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Chatra means

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Sri Isopanisad Lectures

There is no difference between putra and chatra. Putra means son, and chatra means disciple.
Sri Isopanisad Lecture Excerpt -- Los Angeles, July 8, 1971:

Devotee: Page fourteen in the middle, almost the middle of the first paragraph. The Vedas are not known like that the Vedic knowledge was originally imparted into the heart of Brahma the first created living being and Brahma in his term disseminated the knowledge to his sons and disciples who have continued the process down thorough history.

Prabhupāda: Formerly the spiritual master, the disciplic succession, there are two ways. One is called śaukra and another is called sautra. Śaukra means succession from the seminal. Just like son. Son is born by the semina, and the disciple is born by Vedic knowledge. So the one familywise is called śaukra. Śukra means semina, coming from the śukra, and the other is sautra, by hearing. So spiritual master... In India still there are gotras. Gotras means coming from that great sage. Just like our family belongs to the Gautama gotra. Gautama Ṛṣi, from him the familywise gotra, and similarly disciplic succession is also gotra. There is no difference between putra and chatra. Putra means son, and chatra means disciple. Cāṇakya Paṇḍita said, putrāṁś ca śiṣyāṁś ca; they are equally treated. Both of them equally eligible for hereditary rites from the person, either he is son or disciple. So Brahmā distributed knowledge to some... Practically everyone was his son because he was the first living creature. So later on, disciples also, son's son. So in this way Brahmā distributed this Vedic knowledge, some to the sons, some to the... Vyāsadeva also, he distributed knowledge, some to his sons, some to his disciples. That is explained in the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. So that is the process of disseminating Vedic knowledge. Then?

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