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"eat meat and flesh, fish"|"eating flesh or fish"|"eat meat, fish"|"eat meat and fish"|"eat anything contaminated by flesh or fish"|"eat fish"|"eat the small fish"|"eat a fish"|"eats the fish"|"eating of meat, fish"|"eating many fish"|"eats the material body of a large, old fish"|"eating meat, flesh and fish"|"fish-eating"|"eating fish"|"eaten by the big fishes"|"eating meat, fish"|"Eating flesh, fish"|"eats the most abominable, most rotten fish"|"You give Me meat or egg or fish"|"Meats, fish"|"eating of fish"|"Amisa, meat, egg, fish"|"fish-eaters"|"eating, fish"|"fish eating"|"fish is eating another small fish"|"eaten some fish"|"fish is coming to eat"|"eat anything else that isn't fish"|"eat Jagannatha-prasada with fish"|"eating, no eggs, no fish"|"eating, no meat, fish"|"eats fish"|"eat all the fishes"|"eat rice and fish"|"no fish"|"eat some fish"|"fish or egg eating"|"fish or egg, eating"|"fish, or eggs"|" fish or eggs"

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