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Literary Propaganda Is Required - Prabhupada 0119

690611 - Lecture SB 01.05.12-13 - New Vrindaban, USA

This press was considered by my Guru Mahārāja as bṛhad-mṛdaṅga. He said. You'll find in the picture: there is this mṛdaṅga and press. He was very much fond of press. In the very beginning of his this life, he started one press. You'll find in his life a small press.

So this press propaganda, this literary propaganda, is required, because it is not sentiment. Kṛṣṇa consciousness is not sentiment. It is not that some sentimental people have gathered here and dancing and chanting. No. There is background. There is philosophical background. There is theological understanding. It is not blind or sentimental.