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Detroit (Letters 1972 - 1977)

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1972 Correspondence

Letter to Krsna Bhamini -- Bombay 4 January, 1972:

I am glad to know that you are continuing on work on the children's version of Isopanisad. We will require such books for use in our Dallas, Texas school. Please do this work very thoughtfully; Krishna will give you good direction in how to do it. I have seen today the slides of the paintings from our Bhagavad-gita. Many of them are super-excellent. If we introduce these books in all the bookstores, schools, colleges, libraries and everyone's home our religion will be the only religion in the world very soon. This prediction has been made publicly here in one newspaper, by a Japanese philosopher, that within ten years Krishna Consciousness will be the world religion. If you all keep preaching in such a pure way this will undoubtedly prove true. So as the wife of a GBC member you have got the responsibility to help your husband to maintain the highest standard of Krishna Consciousness both in yourselves and in all the other devotees in the Temple.

Please offer my blessings to Bhagavan das and to your nice son and daughter and to all my beloved disciples in the Detroit ISKCON. I hope this will meet you all very well.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Bombay 11 January, 1972:

I am especially in cheerful mood to hear that our books and literatures are being now widely increased, but I don't think you will be able to approach near to the large amount of books being distributed by our California centers, especially in San Francisco. But if you can, then I shall certainly come there in Detroit and live there and translate there. I want to go and stay wherever they are selling the most books! But I do not think that anyone will become better than San Francisco.

If you like, you may now order from our devotees stationed in Jaipur one pair of gorgeous Radha-Krishna deities for Detroit center. They are settled in Jaipur now especially for this purpose of sending very best murtis to all our ISKCON temples who request them, including dresses, ornaments, jewels, etc. So I think such nice deities can be ordered by you, and you can give them very first-class home and give them all comforts and luxuries, either in that place or if you get a better place. Already they have sent very excellent black Krishna to Nairobi and New York of 48" height.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Bombay 11 January, 1972:

I was just writing to our European centers that for so many years they have been there and nothing has been printed in European languages. This is not a very good sign. How can there be preaching without books? So I am glad that you are taking steps to organize printing of our foreign books. Please take this matter very seriously and print such books immediately.

I can appreciate very much that you are a sincere and intelligent boy, so I am certain that you are having no difficulty in managing nicely Krishna's affairs and making advancement yourself in Krishna Consciousness. Now I am trusting you all elderly leaders to do everything very responsibly and to the standards we have set, so that I may very soon begin translating fulltime. Thank you very much.

I hope this will meet you and all of the nice boys and girls at Detroit center in good health and lively spirits.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Tokyo 3 May, 1972:

I am anxious to know what has happened to Aravinda since he left me in India. I think his parents live there in Detroit, his other name is Arthur Friedman, so kindly search them out and ask them where he is. I have given him his return ticket to Los Angeles, so I think he has returned to your country.

Letter to Bali-mardana -- Honolulu May 9, 1972:

We have found Chapters 17, 18, 19 on one tape left by Aravinda, but chapters 14, 15, and 16 (part) are still missing. I do not know where Aravinda has gone, I have asked Bhagavan to find out his parents in Detroit and enquire from them. Or there is chance the missing parts are in a trunk we have sent from Bombay to Los Angeles. So I am very much disturbed that I shall work so hard and the manuscripts are lost. If they are not in that trunk, then I shall have to translate 14, 15, and 16 (part) again? Pradyumna is typing the chapters 16 through 20, so he shall be sending them very soon.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Honolulu 12 May, 1972:

I am glad to see that you are trying for some cars for India. We need immediately some cars and vans. I was just talking with Gaurasundara how this can be done. I think Scindia has got ships to Detroit, so if you can find this out I can arrange for some shipping to India. You can contact Tamala Krishna in Mayapur for getting photos and information from him about our food-distribution program there and how we are feeding the needy persons in that area daily not less than 2000 persons. The USA government is giving us free foodstuffs and grains for distribution, so why such big motorcar companies should not also help if your government is agreeable? Even they cannot donate, we can purchase at cost price or for some token price, but immediately I want that some cars and vans be sent to India, there is so much need for them there.

Letter to Friends -- Los Angeles 23 May, 1972:

So my only request is that you immediately return either to the Cleveland temple or to some other temple. You may correspond with Bhagavan das at the Detroit center, 8311 E. Jefferson St., Detroit 48214, in this connection. He is the GBC zonal secretary for that zone of the mid-west, so you may address your questions and inquiries to him. I am very much encouraged that you are all chanting Hare Krishna and trying to become Krishna Conscious. But I do not advise that you approach the matter of perfecting your life in this independent way. Unless there is connection with a bona fide spiritual master, coming in the line of disciplic succession, there is no possibility of making progress in spiritual life. So I have established ISKCON centers for the purpose of catching up the Lotus Feet of Krishna by intimate connection with the spiritual master. These are my authorized centers for that purpose. You say that whatever I instruct you you will carry out, so again my instruction is that you abandon this independent scheme and join your good god-brothers and sisters at some one of our ISKCON centers.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Los Angeles 28 May, 1972:

Bhagavan dasa in Detroit is trying for some cars __. Also , Hamsaduta has got some very nice buses in Germany __ has written to me that he can purchase one for sending to __ there is need. but I do not think it is possible to drive __ India by crossing over Pakistan, because the border has been __ Anyway, in the near future we shall be dispatching some vehicle __ India, but meanwhile you should concentrate on this plan of distributing books and magazines very extensively in Bombay area.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 28 May, 1972:

Bhagavan was here from Detroit that he has mentioned that there has been some difficulty for him by sending money to Bombay for purchasing the Detroit Deities, and he is puzzled what has happened to the money and when the Deities are coming, etc. So you kindly investigate what is the position concerning those Deities and as soon as possible ship them from Bombay by air-freight collect to Detroit. I have heard that Mr. Birla has given us two more sets of nice Deities in Jaipur, so you can transport these two sets to Bombay and sent one set to Detroit an one set to Toronto by air-freight collect as quickly as possible. There is no need to purchase any more Deities as these two sets of Deities have been given to us without charge. Also Bhagavan reports for money which he has sent to India there is no acknowledgement. So you can kindly clear up this matter.

Letter to Govardhan -- Paris 21 July, 1972:

Upon the recommendation of Sriman Bhagavan das, I have consented to accept as my duly initiated disciples both Srimati Jayaradhe Devi Dasi and Srimati Krsnamayi Devi Dasi, and I have also consented to give Gayatri mantra to Srimati Trisakti Devi Dasi and Srimati Krpamayi Devi Dasi. Enclosed please find two copies of gayatri mantra. The beads have been sent under separate post. Now you can hold a fire yajna for all four students, and give Gayatri mantra to Trisakti and Krpamayi. There is a tape of me reciting gayatri mantra there in Detroit, so you can play it for these two girls, through earphones into the right ear.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Paris 25 July, 1972:

I am very happy to hear that the things are going on very nicely, especially at Gurukula. I have heard from Bhagavan dasa that you want to move the deities from Detroit. That is not a very good proposal. In general, deities are never removed from one place to another simply for show. Once the deity is installed in India, it can never be removed under any circumstances, even they must build the highway around it. But in our case we may sometimes have to change houses, so we may once have to move the deity from one house to another, but we shall not move them from one city to another just for our own convenience. We are always thinking these kind of changes, why is that? I simply want things to be developed which we have got, not to make so many big big plans and changing all the time, that is not very practical.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 26 September, 1972:

The Board of Trustees is approved by me. Regarding the Rs. 4,000 for paper for the Gujarati issue of Back to Godhead,, I have sent you already Rs. 70,000 and Rs. 29,000, whether that has been replaced? Then I will forward further sums. I have requested Satsvarupa to reimburse you immediately the Rs. 7,000 paid out for the Dallas and Detroit deities.

Letter to Kaliya Krsna -- San Francisco 8 October, 1972:

Now that you are President of the Detroit Temple, you have very great responsibility to take proper care of all the devotees who are engaged there and are spreading Krsna Consciousness at one of our most important centers. Formerly Bhagavan das was developing this area very nicely, so now that the responsibility is in your hands please continue with enthusiasm more and more. As much as you are sincere to simply serve the mission of the Supreme Lord, then Krsna will give you the intelligence from the heart, have no doubt. I have received the enclosed daksina offering in the amount of $332 and I thank you very very much. Also enclosed is a letter for Srimati Vilasini Devi Dasi and Sitarani Devi Dasi for Gayatri initiation.

1973 Correspondence

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bombay 16 September, 1973:

So far naming of the Detroit Deities, They shall be known as Radha Kunja Behari. Yes, it is proper etiquette that the sannyasis consult with the local president for anything they need such as men. Regarding the Gurukula I am glad to hear that the one 5 year old boy wanted to stay with us. That is very good. Boys like friends of the same age. Regarding sending the older boys to New Vrindaban. let New Vrindaban have sufficient place for them, then you can consider. Anyway, this will have to be decided amongst yourselves.

Yes for Deity worship at least 10 brahmanas are required. Regarding New Orleans, the book distribution must be established not just the Deity worship. This is very important to our movement, so please arrange this to go on.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Dinadayadri -- Rome 26 May, 1974:

There is no question of your returning to Nara-Narayana. He has remarried, and I also informed him when I was in L.A. last time, that he should keep his one wife, living peacefully in L.A. You have got one child, so now make Krsna your husband and take shelter of our temple. The Detroit temple where you are now is very suitable I think, and you say you are much inspired by devotees like Govardhana and the others. So take spiritual instructions from your elder Godbrothers and sisters, forget the past, and make all progress in Krsna Consciousness without any material lamentation or hankering.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Frankfurt 18 June, 1974:

Yes, the farm plan in New Orleans is fine. But one thing is if we get land we must first be sure we will be able to fully utilize it, otherwise, if we cannot use it what is the use? I want the world to see by our example that life can be lived naturally, peacefully if one is self sufficient with land, some cows and chanting Hare Krishna. That is the idea of purchasing land. It is not necessary that every temple have a farm, but as many as can be efficiently managed locally is all right. Let them see our centers are self sufficient. Whatever can be managed conveniently. If they can manage a farm in Detroit also, what is the harm?

Letter to Jagadisa -- Melbourne 25 June, 1974:

As of your writing, Govardhana Prabhu, the Detroit president had left his post and was living in the Chicago temple, because he was not chanting his sixteen rounds. I hope by now he has taken your advice and has returned to his post and is following the chanting with full knowledge. In your previous letter you stated that the deity worship in Detroit was superexcellent and that all programs were being expertly managed by govardhana. Why should he leave therefore? You write he is chanting 14 rounds daily; so you are experienced and know what to do in this case, simply encourage him to chant 16 rounds. The injunction is kirtaniya sada hari, one should always be chanting all day. The 16 rounds is just a minimum 1 set for my disciples so they will chant at least that much. Actually chanting should always be going on. So I will be anxious to hear that Govardhana has returned and is chanting more seriously, aware that he must do so to remain free from the clutches of maya.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Madame Sangupta -- Bombay 15 January, 1975:

The grievances of family life are always the same everywhere. There is nothing new in your case. I am very glad you have taken shelter there at our Detroit temple. You can remain there without any hesitation and learn how to become a devotee. We have no Bengali books. All of our books are in English, but you can chant always Hare Krishna and follow the rules and regulations and this will help you in the advancement of spiritual life.

Letter to Bon Maharaja -- Los Angeles 24 July, 1975:

I thank you very much for your kind letter dated July 15, 1975 and have noted the contents carefully. Your letter was addressed to our San Francisco temple, and it is forwarded to me here in Los Angeles. The day after tomorrow I am going to San Diego via Laguna Beach. Then I shall go to Dallas, New Orleans, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, New York, and then New Vrindaban, West Virginia. From there I shall go to Europe to London and Paris, and then I shall return to Bombay perhaps via Africa by the month of October.

Letter to Bon Maharaja -- Indre, France 11 August, 1975:

After inspecting for a few days how things are going on there, I shall go back to Vrindaban via New Delhi, and if you kindly give us the land I shall begin the constructing of the Gurukula building immediately.

I am coming here via Toronto and Montreal, and it was a great pleasure for me to know that you saw our temples there. Next time if you kindly come either to Europe or America please visit all our temples, especially I will request you to visit our temples in Los Angeles, Detroit, London, and Paris (Lucay-le-Male.)

Letter to Govardhana -- Bombay 18 November, 1975:

It is a very good achievement that you have gotten this new building in Detroit. It is very aristocratic and prestigious. Do everything very nicely there now. You now have very good facility for broadcasting our Krsna consciousness propaganda. Just do everything very carefully and soberly. As soon as everything is set up, I will go there. You can call the new Detroit temple Devasadhan, meaning celestial.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Bombay 20 November, 1975:

Regarding Toronto, I am glad that they have gotten that church. I have sent them congratulations. Regarding Detroit, I note that Sudama Maharaja was there. Has he left Tamala Krsna's party? Alone Sudama Maharaja is not safe. He should not leave Tamala Krsna's party. Regarding the Detroit house, even though you will move there after Christmas, some devotees may go there immediately to take possession, and make the necessary repairing. If you can take out a mortgage for only $70,000, then what is the use? Anyway, this you have to consult among yourselves.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Giriraja -- Auckland 27 April, 1976:

Tomorrow we go to Fiji for some time, and the laying of the foundation stone of our new temple there, then on to Hawaii, and by about June 1st, we should reach Los Angeles. After that we are planning to visit Detroit, New York Rathayatra tentatively scheduled in late June, then New Vrindaban. Before returning to India, we shall stopover in Europe for about 2 weeks, and possibly Tehran.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Honolulu 23 May, 1976:

Concerning the Deities in Chicago temple, if you want to have large size Gaura-Nitai then I have no objection. Your new travelling mobile temple sounds very nice. I shall be glad to see it when I visit Detroit. Keep yourself comfortable so that you can work nicely. There is no need of dry vairagya.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Honolulu 26 May, 1976:

Now concerning the London loan, I know that Madhavananda who is presently in Detroit, and Hamsaduta Maharaja both were collecting funds to construct a temple at the Bhaktivedanta Manor. What was done with these funds? And what is done with the money collected from Book sales in Germany and France?

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 6 June, 1976:

I am anxious to know when my quarters will be ready. In your last letter you gave me an attractive idea of my quarters, so I am anxious for it. Please keep me informed. From Los Angeles, I will go to Detroit, from June 11-16, then Toronto June 16-21, then New Vrindaban June 21-July 2, then Washington, D.C. July 2-July 9, then New York July 9-July 20, then London July 20-26, then Paris farm and Rome July 26-August 10; Then Tehran from August 10-13, expecting to arrive approximately in Bombay August 14.

Letter to Mahamsa -- Detroit 12 June, 1976:

Regarding the trustees for the land, first of all get the land transferred to the ISKCON Trust, then I can send you the names of the 6 trustees from our side. I am having the GBC discuss the matter of trustees in New York and at that time the matter can be taken up in detail. I am presently in Detroit and after that I shall be going to Toronto, New Vrindaban, Washington, D.C., and reaching New York by July 9th.

Letter to unknown 2 -- 28 September, 1976:

With the grace of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu by and by ISKCON's 40 temples in America's important cities were constructed and throughout Europe in England, France, Germany, Italy and in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, New Zealand, Auckland, Africa, Canada and Tehran and other places as well in the world all total of 102 such centres of ISKCON for distribution of Krishna cult were established. Amongst all these the very big temples in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit can be specially mentioned. In these temples the minimum number of devotees attached is 50 and maximum 250 and they are engaged to distribute Krishna hymns leading an austentious life. Everywhere the Deity of Radha and Krishna is being worshiped. From India a large number of renowned persons frequently visit these temples throughout the world and they have made remarks to the effect that in each and every temple arrangements for daily worship and functions relating thereto are remarkably done smoothly and methodically. The artistic way of make up in all respects are exceptionally good and for all these a lot of expenses made towards everything are unparallel. The devotees attached to these temples out of natural devotion frequently visit to have a glance of the holy birthplace of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu at Mayapur, Navadvipa, and that of Shri Krishna at Mathura and His lila-ksetra at Vrndavana, and that they do so in thousands.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Vrindaban 18 November, 1976:

Regarding your coming to be the secretary in February. You arrange amongst yourselves. All of you are welcome.

Thank you for sending the $500 from Detroit. Yes, it was due.

Regarding the difficulty at Chicago airport, my advice is to depend on Krsna.

1977 Correspondence

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bombay 1 January, 1977:

The parents' meeting in Detroit was very nice. It is a very good idea to organize a "Parents for Krishna" club. Try to do that. Regarding Chicago, why isn't the boy returned yet? He should be returned right away.

I will be going to the Kumbha Mela around the 10th or 12th of this month. I will stay as long as possible up to three weeks. then we'll be going to Mayapur until the festival.

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