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And what is your program, sir?

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"And what is your program, sir"

Conversations and Morning Walks

1976 Conversations and Morning Walks

My program is chant Hare Kṛṣṇa and write books. That's all.
Meeting With Member of Parliament, Mr. Krishna Modi -- August 31, 1976, Delhi:

Gopāla Kṛṣṇa: I'd like you to take this because this also has an article at length about our Gurukula system in America.

Prabhupāda: Unless they are appreciating this culture, how they are accepting?

Krishna Modi: It is perfectly right. But they must do it like that.

Prabhupāda: Who will do. Do it... We can give you all information.

Krishna Modi: That I will speak each and every thing. I will give a speech about all these things in any way. I have got...

Gopāla Kṛṣṇa: This one is later. Just came. This is a new sample copy that we have.

Krishna Modi: And what is your program, sir?

Prabhupāda: My program is chant Hare Kṛṣṇa and write books. That's all.

Krishna Modi: No, no, now. Staying in India.

Prabhupāda: Yes, I am going to Vṛndāvana.

Krishna Modi: Today?

Prabhupāda: Tomorrow. (Hindi)

Krishna Modi: And you are staying at Vṛndāvana up to...

Prabhupāda: At least three weeks.

Krishna Modi: Three weeks.

Gopāla Kṛṣṇa: So we can arrange a bus and...

Krishna Modi: You will arrange for bus?

Prabhupāda: Let them go. They have got their cars.

Krishna Modi: They have their car also and they have got this Taj and all these trains. Why you arrange? Let them spend.

Prabhupāda: I wanted to work in India by spreading saṅkīrtana provided I get little cooperation of the government.

Krishna Modi: That we will talk. That we will talk.

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