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Give Shelter

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"giving shelter"|"give shelter"|"gave shelter"|"gives shelter"|"given shelter"|"give me shelter"|"gives me shelter"|"giving me shelter"|"gave me shelter"|"give her shelter"|"gives him shelter"|"give him shelter"|"gave him shelter"|"gives one shelter"|"give them shelter"|"giving them shelter"|"give you shelter"|"gives you shelter"|"giving you shelter"|"given you shelter"|"giving us shelter"|"give us shelter"|"given a shelter"|"gives complete shelter"|"giving some shelter"|"giving, offering shelter"|"given food, shelter"|"give a shelter""give American shelter"|" give me a shelter"|"given the deer shelter"|"gives the devotee shelter"|" give me the shelter"|"gave the fish shelter"|"gives a devotee shelter"|"gives him the shelter"|"give me my shelter"|"give us some shelter"|"given cloth and shelter"|"give you food, shelter"|"give them nice shelter"|"give them nice shelter"|"give me some shelter"|"give him food, shelter"|"give us food, shelter"|"give them food, shelter"|" give us actual shelter"|"gave him some shelter"|"give them good shelter"|"giving them comfortable shelter"|"give you some shelter"|"offers shelter"|"offer shelter"|"offered me shelter"|"offering them shelter"

  • VedaBase query: "giv* shelter" or "gave shelter" or "giv* * shelter" or "gave * shelter" or "giv* * * shelter" or "gave * * shelter" or "offer* shelter" or "offer* * shelter" not "Caitanya, give me shelter"


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