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Perfectional stage (Letters)


1968 Correspondence

Letter to Hayagriva -- Montreal 14 June, 1968:

One can advance in transcendental life by process of negativating the general practice of materialistic life. The exact adjustment is in Vaisnava philosophy, which is called Yukta Vairagya, means that we should simply accept the bare necessities of our material part of life, and try to save time for spiritual advancement. This should be the motto of New Vrindaban, if you at all develop it to the perfectional stage. And I am always at your service to help you by practical suggestion and assistance also.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Montreal 15 July, 1968:

By Krishna's Grace you have got the talent of carpentermanship, and you have fully utilized your energy in the service of Krishna. You have carved so many Jagannatha Murtis, and the car also, so Krishna must have been very much satisfied with your service. Srimad-Bhagavatam says that the highest perfectional stage of everyone's talent is to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, by his craftsmanship, scientific knowledge, philosophical research, or similar any other energy. Please continue this attitude of service and success of life is assured for you. I have learned the description of the Rathayatra festival verbally from so many persons who came to see me from San Francisco, and I have received the photo album from Gurudasa. But I have not received any newspaper clippings, which I am very much anxious to see.

Letter to Syama -- San Francisco 11 September, 1968:

Just like your body, my body, this material body, they have developed on the basis of the spirit soul. Therefore, Krishna being the Supreme Spirit, one who tries to understand Krishna, he can understand everything else. From your statement of the letter under reply, I can understand that by the Grace of Krishna, you are improving in Krishna Consciousness. And if you continue to keep up your attitude in this spirit, surely in this very life, you will be successful to reach the perfectional stages. It is my duty to open your eyes, because a Spiritual Master is he who can save his disciples from the darkness of nescience, illusion. So I am trying my best to do my duty, and if you cooperate with me, fully, certainly both yourself and myself will be successful in our missionary work.

Letter to Upendra -- Los Angeles 13 November, 1968:

The Spiritual Master's position is to train the disciples. Just like a teacher, he may be a very expert mathematician, but in the lower class he is teaching English. The Spiritual Master's duty is to train him, but when he comes to the perfectional stage of training, then he realizes his position. That is not a gift of the Spiritual Master, the Spiritual Master helps him to realize his relationship with the Lord.

Letter to Sivananda -- Los Angeles 4 December, 1968:

The answer to your second question is that when one becomes accustomed to inoffensive chanting, then his fruit is that he is promoted to the stage of pure Love of Godhead, or prema. This prema is the perfectional stage of consciousness and the most blissful by very far.

So far as singing of the Christian hymns, if others sing this we have no objection, it is very nice, but in these hymns they have no definite idea of what is God. We are directly approaching and praying to Krishna for the highest benediction of eternal devotional service so we do not require to repeat the Christian hymns. Our point is to always follow the example of the acaryas and this will bring us to the perfectional stages with no doubt.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Indira -- Los Angeles 25 February, 1969:

For the Krishna book we will require paintings, so we will not need any etching and woodcut. So you can send me some samples of your paintings and then I'll give you some suggestions. But anyway, you continue to improve your very good artistic talents and it will soon come to the perfectional stage. Regarding your question about artist materials, you may use any materials which will be useful in producing nice paintings.

Letter to Ananda -- San Francisco 3 April, 1969:

Mr. Windisch has spoken very highly of you and your decision to not keep unwanted boarders at the temple is nice. Don't feel yourself to be alone because Krishna is always with you. Krishna is always with every living entity as Supersoul, and to His devotee especially He talks and gives instructions how to attain the perfectional stage of meeting Him. So don't feel alone. Always chant whenever possible, read our books, and there will be no great difficulty.

Letter to Nandarani -- New Vrindaban 23 May, 1969:

I hope all the small babies who are now being raised by our married couples will one day do tremendously in the matter of Krishna Consciousness. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam it is advised that nobody should become a father or mother if he or she is not capable to raise children to the perfectional stage of stopping repeated births and death. This process of birth and death can only be stopped by awakening Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Los Angeles 8 August, 1969:

In further reference to your question about the form of the spirit soul of the conditioned living entity, there is a spiritual form always, but it develops fully only when the living entity goes back to Vaikuntha. This form develops according to the desire of the living entity. Until this perfectional stage is reached, the form is lying dormant like the form of the tree is lying dormant in the seed. Regarding the higher school of theology, according to the Vedic system it is not at all difficult. The students are taught by the Spiritual Master, or the teacher, and the students themselves go from door to door for begging alms, and because everyone's son is in the asrama, nobody declines to give alms.

Letter to Krsna Devi -- Tittenhurst 2 November, 1969:

I am also glad to learn that you are developing more and more a taste for thinking of Lord Krishna and His devotees. Such thinking is required, and you will see that as you think in this way, your taste for relishing the nectar of such meditation will increase more and more. This is called the limitless ocean of the nectar of devotion. This ocean is unending, and therefore the pleasure of relishing the nectar of this ocean is also increasing unendingly. Regarding your questions, yes, a woman can certainly reach the perfectional stage of devotion to Krishna. And the gopis of Vrndavana are the best example of this. They are simple cowherds girls, and Lord Caitanya has praised their worship of Lord Krishna as the highest form of worship. Krishna Consciousness is transcendental to all such mundane considerations as if one's body is male or female. This is the meaning of spiritual: Krishna Consciousness is beyond the limited bodily idea.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Ksirodakasayi -- Los Angeles 10 January, 1970:

I have seen the letter of Srinath das Khanna. In future, do not enter into much correspondence with him. Now you have got a very great responsibility to push on this Krishna Consciousness Movement above everything. You are a sincere soul, you were in search after proper guidance. I can assure you to do this service for your advanced realization of Krishna Consciousness, which is the highest achievement and perfectional stage in human life.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Los Angeles 8 March, 1970:

Certainly this has has come out so successful because of George's sincere effort in Krsna Consciousness. I am so pleased that he is advancing towards perfectional stage of Krsna Consciousness; and your association will greatly help. Try to convince him to avoid the four principles of sinful life and chant Hare Krsna mantra as much as possible, then he will find everything is successful in his life.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 20 April, 1970:

KRSNA, the Reservoir of Pleasure and Other Essays is so much attractive I think this book will be sold like hotcakes. I am very much satisfied with this printing work. Although some of the pictures are not on the perfectional stage, on the whole it is done very nicely. I understand that you are going to print further 50,000 copies of this book from another printer. I think this book will be sold by hundreds of thousands. Anyway all the samples that you have sent are all satisfactory.

Letter to Kancanbala -- Los Angeles 20 April, 1970:

The temple and altar should always be very clean and decorated with flowers and incense. We shall touch the Deity altar and Deity in very clean condition, after taking bath and washing mouth nicely. Practice washing hands after eating and wash with soap and water after toilet. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so this point should be very carefully observed, then you will advance very quickly to the perfectional stage of Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 21 June, 1970:

So far Narada Muni is concerned, in His previous life He was a maidservant's son, but by the mercy of the devotees He later on became siddha and next life He appeared as Narada with complete freedom to move anywhere by the grace of the Lord. So even though He was in his previous life a maidservant's son there was no impediment in the achievement of His perfect spiritual life. Similarly any living entity who is conditioned can achieve the perfectional stage of life by the above mentioned processes and the vivid example is Narada Muni.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Bombay 15 November, 1970:

I am very glad that by Krsna's grace you have secured a very nice place in Berlin for our Temple there and with Sivananda in charge I am sure things will go on well there. I am so glad to hear that in Hamburg your program is going on smoothly. Always work cooperatively, in Krsna Consciousness, without any self-motivation, and your progress towards the perfectional stage of Krsna Conscious life is ascertained.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Giriraja -- Nairobi 28 September, 1971:

So far translating is concerned, I see that Mr. Ganguly's translation is better. There are only some mistakes in spelling in the Sanskrit verses. So if somebody can rectify these spelling mistakes then Ganguly will do nicely for translating work. So far Chenchal is concerned, he is yet to learn a little more. The difficulty is that unless one is in our line of thought it is very difficult for him to translate nicely. If Mr. Ganguly would have come to our line of thought or, in other words, become one of us as a student, he could have improved nicely. Chenchal may associate with us and it will take some time to come to the perfectional stage. And what has happened to Amrtananda? Has he left? You have not mentioned a thing about him.

1972 Correspondence

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Nairobi 29 January, 1972:

The Gurukula program has my full approval and I am requesting you to develop it to the perfectional stage. This is a tremendous new chance that Krishna is giving you to serve him. You may go ahead with the down payment but if there are any further delays you may return the money to Karandhara or transfer it directly to my account: no. 308-1-62526 La Cienega Branch.

Letter to Madhucara -- Bombay 4 February, 1972:

I think you will have no difficulty, as long as our routine work is attended to nicely and the highest standards are maintained. Routine work means rising early, cleansing, chanting minimum 16 rounds, having kirtana, reading scriptures, deity worship, like that. Simply always keep yourselves engaged in these matters of regular activity as sincerely as possible, and do not neglect them for a moment, then your all other activities will come out successful, and you can be very certain that very soon you will find yourselves situated on the highest platform of perfectional stage.

Letter to Jayananda, Trai, Rsabhadeva -- Honolulu 14 May, 1972:

I have no objection to any of the points mentioned therein by you. Only thing is, we must try to avoid becoming too much overly organized like the material businessmen. Our business is to ourselves become Krishna conscious, advance in spiritual life, and to preach to others how they can also take advantage and come to the perfectional stage of life. Too much business or paperwork, vouchers, plans, these things become too much cumbersome for our spiritual growth, they take us away from our real emphasis of work, namely, to go back to Home, back to Godhead. But I think your plan is not like that, so far I can see. It is practical and to the point. But now you must do it very nicely and complete it.

Letter to Saucarya -- Vrindaban 23 October, 1972:

So you should always feel yourself very much blessed by Krishna that you have come to this point after so much long struggling, so if there is from time to time little discomfort, do not pay it any attention. Now you have got the formula how to achieve very quickly the supreme perfectional stage, and it is up to you if you will practice it seriously or not. If you chant daily 16 rounds and read at least one hour daily Srimad-Bhagavatam, plus your other prescribed duties, never mind this or that, you will feel yourself becoming happy more and more and these practices will protect you from maya or hazy consciousness without any doubt. Of course, it is very much favorable to our advancement in spiritual life if we are engaged in some service for Krishna which is also pleasing t us to perform. So if you have got some special talent or experience you may discuss with Jagadisa how to engage yourself in that way. That is his duty as leader, to give you good engagement.

Letter to Mukunda -- Vrindaban 2 November, 1972:

You are one of my first disciples, along with your wife, Janaki, so I am always praying to Krishna to give you His all blessings for bringing you back to Home, back to Godhead. Wherever you may be, it doesn't matter, but don't give up the principles of spiritual life, that is my request. You have become my disciple so I must request you to chant 16 rounds and follow the regulative practices of devotional service, and you may know it for sure that very quickly you will achieve the supreme perfectional stage of your life.

Letter to Visvambhara -- Ahmedabad 14 December, 1972:

So far your question about the Gopis, in the beginning there is no such question. In the beginning we have to follow the principles of devotional service rigidly, like chanting 16 rounds, regularly following the instructions of the Spiritual Master, which includes study, temple worship, sankirtana, like that. And the more one become perfect at following these principles, the more his relationship with Krishna becomes manifest. Following in the footsteps of Gopis comes in the perfectional stage. First you come to the perfectional stage, then you talk of Gopis. Going to girls and making them pregnant, then talking of Gopis, that is going on, that is nonsense. Without coming to the perfectional stage, if anyone tries to understand the Gopis he becomes a sahajiya. Gopis are not ordinary women, they are all expansions of Krishna's pleasure potency. So when we understand Krishna, then we shall understand Gopis. We can simply follow foot prints of Gopi how they loved Krsna.

Letter to Vaikunthanatha -- Bombay 29 December, 1972:

The activity most recommended by Krsna and Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu for taking oneself to the perfectional stage in this age of Kali-yuga is this sankirtana or preaching mission. So if you will be able to form yourself into the first-class preacher, that will be best for you and for others also. Your wife may also assist you in your important activities of spreading Krsna consciousness. She is a very nice painter and artist, and she is very sincere and serious also, so you may together utilize your spot-life as preachers of Krsna consciousness, that will be the better occupation. There is no harm for having children, that is no impediment for preaching endeavor. But too much attachment for children, home and work will spoil your opportunity to get very quickly the mature benefit of Krsna consciousness or self-realization.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Sri Raghava Charyulu -- Bombay 23 December, 1974:

I was so much pleased with your interesting letter and I wish you will understand more and more through your learning of mathematics and physics about the intricacies of God's creation. It is the duty of a learned scholar to glorify the Supreme Personality of Godhead by his talent of knowledge, austerity, penance, etc. Why one should become great mathematician? What is the perfectional stage? That stage is when he describes the glories of the Lord by utilization of his talent of education. So I request you to observe more and more the cosmic manifestation; how it is created by the energy of the Supreme Lord.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Dr. W.H. Wolf-Rottkay -- Honolulu 18 June, 1975:

Brahma-bhuyaya is the immune stage or Krishna Conscious stage when one is always fixed in Krishna. When one reaches this perfectional stage he no longer has to accept these different types of diseases, or bodies.

Regarding the German translation work, if you feel difficulty because there is no good scholar there in Germany in our temple, then do whatever you can. Do not feel pressured. Whatever you can do is very much appreciated by me.

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