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1947 to 1965 Correspondence

Letter to Brothers -- Allahabad 1 January, 1955:

(5) the inner member must enroll himself as regular member in the A. B. or C. Category. Members with voting power will have to pay the scheduled monthly subscriptions The lowest rate of subscription is Rs 10/- per month. Any one unable to pay the membership fee may apply for free membership or lesser subscription for consideration of the Board of Executive members. The executive committee can decide on it.

Letter to Brother -- Unknown Place September 1955:

Rule 16. "Every member is entitled to one vote either in person or by proxy at a general meeting held for its elections of the members of the Executive Committee. or for any other purposes."

Letter to Brother -- Unknown Place September 1955:

If you think yourself unable to pay either of the above mentioned membership fees per month, then you can apply for free membership or for a lesser value of monthly subscription for consideration of the Executive Committee., who will decide on the subject.

1966 Correspondence

Letter to Sir Padampat Singhania -- New York 18 March, 1966:

As I told you before the matter was entrusted to two responsible gentlemen in India. One is my godbrother Sripada B.V. Tirtha Maharaja the President of Caitanya Research Institute Calcutta and the other is one influential officer in the All India Congress Committee. in New Delhi. Both of them are very responsible men and they are trying very sincerely to their best capacity to get the exchange sanctioned. But till now there is no hopeful signal from both of them.

Letter to Ministry of Finance (India) -- New York 28 May, 1966:

My cultural mission as I have tried to explain in my books Srimad-Bhagavatam has been highly appreciated by all responsible quarters in India including the Late Prime Minister Lal Bhadur Shastri. The All India Congress Committee. has reviewed my books in the following words: "At a time when not only the people of India but those of the West need the chastening quality of Love and Truth in the corrupting atmosphere of hate and hypocrisy, a work like this will have corrective influence. What is God? He is truth, He is love. Even an atheist must accept the supremacy of those qualities and how much they are needed by the people of the world who have been taught to deny God and these qualities do not require much emphasis."

1967 Correspondence

Letter to Sri Krishnaji -- San Francisco 25 March, 1967:

Sriman Surya Kumar Joshi B.A. in charge of the publication department All India Congress Committee. No. 7 Jantar Mantar Road New Delhi has very kindly agreed to take the burden of proof reading and if you also join with him to help me in this connection it will be great help for me. If you have time you can please see him and talk with him face to face how you can help me.

1968 Correspondence

Letter to Satsvarupa -- San Francisco 26 March, 1968:

We have to make arrangement for future emergency and I wish to organize a central board for such management. For me it is not possible to look after the administrative affairs. Some of you should form a committee. for this kind of management.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Montreal 19 August, 1968:

And regarding the meeting for future constitutional form of our society, actually it is now needed. So immediately I may not be able to go and meet and they are also in hurry for going to London, but because they will stay for a few days in New York, you can hold a preliminary meeting between yourself, Rayarama, Syamasundara., Mukunda, and if possible, call Rupanuga, Satsvarupa, Kirtanananda Maharaja, because they are nearer. Your suggestion for a committee. and the names you have suggested, just like Jayananda, Subala, Gargamuni, yourself, Rupanuga, Satsvarupa, Kirtanananda, Dayananda, is very nice. In this also, I think Mukunda's name should be also added.

Letter to Kirtanananda, Hayagriva -- Montreal 23 August, 1968:

The scheme regarding the will of Hayagriva Brahmacari, as well as the lease agreement between the society and Hayagriva Brahmacari, the tax payment, all this scheme are very nicely made, and I have got all my approval and so far the trustees are concerned, this is also required, and I can suggest that amongst the trustees, your two names, Kirtanananda and Hayagriva, and then Brahmananda, and from San Francisco Jayananda, and Mukunda, and Satsvarupa, Dayananda, Syamasundara., etc. and such sincere boys, who are working with their life and soul for the society, may be the trustees, and I think you should immediately make correspondence with Brahmananda, and I have already advised him that we should make a central committee. for management of all the centers.

Letter to B. N. Jariwala -- Seattle 16 October, 1968:

Regarding your good suggestion about permanent organization. This institution is already incorporated in New York State, and we are opening different branches under different states. So I shall be glad if our Indian friends in San Francisco, also come in the management of the local organization; I welcome it. So I would suggest that in your presence, a committee. may be formed, combination of Indian and American, and a temple of our own may be organized, Radha Krishna Temple. So in your presence, if it possible to organize, I shall be very glad.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Mukunda -- Los Angeles 25 January, 1969:

You have written to say that Londoners there are all so very anxious to meet me, so I am also very much anxious to meet you and the Londoners. Therefore it is the best thing that the five-story house which you have described in the letter under reply may be immediately occupied.* You can offer the best reasonable rent, and you can take the risk depending upon Krishna. If the Beatles come forward, you can take the risk. I hope that Mr. Parikh, who is a veteran educationist, can help you very much in this connection. I am very much pleased that he is also on the board of managers committee..

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- New Vrindaban 12 June, 1969:

Please accept my blessings. I am so pleased to receive your letter of June 9, 1969, and I can understand that Krishna is giving you intelligence how to manage the Western Coast branches of our society. I think you should now make an ad hoc committee. of management, comprising yourself, Jayananda, Cidananda, Dindayal, Upendra, etc. If in this way you can take charge of management affairs, it will be a very nice thing. So far as a seal is concerned, you can make your own seal exactly like the one we have got in New York. Simply you make the seal replacing the word New York for Los Angeles.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Tittenhurst 18 October, 1969:

Gradually this meeting should develop into a committee. of the West Coast presidents, and similarly there should be one for the East Coast, so in the future we can form a central governing body for the whole institution. Therefore the management should be done very cautiously so that everyone is satisfied in their autonomous managing capacity. Of course, the central point is the order of the Spiritual Master, and I am very glad that you are trying to give importance to this aspect of management.

Letter to Advaita -- London 23 November, 1969:

Practically you are in charge of the press department, but is is better to form immediately one press committee. consisting of you, Satsvarupa, Brahmananda, or whomever else you like, and do it nicely. How things should be done I have given you suggestion, but it is not possible for me to divert my attention.

Letter to Brahmananda -- London 25 November, 1969:

Regarding press management, I have already informed Advaita that you should immediately form a press committee. composed of yourself, Satsvarupa, Advaita, etc. and manage things carefully and nicely. When we have got our press, we must properly use it, always praying for Krishna's Grace. I do not think Satsvarupa can be overburdened with any further work.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Jayapataka -- Bombay 15 November, 1970:

I have already applied to the Magh mela Committee. and have received a letter of acceptance from them and have written to Dr. N. R. Sen Gupta to help us. Dhandharia has invited you to Gorakhpur and I have already asked you to go to Gorakhpur because we want to organize a center there.

Letter to Jayapataka -- Surat 20 December, 1970:

You have suggested in your letter dated December 16th that a gentle lawyer has prepared to give us free service in the above transaction—it is welcome. As you have suggested you can immediately form a committee. with five or six men comprising Mr. Mohta, Mrs. Birla, Mr. Poddar and Mr. Buwalka and any two of you, preferably yourself and Madhudvisa Maharaja. You can immediately form this fund raising committee. and do the needful.

1972 Correspondence

Letter to All ISKCON Temple Presidents -- Sydney 8 April, 1972:

"Atreya Rsi das was selected to be the Secretary for GBC and receive all correspondence including monthly reports." I never appointed Atreya Rsi member of the GBC, and I do not know how he can be appointed Secretary to GBC without my sanction. "He was also appointed to be on the Management Committee. with Karandhara for the purpose of supervising ISKCON business and implementing the decisions reached by GBC." This has very much disturbed me.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Los Angeles 26 May, 1972:

I am now interested to print our books in India and distribute them very widely. So our Ksirodakasayi is finding difficulty by himself, so they are thinking to form one committee of Ksirodakasayi, Ramananda and Niranjana, yourself and others, and I want that all of you conjointly chalk out some plan for translating, composing, laying out and printing our books in Hindi language and also in English language and distributing them very profusely.

Letter to Ksirodakasayi -- Los Angeles 26 May, 1972:

Regarding Hindi BTG, I have received one letter from Niranjana Prabhu in Benares and he is proposing to form a committee. of yourself, Ramananda and himself, plus Guru das and others, for streamlining the Hindi BTG and book publication department. So you may correspond with him on this point.

Letter to Niranjana -- Los Angeles 26 May, 1972:

Regarding Hindi literatures, I am very much encouraged that yourself along with Ramananda and Ksirodakasayi Prabhus are anxious to do some solid work. you form a committee along with Guru das, Giriraja and Bhavananda and altogether you work cooperatively both to publish and to distribute our Hindi literatures very widely throughout India. The committee must be also organized for distributing the books and magazines, otherwise what is the use of publishing? First make certain that our distribution is very nice organized.

Letter to Acyutananda -- Los Angeles 8 June, 1972:

Practically speaking you were my first disciple, and I think it is Bhaktivinode's desire that my first disciple shall go to Bengal and revive Krishna Consciousness there. So I have heard also from Tamala Krishna that he is going with his party to Bangladesh for preaching among the largely Mohammedan population. So your photos amongst the Mohammedan people of Nadia will also help you as propaganda items.* I am also glad to hear that you are attending all of the meetings of the big Sannyasis and Saintly persons from Navadvipa area and that you are one of the important members of the committee for protesting against violation of our Vaisnava principles.

Letter to Giriraja -- London 12 July, 1972:

I have met with Mrs. Morarji on arriving here in London and she has agreed to be the President of our Bombay Board of Trustees for building up the Juhu project. This is a good opportunity. So she, along with our other big Life Members, can form this Committee., and our own men will give direction. Now form the Committee. by consulting her how to do it, and the Committee. may meet and organize how to raise funds and push on this project, and I shall give direction how to do it.

Letter to Giriraja -- London 8 August, 1972:

If they want to make any documents, that must be approved by me. The idea is that no one should enter into the management without any sanction. If they pay lump sums then they can be on the committee., but our majority must be there. We have had bad experience in Nairobi due to carelessness in forming the management committee., therefore I am advising you in this way.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 26 September, 1972:

So far the bank mortgage is concerned, that is all right. Why don't you do it and finish this business with Nair? This talk is going on since so many months, why it is not being finished up? Now we have formed a committee., now whatever you think, you do. I want to see how the things are going on, and how it is going depends on you. Now I cannot tax my brain so much from such distant place what to do if there is any difficulty, therefore I am relying completely on you, my trusted senior disciples, to finish up these things nicely.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 29 September, 1972:

I am very much distressed that this conveyance business is still going on and it cannot be settled. You have formed a big committee. with Sumati Morarji, so what use is such committee.? Why they cannot help you finish this business? If the money is still not available, what is the use of this big sound? Although by law Mr. Nair must give us the conveyance, and we are not legally bound to pay the 5 lakhs conveyance tax, still, we shall pay it and subtract from the purchase price, as he suggests.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 4 October, 1972:

We want to keep that land, we do not want to break the agreement, therefore I have formed this committee.. Actually we are in possession of the land, and we shall remain there. Now if we have to take Mr. Nair to criminal court, and supposing it will take years to settle, still, we can occupy and carry on as we are doing. But if you can prove to the municipal officers that we are legally in possession of the land according to sales agreement, why they shall not give permission to build?

1973 Correspondence

Letter to Dr. Singhal, Mr. Saraf, Dr. Poddar, Mr. Vasista, Giriraja -- Auckland 21 February, 1973:

When I left Bombay I formed a committee of you all to negotiate with Mr. Nair but I did not hear anything from you since I left. What is the position now? If possible settle with Mrs. Nair paying her cash down or Rs. 1,400,000/. Out of Rs. 1,400,000 suppose we have Rs. 500,000/ and the balance Rs. 900,00/ can be advanced by any mortgager. If it is possible try to do it. Otherwise unless Mrs. Nair pays back all our invested money in the Juhu land do not vacate the land under any circumstances.

Letter to Mrs. Nirmala Singhal -- Calcutta 1 June, 1973:

The demolition of our temple by the municipality has strengthened our position. The municipality standing committee has condemned the hasty action of the municipality and has agreed to reconstruct the shed at their cost. Not only that, the temporary construction shall continue to stay until the court decision is there as to who is the proprietor of the land.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Mayapur 17 June, 1973:

Regarding our involvement with the property in Bombay: by chance we have been entangled but now a strong committee. should be formed of our life members. Let them take it up, otherwise what can be done? Our men should be engaged for preaching—why should the preaching be stopped?

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Paris 11 August, 1973:

The idea is that if she is not going to sell the land to us, and at the same time does not return our money with damages and interest, and occasionally tries to dispossess us from the land, then what steps we have to take? Our clear point is that either she must sell to us, and we are prepared to pay cash 12 Lakhs Rs/., or she must return our money with damages which amounts to 5 Lakhs Rs/. We should stick to these two points in consultation with your legal committee.

Letter to Umapati -- London 26 November, 1973:

As far as your grhastha community committee, I have no objection as it has the approval of Karandhara prabhu and he is there for you all to take advice from. One thing is though that we should not take such meetings and committees too seriously, as in the ultimate capacity our chanting is the only thing that will save us. However, if sometimes devotees should like to come together and chant Hare Krsna and discuss, just as we instituted our Istagosthi program, then this of course I have no objection to.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Los Angeles 13 December, 1973:

Yes, I approve of the Life Member Committee. for the Temple construction in Hyderabad. You may do the same in Bombay also.

1974 Correspondence

Letter to Kirtanananda -- Mayapur 5 October, 1974:

Recently there has been some provocation in our Society regarding Bali Mardan and his wife. Jayatirtha has received a bunch of complaints. Similarly Brahmananda Maharaja has also received, so far so that his wife is eating chicken in the temple. This has hampered me very much, so I wish to form an investigation committee. of three members, namely Tamala Krishna Goswami, Rupanuga Prabhu, and yourself.

1975 Correspondence

Letter to Visnuprasada N. Decai -- Bombay 2 January, 1975:

The other day, your secretary informed me that you will construct a community hall on the road-side, but I know that the strip of land in front of our land will not be required by you. Neither it can be used for any other purpose. So, if you will kindly recommend your committee. to give for this great cause, Krishna will be very much pleased upon you without any doubt.

Letter to Sat Krita -- Denver 1 July, 1975:

I have organized the GBC for the purpose of spreading Krsna consciousness all over the world. In this way I am trying to become free from the management in order to translate my books. Therefore there is no need to form a separate new committee. of 64 members. Let each zone and center push on in their area of the world. If such an international committee. is to be formed, it can be done by the GBC.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Ahmedabad 29 September, 1975:

Regarding your dealings with Bhagavan dasa, when two GBC's are concerned, the whole GBC must consider. What can I do? I have appointed the GBC not to fight amongst yourselves but to manage. If there is fighting then how will you manage? So the whole GBC committee must decide if there is fighting.

1976 Correspondence

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Mayapur 22 January, 1976:

You can address them: Sir, kindly have a glance over these books. If you like you can keep them and send the price or if not you can return them at our cost. In this way you can write them. But don't give them freely. There should be either the option to pay or return. Neither you should give the books to the Librarians of public and hospital libraries, it will not be fruitful. They have their managing committee's, so approach these men individually to purchase books for the libraries.

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