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Conversations and Morning Walks

1973 Conversations and Morning Walks

Room Conversation -- July 19, 1973, London:

Prabhupāda: Now this house will facilitate our business. Just opposite the temple. So round about. Therefore I asked him, "Purchase these houses, purchase." Never mind. So that is not lost. They were paying rent elsewhere. They can pay here. We get our permanent tenants.

Pradyumna: Yes. All children live there too. It is very nice.

Prabhupāda: So these houses. Now we have got four or five houses. Two houses of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust and three houses of M.V. Trust.

Pradyumna: It will be a city. It's so nice, all the children live there together. Next door there is Baladeva, that little boy with red hair. Aniruddha, he is blond hair and another boy with red hair, he is next door. He is best friend. They always play, all boys.

Prabhupāda: Hm. And in the front house, there is ample space back there for children's play. This will facilitate... Very nice. And then one house after, there is another house.

1976 Conversations and Morning Walks

Morning Walk -- June 5, 1976, Los Angeles:

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: They should. They should go down to the smoking room.

Prabhupāda: "Kindly go to the smoking room."

Devotee: The Deities in Vṛndāvana are in need of paraphernalia, and.... Which is more important, that the Deities get Their paraphernalia, or should the money be used...

Prabhupāda: What is that paraphernalia? Who are asking?

Devotee: Who asked me? I'm asking you which is more important.

Prabhupāda: I'll have to .... If you want to give some money, you transfer to the Bank of America, account number 1606.

Rāmeśvara: The Māyāpura-Vṛndāvana Trust Fund? Oh.

Prabhupāda: Yes. And let me know that "I've transferred so much money."

Devotee: Yes.

Prabhupāda: Then I will do it.

Jagannātha: The Deity pūjā has been improving in Vṛndāvana. Right now Nitāi is the head pūjārī there.

Prabhupāda: Then it's all right?

Jagannātha: And he is making many improvements.

1977 Conversations and Morning Walks

Discussions -- May 20-22, 1977, Vrndavana:

Prabhupāda: The system of management will go on as it is now. There is no need of changing. The money which is in my personal name in different banks, that is being spent for the society, and it will be society property. In this connection a few deposits, which is allowing some pension to the members of my former family, may not be touched. That's all, two points. Hm? What do you think? So...?

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: What can I suggest?

Prabhupāda: Hm.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: That in regard to the three temples, Māyāpura, Bombay and Vṛndāvana, you should designate who you want the trustees to be.

Prabhupāda: That I shall do.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: And in regard to the money which is held in your name, which will be used for the society, that should also be... Your signature should be given as a power of attorney to two or three other persons.

Prabhupāda: That's all.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Other than that, you already formed the Māyāpura-Vṛndāvana Trust. Everything is there.

Prabhupāda: That's all right.

Room Conversation -- October 30, 1977, Vrndavana:

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Yes, I think the general is already covered by this Māyāpura-Vṛndāvana Trust committee. That's for all of India. And Gauḍa-maṇḍala-bhūmi is especially for encouraging the development of Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇavism in that area-Śrīdhara Mahārāja's nātha-mandira, this Yoga-pīṭha Bhaktivedanta Hall. Different buildings. Supposing one of your Godbrothers may have written some manuscript, he has no money. We can print some books for him so he can sell them, like that, works within the Māyāpura area.

Prabhupāda: That we shall fix up, what to spend.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: The Bhaktivedanta Swami Charity trustees would fix that up?

Prabhupāda: Hm.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Yes.

Prabhupāda: All right.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: I don't know if I'm understanding your desires about all of these points.

Prabhupāda: No. My point is that all this interest will go for charity.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: "All of the interest" means from all of the different fixed deposits or from these ten lakhs, sixty thousand? Just like we have... I'll give you an example. In Bombay we have that Māyāpura-Vṛndāvana Trust fixed deposits in Bank of America. So those are big amount. So those fixed deposits and other fixed deposits, that money, I was thinking, would be decided by that Māyāpura-Vṛndāvana Trust committee. Because those are all ISKCON men.

Prabhupāda: That's all right.


1972 Correspondence

Letter to Atreya Rsi -- Los Angeles 13 September, 1972:

Regarding your questions, Seva Puja* means only for daily worship of deities. The building fund will construct, the book fund will maintain, and this fund is for daily expenditure of Seva Puja or worship of the deities only. So far your administrative duties as secretary of Mayapur-Vrndavana Trust Fund are concerned, that will be informed by you. For the time being, rents should be collected by Karandhara and sent to India. How it will be done I shall think over and let you know. As for the responsibility for proper spending, the man in charge or the president will be responsible in Mayapur and Vrndavana.

Regarding my personal servant, I have taken one boy, Srutakirti, as my personal servant and Nanda Kumar has remained in New Vrndavana with Kirtanananda Maharaja.

Letter to Karandhara -- Vrindaban 3 November, 1972:

We have now decided to take legal proceedings against Nair because we have received one telegram from Tamala Krishna as follows: "Nair unreasonable, settlement impossible, immediately filing criminal and civil suits, letter follows, Tamala Krishna." So I have immediately sent one telegram: "Suing Nair, don't change bonds, repeat, don't change bonds, Syamasundara. das." So we have decided for good not to settle, so there is no need to cash the bonds as we shall receive lump-sum dividend by 10th December for at least $3500, so we shall not lose this interest. We may, however, require to change the bonds when we find out a suitable house for M-V Trust. That I shall let you know. In the meantime, keep in safe-deposit box. Later developments I shall let you know.

Letter to Karandhara -- Bombay 3 December, 1972:

That policy of "frying the fish in its own oil" is all right, but don't touch the bonds. It should be kept as it is. And now I am thinking to pay Dai Nippon for supplying books to India because there is no money in Mayapur Fund. There is huge demand for books in India, especially Bhagavad-Gita. So I wish to transfer the bonds for paying Dai Nippon on account of supplying books to India. The idea is that you can supply all varieties of books to India, whatever they order, and send them a bill in dollars, cost-price dollars, and the cost-price dollars may be paid to Dai Nippon by encashing the bonds. All of our books may be printed by Dai Nippon in huge amount to the extent of $100,000 cost-price and sent to India. I shall pay them with dollars from the bonds and everything, and here the money will be paid in rupees into a Bhaktivedanta Book Fund and M-V Trust Fund in Indian banks, at the rate of ten rupees per dollar. So there is no difficulty. Just like TLC costs $1.50, and the temple takes 25% or $1.50, and above that there is $3 profit. So from Jayan if we get 10 rupees per dollar, this way we will get 20 rupees.

Letter to Karandhara, Bali-mardana -- Ahmedabad 14 December, 1972:

I am in due receipt of your several telegrams, and I have replied by telegram as follows: YES YOU CAN USE BOTH THE FUNDS IF IT IS A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR NEW YORK GORGEOUS TEMPLE. One thing is, that you should inform me in detail and send the plans of that place, along with how you shall make all the payments. You may repay me the $80,000 gradually by paying the money to Dai Nippon and shipping books to India, as they require, and they shall pay Rupees there into our M-V Trust Fund Account in Indian Bank. Another thing, Syamasundara. is going to London in one or two weeks for some other urgent business, so he shall see what is the position for getting the house there, and if there is no urgent need to use it there at London he may send the money you had sent for down-payment back to New York. If there is any immediate need to utilize the money for the London house, we shall make some suitable adjustment.

Letter to Gurudasa, Yamuna -- Bombay 19 December, 1972:

If you can finish the work by Janmastami next, that will be a very great credit for you, and I shall come there from any part of the world just to install the deity. But now you must work very, very hard to make good your promise to me, otherwise I shall be very disappointed and become very, very angry upon you. You may purchase deity from Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust Fund, about that I shall inform you later. One thing is, I have received report that Tejiyas is having difficulty in Delhi because no men are there to assist him. Delhi is the cultural capital of India, but we have not yet done very much to develop in Delhi. Tejyas is very sincere and hard-working boy, so we must encourage him. So I have asked Tamala Krishna and Syamasundara to find some men to go there, and they will do the needful. There are so many intelligent boys and girls in Delhi, that I have marked, and I think there is more potential there than other places in India, so if you and Yamuna go to Delhi from time to time to help Tejiyas with the preaching work, especially preaching to the student class of young persons, that will be nice.

Letter to Karandhara -- Bombay 22 December, 1972:

Price may be settled as it is required, but not more than $30,000. I shall pay for 5,000 copies from my bonds, you pay for the balance 15,000 copies from Book Fund there. 5,000 Gitas may be sent immediately to India, the balance you distribute other places. In India we want to order a variety of books. So you may immediately order from Dai Nippon 5,000 copies each of KRSNA (Vol. II) (Hard-bound), TLC (soft-bound), NOD (soft-bound), KRSNA TRILOGY (soft-bound), Srimad-Bhagavatam (5,000 of each volume), plus you may send to India 10,000 each of each of the small books, like Easy Journey, Topmost Yoga, Beyond Birth and Death, Isopanisad, like that. So these books should be given at cost-price only, not wholesale price, and you may cash some of my bonds to pay the total cost-price of the above books to Dai Nippon and ISKCON Press. They shall pay me back here into one M-V Trust Fund Account at the rate of ten rupees per dollar, plus they shall give me some profit. So you may inform me what is the cost per book for each of the above, and the total cost you are having to deduct from my bonds. All books should be sent to India as quickly as possible.

Letter to Bali-mardana -- Bombay 23 December, 1972:

I am enclosing one copy of my letter to Karandhara in this regard. I want to use those bonds for purchasing books for India.* But I think there is no shortage of funds to be collected by you and your men in New York only. I was told by Jayatirtha that you have collected more than $1,00,000 in last few months. So if you go on collecting in this way, where is the difficulty? Of course if there is great need, I can give you, but if you think that you can manage something independently, then try for that, that will be better. I had purchased those bonds originally for M-V Trust, so I want to utilize them in India.

Letter to Bali-mardana -- Bombay 23 December, 1972:

Another thing is, if we get our headquarters in the very important business quarter of New York, just like I saw those photos, big, big skyscrapers surrounding, millions of people passing daily, oh, that will be very wonderful thing. But that quarter of 77th Street, that is costly also, but it is not very important. So I think if you get one place, one skyscraper building, just by the 5th Avenue, say, around 40th Street, 45th Street, Times Square, like that, that will be the beacon-light for our world-wide propaganda of Krishna Consciousness Movement.

Hoping this will meet you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


*So please do not touch this fund. This is required for M.V. Trust immediately.

1973 Correspondence

Letter to Karandhara -- Melbourne 10 February, 1973:

I shall be in Sydney until the 18th, and shall be returning to India by the first week of March after visiting New Zealand and Indonesia. As Sudama Maharaja has indicated his desire to remain in U.S. Japan may be included in your GBC zone for the present. I hope this finds you well.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


I have had Bali Mardan Maharaja send you one telegram approving your scheme to purchase the apartment building for the M-V Trust.

Letter to Karandhara -- Bombay 31 March, 1973:

There is no need of adding further Deities. Once installed it cannot be changed. Do not make it childish, too much addition of Deities will encumber us. At first, either Panca Tattva or Gaura-Nitai Deities may be installed, taking care that there is sufficient space. There is no need to consult with me for these installations, the local president can decide whether the circumstances are opportune.

For two houses in M-V we are supposed to get 1600 dollars per month. Now we got three, but we get only $750 per month. What is the benefit? 12-13% interest was the original idea of investing but now you have given calculation for 6 1/2%. I do not know how you have decided this, to take so much burden of maintenance for so little return.

Letter to Atreya Rsi -- Los Angeles 18 April, 1973:

Please accept my blessings. You have suggested that if property is purchased in New York, we can be free from the taxes. So M-V Trust can immediately purchase property in New York and can make down payment of $70,000. So if there is any suitable property available, please send me the particulars, what is the description, the price, the income. Please do this at your earliest.

Letter to Sri Govinda -- Los Angeles 25 April, 1973:

Regarding purchasing apartment house, M-V Trust will immediately purchase and monthly rent may be paid into the Trust. Now you immediately send me scheme and description of a suitable building, and I will send Karandhara Prabhu there with the down-payment to finish the transaction.

Letter to Atreya Rsi -- Los Angeles 29 April, 1973:

Regarding purchasing the Washington D.C. Temple, yes, we can do it. We can invest $70,000.00, and Damodara can pay $700 per month net rent. So you negotiate, and we shall purchase in name of M-V Trust. But, here in L.A. we have invested $63,000 in one house and we are getting $800 per month rent. So you consult with Karandhara and do the needful.

Letter to Karandhara -- Mayapur 8 June, 1973:

You have written nothing about the $25,000 check which I left with you. Whether it is cashed and the business done? I advised Syamasundara. to send you a check for $10,000. Whether you have received it? If not you can advise me. I am anxious to know whether that M-V Trust business (house purchase) is complete.

Letter to Yasodanandana, Gurukrpa -- Los Angeles 1 December, 1973:

I have been informed by Karandhara Prabhu that you both are presently traveling and collecting money for our Vrindaban Project. I am very glad to hear this. Just today we have received a letter from Guru das that the construction has stopped there due to lack of funds. Somehow or other we must complete this Vrindaban Temple so in this connection we require at least $10,000 per month from the U.S.A. for one year. Karandhara can manage $5,000 per month for the BBT and M-V Fund so I request that you both remain in America for 1 year further and collect and send a minimum of $5,000 per month to Guru das for the Vrindaban Temple.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 24 December, 1973:

Yes you keep the Rs. 2 lakhs reserved for purchasing the Mahatma Gandhi building. One thing is the Rs. 65,000 from the BBT savings account actually belongs to the Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust. This I have discussed fully with Giriraja and Karandhara and Giriraja will explain what is to be done in this connection henceforward. Whatever has been done in the past we shall not try to make up for but I want that now this Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust money to be very carefully managed and deposited into a separate bank account and not be spent under any circumstances without my direct order. Giriraja will explain the details to you in full. Regarding the Mahatma Gandhi building, the price is fixed up at 3 lakhs to be shared into 5 divisions. 3 parties may be paid Rs. 60,000 apiece on the condition that they will take the money and immediately vacate.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Bhavananda, Jayapataka -- Los Angeles 6 January, 1974:

I am writing this letter today January 6th at 8:00 P.M. and I have advised Karandhara to send the money by telegram. Probably you will get the money tomorrow or the day after. The exchange of $4,000 is about Rs 32,000. Out of this 32,000 purchase Goswami Maharaja's land for 5,100 and the balance 27,000 you can open an account, the Mayapur-Vrndavana Trust Fund. The MV Trust is registered here and I am sending you a copy of the trust so that the bank will immediately open a MV Trust account.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 11 January, 1974:

I have deposited $100,000 in the M-V Fund which is earning interest at Rs 5,500 per month. I want to utilize this for month after month for Vrindaban, and I do not want to break the original principle I have set up in this regard. I have arranged to send $100,000 for Vrindaban and another $100,000 has been deposited for the M-V Trust. When I come to India, we shall sit together, you, myself, Bhavananda Maharaja, Gargamuni Maharaja, Gurudasa, and do the needful.

Letter to Satyahit -- Vrindaban 16 March, 1974:

You write that members of the Gujarat community would like to contribute $10,000.00 toward a temple there, but at this time I think the money could be better spent by contributing to shipping grains to India for distribution. If they wish to donate for this noble project they can send money directly to the following account: "ISKCON Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust," account no 668, the Punjab National Bank, Vrindaban, Mathura, U.P., India.

Letter to Bhavatarini -- Bombay 3 April, 1974:

If you are actually going to receive $24,000 I think the best thing is to contribute it to the Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust Fund which you can do either in the U.S. or in India. You have learned from the devotees who have been here, what a large scope our plans are for these two centers in India. During the festival hundreds of devotees from countries all around the world all very much appreciated that these transcendental spots, Mayapur and Vrindaban are place of spiritual inspiration for all devotees of ISKCON. They are the best places in the world to come and chant Hare Krishna and prepare for going Back to Home, Back to Godhead.

Letter to Bhavatarini -- Bombay 3 April, 1974:

As for money for Hawaii, that we will arrange in a different way. You can consult with Sudama Maharaja how to send money to the Mayapur Vrindaban Trust Fund whether through the Los Angeles Union Bank, which can be handled by Jaya tirtha, or direct to my account in Vrindaban. I will be glad to hear from you further in this matter. You have already done much service in raising two children and sending them to Gurukula, so you should not be so disturbed by temporary inconveniences. You can also arrange from this contribution to go on paying tuition for your children at Gurukula, as far as possible.

Letter to Bhakta dasa -- Bombay 13 April, 1974:

I never said I was displeased with the American temple presidents for not sending more money to India. You go on expanding there as you are doing so wonderfully. When there is spare money that can be sent to India. For example, you write that you that you have received an extra $10,000. So that can be sent immediately to my personal account in the Punjab National Bank, Vrindaban which is in the name of the Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust current account number 668.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Tirupati 27 April, 1974:

Regarding the $1,200 you have saved for contribution. You may send it to the Head Office of the Punjab National Bank, Parliamentary St., New Delhi, advising them to immediately transfer the exchange in rupees to their Vrindaban branch, in the name of the ISKCON Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust Account number 668 current account. I will personally see that it is spent in the best way.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Bombay 1 May, 1974:

Locana das may deposit his contributions with the Mayapur Vrindaban fund for going to the Krsna Balarama temple. Kindly advise the Union Bank to send the monthly interest to ISKCON Mayapur Vrindaban Trust Fund. I still don't know how many installments they have sent or how quickly they are getting the money to the Punjab National Bank in Vrindaban.

Letter to Bhavatarini -- Bombay 4 May, 1974:

As you say you have on hand a check for $41,880.83, I request you deposit that in the Mayapur Vrindaban Trust Fund. The last time I was in Hawaii I established an account in this name in one Honolulu Bank. You will find a Savings Deposit slip enclosed. You can just fill in the exact amount and deposit it with the main branch of the Liberty Bank in Honolulu account 35785, in the name of Mayapur Vrindaban Trust Fund. As for the $150 you will be receiving each month for the next five years, I think that will be sufficient tuition for your two children at Gurukula, and that will oblige your debt to Gurukula. As for Sudama Maharaja, it is better that he write to me separately; I will send him money from here for his projects.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Bombay 5 May, 1974:

P.S. I want the monthly interest from the Union Bank to go to account 668 at the Punjab National Bank, Vrindaban, called "ISKCON Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust Fund". At present they are sending the interest to the account number 6112. "A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami". So please go to the Union Bank and find out how this change may be brought about and and let me know.

Letter to Sudama -- Bombay 8 May, 1974:

It is good news that you have so sufficiently taken possession of the 40 acres of land there in our society name, under control of Gaurasundara. Now you require $5000.00 to cover expansion for cows, farming and unpaid debts of Gaurasundara. As for the devotee, Bhavatarini Devi, who is there, she has asked me what to do with her large inheritance of $41,000.00. I have asked her to deposit it in our Mayapur-Vrndavana Trust Fund which we have at the Liberty Bank in Honolulu. Now you can withdrawal $5000.00 required by you from this balance by the Mayapur-Vrndavana Trust at the Liberty Bank. The account number is 35785.* I am enclosing one withdrawal slip authorizing you to make the above withdrawal.

Letter to Jayapataka , Bhavananda -- Bombay 9 May, 1974:

Up to 5,000 to 10,000 rupees for purchasing land there is always available from the Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust fund. You write that you now have Rs. 9000/ so another 10,000/ will be made available to you for this purpose.

As for the hand-tiller from Japan that you are using on a trial basis, you should ask Bali Mardan to supply you this Japanese machine. He has good connections in Japan. He can provide you that same Japanese motor hand-tiller much cheaper or even free.

Letter to Gurukrpa -- Vrindaban 14 August, 1974:

I would like to know how much money you have collected and how it was spent. Formally it was understood that money was paid to Dai Nippon and BBT paid to M-V Fund.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Vrindaban 30 August, 1974:

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated August 20, 1974 and have noted the contents. I note that Gurukrpa Swami will pay Dai Nippon $150,000 at the end of September and you will pay the Mayapur-Vrindaban account after October 8, 1974. It is good that he will be sending his collections thereafter directly to my account here in India.

Letter to Gurukrpa -- Vrindaban 1 September, 1974:

I note that you have remitted for M-V total of $185,807.00. You say that after this last payment to Dai Nippon, you will not be able to send any legal payment out of the country. But, Ramesvara has just written that after this payment you will be able to make all future payments to my account direct. Please clarify this. But, there are Indian merchants there who can help you. If they understand that we are using the money here to build temples, they will help. You must use your best judgement. What can I advise?

Letter to Manager of Bank of America -- Vrindaban 16 September, 1974:

I have advised Liberty Bank, Main Office, Honolulu, Hawaii to transfer $35,000.00 to you in favor of our account #6004-7143, International Society for Krishna Consciousness Inc. Mayapur-Vrindaban Fund.

On receipt of this amount please transfer to your New Delhi, India correspondent Punjab National Bank with special instructions to transfer the amount to their Vrindaban Branch, Punjab National Bank, account #668 ISKCON Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust.

Letter to Syndicate Bank -- Vrindaban 21 September, 1974:

We the undersigned, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Brahmananda Swami and Gurudas Adhikary, put the following documents in the Safty Deposit Locker No. 196 of Syindicate Bank, Vrindaban.

The following is the list of documents:

1. Letter from Saraf Trust dated February 6, 1974

2. Registered Deed Vrindaban plot of six pages along with plot one page.

3. Letter from Gitabhai Saraf dated March 12, 1972.

4. Fixed deposit receipt in favor of ISKCON Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust for Rs. 1,60,000/- (rupees one lack sixty thousand.) Date of maturity 10-9-1979.

5. Fixed deposit receipt in favor of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami for Rs. 11,000/- (rupees eleven thousand only). Date of maturity March 14, 1976.

Letter to Pranava -- Mayapur 11 October, 1974:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated October 3, 1974 with enclosed eight forms by Registered Post. Before this I have written you one letter dated 8/10/74. Please refer to that. The land will be purchased as I have already instructed in the name of ISKCON Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust. The money Rs. 1 lakh has already been transferred to this bank account. As per my letter dated 8/10/74, when the conveyance deed is prepared, and when I approve it, then I shall advise the bank to pay the amount before the Registrar. That is the way of payment.

Letter to Pranava -- Mayapur 11 October, 1974:

The eight papers sent by you are returned herewith duly signed in two places. Please do everything very carefully. All documents should be made in English. From Bombay on 7th instant the money is transferred to a/c ISKCON Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust No. 668.

Letter to Gurukrpa -- Mayapur 17 October, 1974:

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated September 30, 1974 with enclosed Credit Note No. 125 from Dai Nippon for Dollars 39,474.73. I am very glad to receive it, and I thank you very much. My blessings are there for you in your collecting program. After all you are already Gurukrpa.

I hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


N.B. After consultation with the Trustees of the Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust, it has been decided to appoint you as a Trustee. Please affirm your acceptance of this appointment.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Bombay 1 November, 1974:

Also I requested Ramesvara through Brahmananda Swami on September 19 to transfer the balance of Gurukrpa's payment to Dai Nippon of Dollars 108,000.00. Ramesvara had deducted Dollars 22,490.63 for various expenses, but this money must be paid for by BBT and not deducted from the M-V construction funds. So this amount should also be transferred here immediately so that work in Vrindaban may not be hampered.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Bombay 27 December, 1974:

Please accept my blessings. I have received your latest receipt from Bank of America dated 15, November, 1974 confirming $4235.43 that was sent to the Punjab National Bank in New Delhi. But I have not received as of yet any statement from them, indicating that the money has come. I have written them for that statement. Gurukrpa has deposited $63,752.54 to Dai Nippon under Credit note no. 134, dated December 19, 1974. Kindly animate this amount to Bank of America, International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Mayapur-Vrndavana Fund, account no. 16026 in Bombay.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Bombay 17 January, 1975:

All money that is collected on behalf of the Food Relief program should be sent to India. (or if possible, send grains) Why has this not been done? That money (700,000 dm) that has been blocked up in the bank account there, as soon as it is freed, you should send whatever portion of it was collected on behalf of food distribution program to India. All money should be sent to Bank of America, International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Mayapur-Vrndavana Fund, account no. 16026 in Bombay.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Bombay 17 January, 1975:

Why is it that money that has been collected on behalf of ISKCON Food Relief program has not been sent to India? Where is that money? This is not good. If you are not intending to send for food distribution, then do not collect in the name of Food Relief. Whatever is collected for India food distribution, must be sent as soon as it is collected, to India. You should send it to: Bank of America, International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Mayapur-Vrndavana Fund, account no. 16026 in Bombay. It must be sent, otherwise it will be a discrepancy. The plan that the lawyer has proposed to you is very good. There can be two separated accounts, ISKCON Food Relief, and BBT.

Letter to Govinda -- Honolulu 1 February, 1975:

What you have to do in this connection is as follows: 1) immediately you go to New York and take an entry visa from the consulate general of India. 2) ask your father to send the 200 dollars monthly to the Bank of America-Bombay branch, account number 16026, (International Society for Krishna Consciousness Mayapur-Vrndavana Fund.) This money will be kept for your expenditure. I think 500 rupees monthly will be sufficient for your food and lodging (60-70 dollars). And the balance you can spend as you like. I think this arrangement will be very nice for you according to my idea. Now you decide what to do.

Letter to Jayatirtha, Ramesvara -- Miami 26 February, 1975:

Please accept my blessings. I have today advised the Bank of America, Los Angeles branch to transfer the whole amount of the two fixed deposits to their Bombay branch, account number 16026, in favor of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Mayapur Vrndavana Fund).

Letter to Gurudasa -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 9 March, 1975:

Please accept my blessings. I have received notice from Saurabha in Vrndavana that we owe 25,000 rs. to the Mukutwala and another 12,500 rs. to Lalita Prasada, and he says that still there are many other deity goods that only been ordered and not paid for. So, I request you to please send the equivalent of at least 30,000 rs. to Vrndavana because there are no collections coming in at this time for the deities and you have ordered this paraphernalia. You should send this money to the Bank of America in Bombay in favor of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Mayapur Vrndavana Fund) account number 16026. Address is Express Towers, Nariman Point, Bombay-1. Please send me a copy of the bank receipt after you send the money.

Letter to Pranava -- Honolulu 4 June, 1975:

Anyway the money can be paid by PNB upon my request, but first you make the sales agreement, then you take the owners' documents to our lawyer to make sure they are actually bona fide, and the lawyer will give a title certificate, if they are bona fide. Then you make the deed conveyance, and take it to the registration office for being registered. Then upon registration, at that time, you give the payment. Not before that time. So, by the time you have done all this, the money will be ready for you. The land should be put in the name of International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Mayapur-Vrndavana Trust, Founder-Acarya A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Letter to Punjab National Bank -- Denver 28 June, 1975:

The 1 lakh of Rupees may be kept in your custody, and you issue a letter of credit in favor of Sri Chanshyam das Agarawal of Murzaffar Nagar stating that on completion of the negotiation of selling his land to Mayapur-Vrindaban Trust he will get up to 1 lakh of Rupees when the conveyance deed is registered before the Registrar.

Letter to Saurabha -- Detroit 3 August, 1975:

Regarding the east side adjacent land, why don't you purchase it? The price has already been settled at Rs. 20/- per sq. yard. You should immediately purchase. The money is there in the bank, so go to the bank. Why there so much delay? So many men are there, Gopala Krishna, Pranava, etc. What is Pranava doing? The M-V Trust will pay, so do not worry about Vishvambar. What is his family business? Anyway, purchase the land first, then we shall see about the scheme. If there is some difficulty about investigation of the sellers properties, then go together to the D.M. and arrange for the seller not to be investigated if possible. You are all simply writing letters to me. Without my personal presence there you cannot do anything. Simply correspondence. Anyway, be careful there is no underhanded dealings in this transaction. It is very much risky, so be careful.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Toronto 8 August, 1975:

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated August 6, 1975 and have noted the contents. Yes, it is all right if you pay something monthly. The monthly dividend is all right. Please send me the balance of the M-V Fund.

Regarding the Bank claim, is it necessary to correspond with them? We do not know whether we have received two or three or whatever payments from them. Anyway, whatever we get, we spend.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Bombay 20 November, 1975:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated November 12, 1975 with enclosed photographs and also your letter of November 8th. I note that starting December 15th there will be a monthly deposit in the amount of $1,900 in the Mayapur-Vrndavana fund account. You have got a good business brain and you worship the Deity very nicely. Therefore I like you.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Ramesvara -- New York 8 July, 1976:

Please accept my blessings. I am enclosing one bank draft for amount of U.S. $2190.00 (two-thousand one-hundred and ninety) for deposit in the Mayapur-Vrindaban account ("ISKCON Mayapur-Vrindaban Fund a/c #6004-07143) at the Bank of America, 600. Please deposit this and send me receipt to the New York address.

Letter to Cittahari -- Vrindaban 12 September, 1976:

Regarding the $30,000.00 which you will receive, you may deposit it in the Bank of America, Main Office, Los Angeles California, in the ISKCON Mayapur Vrndavana Fund. If you forward the amount to Ramesvara Maharaja there he will be able to deposit it for you.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Vrindaban 18 September, 1976:

In general, if any translator of my books requires the original manuscripts for his work, he should be supplied them by you. If you can succeed in spreading this movement to every town and village throughout the world that will be your great credit. Kindly do this and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu will be pleased and my Guru Maharaja will be pleased and I, as their humble servant, will also be pleased. That is our main goal in life, our svartha gatim.

Enclosed please find one check for $1,000.00 from ISKCON BBT Library and College Sales Dept. Kindly deposit this in the ISKCON Mayapur-Vrndavana Trust Fund in Bank of America, LA, and advise me. I hope this meets you in good health.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Vrindaban 26 September, 1976:

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 17th inst. including two transfer receipts for $70,000 from BBT to B/A Bombay a/c and $1900 rent to M/V a/c LA.

Regarding the Fiji situation, your solution to amend the constitution is nice. Let Vasudeva become president. Your idea to sell BTGs, collect donations, hold kirtana and distribute prasada profusely, yes, do that. I was given the impression that this temple was to be controlled by the Punja family and our devotees would not have any hand. This was the impression given.

1977 Correspondence

Letter to Gurukrpa -- Bombay 3 May, 1977:

Yesterday, Gopala Krsna spoke with Ramesvara Maharaja, and it is understood that you are waiting for a letter from me before sending the second amount of $100,000. It is also understood that no money will be coming this month from the BBT. Therefore you can arrange to immediately send the $100,000 to the Bank of America, Express Towers, Nariman Point, Bombay, India to the advice and credit of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Mayapur-Vrndavana Fund, Account no. 16026. Please advise me when this transfer has been made.

Letter to Bank of America -- India 7 May, 1977:

Kindly transfer the amount of $40,000.00 (Forty Thousand Dollars and no cents) from our account number 6004-07143, "International Society for Krishna Consciousness Mayapur-Vrndavana Fund" held with your bank to the favor of "Bhaktivedanta Book Trust" account at the Union Bank, Los Angeles. Please advise me when the transaction has been completed at my above Bombay address.

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