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God's Abode

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"abode of the lord"|"abode of god"|"lord's abode"|"abode of the supreme personality of godhead"|"abode of the supreme lord"|"Lord Visnu's abode"|"abode of Lord Visnu"|"whoever may go to His abode"|"Abode of Lord Caitanya"|"His personal abode in the Vaikuntha planets"|"personal perception of My abodes"|"|"entrance into His abode"|"the Personality of Godhead, His abode"|"Lord returned to His abode"|"His personal abodes"|"about the Supreme Lord and His abode"|"may go to His abode"|"Your abode is visuddha-sattva"|"earth for His own abode"|"His sanatana abode"|"Svetadvipa, the Abode of Lord Caitanya"|"From Him, in His abode"|"personally from His abode"|"His abode is also known"|"very pleasing abode"|"Although He is present in His abode"|"Although He is in His abode, His"|"know Him and His abode"|"abode of the Ksirodakasayi Visnu"

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