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1968 Correspondence

Letter to Nandarani, Dayananda -- New York 29 April, 1968:

So far your question about Karna, the first son of Kunti; that Radha was not the same Radha, as Krishna's Radha. That was Karna's adopted mother. Karna was born before Kunti was married, so in order to keep it silent, he was kept in a package and floated in the ocean. And this carpenter father and his wife, Aniradha, took care of him, and he was brought up there with them. So Karna was known as the son of a carpenter; nobody knew that he was the eldest son of Kunti, and a Ksatriya. This was not known until he died, and Kunti began to cry. Yudhisthira asked her why you are crying, he is the enemy, and she said, he was my first son. He was born out of her ear, so he was called Karna. When she was very young, she got some mantra which could be used to call any demigod, so just to try it, as experiment, to see if it worked, she called the sun god. He immediately appeared there before her, and said, I will give you the benediction of one son; she replied that she simply was experimenting with this mantra, that she did not want a son, and she became afraid as she was unmarried girl. He said I shall give you a son anyway, and it will be born out of your ear. So as she was virgin girl, she became very frightened that people may say things, so she put him into the ocean. Yes, Karna had many extraordinary attributes. He was a great soldier, and a most charitable man. He was so strong that it was not possible for Arjuna to kill him; he had to take unfair tactics and kill him. Karna could have killed Arjuna, but by Krishna's Grace, Arjuna killed Karna. In other words, Krishna killed Karna, otherwise, nobody could have killed him.

Letter to Mukunda -- Seattle 13 October, 1968:

If Anapurna dasi can be included amongst the preliminary floaters, that is very nice. She is English girl, and her mother and father is also interested. So Anapurna is included then we shall have solid four members from our side and gradually we shall do the needful. Similarly, Anapurna's brother also can be included, because he is also interested. He came to our temple, both in New York and San Francisco, so if need be you can call Anapurna from San Francisco immediately. She wrote me letter that she is preparing to go.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Los Angeles 24 November, 1968:

Also your description of progress in kirtana performance with Gurudasa playing sitar and Mukunda playing khole is encouraging. Practically we see that as we sincerely try to improve our chanting for the pleasure of Krishna, Krishna reciprocates and we feel our greatest pleasure which is devotional service to the Lord. So, you may continue with this method, it is very nice and approved by me.

I have enclosed the letter to Mr. S. S. Dhawan which you have requested. Hope you are all well.

P.S. The names you have suggested as floating members, are welcome.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Brahmananda -- San Francisco 3 April, 1969:

If you like you can also come with me to Boston. This would be a very nice idea but I do not think your occupations will allow you to come with me and stay for a long time. But the proposal for me to come back to New York from Columbus is nice. I think I shall arrange like that. So there is no cause of becoming sad. Our meeting and separation in the material world is like the flowing tide of the river. During the flowing tide of the river, so many different floating articles meet together, and with the flowing, they again become separated by the movement of the waves. That is the way of the material life. But our separation, although it resembles exactly in the material way, it is completely different. In the spiritual world, separation is more relishable than meeting. In other words, in spiritual life, there is no separation. Separation is eternal, and meeting is also eternal. The separation is simply another feature of meeting.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Los Angeles 31 July, 1969:

Regarding distribution of BTG or my publications, I welcome your floating a company yourself for this purpose. In that case your company will be another department of the society, although the society has no intention to interfere with your business. But your business will be considered as my business. So think of it very carefully, and it will be very nice. Regarding kholes from Bombay, I was expecting your father's reply by this time. Anyway, I hope to receive the same as soon as possible. Last week I was in San Francisco, and the Rathayatra Ceremony was a grand success. I hope this will meet you in good health.

Letter to Jayapataka -- London 26 September, 1969:

Your explanation of Annamoya is all right. Pranamoya means there are different types of airs, and the spirit soul is floating on the air, just like all the planets are floating in the air. This Pranamoya air is transferred by breathing exercises, but we have nothing to do with such exercises. Our prana, or life, is surrendered to Krishna. That is the first class yoga system approved by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita. This Pranamoya, Annamoya, etc. are different stages for persons who are too much engrossed in the bodily concept of life. Our philosophy begins from the point where we immediately accept that I am not this body; I am pure spirit soul, servant of God, Krishna. Therefore, these studies are meant for neophyte transcendentalists. But this devotional service is far above such platform. Regarding your last question, generally those who are attracted very much to Lord Caitanya and Goswamis are understood to develop to the conjugal love stage with Lord Krishna. So I am very much pleased, and I congratulate you.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 27 May, 1970:

Yesterday I received one very important magazine "Kalyana" from India in which the editor has described about our activities so nicely, but at the end it has been remarked whether in future the standard shall continue. Of course we are not very much concerned with the future; at least in our presence who are the floating members of this Society we should like to see things going on properly.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Abhirama -- London 31 August, 1971:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 27th August, 1971 and have noted the contents carefully. Your proposal to open centers in South America by your "floating ISKCON temple"* is very much encouraging to me, so if it is possible then certainly you have my blessings. You must make sure, though, that the management of our Baltimore temple is going on very nicely. Once that has been settled up you can make plans accordingly. Hayagriva Prabhu is the GBC representative for that part of the globe so you can consult with him and others in this connection.

Letter to Abhirama -- Vrindaban 27 November, 1971:

I have received your letter of November 19, 1971, along with sailboat plans, and I have noted the contents carefully. The plans are very nice, and I want that such a "floating ISKCON" be organized, but for financial questions you should consult with my GBC men and together you can chalk out your plan. But one thing, how practical is such a ship with so many sails? I understand that it requires very skilled men to operate such ship, so have we got such experience? Now we have got ships without sails that are also very nice, so is it not more feasible for us to operate one of these more simple ships? What do you think?

1972 Correspondence

Letter to Rupanuga -- Tokyo 3 May, 1972:

We can understand that Lord Ramacandra was able to make a bridge by causing the big stones to float n the water, so counteracting the law of gravitation is the law of the Supreme. Gravitation is caused by the Supreme Lord, so He is also able to remove that law or do anything and everything at His will. If you know something like swimming, then the law of gravitation will not work, and who knows better than Krishna how to do everything, so Krishna can change anything, therefore we worship Him as the greatest Scientist.

If a man knows swimming he can stay up. So if this much power has a man, what to speak of God. So we see that Ramacandra has the art how to make stones float. It is a question of knowing the art. Art means the display of intellectual energy. Everywhere we can see intelligence in everything, so the Lord knows the art of everything, so He can change anything, we cannot. The atheists and scientists are trying to get God out of things, we are doing just the opposite, trying to put God into everything. They are God-less, nonsense—we are God-full, God-sense or God-conscious.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Bhakta dasa -- Bombay 24 November, 1974:

Regarding the Ratha Yatra Festival, keep it always gorgeously alive, but do not change the principle. The principle should go on as usual. Yes, it is all right to make something in the park as you have suggested. Why you want to change the wheels? This is unnecessary. Don't do this. Keep the old system strong, and if necessary repair it. Don't change from this to that. That is your American disease. This is very serious that you always want to change everything. Spoked wheels will never be as strong and hard as the old way. Never do this. Neither there should be any separate float as you have suggested for me.

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