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"He helps"|"He will help"|"His help"|"Krishna always will help"|"Krishna can help"|"Krishna for help"|"Krishna has helped"|"Krishna is helping"|"Krishna to help"|"Krishna will always help"|"Krishna will certainly help"|"Krishna will help"|"Krishna will surely help"|"Krishna would help"|"Krsna He helps"|"Krsna Himself will help"|"Krsna as Paramatma helps"|"Krsna as Supersoul helps"|"Krsna can help"|"Krsna for helping"|"Krsna has helped"|"Krsna immediately will help"|"Krsna is already helping"|"Krsna is personally helping"|"Krsna will also help"|"Krsna will always help"|"Krsna will certainly help"|"Krsna, kindly help"|"Krsna, will gradually help"


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