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Localized Paramatma

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"localized paramatma"|"Paramatma (the localized" |"Paramatma conception is localized" |"Paramatma is localized" |"Paramatma is the localized " |"Paramatma or the localized" |"Paramatma the localized" |"Paramatma, localized" |"Paramatma, or localized" |"Paramatma, or the localized" |"Paramatma, the localized" |"localized aspect paramatma" |"localized aspect as Paramatma" |"localized aspect of Paramatma" |"localized aspect, Paramatma" |"paramatma localized"|"Supersoul as the localized"|"Supersoul is but His localized"|"Supersoul is His localized"|"localized, all-pervading Supersoul"|"Supersoul—the localized aspect"|"localized supreme soul"|"localized Supersoul"

  • Vedabase query: "paramatma localiz*"@10 or "supersoul localiz*"@10 or "localized supreme soul"


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