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"degrees and academic or religious accomplishments"


1969 Correspondence

Swami Bhaktivedanta: — Hawaii 14 March, 1969: Please send a roster of your school faculty and indicate the degrees and academic or religious accomplishments possessed by each instructor. We trust you will understand the nature of this inquiry and will appreciate that such information is essential if we are to accord to your members, that have dealings with this agency, their just rights under the law.


MALCOLM F. MILLER Lt. Colonel, USAF (ret.)

Manpower Officer

Swami Bhaktivedanta: — Hawaii 14 March, 1969 : Q. 11. Faculty and degrees and academic or religious accomplishments: (list all names of members who have such, as Brahmananda, Hayagriva, Satyabhama, Kirtanananda, Lilavati, etc. who have academic background qualifications). Our religious principle is as old as 5000 years and the whole thing is explained in our recent publication of Bhagavad-gita As It Is, published by MacMillan, of New York and London. If required, a copy of this book may be secured and the whole idea may be grasped. And this is a missionary society for enlightening the people about God-consciousness, which we are preaching as Krishna Consciousness.

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