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An online handbook for new Vanimembers. Find practical instructions for performing each of the Vaniquotes processes.


The mission of the Vanipedia project is to create a systematically organized online encyclopedia of Srila Prabhupada's teachings.

Our "ideal" for the compiling process is to create a global facility for any person who so desires to assist in collaborating with others to create a unique resource of all of Srila Prabhupada's teachings.

Vaniquotes is the first creative petal being developed in the Vanipedia project. It is a comprehensive mapping of all of Prabhupada's teachings. The more pages we have in Vaniquotes, the richer the articles in Vanipedia will be, the more comprehensive the compendiums in Vanibooks will be, and the more variegated and inclusive the Vaniversity online courses will be – and all representative of the siddhanta of our disciplic succession.

Compiling process

Compiling is the process of copying and pasting, from Vedabase onto a page in Vaniquotes. A compiler collects original and non-edited quotes based on common expressions and unites them under a title reflecting the substance of Srila Prabhupada teachings.

Creating Pages

Vaniquotes pages is the place where the compiling process takes place. Therefore, without pages, no compiling can happen.

Creating Categories

Pages that use the same terminologies are organized and cataloged under Categories.

Categories can be inter-related by lexical or thematic meaning and when linked, they become subcategories of each other.


After gaining practice and deepening our understanding of the activities we perform in Vaniquotes, one may choose to, or be proposed to share his/her knowledge and insights to a newer member of the team, as well as to inspire others to join this wonderful project. We have named this service Vanitutoring.


Tools range from functions to syntax to software programs and are divided into:
  • Vaniquotes tools
  • Wiki tools
  • External tools (software)

These tools have been implemented to be used by compilers, editors, trainers and developers.

All users are advised to become acquainted with these means of assistance. Some of them are essential for compiling, and in general all of them are published here to make our job easier.


Here you will find different pointers to known problems or difficulties that might be found by compilers and in general users and visitors.

We encourage compilers to create a list of troubleshooting points that they encounter.

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