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Doubt (Letters)


1947 to 1965 Correspondence

Letter to BTG Friend -- (Mathura U.P.) Dated as Postmark:

"Back to Godhead" is a guaranteed literature to awaken your spiritual identity. It is essential and authorized. If you feel any doubt, please inquire from me, and I shall clear it up.,

Letter to Shastryji -- Unknown Place June 1964:

I thank you for your granting me an interview yesterday morning but I was not successful in my mission because your dealing with me yesterday was more official than hearty. You asked me to send you my Srimad-Bhagavatam Part II with a note. This is not only expensive for me but also troublesome for me. Any way as you wanted me to send you a note. I am abiding by your order but I am doubtful whether you will have any time to go through my notes. The first thing is that here is the copy of your letter which you sent me on ______ after receipt of the 1st part.

1967 Correspondence

Letter to Mukunda -- New York 13 May, 1967:

If you can prepare cymbals surely there will be good demand for it. There are many customers here already demanding it. Gargamuni is supplying them small finger cymbals and they are accepting it.

So far questions on spiritual realization and doubts in the study of the Bhagavad-gita or Srimad-Bhagavatam may be placed before me and I shall try to solve them to my best knowledge.

1968 Correspondence

Letter to Janardana -- Los Angeles 21 January, 1968:

All these internal energies are acting in favor of the Supreme purusa; in the spiritual world they are acting harmoniously and in the material world they are acting in forgetfulness. Prakrti or stree is in forgetfulness is zero; and the living entities is also prakrti or stree, but he is in forgetfulness in the material existence. The living entities, the same living entities in cognition, are liberated souls, residents of the spiritual world. Daivi means pertaining to the Supreme purusa or Brahma. In everything there is Daivi influence; the Daivi influence is beyond the control of the living entities. Therefore the Daivi energy is spiritual energy or internal potency. I think you can develop this idea and if you have still any doubt you can put questions.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 21 January, 1968:

So far I am personally concerned, Kirtanananda was doubtful about my existence because he thought that I am dependent on his massaging, so the thought that there is no necessity of Spiritual Master, because Spiritual Master is an ordinary man, and to depend on an ordinary man is a tyranny. Therefore one should always think of Spiritual Master not an ordinary man. You are intelligent and advanced in Krishna Consciousness, and you can understand what is the attack of Spiritual Master by Maya. Maya's duty is to keep the conditioned souls under her clutches, so if there is any hindrance by anyone in the discharge of her duties, she must attack the opposite party. But Krishna saves his sincere servant in Krishna Consciousness. The Pandavas were declared devotees of Krishna ___ and so many troubles in their life; but ultimately they were victorious by the Mercy of Krishna. This is the process of understanding Krishna and his devotees.

Letter to Pradyumna -- Los Angeles 22 January, 1968:

You may use the facilities available to you if there is no risk of making trouble. But so far as stealing is concerned, one should not steal except in the rarest circumstances. Moral principle is recommended in all scriptures as prerequisite for spiritual culture. If the conduct of the pure devotee crosses the lines of ordinary morality it is because he acts on the plane of Absolute Morality which is not known to the conditioned soul and cannot therefore be imitated. So generally we should be careful to observe good moral conduct.

Please clear any doubts you may have about what is to be done. You may begin work of transliterating as soon as possible. Hope you are well.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 20 February, 1968:

Regarding printing of the Teachings of Lord Caitanya: Dai Nippon is a very big concern. In my last letter I requested you to refer to their past correspondence and in which you will find they quoted $5,400 for 5000 copies of 400 pages. Now, this time the pages are only 230, and why they should charge so much as $6,400. There must be that there is something missing. So if you consult them, or ask them to consult their past files, they may reconsider. My idea is that their being a big company, their workmanship will be surely nicer than any smaller company. Of course, the last issue of Back To Godhead was very nicely done, there is not doubt about it, but if the Dai Nippon Co. comes to $5000, that will be very nice. Best thing will be therefore to consult the past correspondence, and if you find same thing as I said, $5,400 for 5000 copies of 400 pages, other details being the same, then they can come down to their original price. But if you do not find such opportunity, then you can hand it over to the printer Mr. Kallman has suggested.

Letter to Mr. David J. Exley -- Los Angeles 21 February, 1968:

There are always two classes of men on the surface ___ pious and impious. In Vedic language they are known as Asuras and Devas. When there is an excessive number of Asuras the ___ disturbances of the peace of the world is very ___ when there is an excessive number of the devas, ___ prosperity, and tranquillity on the surface of the ___ any doubt. The Devas and the Asuras are created ___ mentality of Krishna Consciousness, and ignorance.

I do not know what further pertinent material ___ need of concerning our organization's qualification ___ entered upon the list of Non-Governmental Organizations ___ simply assure you that the enclosed copies of certification support the fact that I am recognized Acarya of ___ al Movement. The people in this part of the world ___ understanding the importance of this most needed ___ present day. I may inform you in this connection ___ court case, in which one of my students was involved ___ us. Before joining our Society, he was condemned ___ imprisonment. Fortunately enough, the boy was released as the court judge learned that he is affiliated ___ ution. the judge remarked, "This boy belongs to ___ religious order that is doing much for the community ___ against drug addiction, and for healthy life."

Letter to Michael O'Leary -- Los Angeles 3 March, 1968:

Please try to follow the rules and regulations, and when I arrive in New York, we can talk together, and as you feel yourself ready, you can be initiated. If you have any doubts or questions, your good God-brothers are always ready and willing to help you. Brahmananda can give you the lists of the qualifications for devotees, and the 10 offenses, and other informations as you may need. If you have got any questions, please feel at liberty to write to me about them as you desire. I am also very happy to learn you are a sculpture student; at the present time, I am trying to carve out of wood Sri Radha and Krishna Murti. If you can carve out these Deities, it will be very nice.

Letter to Terry and associates -- San Francisco 22 March, 1968:

I am happy to hear that you continued to chant despite so many doubts and skepticism. That is the process. Even there may be doubts and skepticism, if one continues the chanting process, the doubts will all disappear, and real knowledge will be revealed by the Grace of Krishna. There is the example given of the jaundice patient. He is suffering from disease, and when given sugar-candy, which is the cure, he finds it very bitter and distasteful. But that does not mean the sugar-candy is not very sweet and delicious; it is simply due to his diseased condition that it seems bitter. In order to be cured from his disease, he must take the medicine of sugar-candy, despite the apparently bitter taste, and as he becomes cured, the real sweet taste of the candy is gradually revealed. Similarly, we are diseased, and only if we take to this chanting process may we be cured. Maya may put so many doubts and worthless arguments into our minds, but if we continue the chanting, the curing process will go on, never mind the doubts, and gradually we will get a taste of that sweet nectar of Krishna Nama Sankirtana. That is the process; and you may explain it to all your friends, so they may understand the nature of their doubts and skepticism, and be benefited.

Letter to Harivilasa -- Montreal 10 June, 1968:

I am so glad to receive your letter dated June 10, after a long time, and I have gladly noted your activities in that part. I think your chanting of Hare Krishna regularly is being responded by Krishna and He is giving you good sense how to make preaching propaganda on behalf of His Lordship. It is confirmed in the Srimad-Bhagavatam, as you might have seen it, that one who hears about Krishna, for him, Krishna helps in various ways and the first thing is that He cleanses the mind of all dusty matter and by continuing such chanting and by reading regularly Srimad-Bhagavatam, one becomes gradually freed from the influence of passion and ignorance, and thus becomes situated in goodness. In such platform one can engage oneself in serious devotional service, and thus one becomes illuminated with the transcendental knowledge of Krishna. This stage is called liberated stage, and at this time one becomes freed from all doubts and material bondage, and thus his life becomes successful. Please try to follow this principle, and I am sure you will be happy and successful in your execution of this Krishna Consciousness movement.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Montreal 28 June, 1968:

I am in due receipt of your letter of 6/25/68, of Mr. Kallman catastrophe. When I first came from San Francisco to New York, and when you informed me about the prospective business with Mr. Kallman, I was so much doubtful about the success of the plan. And therefore I hesitated. Anyway, whatever is done is done, now try to separate from this botheration without breaking our good friendship with Mr. Kallman. Caitanya Mahaprabhu especially warned His devotees to deal with worldly minded men. Therefore according to Vedic principles, only the Brahmacaris, the Vanaprasthas, and the Sannyasis are recommended to take to Krishna Consciousness seriously or to get free from the problem of earning money. The Grhasthas are supposed to support the 3 sections of the society. Anyway, the best source of our income should be by accepting contributions from the sympathetic public, and selling our own books and literature. That is also a sort of business, but it doesn't matter. And if we do business we must do it independently, without any assistance from outsiders. We can take help from outside in the matter of monetary help, either by contribution or by loan, but not to enter into transactions with outsiders. Because their aim of life is different from ours.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Montreal 28 June, 1968:

Mr. Kallman wanted Gargamuni also in this business but I stopped him to come here. Let him do it independently and Krishna has saved him from Mr. Kallmans' plan.

In Santa Fe they want incense. So if the incense consignment from India (as I don't know from where) accepted by force then you can distribute them for sale in different branches. I am doubtful now about the records now. Better you take open delivery and dispatch yourself or do things very cautiously.

Letter to Jadurani -- Montreal 9 July, 1968:

Your questions about Lord Brahma: "Brahma is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and Brahma Samhita, etc., reveal his knowledge of the Lord. So are these 2 stories (namely, 1. He doubted Krishna became a cowherds Boy and stole His cows, etc.; 2. Krishna showed him the 1/4 part of His creation after Brahma had to designate himself as 4-headed Brahma.), are these 2 stories just examples to we conditioned souls, who think we can put God under restrictions?" Brahma is not among the great devotees, but he is a devotee of Krishna. All the great devotees of Krishna are in the Krishna loka, constant companions of Krishna at Vrindaban. They are actually great devotees of Krishna. Brahma is great devotee in the sense that he wants to serve Krishna the best with some material power. That means that he has a tendency to enjoy some material opulence. So Krishna has made him the number 1 living creature within this universe. But a great devotee does not want even the position of a Brahma. He would prefer to become an insignificant living creature like an ant or spider in the house of a great devotee, then to become Brahma, who has got the inclination of becoming powerful in the material world. The great devotees are always liberated from all material desires, big or small. That is the sign of great devotees.

Brahma came to Krishna because he has very exalted idea about Krishna, and he was doubtful how his Lord could come into the material world and become a cowherd boy. This incidence is known as Brahma Bemohan lila, or the pastime of bewildering Brahma. In the beginning of Srimad-Bhagavatam, it is stated that great personalities like Brahma become bewildered in the understanding of the Absolute Truth.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Montreal 19 August, 1968:

Having not received any reply from either of them. I am doubtful whether they have not received my letters. Kindly inquire what is the matter and let we know.

Letter to Vamana -- Seattle 27 September, 1968:

I see that you are feeling not well. I advise you therefore to come and live with me so that you can be freed from the doubts. I hope you are chanting regularly at least 16 rounds. Sometimes Maya disturbs us but that does not mean any serious drawback. So if you feel too much uneasy, you can come and live with me for some time, and everything will be set up. I hope you are well.

Letter to Tosana Krsna -- Seattle 7 October, 1968:

The ordinary physician may cure the disease of the body, but if you become advanced in Krishna Consciousness, you will be able to cure the disease of the soul for many many persons. And that is more important than a doctor or medical practitioner for curing the disease of this body. However we may be expert for keeping this body fit, it is sure and certain that this will end. But if you can protect the soul from being fallen a victim of this material existence that is a greater service. In some of the Vedic literatures, it is said that Atmanan Sarvato Rakshet, that means one should give first protection to the soul. Then he should take care of his particular type of faith, then he should take care of the material things, namely this body, and anything in relation with this body, or wealth. Please try to read all our books very carefully, and whenever there is any doubt, you ask me, and be expert preacher. That will make you a great doctor for protecting the human society from being fallen a victim to maya.

Letter to Acyutananda, Jayagovinda -- Seattle 13 October, 1968:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your joint letter dated Oct. 4, 1968, redirected from New York, and along with another separate letter from Acyutananda explaining your desire to come back to USA and fight the case of draft board. It is a good suggestion, because if you won the case on the ground that you have adopted a different order of life, in search of the Absolute Truth, then that will be a great precedent for all our boys who are victims under such act. But still it is doubtful because the government is bent upon recruiting young men for the military purpose. This is one side. Another side is that your mission was to serve the cause of the society and if both you and Jaya Govinda come back without doing anything in India, it will be a mark of defeat on your part.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 2 November, 1968:

This Parvat is one of the disciples of my God-brother but he is so salient that he has not replied to my letters, but, instead of replying my letter, he has the impudency of writing to Rayarama. Rayarama may not reply this letter until I have seen it. He appears to be as venomous as Bon Maharaja. They are all envious of my activities here. As Jaya Govinda has not yet left for Bombay, there is no need of issuing indemnity letter in his favor. I do not understand why he has requested to address the indemnity letter to Parvat Maharaja. These are very doubtful things. I do not know how to deal with these boys. Both of them are silent about my letter of Oct. 13, 1968 which I wrote them about realizing the money from Hitsaran. I am really very sorry for them. I am enclosing the copy of the above mentioned letter.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 31 December, 1968:

Regarding the article suggested by Rayarama, you are correct in your doubts that Radha-Krishna lila should not be discussed in Back To Godhead. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam there are so many philosophical discussions and we should concentrate on these philosophical aspects. Otherwise the less intelligent will surely understand Radha-Krishna lila as simply nonsense boy and girl sex life. Hanuman Prasad Poddar and company are all mundane types and they have no entrance into actual spiritual activities. Superficially they pose themselves as great devotees, but we can feel their pulse; ultimately they are impersonalists. We should not depend upon writings from such unauthorized sources.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Gargamuni -- Los Angeles 5 February, 1969:

Your humble repentance is just like a Vaisnava student, so I thank you very much for this humbleness. Lord Caitanya taught us to be humbler than the grass on the street and more tolerant than the tree. So these symptoms are Vaisnava symptoms. There is no question of rejection or dejection. I am always at your service, and you can question whenever there is any doubt, and I will try to answer them as far as possible.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Hawaii 11 March, 1969:

Please do work on the French BTG, and you must immediately ask Dayala Nitai to stop that printing business. I was doubtful about him because he was still inclined to that yoga process, and my doubts are now coming to be true. He does not understand our philosophy very nicely.

Letter to Upendra -- Allston, Mass 29 April, 1969:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 21 April, 1969, and I have noted the contents carefully. Do not be worried that there is only yourself and Gajendra as full time members. You will get more doubtlessly. Don't be agitated. Go on working sincerely and Krishna will surely help you. Both Gajendra and yourself are very sincere souls, and I give you both all blessings. So please continue to try to develop nicely. If you have got a nice place and a Sankirtana Party, then success is assured. That is already experimented in Los Angeles, You have already seen it, and try to organize a Sankirtana Party in that way in Seattle also. Seattle is a very nice place, and everywhere the students are taking part in our movement more enthusiastically. While I was in Buffalo I was very much pleased with the student community there, and similarly I saw good response in San Francisco. I have already invitation from Columbus and North Carolina, so our future hope is this student community. The child is the father of the man, and if the fathers of the children in this country are not taking part with us, the future fathers are surely sympathetic. That is a great hope for us.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Allston, Mass 6 May, 1969:

So we have to train preachers, and they will go to the students in public institutions to educate them in Krishna Consciousness. So if our men simply study our books and magazines, and assimilate them nicely and clarify as soon as there is some doubt, then surely we shall drive out all these so-called yogis and propagandists who are simply cheating the innocent people to solve their pecuniary problems. Regarding the Radha-Krishna Murtis, they may be kept for the time being, and when I go there I shall take care of them. Regarding my backache, the 10% balance appears to be out of my body, but after all, the material body can be infected at any time, so we should not bother very much about it. We must simply go on with our activities in Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 22 July, 1969:

I have received the copies you have sent of BTG no. 25 and no. 26. They are nice, but I notice that in no. 26 the first article does not have any adjustment for the margins. I do not know why this is. Your idea of changing the cover border to blue is nice. Black color should not be so prominent on the cover. Blue, red and yellow should be given. You have suggested that on every back cover there will be a picture of me in BTG, but I think a better proposal is that on page one or page three you may have a picture of me one month, then Guru Maharaja, then Gaura Kisora das Babaji, then Bhaktivinode Thakura, then Jagannatha das Babaji, then Lord Caitanya. This will be very nice, showing the Guru Parampara. Regarding the trip to Argentina, if it is not possible, then forget it. But do not be misled by the man who is described in your letter as "like Mr. Payne". If someone's character is doubtful, we should not associate with him and get into trouble.

Letter to Joel Chalson -- Los Angeles 22 July, 1969:

I thank you very much for your contribution of $200. From your previous letter as well as this letter it appears that you are the right person to grasp the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness, and you have got good association of the devotees in New York. Also you are giving nice service so you have got very good opportunity. Please read our literatures carefully, and try to give service to Krishna as far as possible. Whenever you are in doubt you can ask me, and I am at your service. But one point you should not miss is that this life is very important to awaken our dormant Krishna Consciousness, and we should not miss this opportunity in any circumstance. That would be a great blunder. We must be very cautious to not fall prey to the clutches of Maya because in this material world Maya is very prominent although Krishna is everything. Maya and Krishna are just like the sunshine and darkness: the darkness has no independent existence without the sun. But still the darkness is existing in some corner of the sunlight. If we therefore always keep ourselves exposed to the open sunlight, there is no cause of being attacked by the darkness.

Letter to Patti Birnack -- Tittenhurst House, England September 13th , 1969:

I beg to thank you very much for your letter, and I have noted your situation as you have described it therein. I am very pleased to learn that you are coming to our Krishna Consciousness temple in Ohio and you are nicely appreciating this movement. I can understand that you are a sincere soul, and I am sure that Krishna will help you to solve all of your present difficulties. So far as the questions and doubts raised by your father, you may rest assured that to every question your father may raise regarding the existence of God and even to much higher questions regarding the nature and activities of God, the Vedic literature which we are following has the perfect and authoritative answer. But to understand about God one must be purified. In contaminated state one cannot expect to understand about the Absolute Truth. Our Krishna Consciousness movement is for bringing the devotee to the purified consciousness where he understands Krishna and serves Him in unalloyed devotional service.

Letter to Jayagovinda -- Tittenhurst 15 October, 1969:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated October 15th, 1969 and the copy of Zuruck Zur Gottheit. I had received another copy of this issue and I think I had acknowledged receipt. Anyway, now there is a second copy; that is all right. In the meantime Kulasekhara has gone to Germany along with his wife to assist you. Of course, weakness in Krishna Consciousness we should always feel. That is a good symptom. We should never think that we are strong enough. But the source of strength is Krishna and His manifest representative, the Spiritual Master. We get this instruction from Caitanya-caritamrta that we receive the seed of Krishna Consciousness through the Spiritual Master and Krishna. Therefore, we should serve both simultaneously for continuous supply of spiritual vitality. So you are now serving Krishna under the instruction of your Spiritual Master, so there will be no scarcity of supply of strength unless there is some weakness on your part in the matter of absolute faith in these two shelters. So if you have still some doubts in pinching your faith in the service of your Spiritual Master and Krishna, then you can clear it up. I am always prepared to assist you.

Letter to Kulasekhara -- London 8 December, 1969:

I beg to thank you for your letter dated December 2nd, 1969. I am pleased to learn that things are going nicely there. Please follow the routine work as you are doing now and everything will be pleasing and smooth. That is sure and certain. Whenever there is doubt or question, just discuss this amongst yourselves, and if there is no satisfactory solution, you refer to me. But live in Krishna Consciousness. That will make you happy.

Letter to Sucandra -- London 8 December, 1969:

You write that you loved the Deities some time ago, so why don't you love Them now? What is the reason? Let me know the reason how you liked to worship the Deities, and why you are not liking this now. Then I can explain the situation to you. The best thing is that whenever there are some doubts you should ask me or some senior student. We shall try to explain. But don't try to make any compromise and be agitated. I know you are a sincere boy, so try to understand everything very clearly.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Sudama -- Los Angeles 8 January, 1970:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated January 4th, 1970. I noted the contents with great interest. Actually, I was thinking of you from London and by the grace of Krishna my anxiety was televisioned to you in your dream. So Krishna is very kind upon us, and His kindness will be more exhibited the more we expand this Krishna Consciousness Movement. Take it as a fact, there is no question of doubting this statement, the whole world is in need of Krishna Consciousness. Krishna inspired My Guru Maharaja, and He inspired Me, and I am trying to inspire you all because Krishna wants it. You have gone to Tokyo with a great mission, with blessings of Krishna, and I am very much encouraged to read your letter that there is great possibility of Krishna Consciousness Movement in Japan. I am so encouraged to learn that you are going to order 5,000 copies of BTG for selling in Tokyo. Thank you very much.

Letter to Madhusudana -- Los Angeles 16 January, 1970:

So this Krishna science can be understood through the process of sincere service, and so far any doubt which may sometimes arise in our mind there are the devotees, the Scriptures and the Spiritual Master. Did you discuss all your doubts with your contemporary Godbrothers and devotees? So there are many questions like this about you.

You say that within your heart you know that Krishna is the Original Personality of Godhead but when you think of Krishna or try to feel Him you think Krishna as foreign on account of Sanskrit language. Please, therefore, be careful that Maya is peeping at you and if you do not take care timely it may prove fatal. Please, therefore, chant regularly without the offenses and be steady in your situation without any tottering of the mind. Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead without any question. He is accepted as such beginning from Arjuna through all the great Acaryas—Ramanujacarya, Madhvacarya, Sankaracarya, Lord Caitanya, Lord Brahma, the Vedic authorities Vyasadeva and Narada—like that, down to ourselves.

So this knowledge descends through bona fide disciplic succession. You have accepted this chain of authorities, now you are feeling doubts means certainly you are being attacked by Maya.

Letter to Madhusudana -- Los Angeles 30 January, 1970:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated January 21, 1970, and I am so glad to learn that you have regained control of your mind and the tricks of Maya have finished. So by Krishna's Grace you have been saved from Maya's attack.

This appears to have been a very close call for you and the lesson should be taken well that if we deviate from the strict following of the regulative principles Maya is always ready to inject doubts to shake our faith in Krishna. So I am glad that you have recovered and I was praying for Krishna to save you.

So you can see the great necessity of following the prescribed duties of chanting regularly and following strictly the instructions of the Spiritual Master and the regulative principles. In addition to this everyone should go on the streets with Sankirtana Party as much as possible and preach this Krishna Consciousness Movement to his best ability for the benefit of all people.

Letter to Vamanadeva -- Los Angeles 12 February, 1970:

I have replied the letter from Anil Grover duly, and I hope these answers will satisfy his questions. You may further encourage him to chant regularly on beads, follow the four restrictive principles, and study our Scriptures with your help. If this chanting is sincerely performed and the regulative principles strictly followed, Krishna will give intelligence in such way to remove all doubts and answer all questions of philosophy from within the heart of the devotee. This regular program is essential.

Letter to Jayapataka - So. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, Cal. 90034 February 13, 1970:

Now we want some men who understand all the purports of the Shastras so that they will be able to face any questionnaires put to them especially ………. This is a very important business, and I want all of my disciples to be thoroughly versed in this way. Our first business to every initiated devotee is to chant daily sixteen round of beads without fail, and to follow the regulative principles rigidly, and our literatures must be studied with great attention. We have presented the complete philosophy of Krsna Consciousness in our books Bhagavad Gita as it is, Srimad Bhagawatam, Teachings of Lord, Chaitanya, Krsna, and others being printed, so the classes and personal study should be undertaken penetratingly. Please see that all the devotees are following these principles; this program is the essential basis of our spiritual advancement. If chanting and following of the regulation is done sincerely, without offense, all questions and doubtful points of philosophy will be cleared up by realization of Krsna from within the heart of the devotee.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Los Angeles 14 February, 1970:

If one simply regularly chants and follows the rules and regulative principles all questions of philosophy will be answered by Krsna from within and all doubt will be cleared also in this way. And the same answers are there again in our books like Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Srimad-Bhagavatam, etc. So please see that all the initiated devotees stick rigidly to their daily chanting and regulative living in devotional service. This is most important.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 2 March, 1970:

Another thing is that so long I have been receiving different questions from the students, now I think all these questions should be answered by the presidents locally. So you study all our books very nicely, and all the doubts and questions may be answered by you locally. In case of difficult questions, it may be referred to me. That will give all the presidents the chance of being skillful in solving the doubts and problems of the local students. I hope you will like this idea.

Letter to Harer Nama -- Los Angeles 15 March, 1970:

But I see that you have many such questions about our philosophy. Under the circumstances it would be very good if you come to Los Angeles for some time to learn these questions and answers in the daily classes here. This is a good opportunity to clear up any doubts or misunderstandings, and the best program is if you come here for study. I am personally lecturing here weekly especially for our devotees.

Regarding Neil's study of Sanskrit, I am very glad to learn of his seriousness to study, and we need many such Sanskrit scholar devotees. When it is convenient, he may study with Pradyumna in Boston, and there are Sanskrit courses at the university there also. In the meantime, for his studies, Manva Dharma Sastra is not bona fide. The Hitopadesa is alright for study.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 28 April, 1970:

Anyone who gives aural reception to the transcendental message about You, which are always auspicious, by hearing and chanting, for him You become special well-wisher, and thus remaining within his heart You clear up all inauspicious understanding. When such inauspicious understandings are almost clear, at that time one realizes the importance of devotional service. In that stage of understanding, the influence of the modes of ignorance and passion becomes almost nil, and the resultant action of passion and ignorance cannot anymore attack the heart, and thus he becomes joyful being situated on the platform of goodness. When he thus becomes jubilant on account of awakening the modes of goodness by dint of devotional service, at that time he becomes liberated from material contamination and is able to understand the science of God. In this stage of liberation all misgivings in the heart, or bondage of material network, becomes cut into pieces, and he is elevated from all sorts of doubts in the science of God. At this stage the result of past activities becomes vanquished because of his realization of the Supreme Lord.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Los Angeles 28 May, 1970:

Recently I have received one "Kalyana" magazine in which our activities in the Western world have been very much appreciated. Especially they have appreciated my strong injunctions on the point of following the four prohibitive regulations. So after describing our activities, the editor has remarked in one place that things are going certainly very nicely at present, but it is God only Who knows how it will continue in the future. This means that the Indians, or the rigid followers of Vedic principles, are doubtful about my American and European students about their sticking to all these principles. So it is a God sent warning for us so that we may not deviate from the above mentioned two lines of action and thus become subject to criticism by the opposing elements.

Letter to Revatinandana -- Tokyo 27 August, 1970:

I am very glad that you are all following the regular chanting of sixteen rounds daily very strictly. This schedule which you have made is very satisfactory, so follow the rules and regulations according to schedule and execute your duties in Krsna's service and everything will be alright. These regulative functions of chanting the rounds sixteen daily, rising early in the morning to attend Mangala Arati, holding classes for studying our scripture and gong on Sankirtana, these items must not be neglected. They will quickly advance us in Krsna Consciousness and clear up all doubtful activities which have been causing mischief in our Society.

Letter to Satyabhama -- Bombay 1 November, 1970:

Regarding Brahmananda, he is actually surrendered soul, but Maya is so strong that on account of association he has even fallen down. So these two things are always side by side—Maya and Krsna—Krsna is service and Maya is sense gratification, so every moment we are prone to be subjugated by either of them. Our duty is therefore to be very, very careful. The poison is personal ambition. So everyone has the chance, therefore one should not be complacent. Doubts may come about, but one should be firmly fixed up that there cannot be any doubt on the Spiritual Master or Krsna.

1971 Correspondence

Letter to Gunagrahi -- Gorakhpur 12 February, 1971:

Please fulfill your all requirements of advancement in Krsna consciousness by rigidly following the rules and regulations, chanting the sixteen rounds of beads daily, studying our literatures carefully and thoughtfully in the company of other devotees and try always to keep yourself engaged progressively in some kind of service of the Lord. I am sure that you are already well familiar with the requirements of devotional service and in any case they are fully elaborated in our various literatures like Nectar of Devotion. So you kindly become conversant with these transcendental scientific principles try to teach them to others while practicing them yourself. When you chant, avoid very carefully the ten offenses to the Holy Name. If you have any doubts or questions be sure to clear them by inquiry from either Rupanuga Prabhu, your other Godbrothers or if need be by writing to me. Be blessed and happy chanting Hare Krsna.

Letter to Yugalakisora -- Gorakhpur 15 February, 1971:

I am glad to accept you as my initiated disciple and your spiritual name is Yugalakisora Das Brahmacari. The transcendental young couple of Radha and Krsna are known as Yugal Kisora. Please strictly follow the regulative principles of no eating of meat, fish or eggs, no illicit sex, no gambling and no intoxication. Chant Hare Krsna Mahamantra daily at least sixteen rounds and be happy in devotional service to the Lord. If you have any difficulties of doubt or question, you may put them to your elder Godbrothers or if need be to me. I shall be glad to help you advance in Krsna's service as far as possible. Try to learn the philosophy thoughtfully and teach others how to understand this transcendental science for the benefit of all.

Letter to Vaikunthanatha, Saradia -- London 9 August, 1971:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 26th July, 1971 and have noted the contents carefully. Previously I had written you one letter on 24th July, and I hope that you have received it by now. Just now I have come to London after spending two weeks in N.Y. Both these centers are doing very nicely. Also, when I was in Los Angeles, Krishna das came to see me from San Francisco. He was having some doubts but now he is all right and has again begun making plans for going to Moscow. He is very enthusiastic about it.

1972 Correspondence

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bombay 5 January, 1972:

As you say there are some serious delays in the negotiations for purchasing the large buildings, I think you must immediately return the $15,000 loan to Karandhara and the $8,000 loan from San Diego. I believe there was some agreement on your part that the money should be repaid within six months, so nearly four or five months have already passed. You first fix up the contract definitely and when everything is settled beyond any doubt, then you should think of again getting the money.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Jaipur 20 January, 1972:

I am very glad you want to start your own press, but one thing is that you cannot close it once it is begun. When your own press is very sound and established beyond doubt, then you may call back Yogesvara. Your proposal for making records is very nice program. As for your essay on drugs and KC, do it. You may transcribe the Ajamila tapes and produce a very nice book. You may send the manuscript to Jayadvaita or Hayagriva for editing and printing with Dai Nippon. So far making tapes of Ajamila series, I have told Los Angeles tape-making operation that they should distribute to our devotees at cost price—to nondevotee that is another thing. We should not make exorbitant profit by exploiting each other in the matter of vital Krishna Consciousness paraphernalia such as books, tapes, etc. which are vital for our preaching work and for the devotees' personal advancement in Krishna Consciousness. But if you think it is a good idea to sell such tapes for profit I have no objection. Regarding salesmanship, it is a great art. It can be used for selling KC also. I am very much engladdened that you are so much enthusiastic, and you may know it that Krishna will help such enthusiastic devotees. May Krishna bless you all round.

Letter to Govinda -- Madras 12 February, 1972:

Doctors give medicine and they speak surety, but there is no surety, and when there is no surety why should we break our four basic principles? I don't think there is guarantee of surety by taking this medicine with animal products. But if there is surety, you can take. But it is very doubtful. When I shall come there I shall see what is wrong.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Madras 15 February, 1972:

So you please go there and take instruction from him ____ regard to levelling the vacant plot and constructing ___ see what progress he has made. He was supposed to have ___ use of hiring coolies to level by hand, but it is doubt ___ can be done very nicely, so if you think it is better, you ___ one machine for levelling the whole thing in one day, and ___ have several Life Members in Bombay who are having such machine ___ building business. Now do everything nicely, also hold our regular ___ kirtana and arati programs daily in the temple, and I shall completely trust this important business to you. I think Madri dasi and Tungabhadra dasi are also there for attending the deities. You write that you have no money, so I have instructed Mahamsa to send you the fare money, and as soon as you receive that you may go there immediately.

Letter to Rudra, Radhika -- Calcutta 20 February, 1972:

You have described how you once fell down because you saw discrepancies in our philosophy. Actually, our philosophy is perfect, but because there were discrepancies in your mind at that time you may have thought something wrongly about our philosophy—that is one of Maya's favorite tricks for convincing us to stop our Spiritual life and enjoy her. So if ever you have questions or serious doubts about philosophy you may ask the GBC or myself. And so far your telling me that some other devotees discouraged you in the past, I also had trouble with some of my Godbrothers, but I never let it affect my service, because when one becomes fixed-up in devotional service he never allows anyone else or any condition at all to hamper his service to Krishna or discourage him in any way. So you must become convinced like this too, by preaching constantly and having Sankirtana, and you will very quickly attain the supreme perfection of life. As for your question about celibacy, if you want to remain celibate for life, I have no objection.

Letter to Satyabhama -- Mayapur 28 February, 1972:

You are experiencing some doubts, that you cannot believe that the Krishna from Krishna Book can be the Supreme Personality of Godhead, that it must be like some fairy-tale. To clear up these things the best remedy is to discuss amongst yourselves all members regularly all our books in classes, then these doubts will be killed. Without reading books it becomes hackneyed and such obnoxious ideas trouble us. Our thoughts are always changing, that is the nature of the mind, so you cannot expect that even the great saintly persons are free from thoughts coming and going. But after thinking there is feeling and willing, willing being the stage of putting the thoughts into action. So if we are able to employ our intelligence, then we kill the thoughts before they become manifest in activity, but because we are so much inclined to enjoy something unintelligently, we have to therefore daily sharpen our intelligence faculty by reading and discussing and preaching to others. In this way we are able very easily to defeat all challengers to our philosophy and everything becomes very clear as it is revealed from different angles of vision. Krishna makes promise to one who is striving to serve Him sincerely that He will give such devotee the intelligence by which he may come to Him. Therefore we should always pray that Krishna may kindly provide me the intelligence to kill all demons of doubt, and because He understands the heart of His sincere devotee, immediately He gives assistance. For my part, for example, I am absolutely certain that anyone who challenges me I can defeat you. Why is that? Because Krishna gives me the intelligence.

Letter to Bhavananda -- Sydney 4 April, 1972:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated March 27, 1972, and with great sorrow I have noted the contents. I had also very much affection for Amrtananda, but if, as you report, there was some connection with Krishna at the last moment, then we have not to doubt that he will get good opportunity to advance further in Krishna Consciousness, so let us not lament. I understand there was some unstoppable attraction to the material glare, but at the same time he was strongly attracted to Krishna, so there was some very great conflict, and because he was weak in his mind he succumbed. So I think he may now get better opportunity to take it up, because he has become my disciple and has rendered some good service to Krishna.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Los Angeles 22 June, 1972:

I am very pleased to see the things are going on, and that new centers are opening many in Germany. Now I am feeling very much inclined for retiring behind the scenes to translate my Srimad-Bhagavatam. This means that now you all leaders, especially the GBC members, must become very much responsible and do the work that I am doing to the same standard. So I want you leaders especially to become very much absorbed in the philosophy of Bhagavad-gita, Srimad-Bhagavatam, and become yourselves completely convinced and free from all doubt. On this platform you shall be able to carry on the work satisfactorily, but if there is lack of knowledge, or if there is forgetfulness, everything will be spoiled in time. So especially you must encourage the students to read our books throughout the day as much as possible, and give them all good advice how to understand the books, and inspire them to study the things from every point of view. In this way, by constantly engaging our tongues in the service of the Lord, either by discussing His philosophy or by chanting Hare Krishna, the truth is that Krishna Himself will reveal Himself to us and we shall understand how to do everything properly.

Letter to Gunagrahi -- New York 3 July, 1972:

Especially I am very much pleased to hear that the University of Buffalo has given to you more than $1200.00 in grant. I can understand by your enthusiastic preparations for Rathayatra in Buffalo that you are very sincere boy and capable devotee. This is very much wanted throughout the society of men, that some few of you will come to the understanding that by serving the Lord with my full energy that this will be my happy position of life and that no other occupation will give me any, not even an ounce of pleasure. Such persons like yourself who are thinking in this way are getting all intelligence and facility by how to do the things properly, and that Krishna is helping you with intelligence and ability, now you take the right course and utilize the opportunity given to you by Krishna to actually inject the human society with that same determination to serve the Lord. Only a handful of you are there who are convinced beyond any doubt about this Krsna consciousness movement, but is sufficient to change the entire course of history.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Paris 22 July, 1972:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated July 15, 1972, and I have noted the contents. I am very much pleased to hear that everything is going on nicely in Canada, especially that your travelling party is having good success. Yes, that is the right idea, to strengthen whatever devotees we have got in spiritual life, fix them beyond any doubts. Then our potency will increase and we may recruit dozens of new devotees easily. Main thing is to make sure everyone is chanting minimum sixteen rounds daily of Hare Krishna Mantra. Otherwise they will not be able to perform the other practices of brahminical life, such as early rising, cleanliness, etc.

Letter to Hrdayananda -- Amsterdam 29 July, 1972:

But one thing is, we are observing here in Europe many, many hippies have become so disgusted with material life but they are also now so much degraded that they will not hear our philosophy, simply mocking. So our devotees may become very much learned to remove their doubts and become very much fixed up in Krishna Consciousness, but so far preaching to the general public, especially the hippie class, it is better not to preach very much philosophy, just somehow or other get them to chant Hare Krishna mantra, and if some of them are curious to learn something they may purchase one of our books. Only if they chant with us, that will help them.

Letter to Acyutananda -- London 5 August, 1972:

So far Yamuna is concerned, I never doubted once her impeccable character, simply I wanted to find out the actual position. There is a saying in Bengali, that whenever there is scandalous talk, there is something to it, so we must be careful always to avoid even what may be mistaken by others for scandalous situation. You know how the things are taken in India so be yourself very careful to always avoid these things and instruct others how to do it also. I am forwarding your reply to Lalitananda Bon Maharaja to ISKCON Press in New York for publishing in our BTG.

Letter to Krsnadasa -- Vrindaban 7 November, 1972:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated October 30, 1972, and I have noted the contents. It appears that you are again constantly disturbed by the same nonsense doubts. These things are not very important, we may not waste our time with these insignificant questions. If we are seeking to find out some fault, maya will give us all facility to find any small thing and make it very big, that is maya. But such questions as yours: why there is so-called discrepancy between the views of Bhagavat and modern scientists regarding the moon and other planets, and whether Hitler is good or bad man, these are most insignificant matters, and for anyone who is sincerely convinced that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, for him these questions do not arise.

Letter to Krsnadasa -- Vrindaban 7 November, 1972:

"Whoever knows Me as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, without doubting, is to be understood as the knower of everything, and he engages himself therefore in devotional service"—this is the understanding of advanced devotee, so my best advice to you is to agree to come to this understanding.

1973 Correspondence

Letter to Pusta Krsna -- Hyderabad 23 March, 1973:

Yes, your study program is nice. By writing according to our realization we become more and more convinced and all doubts are destroyed. I have looked over your essay and I think you are understanding our philosophy rightly. Why don't you write something for Back to Godhead?

We can avoid idle conversation and utilize our time in the spare moments for studying slokas from the Gita and Bhagavatam. Practically I have given you more than enough for 50 years at one sloka daily. If we can simply read one sloka daily, that is step by step progress.

Letter to Ho Hon Pei -- Los Angeles 10 May, 1973:

Thank you very much for your kind appreciation of our Krsna Consciousness Movement. You are having some doubts whether or not the mass of people will be able to appreciate Krsna Consciousness. Yes, it is a fact that most people cannot approach Krsna Consciousness. Just like a rare gem. Only a few men can purchase a rare emerald or diamond so similarly only a few men may actually be capable of grasping the importance of Krsna Consciousness. It is confirmed in the Bhagavad Gita VII, 3.

manusyanam sahasresu
kascid yatati siddhaye
yatatam api siddhanam
kascin mam vetti tattvatah
(BG 7.3)

"Out of many thousands of men, one may endeavor for perfection, and of those who have achieved perfection, hardly one knows Me in truth."

Letter to Karandhara -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 27 July, 1973:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated July 22nd, 1973. You are to be congratulated—you have defeated the rascal scientist Mr. Roger Reville from the Big University. Actually, it is not a very difficult task, they have no definite ideas, everything they put forward is doubtful, even they say—"I think", "perhaps", "it may be", "theoretically speaking", and like that.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- New Delhi 7 November, 1973:

Yes, we want to begin the temple construction immediately, so let them approve the plans. In the meantime finish the fencing, cleansing, and painting the residential quarters. If possible make the privy a little usable. It is not a practical idea of Mr. Birla to first collect half the money and then construct. People will pay as the construction goes on. If they are doubtful, then they can form a temple construction committee and see that every pie is used for temple construction. At least Mr. Birla must give whatever he has promised for Vrindaban. Vrindaban needs money, but we can't press him for Bombay. If he likes, he will give, but he is such a rich man he can pay for both.

I am glad to learn that you are preaching nicely. It is very important business. Unless our men understand thoroughly the philosophy, how will they be able to preach? After fencing, you can make one big electric light post to illuminate the temple ground. So you replace my Rs. 30,000/- personal deposit, and when you've done it, please let me know.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Bhavatarini -- Bombay 3 April, 1974:

I can understand that due to material circumstances you are feeling distressed, and this large sum of money which you are about to receive is also causing you distress because you don't know what is the best thing to do with it. I very much appreciate that although you are filled with doubts and suspiscions and although you have many of your own plans for what to do and how to live, you have, nevertheless put the matter before your spiritual master and asked him to direct you. This is a great qualification, and this attitude made Arjuna eligible in the Bhagavad-gita, to receive the full mercy of Krsna's instruction.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Tirupati 28 April, 1974:

Tamala Krsna Goswami is going to Los Angeles and I shall give him instruction to join Madhudvisa Swami, Bali Mardan and Jayatirtha and reform the deficiencies. As soon as there is a little deficiency we must repair it or it will create a big hole and the ship will drown. So I have said keep fit. I saw this Vrindaban Candra and Prajapati as a little sentimental without thoroughly understanding. Without following the regulative principles advancement is doubtful, and one may fall at any moment.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Mayapur 1 October, 1974:

Regarding book production staff coming together under one roof, I have already replied this point. These things will be discussed in our open GBC meeting and decided. Regarding Bali Mardan, yes if the buildings do not come, then it is doubtful. I understand that one devotee is engaged as Taittareya's personal servant. No devotee can be engaged as personal servant in this way. Otherwise everyone will do this.

Letter to Murtidas -- Mayapur 13 October, 1974:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated October 3, 1974 as well as your Sankirtana report. I do not know why you are not satisfied with your service there in Delhi. I am very glad that now Tejiyas is regularly collecting and sending to Vrindaban for maintenance, so what is the harm of your helping? This lamentation you have got is not good. Brahma-bhutah prasannatma/ na socati na kanksati (BG 18.54). This is not Krishna consciousness. Do not lament, but go on with your collecting engagement enthusiastically. This is what pleases me. Why are you doubting?

Letter to Dhananjaya -- Bombay 15 November, 1974:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated November 9, 1974 and have noted the contents. Regarding the land purchase, these soil tests are unnecessary. All the land in that area needs fertilizers, that we know. Anyway, you can give up this. If there is doubt, then there is no need for purchasing this land.

I am glad to note that the Home Minister is looking into the visa problem for our men. The idea is that we are spending so much for constructing these projects but no local Indians are coming forward to join us. So who will manage these projects? We require the foreigners to manage. In Vrindaban we will keep at least 50 foreigners.

It is very good that the Governor Mr. Reddy has visited our temple. He should be invited for being the Chief Guest and Inaugurator of the new temple. I am writing to him in this regard separately. Krishna has sent both these Governors.

Letter to Saurabha -- Bombay 23 November, 1974:

Now Bhugarbha reports that you say the asrama will not be completed for the opening festival. The program was already postponed because the asrama was not finished. Therefore everything must be cent per cent completed by the end of March. Is the contractor cheating? That means it will never be finished. Simply we have to put money. From the photos I have seen, there is not very much progress. What to do?

I want no explanations. I want to see everything finished. If there is still doubt, please tell me frankly.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bombay 28 November, 1974:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated November 20, 1974 from New York. I am very glad to hear of the continued success of the Library distribution program. You know it that I also was selling my books in this way to the schools and colleges and libraries. I would write, then publish, and then distribute without any help. So how much pleased I am with you that you are helping me in this mission. So you go on with your work. Krishna will help you. You are sincere in your purpose. This is very important engagement of visiting the professors, and the colleges and libraries, and getting the standing orders. This is the most important engagement. Do not doubt this.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Los Angeles 21 June, 1975:

Regarding Vrindaban construction, you may have all of the creditors submit their final bills and together with the accountant you check them vigilantly and make a full settlement. Then conveniently we shall see how the further work will be done. Now I am very much doubtful. I think there has been some cheating.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Sri Tikandas J. Batra -- Mayapur 26 January, 1976:

How a rascal can become a professor? That is the defect of modern day education. It is said in the Srimad-Bhagavatam: Na te vidhuh svartha gatim hi visnu. Philosophy means to find out the actual source of everything. Our Vedanta philosophy begins athāto brahma jijñāsā, to enquire about Brahma, that is real philosophy. And the Supreme Brahma is described as the original source of everything: Janmady asya yato (SB 1.1.1), etc. Srimad-Bhagavatam is the real philosophy because it describes the original source of everything—Janmady asya yatah. The first chapter of Srimad-Bhagavatam begins with this verse. Accept this, all other philosophies are simply jugglery of words to mislead the less intelligent class of men. You are benedicted by Lord Krishna that you are doubting the philosophical speculation of the mudhas. Please try to read real philosophy—Vedanta Sutra and its right commentary by Vyasadeva, Srimad-Bhagavatam. And the preliminary study, Bhagavad-gita.

Letter to Haihaya -- Honolulu 29 May, 1976:

The daily collections from the temple should be counted before 3 persons together. The accountant has nothing to do with these things. He simply notes down the figure in the books. This is how it should be done. Yes, the collections will increase as people come more and more. The temple should become self-sufficient, that is wanted. However, see that stealing is stopped. I am doubtful that things are being stolen, otherwise how is the expenditure so high.

Letter to Jayapataka -- New Vrindaban 26 June, 1976:

Concerning the doubts of the commission: 1). Christians also convert. It is not conversion from Christian to Hindu. We convert atheist class of men to take God-consciousness. God is one. It is not the question of Christianity, Hindu, Muslim; any religion that teaches to love God is genuine. It has nothing to do with Hinduism, Mohammedanism, etc. 2). Sources (of funds) means we get contributions from all over the world. All of our branches will gladly contribute. Practically this institution is the real U.N. We have the co-operation from all nations, all religions, all communities, etc. It will be an international institute. To see the planetarium and how things are universally situated has nothing to do with sectarian ideas. It is a scientific presentation of spiritual life. 3). The local Mohammedans have already agreed.

Letter to Sumati Morarjee -- Valencay, France 7 August, 1976:

I hope you will understand the whole situation. If you still have any doubts, I shall be glad to hear from you and shall try to satisfy you to the best of my ability. I am presently not in very good health, nonetheless I hope this meets you well.

Letter to Dr. Chatterjee -- Vrindaban 27 September, 1976:

I have seen in foreign countries that practically no students join high philosophical and scientific classes. People nowadays are only interested in money-earning philosophy. Nobody goes to the philosophical classes in universities. A similar institute was imagined by my Godbrother Bon Maharaja in Vrindaban, but it has not become very successful. There are many difficulties in the line, but I like the idea; therefore if some practical solution can be made we can discuss personally, but I appreciate your idea. The only difficulty I'm feeling is whether we can get sufficient students. Some of my disciples who are Ph.D.'s in science, they are also attempting our institution in Boston U.S.A., but I'm still doubtful how far they'll be successful on account of scarcity of students. It is said in the Kali-yuga everyman is on the standard of sudra, and the curriculum suggested by you is meant for the brahmana—that is the difficulty.

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Chandigarh 15 October, 1976:

A film showing illegal techniques of distributing my books (Money shuffle) was never authorized by me. If it is actually a fact what you say, then stop it immediately. In all our dealings we should be above suspicion. They say first impressions are lasting. If someone feels cheated by our men because they are using dubious methods of distribution and collecting money our purity may be doubted and reputation spoiled. So please do not allow such film showing to take place until I have seen the film personally.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Bombay 20 December, 1976:

Yes, then we can purchase. Why should we remain in doubt about 7 Bury Place. The place is nice, but the building is not so nice (7 Bury Place that is). The building on Soho is nice, I've seen it. Your idea to in the future build a major temple is very good. Then we can either sell the building on Soho or we can keep it for a restaurant if it is profitable. We can make the whole building a restaurant or a hotel. The Indians would like a completely vegetarian hotel.

1977 Correspondence

Letter to Srila Prabhupada -- Unknown Place 13 March, 1977:

I just wanted to take the opportunity of expressing my heartfelt thanks for Your Divine Grace's kindness in allowing me to serve you these last sixteen months. I can honestly say that I have never been more satisfied at any time than when I had the opportunity to associate with you personally. Sri Krsna says in the Bhagavad-gita that a person who knows Him in truth is a very rare personality, and actually, as I have traveled all over India and the world with you I have seen these words substantiated. I am convinced beyond a doubt that only one person on this entire planet has really realized who the Supreme is and how to serve Him, and that person is you.

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