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"It is dormant. Not that Krsna consciousness"|"Krsna consciousness dormant"|"Krsna consciousness is dormant"|"Krsna consciousness is there in everyone's heart. It is dormant"|"Krsna consciousness within you. It is lying dormant"|"Krsna consciousness, is in everyone's heart, dormant"|"Krsna consciousness, is there in everyone's heart, dormant"|"Krsna consciousness, is there, dormant"|"Krsna consciousness, which is dormant"|"Krsna consciousness. That is dormant"|"dormant God consciousness or Krsna consciousness"|"dormant God consciousness"|"dormant Krsna consciousness"|"dormant Krsna's love"|"dormant bhakti consciousness or Krsna consciousness"|"dormant consciousness for loving Krsna"|"dormant consciousness for loving Krsna"|"dormant devotional consciousness, Krsna consciousness"|"dormant love for Krsna"|"dormant love for You"|"dormant love of God, or Krsna consciousness"|"dormant relationship with God"

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