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But what are you going to do about your security? Can I talk to this about this, you know?

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"But what are you going to do about your security? Can I talk to this about this, you know"

Conversations and Morning Walks

1973 Conversations and Morning Walks

Room Conversation with Officer Harry Edwards, the Village Policeman -- August 30, 1973, Bhaktivedanta Manor, London:

Prabhupāda: Generally the gypsies are Egyptian, but are they Egyptian or English?

Harry: No, no.

Guest: No, these are really tinkers. They're just...

Śyāmasundara: (talking in background:) In a sense. In a sense.

Harry: They are, they are wanderers actually. But there are various kinds of gypsies. Now, you've got gypsies...

Prabhupāda: In India, we have got gypsies.

Harry: Yeah, types of gypsies.

Revatīnandana: Baul? Bauls?

Prabhupāda: Hmm?

Revatīnandana: Bauls, or...? What are they called? Bauls? Bauls in Bengal?

Prabhupāda: Baul, Baul.

Revatīnandana: Yeah.

Prabhupāda: No, Baul is different.

Harry: In this country... It's rather interesting.

Prabhupāda: Gypsies are all over the world.

Śyāmasundara: Rajasthan, they come, many gypsies.

Prabhupāda: Yes.

Harry: Romeos, Romanic gypsies.

Prabhupāda: Nomadic.

Harry: Romanic? No, Romanies. They're the ones that, they're... Well, they have nothing white.

Śyāmasundara: Nothing white?

Harry: No, nothing white.

Guest: Everything's brightly colored...

Harry: They will have white, but not pure white. They will have white, but there will be colors. Now they are real gypsies. Then you've got your show gypsies, show-business gypsies, you know, from the fairs, the World Circus.

Revatīnandana: They're called carnies in the states, carnies.

Harry: Yeah. They won't mix. This other, of the top class, they won't mix with those, the showmen. Then you've got what we call Ditticoys(?), and what they term "men of the woods", crawlers, hedge crawlers, Ditticoy hedge crawlers. They are the lowest of the lowest, and they will not associate, nobody will associate with them at all. The ones around here...

Śyāmasundara: The ones that have automobiles and...

Guest: They're the Ditticoys.

Harry: Right. They're our Ditticoys. But if you get any trouble with them, let me know.

Śyāmasundara: Yeah. Well, two came around here once when we first moved in saying that Mrs. Ruffles had promised them that they could paint the place. And we thought it was a little suspicious the way they were talking. And we watched them. They were looking mostly at the lead, I think, in the glass. Finally, we told them to get off and not come back. But, a little suspicious of...

Harry: Umm. Yeah. This, if you do get them, let me know. 'Cause I'll soon warn them off.

Śyāmasundara: (laughs) Yeah.

Harry: I'll soon push them off. Unless, of course they want to come here as a visitor.

Revatīnandana: They do steal sometimes, eh?

Harry: Steal?

Revatīnandana: Yeah.

Harry: Oh yeah, they will do, oh yeah. They will do. Yeah.

Prabhupāda: Their profession is stealing.

Harry: Ah, but what'd you say then? Would you come and tell me they've stolen? You wouldn't, would you? Would you?

Śyāmasundara: No.

Harry: Would you tell then, would you come up and tell me that they've stolen?

Śyāmasundara: Sure, if we saw them do it or something. Of course.

Harry: You wouldn't charge them, though, would you? Or would you?

Śyāmasundara: Eh?

Revatīnandana: If necessary, we would.

Śyāmasundara: Oh yeah.

Harry: Well, that would be Kṛṣṇa's will, mercy.

Guest (English Man): No, it depends, you know, if it's just some minor thing, you know.

Śyāmasundara: (talking over) ...maliciously try to take our property or something valuable, we have to defend.

Harry: Yeah. And how would you defend by? Yeah. (laughs) Yes, that's it, how would they defend?

Revatīnandana: That's where you come in. (laughter)

Harry: 'Cause that's right, you were the one who said that we could move in with a gun and shoot them, didn't you?

Revatīnandana: No, I didn't say that. I'm the one who hit him with a big piece of wood. Yeah.

Harry: Oh, you are? Well, they said they'd, "Why... Shoot them?" I said, "This is England, not America." (laughter) That was the cows, you know. Remember the cows?

Śyāmasundara: Well, in America, we're used to shooting rustlers, you know.

Harry: Yeah, but, uh...

Śyāmasundara: String him off the nearest tree.

Revatīnandana: Lynchings.

Harry: But what are you going to do about your security? Can I talk to this about this, you know?

Prabhupāda: Yes.

Harry: I'd like to get an idea.

Śyāmasundara: In the temple room?

Harry: In the temples.

Śyāmasundara: Yeah, well, gradually we'll be having a lot of jewelry and things.

Harry: Yes, I know this. This is what's worrying me.

Śyāmasundara: We have our ruby business here, as well.

Harry: Yes, this is another thing that worries me. Yeah.

Śyāmasundara: We have a nice safe down there, though, where they're all locked at night. Have you seen that safe, big huge safe, we built into the wall down stairs?

Prabhupāda: Iron, iron safe?

Śyāmasundara: Yes, Iron safe. Yes.

Prabhupāda: Iron safe?

Śyāmasundara: Oh yes. Heavy, thick doors, like this, all surrounded with cement around. It's very...

Prabhupāda: We have kept two firearms in Māyāpur.

Śyāmasundara: Yeah.

Prabhupāda: Because nowadays there are dacoits.

Śyāmasundara: Bandits.

Prabhupāda: Hmm.

Revatīnandana: This is in Bengal.

Prabhupāda: So if we require, we can keep firearms.

Harry: Hmm, hmm. Well, yeah.

Guest: Prabhupāda says; "If you require it."

Revatīnandana: (In background) ...necessary.

Guest: We can keep firearms if we, you require it.

Harry: (everybody talking at once) It wouldn't be, no, it wouldn't be...

Śyāmasundara: ...really need it.

Harry: No, no, no. Not if, unless it's absolutely necessary, but I doubt that... I would have to say that you want a firearm to kill vermin.

Prabhupāda: We (laughs) are not interested in killing.

Harry: No, Do you understand? Like rabbits or anything like that.

Prabhupāda: No, no, no.

Revatīnandana: No, what he's saying is that if we wanted to keep a firearm, it would have to go down in the book that it is for killing animals; that is legitimate business here.

Śyāmasundara: In order to get our license.

Revatīnandana: Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to get a license for using it for defending the property.

Śyāmasundara: Except that...

Revatīnandana: We could put an alarm system in if we put jewels in the Deity room.

Harry: Oh yes, yes, put an alarm in, yes.

Śyāmasundara: This is England, after all, a civilized country.

Prabhupāda: Yes.

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