letter to Giriraja -- Honolulu 15 May, 1972:

About the business proposed by Indira's brother, yes, we can give some land on condition that 50% of profit he gives us, but we cannot guarantee that our men will work. We have had bad experience in this partnership business in New York with Mr. Kallman, so we are not going to do that anymore. As far as possible we shall not deal in business. That will not be very good for our spiritual progress. But if somebody contributes for our good cause, that is different.

Letter to Gurudasa, Yamuna -- Honolulu 16 May, 1972:

Your plan for collecting Rs. 6000 to 11,000 for each room, that is very nice process. Then rooms will be there always to receive the owners. There is a system, bhetnama, it means the person who contributes, for his lifetime the room is reserved for him and after his demise it goes to the temple. There are many buildings in Vrindaban which are constructed on this principle, and for Delhi men it will be very convenient. It takes only two hours by car—they can come on weekends, associate with the devotees, take prasadam, hear lectures on the philosophy. That will enlighten them. In Vrindaban, we must do something very grand and gorgeous, both in the matter of preaching and accommodating the educated class of devotees.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 26 May, 1972:

So far your question regarding women, I have always accepted the service of women without any discrimination, so I have no objection if Yamuna devi contributes her ideas on this construction project. Nothing should be done without group consultation. Our work in Vrindaban and elsewhere should be encouraged by good consultation. One thing is, kindly arrange for the tube well as quickly as possible, there must be sufficient water supply installed immediately. This is very important item.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 21 June, 1972:

So far foodstuffs, you should collect profusely. If you collect more distribute more, and if you collect less, distribute less, but only distribute what you have collected. If there is no food, do not contribute our own funds for this purpose. Try to collect more, besides there is the contribution of American Government. You should purchase one iron safe and keep the Deities' jewelry or any valuables in that, or an iron closet, a little heavier, and you may keep either in my room or in some special room.

Letter to Giriraja -- London 8 August, 1972:

I thank you very much for your letter dated July 31, 1972, and I think things are going nicely there, but we must always remember that the Hare Krishna Land Development Trust, the trustees must be such persons who contribute lump sums for developing different parts of the building. I am very pleased that Mr. Kandelwal has contributed for the library portion. Similarly, I request Sumati Morarji to contribute for the temple portion. I am prepared to put a tablet that the temple portion is contributed by Sumati Morarji. Similarly, the two wings on both sides of the courtyard in front of the temple may be contributed, one by Mrs. A. B. Nair, one by somebody else. The idea is that all the trustees should contribute with great distinguishment.

Letter to Giriraja -- London 8 August, 1972:

On the total, how many square feet are estimated throughout the whole building? You must raise the full amount of our expenditures. Sumati Morarji is our ___ friend, that's all right, but tactfully she must agree to contribute for the main temple, just like Khandelwal. Let me know what they are doing.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 23 August, 1972:

The bank may pay further 8 lakhs, and 4 lakhs should be held up until the above-mentioned suit #94 of 1968 is disposed of. In this way arrangements should be made. Regarding construction material, I see that 64 lakhs will be spent for the whole construction, and you have to pay 5% on the amount to the architect. I think it will be a huge amount. In Delhi, one architect asked for 2%, but I thought that somebody may contribute his service for this great cause. If not, the charges may not go more that 2-2 1/2%. In this connection, you may consult Gurudasa. I think that 5% is too much. Anyway, you are on the spot, you can do the needful by consulting amongst yourselves.

Letter to Unknown -- Los Angeles 16 September, 1972:

Prabhupada just spoke with me regarding the distribution of foreign (other than English) language literature. His direction is that 10% of the gross income on the sales of all of our literatures, books, and magazines, should be sent to The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. The BBT is financing many world-wide projects for the society, and therefore all income from literature distribution should contribute and support it.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Ahmedabad 13 December, 1972:

Now find out that new place in Paris and expand yourself in a solid way, keeping always the propagation of Krishna Consciousness as the goal, simply be engaging all men in Krishna's service. Everyone has got some way he can contribute himself for serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead, everyone. Now conduct your preaching in such a way that when anyone becomes attracted to get something from us he may be induced or allured into serving Krishna in his own way as he likes to do it, not being forced to do something else he may not like to do, that will discourage him and no intelligent men will come. But I think you have mastered this art perfectly well, and because I have not got any complaints from anyone since you have come to Paris temple—although before I was getting many complaining letters—I think the devotees there are feeling themselves satisfied by your engaging them happily in Krishna Consciousness life. Thank you very much for assisting me in this way.

Letter to Vaikunthanatha -- Bombay 29 December, 1972:

Or if our attachment for Krsna is not yet developed, and there is still attraction for the ordinary life of householder life, together with friends, family, children, working, like that, that is all right, by that process if one contributes something of his income to the preaching work and attends himself with family the temple for the class and kirtana, gradually he will get some enthusiasm and develop his attachment for Krsna. But that is the slow and troublesome way, and I know that you are so intelligent boy, along with your good wife Saradia, so you may do as you like, but it would please me very much if you will dedicate yourself and your wife completely to the preaching work. That is important.

Letter to Sankarasana -- Bombay 31 December, 1972:

The highest development of Krsna consciousness understanding will be when you are able to give anyone the truth but in such a manner that they will respond in a positive way. If people like to contribute by hearing such things, there is no harm, that is just to induce him to purchase. Some of my godbrothers, I can remember, when we used to go out for begging some contribution from some big man, they used to say that my Guru Maharaja had lived for 12 years in the forest in solitary place, living only on the tulasi leaves.

1973 Correspondence

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 27 April, 1973:

Regarding Grand Pardi land, try your level best to secure at least one acre of land, and Mr. S.K. Thirani Chairman of Kores Ltd. is prepared to contribute 7 lacs for the temple. So in case we have to part with the Juhu land, we shall construct a very nice temple in the city at Grand Pardi, and if we do not lose the land we shall construct two temples in Bombay: one in the city and one in Juhu. So we shall try for both of them.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 2 August, 1973:

Yes! why not? You may write yo the other temples and ask them to contribute something to the program, that is approved by me. I simply want to see that the work is going on vigorously, and the money shall not be used to pay bad bill. The money should simply be used for construction.

Letter to Tejiyas -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 15 August, 1973:

It is good news that you have got the L.I.C. ground for holding our festival, maybe I shall be back in India at that time. Last time the L.I.C. festival was unique and successful many gentlemen wanted to increase the period, so try for the maximum period provided with Prasadam distribution. If possible arrangements should be made so that the kitchen can continue to cook and Prasadam distribution may go on continuously, in Delhi this is not difficult. If you do so the richer section of the public will contribute food grains, flour, ghee etc.

Letter to Karandhara -- Bombay 27 September, 1973:

I am also very much pleased to learn that now in San Diego there is Radha Krsna Deity and They are being worshiped very nicely. Here the land negotiation and compromise with Mrs. Nair is almost complete. We have to pay immediately 14 lakhs 50 thousand, plus stamp duty, etc., so nearly about 16 lakhs. The major portion of this amount is being contributed by Bali Mardan. . Still we have to arrange for transferring 20 Krsna Books. . That you have to arrange and on hearing from you I shall advise you.

Letter to Mohanananda -- Bombay 13 October, 1973:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated September 26, 1973 and have noted the contents carefully. In my opinion all Gurukula students should be educated free of charge, but outside students may be charged. Our own parents should without obligation contribute liberally, but we should not be hard with them if they cannot pay. Sometimes the parents get money from the Welfare Dept., so whatever money they get for their children must be paid to Gurukula.

Letter to Mohanananda -- Bombay 13 October, 1973:

But, on the whole the Gurukula standard should be free education, boarding, and lodging. People shall voluntarily contribute as far as possible. That should be introduced. We cannot enforce that if you do not pay, then take back your child. Rather the opposite. We must give free education to our children. We have to if need be provide money from the incense business or Book Trust, like that if sufficient income is not there.

Letter to Karandhara -- Vrindaban 31 October, 1973:

Please read the articles contributed by my godbrother Sri Dr. B.L. Kapur. How they are liked by our readers?

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Tejiyas -- Los Angeles 2 January, 1974:

As you know my Guru Maharaja emphasized book publication above all other preaching activities because it is the big mrdanga which can be heard all over the world. Sometimes people are reluctant to contribute for our temples and for our religious activities but for education everyone will be ready to help.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Hong Kong 1 February, 1974:

Now print as many literatures as possible in french language and distribute. If you have any money left from the recent donations of $20,000.00 I request you to spare something to contribute to our Vrindavan construction; it can be sent to account number 230 of the Punjab National Bank, Moti Bagh Branch, New Delhi.

Letter to Satyahit -- Vrindaban 16 March, 1974:

You write that members of the Gujarat community would like to contribute $10,000.00 toward a temple there, but at this time I think the money could be better spent by contributing to shipping grains to India for distribution. If they wish to donate for this noble project they can send money directly to the following account: "ISKCON Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust," account no 668, the Punjab National Bank, Vrindaban, Mathura, U.P., India.

Letter to Bhavatarini -- Bombay 3 April, 1974:

If you are actually going to receive $24,000 I think the best thing is to contribute it to the Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust Fund which you can do either in the U.S. or in India. You have learned from the devotees who have been here, what a large scope our plans are for these two centers in India. During the festival hundreds of devotees from countries all around the world all very much appreciated that these transcendental spots, Mayapur and Vrindaban are place of spiritual inspiration for all devotees of ISKCON.

Letter to Tejiyas -- Hyderabad 24 April, 1974:

As for the needs for construction over the next three months, one lac has been transferred to Delhi to the Vrindaban Temple Construction Fund and one lac is deposited in the Trust Fund; that makes two lacs. Plus, Birla will contribute Rs 50,000 per month. I am advising the Vrindaban Punjab National Bank to transfer to Delhi Vrindaban Temple Construction Fund a total of three lacs, see the enclosed letter to the bank. So I think this will solve your immediate construction needs for some time.

Letter to Giriraja -- Vrindaban 8 August, 1974:

Regarding getting the USA money for your Sunday feast program, no that is not required. Local people can contribute. There are many temples that are getting donations from the public. In Bhuleshvar there is one Hanuman temple, and they are getting grains and ghee from the public. If you try, you can also get.

Letter to Richard -- Vrindaban 20 August, 1974:

I thank you for your desire to distribute the Goswami literature. Right now we are publishing Caitanya Caritamrta in 12 volumes. It is a big expense so if you would like to contribute something give money to my book trust. You can make some contribution and help in this great mission.

Letter to Giriraja -- Vrindaban 3 September, 1974:

It is very good that you are making life members daily locally instead of going to the city. Better to get sympathy in the neighborhood. As soon as they will see our activities, they will be very much pleased. You must keep in touch with them, that is their real complaint. It is a very big scheme. Hundreds of thousands will give for this scheme. Let them come in the evening, see kirtana, take prasada, and liberally contribute. They will feel releaved to contribute to such a good cause. Try to publish in Hindi and Gujarati our literature.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Jamuna -- Perth, Australia 11 May, 1975:

Your husband recently came to Delhi and Vrndavana and he has sold so many properties of ISKCON through the Mukutwalla. His only business is to acquire money. He is collecting money like anything and is not contributing to the society. So what can I do? I did not say anything to him. I am simply praying to Krishna for his welfare.

Letter to Giriraja -- Detroit 4 August, 1975:

Yes, what is the use of approaching a poor man to contribute. A poor man will simply think how can I occupy. Regarding the retired persons staying, retired means vanaprastha. They cannot live with family. Husband and wife must sleep in different rooms. One room should be for two or three retired men, and they will live together. So there will be no accommodation together with the wife. And, husband and wife must follow all the rules and regulations.

Letter to Bhakti Pramode Puri Maharaja -- Vrindaban 7 September, 1975:

Yes, it is Bhagavan's special mercy upon me that I am getting such immense wealth. You will be pleased to know that my books are selling to the extent of one million of dollars per month. But this money is coming from the mlecchas and yavanas. That is the difficulty. This money is not coming from the brahmanas. Therefore I am afraid to contribute to you as you request. How shall I give to you and pollute you?

Letter to Jagadisa -- Ahmedabad 29 September, 1975:

The property is very nice. You should take it immediately. Make some bargain as far as possible to get the best price, and take it. We shall try to get the money. Ask Ramesvara. He is now getting money from book distribution, so money is coming. I do not know if the centers can contribute. 40 centers would have to contribute U.S. 5,000 each to raise U.S. 200,000. As far as taxing the centers for the maintenance, that should be considered amongst the GBC.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Mayapur 20 January, 1976:

The atmosphere in Vrindaban is beyond compare and the teachers are far more experienced as we have many men willing to work there who are retired and qualified professors, what to speak of our own scholars who are living in Vrindaban and starting this gurukula project. Many people will contribute to expand this program and the Krishna-Balarama Mandir is the finest in the world. All the devotees in Vrindaban, especially the children are in fine health and their needs are being guaranteed by the members.

Letter to Aksayananda -- Bombay 14 April, 1976:

Now there is some commotion about all the householders and children at the Temple so they can move there and we can use the 2 big rooms as a Gurukula for now. It does not matter that the land is not ours, that we can negotiate later, but we can utilize for the time being and negotiate later to purchase or not, or even he may contribute outright to us.

Letter to Mr. Hunter -- Los Angeles 5 June, 1976:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter with enclosed contribution towards the development of our Mayapur City in W. Bengal, and I thank you very much. We are trying to construct a city where people from all over the world can come to visit and live according to the Vedic tenets of "simple living and high thinking." I am pleased to hear that you appreciative of our humble efforts and if you would like to contribute in the future towards this great spiritual city you can send your contributions to me care of:

Hare Krishna Land,

Juhu Road, Juhu,

Bombay 400-054, India

I am enclosing one copy of our latest issue of Back-to Godhead magazine as you mentioned you have read some of our past issues. I hope that this meets you in good health.

Letter to Jayapataka -- New Vrindaban 26 June, 1976:

Concerning the doubts of the commission: 1). Christians also convert. It is not conversion from Christian to Hindu. We convert atheist class of men to take God-consciousness. God is one. It is not the question of Christianity, Hindu, Muslim; any religion that teaches to love God is genuine. It has nothing to do with Hinduism, Mohammedanism, etc. 2). Sources (of funds) means we get contributions from all over the world. All of our branches will gladly contribute.

Letter to Aksayananda -- Washington D.C. 5 July, 1976:

If you organize you will get so many nice guests and they will contribute. Everything must be neat and clean and silent, then people will come. Safety at Taparia house is that it should not be left vacant at any time. Somebody, at least 4-5 men should be there to remain. Then the thieves will stay away. Everything must be kept under lock and key. You see what is necessary. Previously it was proposed to have a barbed wire fence. I do not know if that is necessary, but if a fence is needed then a high brick wall is better than barbed wire.

Letter to Internal Revenue Service -- Washington D.C. 5 July, 1976:

This is to certify that Miss Elizabeth Luise Reuther contributed the amount of U.S. $50,000 (fifty-thousand) to the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust which is a registered charity whose head office is in Bombay. This contribution was made in March, 1975, and these funds are being used for religious-charitable work.

Letter to Giriraja -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 24 July, 1976:

This idea of Mr. Binbani's is very good; you should encourage him. You may say that the entire expense of this issue has been met by the Binani Trust. This will encourage the other trusts to also contribute. It is very nice that he wants to help the printing of literatures. The construction of the temple is going on, now let us have new publications. I am sending by separate registered post the Hindi translation of the Nectar of Devotion. You should print it. Our Bombay center is a general cultural institution for the education of scientific knowledge and spiritual life. I am trying to induce responsible men to fully retire from family life and take to Krsna consciousness.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Vrindaban 26 October, 1976:

Whether we require our own house in Mombassa? Why spend energy in that way when there is no money? Preaching is first and foremost. If by preaching people will contribute, then we can get, otherwise, what is the need?

Letter to Pusta Krsna -- Vrindaban 29 October, 1976:

I know that you are intelligent and can act very nicely to help spread Krsna consciousness. If you feel Maya attracting, then live an honest life as a householder and contribute to our movement. As a family man you can join Svarupa Damodara to help with the Bhaktivedanta Institute. Caitanya Mahaprabhu says it doesn't matter whether one is a sannyasi, grhastha, brahmana, or sudra. You have intelligence. Study more and more. If you think that you should be married, then do that and assist Bhaktivedanta Institute by giving service. My request is, don't become an ordinary foolish man. Keep Krsna consciousness in any condition of life. That is success.

1977 Correspondence

Letter to VARIOUS -- Unknown Place Unknown Date:

That is the perfection of spiritual life, when one may utilize his occupational duty to serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In this way, although he is engaged in normal business pursuits, because he is contributing something of his energy for satisfying the Supreme, in return he shall be rewarded with something more satisfying than simple monetary considerations. Without such making sacrifice for God or Krsna, our life is only full of anxieties, worries, insecurities, and false ideas.

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