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Nivasaty means

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"Nivasaty means"


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Nivasaty means although He's living there, akhilātmā bhūtaḥ. He's everywhere. He's within your heart.
Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda Deity Installation -- London, August 21, 1973:

Now this universe, this material world is called Devī-dhāma. Devī-dhāma. It is under the control of the material energy. Sṛṣṭi-sthiti-pralaya-sādhana-śaktir-eka chāyeva yasya bhuvanāni vibharti durgā (Bs. 5.44). This energy is also personified called Durgādevī. So above this planetary system there is Maheśa-dhāma. Maheśa-dhāma. In the border between spiritual sky and material sky. Above that, there are Hari-dhāma, the Vaikuṇṭha planets where Nārāyaṇa, in various forms is predominating. And above all of them there is Goloka-dhāma or Kṛṣṇa's dhāma. So picture we have given in the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. So goloka-nāmni nija-dhāmni tale ca tasya (Bs. 5.43), devī-maheśa-hari-dhāmasu teṣu teṣu, te te prabhava-nicayā vihitaś ca yena. Each planetary system has got specific atmosphere. Everything is specific. So that is done, that is created by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So in this way, Kṛṣṇa is there in the topmost Goloka-dhāma. But still goloka-dhāmni nivasati, although He is living there, akhilātmā-bhūto, He is everywhere. He's everywhere. That is Kṛṣṇa.

Just like we are sitting in this hall. We are not in our apartment house. Kṛṣṇa is not like that. He is in the goloka-nāmni nija-dhāmni, in His own planet, He's engaged in His occupation. Somewhere He's tending cows, somewhere He's dancing with the gopīs. He is going on with His enjoying occupations. But still He's everywhere. Goloka-nāmni, goloka eva nivasaty (Bs. 5.37). Nivasaty means although He's living there, akhilātmā bhūtaḥ. He's everywhere. He's within your heart. Īśvara sarva bhūtānāṁ hṛd-deśe 'rjuna tiṣṭhati. He's within your heart. Not only within the heart, He is within the atom also. Eko 'py asau racayituṁ jagad-aṇḍa-koṭim yac-chaktir asti jagad-aṇḍa cayā yad-antaḥ aṇḍantara-stha-paramāṇu-cayāntara-stham (Bs. 5.35). His one plenary portion has entered this material world as Garbhodakaśayī Viṣṇu. From Garbhodakaśayī Viṣṇu, there is expansion of Kṣirodakaśayī Viṣṇu. That Kṣirodakaśayī Viṣṇu has entered every atom. Eko 'py asau racayituṁ jagad-aṇḍa-koṭiṁ yac-chaktir asti jagad-aṇḍa-caya yad-antaḥ. So Kṛṣṇa is everywhere, and if you are devotee, then you can catch Him. This is the secret. Just like electricity is everywhere, electrons. One who can tackle the electrons, they can talk without any direct connection by electronic method, thousand thousand miles away. Just like radio message, television message. So similarly, Kṛṣṇa is also everywhere. Just like the waves of sound wave is going on. As soon as you produce, I produce one sound, immediately within a second the sound goes round the earth seven times. So if a material thing has got so much power, just think how much power God has got. So He is everywhere. Simply you have to catch Him. And He's also ready for being caught. Yes. If somebody wants to catch Him... Suppose you are a devotee. If you want to catch Him, He comes forward ten times than your desire. He's so kind. Therefore, we have to simply receive Him.

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