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1947 to 1965 Correspondence

Letter to Sardar Patel -- Calcutta 28 February, 1949:

4. The fourth item is to organize the much discussed caste system as a solution of natural division of the human beings all over the world. Nationalistic division of human races is artificial but scientific division of the caste system as envisaged in the Bhagavad-gita is natural. We shall have to pick up brahmanas and others not only from the Indian people but from the peoples of all over the world. The vitiated caste system of present India is never sanctioned by the scriptures. But the caste system is made by God according to quality and work of the subject and it was never designed for the benefit of accidental birth right. Thus whatever is made by God cannot be destroyed by man. Destruction of the caste system as contemplated by some exponents, is therefore out of question. By the modes of nature different persons are imbued with different qualities and the scientific way of division of human society, from the qualitative aspect, by the caste system is quite natural. But the basic principle of such caste system is to serve the plan of Godhead and by doing so the four orders of caste system make a headway by the co-operative method. When such spiritual progress is definitely made, the materialistic progress is automatically effected as a matter of course. That makes a real classless society.

Letter to Sri Munshiji -- Bombay 18 February, 1957:

. Men have forgotten their eternal relation with Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Some of them are so foolish as to think that everyone of them are so many Sri Krishnas (?) or Gods although we know that God is one, one without a second. But there is no doubt in the fact that the man, nay every living entity, is a part and parcel of the Supreme God in quality; and therefore qualitatively there is no difference between living being and God. But so far quantity of energy and potencies are concerned, there is a great ocean of difference between living being and God. Therefore, the right philosophy is that God is simultaneously one and different from the living being. Those, who therefore consider God and living beings are identical in every respect, are polluted in thought. This pollution of thought of the empiric and atheistic philosophers now prevailing practically all over the world, has caused a tremendous deterioration of human civilization as to become agnostics in dealings.

Letter to Sri Padampat Singhania -- Kanpur 7 May, 1957:

We have to accept the Mantra and its potency from the Vedic source and follow the practice and principles only to arrive at reality of truth. Research work by imperfect senses is practically a revolt against the established truth. Let us therefore accept the Vedic injunction of Brihannaradiya Puranam

I have already mentioned about this Mantra in my previous letter and I beg to confirm it further that the Name "Krishna" even up to the foreign words like God and Allah, if they at all aim at the Supreme Personality—then the Name is as much holy and potential as perfect is the Supreme Lord—because in the Absolute Realm or Spiritual Nature everything is identical with everything as all of them are qualitatively spiritual and therefore pure, eternal, liberated and perfect.

Letter to Dr. Y. G. Naik M.Sc., Ph.D -- Delhi 28 March, 1960:

The Apara Prakrti consists of gross and subtle matters like mind, ego and intelligence. Spirit is transcendental to all these. The spiritual energy para Prakrti is simultaneously one and different from the spirit whole. Qualitatively they are one but quantitatively they are different. The Brahman Ray is the effulgence of the Supreme Person.

1968 Correspondence

Letter to Rupanuga -- San Francisco 12 March, 1968:

Tattvam asi means you are that. You are that, means you are also Brahman. That means qualitatively you are one with the Supreme Absolute. The Mayavadi philosophers interpret this Tattvam asi that the living entity is the same Supreme Absolute Truth. They do not make any difference of quality and quantity, but Vaisnava philosophers are very accurate in their estimation of the Absolute Truth. Therefore, we interpret this Vedic verse as Tattvam asi means that the living entity is qualitatively one, as much as a particle of gold is also gold.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Montreal 3 July, 1968:

Your question, "if in the Vaikunthas ecstatic love between Lord Narayana and His devotees and Lord Krishna Consciousness and His devotees on Krishna Loka is qualitatively the same, then what is the advantage of following the path of Krishna Consciousness, whose philosophy austerity is difficult to understand?" Krishna Consciousness philosophy includes the whole Vaisnava philosophy. When we speak Krishna, the very Word means, Rama, Nrsimha, Varaha, and all other similar expansions and incarnations. So Krishna Consciousness includes Vaikuntha consciousness, but Vaikuntha consciousness does not include Krishna Consciousness. Those who are strictly following the rules and regulations of Vaisnava activities, they are promoted to Vaikuntha lokas. But those who have developed a spontaneous love for Krishna, they are promoted to the Krishna Loka.

Letter to Rayarama -- Seattle 17 October, 1968:

Every living entity is equally valuable. Next point, every living entity is claimed as the son of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, they may be dressed differently, because the body is dress, the body is not identification with the living entity, therefore the living entity may be dressed in 8,400,000 of different dresses, and the living entity as he is, there is no qualitative difference between human being and animal. Therefore, their material necessities are the same, namely, eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. Next point, the foolish idea that animals or plants or other living entities have no life, is the basic cause of human sinful activities. Next point, one should be satisfied only to fulfill the belly, that is the eating process. If you can satisfy your belly by such things as grains, vegetables, fruits and milk, you have no right to kill another animal for satisfying the taste of your tongue.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Los Angeles 24 November, 1968:

The Supersoul never will fall under the clutches of this illusory maya and the jiva soul has this tendency. So there is distinction, yet, the two, Supersoul and jiva soul are also the same as much as the sunlight and the Sun are qualitatively the same. So this is Krishna's message that we are simultaneously one and different from Krishna. When the jiva soul accepts the dictates of the Supreme consciousness Supersoul, his activities will no longer be for the sake of personal sense gratification but will be only for the purpose of gratifying the senses of Krishna. This attitude of service is the perfection of the living entity.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Swami Bhaktivedanta -- Hawaii 14 March, 1969:

God is the Supreme Lord. The living entities are qualitatively one with God, or in other words,, living entities and God are one in quality, but by quantity, God is great. As such the living entities are eternal servitors and subordinate of God maintained by the Supreme Lord. This relationship is eternal, therefore time is also eternal. There are two kinds of natures, the spiritual nature and the material nature. Material nature is temporary and spiritual nature is permanent; Material nature is simply temporary manifestation within the jurisdiction of spiritual nature. The living entities somehow or other being entrapped by material nature are meeting all kinds of material conditions. His birth, death, old age, and diseases are due to his contact with this material nature.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Hawaii 14 March, 1969:

The impersonalists masquerade as Vedantists, but actually they are defying Vedanta. In the Vedanta it is clearly said, the Original Source of all being; in the Upanisads it is clearly said that the Supreme is the Supreme being of all living beings. So all the Vedas affirm it vehemently that the Supersoul and the soul are two different identities, although qualitatively one. But the impersonalists they accept Vedas as authority, but they go against the verdict of the Vedas. Lord Caitanya has depicted this impersonalist class of men as more dangerous than the Buddhists. The Buddhists plainly declare that they do not accept the authority of the Vedas, but the impersonalists masquerade themselves as followers of Vedas, but actually they are hidden Buddhists. The idea is, if a person is actually fast asleep, it is easier to awake him but if a person pretends to be sleeping but actually is awake, then it is very difficult to wake him up.

Letter to Lilavati -- Allston, Mass 25 April, 1969:

Regarding your question about the relationship between the living entities and Krishna, the answer is that qualitatively we are one with Krishna: There is no qualitative difference, although the living entity has a different function than Krishna. Prakrti means nature. Just like fire; its nature is heat, and the heat is not a different quality although the function is different. In one sense, fire and heat are nondifferent. Therefore, Lord Caitanya's philosophy of inconceivably simultaneously one and different is the perfect philosophy of our relationship with the Absolute Truth.

Letter to Lilavati -- Allston, Mass 25 April, 1969:

Regarding your question about our relationship with Srimati Radharani, She is the internal energy, we are marginal energy. Marginal means sometimes internal, sometimes external. When we are under the internal energy, that is our normal life, and when we are under the external energy, that is our abnormal life. Therefore, we are called marginal energy; we can be either this way or that way. But being qualitatively one with the purusa, our tendency is to remain in the internal energy. Being in the external energy is our artificial attempt.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Dr. Bigelow -- Allahabad 20 January, 1971:

The difference between God and the soul is that God is a very great soul and the living entity is a very small soul, but qualitatively they are equal. Therefore God is all-pervading and the living entity is localized. The nature and quality is the same.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Sri K. Raghupati Rao -- Calcutta 13 January, 1976:

Where are the words "iva" and "sadrsa"? You cannot rectify Bhagavad-gita with new words of Sankara. And even if you take sadrsa it can be taken to mean qualititative. "Nityo nityanam cetanas' cetananam", the Supreme Absolute is the supreme eternal being amongst all other eternal beings. This is sadrsa, not eternal in quantity, just in quality. Krishna never falls into Maya. Therefore His name is Acyuta. But the living entities can fall into Maya so how can they be sadrsa in all respects? If you take gold and a little fraction of gold, the quality is the same. Only the quantity is changed.

Letter to Sri K. Raghupati Rao -- Calcutta 13 January, 1976:

The jiva is eternal, sanatan. Just like the sun and the sunshine. The sun is a combination of bright molecules and both are eternally existing. Similarly, Krishna and His qualitative fragmental parts are also eternal. Therefore the jiva is explained in the Bhagavad-gita as acchedyah (2:24) so how can it be broken? It is eternally existing as vibhu and anu. Svarupamsa is not jiva, it is Visnu Tattva. Visnu tattva is known as svansa and the jiva is known as Vibhinamsa.

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