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Bombay (Letters 1976)

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1976 Correspondence

Letter to Ramesvara Prabhu -- Nellore 3 January, 1976:

N.B. Your letter dated December 27, 1975 has been delivered by Tamala and I have noted the contents. In regard to sending money for the India projects, after covering the costs of printing, whatever balance is left should be sent. The printing cannot stop, it is the first consideration. But if there is more printing then there is more income, so what is the difficulty? One thing however, is that we have just engaged the best and most experienced construction company in India, Larson and Turbrow, to complete our Bombay project. We have had to guarantee them seven lacs Rupees per month for the next nine months. And thereafter we shall immediately begin the Mayapur temple. So I think $50,000 will not be sufficient. Gopala Krishna Prabhu suggests that in addition to sending this amount, if the Radha Damodara Party is given books at the printer's cost, then whatever else they collect they can send directly to me in India. In this way we shall be able to meet the Rs. 7 lacs per month. So please make this arrangement to send $50,000 per month as well as supplying Radha Damodara Party at cost. Begin this immediately.

Letter to Radhavallabha -- Nellore 5 January, 1976:

The Nectar of Instruction has come out very nice. It is very important and must be immediately read by all devotees. In the near future we shall introduce the Bhakti-sastri examination for second initiation and this shall be one of the required books of study. Anyone who reads it will immediately understand what Krishna Consciousness is. Some minister in Bombay recently asked me how to create morality amongst the students, because the students are all vagabounds. If this book is introduced for study in the schools and colleges it will give a clear idea of what morality actually is. It is a most important book.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Nellore 7 January, 1976:

Mr. Deoji Punja came to see me in Bombay. If any of the trustees are to be dropped, this has to be discussed between the trustees themselves. These are all important men and we should be careful lest they become offended. If I say something it will not look well. If some of the trustees are not abiding by the principles or not chanting 16 rounds, then they should be induced by the other trustees who are following, to step down. I think you can follow what I mean.

Letter to Upendra -- Nellore 7 January, 1976:

Sri Deoji Punja came to see me in Bombay and he explained the whole situation, of how you missed him. Now you may write him and he has promised me that he will do the needful. Be determined and Krishna will surely help.

Letter to Pusta Krsna -- Bombay 10 January, 1976:

I have just sent you a telegram: "Yes Purchase Mercedes." For so long there has been contemplation to buy this car. But where is the car? We are spending crores of Rupees to finish this Bombay construction, but whenever I arrive at the airport, I am picked up in a borrowed car. What kind of impression is it to the members that we always have to approach them to borrow their car? Please get it. But one thing is that I have heard that you are taking the money from the BBT to pay for it. There is one story that a guru went to his disciple's home and was greeted very elaborately. When he enquired how was it possible for his disciple to afford such nice arrangements, his disciple told him: every-belongs to you. Later the guru saw that he had no money left in his bank account and he could understand that his disciple had spent all of his money. So whether you are also making such arrangements? I do not want to spend the books fund money for such things. If you can not pay for it, then Tamala Krishna says he will pay Ramesvara who can send you the money.

Letter to Yamuna, Dinatarine -- Calcutta 13 January, 1976:

So far as giving loans, I think it won't be possible because in India we require a huge amount of money for Bombay and Mayapur. We also have to build nice Temples at Kuruksetra and Jagannatha Puri. The Americans are accused of being C.I.A., so counteract this. We want to prove how Americans have constructed very large temples. Certainly it is not for C.I.A. propaganda.

Letter to Jagadisa -- Mayapur 22 January, 1976:

Another thing, is that you are expecting a BBT loan of $150,000. but the BBT has already taken responsibility for Bombay, Kuruksetra, Mayapur, so this money has to go to India. Therefore, I do not think the BBT can give this loan. Actually it is the responsibility of the parents to maintain Gurukula. By taxing the Temples or taking loan from the BBT the parents are being allowed to avoid their responsibility. Before having a child the parents should see whether they shall be able to pay for their child's education. The GBC should make an injunction that if they beget children, then whatever the expenses are for supporting Gurukula they must pay for it. In another letter to Jayatirtha I have suggested how the parents can earn money for their children's support. So you can discuss everything together and do the needful.

Letter to Jayatirtha -- Mayapur 22 January, 1976:

You have suggested that some men are best engaged in doing business. I agree. All grhasthas who are interested in doing business should do so in full swing. Yat karosi yad asnasi, yaj juhosi dadasi yat/ yat tapasyasi kaunteya tat kurusvamad arpanam (BG 9.27). Let this be the guiding principle. So let all the grhasthas who wish to, execute business full-fledgedly in the USA and in this way support Gurukula. Business must be done by the grhasthas, not by the sannyasis or brahmacaris. Neither the sannyasis or brahmacaris can be expected to support Gurukula. The parents must take responsibility for their children, otherwise they should not have children. It is the duty of the individual parents. I am not in favor of taxing the Temples. The parents must pay for the maintenance of their children. Neither can the BBT be expected to give any loans. Now the BBT 50% for construction is pledged to the projects in India—Bombay, Kuruksetra, Mayapur. The profits from the businesses should first go to support Gurukula and balance may be given for the local Temple's maintenance. Grhasthas can do business.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Mayapur 23 January, 1976:

Regarding the Government trying to acquire our land, I have already told you to finish the Temple immediately. So far paying for Bombay construction, what is the wrong if I issue cheques as per your advice? Bank of America should send credit advices whenever they receive funds. You make a photocopy of the advice and against it I will send cheques. ECC only has to paid after 30 days, so what is the hurry?

Haridasa told me he was going to Bombay. If he can't be trusted then let him work in Bombay under supervision.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Mayapur 23 January, 1976:

Another point is that BBT cannot give loan to Dallas for Gurukula construction. That is not possible. Jagadisa Prabhu is expecting a loan of $150,000 from the BBT. So I have told him that the money is already needed for construction here in India, in Bombay, Kuruksetra, and Mayapur. The best thing is that Gurukula should be moved to India.

Letter to Aksayananda -- Mayapur 29 January, 1976:

I have read the letter of Mr. Kapur. I am agreeable to coming to Kanpur; the question is when. You are planning a program at the Prayag Narayana Mandir on the 15th Feb. I know that Temple, it is very famous. If some program is held there, all Kanpur people will come. Just now I am resting at Mayapur, so if it is possible to hold this program without me, then I may not come. Otherwise, if my presence is required* then I can come. Following the Vrndavana festival there is a tentative program for me to go to Manipur. At that time I can easily visit Kanpur on my way to Manipur. Visiting at that time would be very convenient. We should certainly have a centre in Kanpur. It is the third most important city in India after Bombay and Calcutta.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Mayapur 30 January, 1976:

Now work is proceedingly full scale here on the new residential building and in Bombay work is beginning under the guidance of Larson and Tubrow. So Rs. 7 Lakhs will be required immediately this month for Bombay. In your BBT Trustees report you say that $200,000. has been put in fixed deposit for one month. That one month is now over so you can immediately transfer $100,000. to the Bombay Bank of America account. The balance can be put on fixed deposit for another month and transferred to B. of America Bombay in the beginning of March when it matures.

Letter to Radhavallabha -- Mayapur 3 February, 1976:

Please also inform Ramesvara that in future any transfers to Bank of America, Bombay, he should send me a photocopy of the bank advice to wherever I am.

Letter to Svarupa, Ranadhira -- Mayapur 3 February, 1976:

The reviews have very much encouraged me. Especially those of Prof. Bhatt and Prof. Vajpeye. I have personally written a letter of thanks to Dr. Bhatt, that he has so much encouraged me. Dr. Vajpeye's review we are gong to print and widely distribute, especially in Bombay and Madras, where there is so much propaganda from these bogus gurus and yogis. He has got practical experience of how they are cheating the innocent people in foreign countries and he has written; "The authorized edition of Bhagavad-gita will help to stop the terrible cheating of 'gurus' and 'yogis' who are false and unauthorized."

Letter to Sravanananda, Bhavabhuti -- Mayapur 4 February, 1976:

In Madras we have to construct a very gorgeous temple. In Nellore the owners of the land are putting so many impossible conditions that we cannot construct. So that foundation stone can be brought to Madras and used for the Madras temple. Now immediately find out some land and begin the construction. Never mind what the cost will be. We are not concerned with the amount of money, but we want a very attractive temple. The money should come from the gentlemen of Madras. The foreign funds are reserved now for Bombay, Kuruksetra, Jagannatha Puri and Mayapur. But if absolutely required, something may be arranged. Go on sending funds to Hyderabad. That construction should be completed as soon as possible. But whatever amount you have sent there, Hyderabad will repay you after their Temple is finished.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Mayapur 6 February, 1976:

Regarding the money for Bombay, you may send it by the first week of each month. There is no need to ask Gopala Krsna. Following each transfer of money, please send a xerox copy of the transfer slip to me.

Letter to Madhavananda -- Mayapur 11 February, 1976:

P.S. Kausalya is there in Bombay. She cooked for me for a few days.

Letter to Caru Gupta -- Mayapur 12 February, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated 29 January 1976 addresses to Bombay and forwarded here.

Letter to Yasomatinandana -- Mayapur 15 February, 1976:

Yes, I approve your distribution ideas, namely subscriber agents, news agents. The subscription drive is a solid program. And if you regularly publish and get registered, you can get a one or two paise charges (postal concession). All right, you may take advertisements. Go ahead and educate the public regarding our philosophy and ISKCON activities. Also in the future there are many cities such as Bombay, Surat, and Calcutta with large numbers of Gujaratis, you may arrange for getting subscriptions there. Gradually as you work there, you will get local men to join you.

Letter to Hari -- Mayapur 18 February, 1976:

Yes, you have better work there. You should stay in Bombay and continue the same work there.

Letter to Ramesvara -- India 25 February, 1976:

I have asked several times that you send a copy of the transfer slip when you transfer money to Bombay. You must send it regularly, whenever you transfer. What is the use of Radha-Damodara monies going to Los Angeles; he is sending direct. He will send and you can note.

Letter to Aksayananda -- Mayapur 28 February, 1976:

If we get chance, we must open a center in Kanpur. It is a very important city in India. I heard that there was someone who was willing to give us a house. Kanpur is the third most important city in India next to Calcutta and Bombay. We must open a center there, if there is a chance.

Letter to Gurukrpa -- Mayapur 19 March, 1976:

The check for rs. 89,433.44, Check no. 6206 83679, of Bank of America, Bombay, is marked A/C Payee only. So how it can be deposited in my personal account? If necessary you must start an account at my bank, the Central Bank of India, 10, Camac Street, Calcutta-17, which is just near the temple. You can deposit the check in this account in your personal name, Gregory M. Gottfried, and give a formal notice to the bank in writing that when the funds are realized (when the check is cleared), the entire amount should be transferred into my account number 831, in favor of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. This account is with the same branch of the Central Bank on Camac St.

Letter to The 14 Cooperative Societies -- Delhi 27 March, 1976:

As you may know, our Hare Krishna Land is very popular with the residents of Bombay, in particular the local residents and devotees of Juhu Beach and surroundings. Many visitors regularly attend religious services and we are trying to provide suitable facilities to this end.

Letter to Deoji, Upendra -- Vrindaban 2 April, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your two telegrams from Fiji, and I can inform you of the following. I am scheduled to leave Vrindaban for Bombay on the 12th April and then departing for Melbourne en route to Fiji from Bombay on the 18th April. Allowing some days in Australia, we could be in Fiji on or about the 24th or so of April. The only delay could be that I am scheduled to meet the minister of Haryana concerning the donation of land to us at Kuruksetra. If the meeting is favorable it may be necessary for me to attend a conference in Kuruksetra in late April, April 29th. However, that is not settled yet and so far my plans to arrive in Fiji on or about the 24th April stand. I shall inform you immediately as soon as I know of the Kuruksetra land. In the meantime, you should honor the contract, and if necessary do whatever is required. If I am delayed beyond the date of beginning the construction contract then I shall give you further details what to do.

Letter to Mr. Dhawan -- Vrindaban 2 April, 1976:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your kind invitation dated Chandigarh, 19-3-76, addressed to my Bombay address. I am very glad to learn that you are endeavouring to understand the prime goal of life, without which the facility of human life becomes futile. I have just come back from Delhi yesterday and I'm preparing for going to Australia by the 10th April, therefore, I am very sorry that I must inform you I will not be able to attend the function, however, I am sending herewith the answers to your questions, as far as I know. As we have received this knowledge from the greatest authority, Krishna, these answers will be acceptable in every sphere of spiritual activity.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Vrindaban 2 April, 1976:

If it is not possible for you to come to Vrindaban immediately, that is alright. You can manage conjointly with Gopala Krishna by correspondence. So far Himavati's engagement is concerned, she is organizing the nursery here in Vrindaban for the young children. There is a meeting with one minister of Haryana and if it is favorable we may be given some land in Kuruksetra area. It may then be necessary for me to attend one large function there in late April if we are given the land, anyway, however, nothing is fixed up yet. Otherwise, if my presence in Kuruksetra is not needed, I will be flying to Bombay the morning of April 12, and then leaving for Australia, Fiji, and Hawaii about the 18th of April.

Letter to Niranjana -- Vrindaban 2 April, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated 16th March, 1976 and I have noted the contents with care. Concerning your translating into Hindi, you had translated some small books into Hindi, where are they? Please send them to Bombay address. Also, you can write small articles for the Hindi magazine here, "Bhagavata Darsana." Also, translate more small books into Hindi and send them to Bombay.

Letter to Kapurji -- Vrindaban 10 April, 1976:

I am very sorry I could not go personally because the Ramnavami function is going on, and there was other function in Mathura yesterday; it was very successful meeting. Tomorrow I am going to Bombay, and then Australia. I will be in Bombay up to the 17th, at Hare Krishna Land, Juhu Road, Juhu, Bombay 400 054.

Letter to Giriraja -- Auckland 27 April, 1976:

I beg to inform you that I have sent two separate telegraphic transfers in Indian Rupees to the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust a/c 16066, care of the Central Bank, Gowalia Tank Branch, Bombay. I am enclosing the two receipts, one for Rs. 8,857.15 and the other for Rs. 14,797.17. So the total amount is Rs. 23,654.32. Now please see that this is recorded in the passbook and inform me accordingly.

Letter to Giriraja -- Honolulu 4 May, 1976:

n.b. enclosed you will find another letter addressed to the BBT in Bombay. Please see that it reaches Gopala Krishna and any other people involved in this matter.

Letter to Giriraja -- Honolulu 5 May, 1976:

Herewith please find one copy of a letter to the Central Bank of India, Gowalia Tank Road Branch, Bombay. I sent one bank draft to them by registered post. See that the transaction is executed and have the funds entered in the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust passbook.

On Yasodanandana Swami's plea, I have sent him Rs. 15,000/- care of the Hyderabad Temple. This will be used for printing books by Yasodanandana Swami in South India.

Now, I originally owed Rs. 59,000/-, and I sent 2 telegraphic transfers totalling Rs. 23,654/32 from Melbourne, Australia (see my letter dated 27th April, 1976 to you). So this left the balance at Rs. 35,345/68. However, I gave you Rs. 5,000/- when I (by transfer also) was in Bombay, so the remainder is Rs. 30,345/68. Now, this check for U.S. $2,871.45 is approximately Rs. 25,411/06 at the rate given here of U.S. 11.3 cents equals one rupee. So this leaves the balance at Rs. 4,934/62. This amount will be paid by Yasodanandana Swami. He will give Rs. 5,000/- towards the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust account 16066, and the remainder of the loan, Rs. 10,000/- will be paid into my personal account at the Punjab National Bank, Krishna Balarama Mandir branch, savings fund account number 1. In this way he can repay the loan of Rs. 15,000/- and my debt to the BBT will thus be cleared.

Letter to Susheel Asnani -- Honolulu 9 May, 1976:

The best thing is that you engage yourself in chanting the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra as many times as possible and Krishna will save you. I wish that all your family members should chant, your wife especially, for your prolonged life. Whenever you find time please go to the Bombay temple and offer your sincere obeisances to Lord Krishna. Nobody's life will continue in this material world but if we practice Krishna Consciousness, then certainly by giving up this body one goes back to Home, back to Godhead.

Letter to Sri K. K. Joshi -- Honolulu 9 May, 1976:

Just now I am on my 15th world tour and your letter was forwarded to me here in Hawaii from my Bombay address. It will take at least 3 months to return to India. I am very much pleased that you have invited us to cooperate with you in this matter of humanitarianism. I shall be glad to know in detail what is your program. Our program is to awaken the human society to God Consciousness.

The living entity is eternal and changing body by the evolutionary process. In this material world there are 8,400,000 forms of body and the living entity is passing through the cycle. When the living entity is given a chance in the process to become a human being, he has to decide which way he wants to go.

We are preaching on the basis of the Vedic literatures, which are considered to be the most authentic knowledge by Indian scholars, religionists, and people in general. This authenticity is being appreciated now by all scholarly sections throughout the whole world. Our books are being received by all libraries, universities, and scholarly persons, and I wish also that your institution may also order for all these books so that you can understand our point of view. Enclosed is one catalog which vividly describes some of these books. They are available to your institution through our Bombay branch where address is: Hare Krishna Land, Juhu Road, Juhu, Bombay 400-054.

Letter to Giriraja -- Honolulu 11 May, 1976:

Also, I am finding that there is one oil which Pradyumna brought with him from Bombay, it is helping to relieve the pressure on the head a little. You can send me 3 bottles of this oil, Brahmi oil, made by the Sadhana Ausadhala; they have a place in Bombay near the intersection of Kalpadevi Rd. and Princess St. It must be packed very nicely otherwise the bottles will break or leak. To stop leakage, you can melt some parrafin, and seal the bottles with the caps on by dipping the side of the bottle with cap into the liquid parrafin, and when it is pulled out and cooled, it will seal the space around the cap. Then also there should be some soft packing around the bottles so that they do not break in transit. Best if someone is coming personally to the U.S.A., they can bring it with them, but if that is not possible at this time, then send it nicely as above mentioned. You can send it to me care of the Los Angeles Temple as we will be there just after the beginning of June. Send it registered and special delivery so that it is handled very fragilely.

Letter to RamaKrishnaji -- Honolulu 14 May, 1976:

I thank you very much for your invitation letter dated April 28, 1976, addressed to my Bombay headquarters, forwarded to me here in Honolulu. When you came to see me in Bombay I had already accepted to become the member of the Co-ordinating Committee of the Gita Prachar Conference.

Letter to RamaKrishnaji -- Honolulu 14 May, 1976:

The difficulty is, I have come out of India with a program scheduled to continue up to August 14th, 1976, the expected date of return to Bombay. Now, if I suddenly return to India, I will have to cancel all other programs, or if I go to India by the time, June 28th, I would have to return again to complete the scheduled program, which means very heavy expenditures. Two secretaries travel with me inevitably, so I am in this dilemma; whether I shall return and again come back spending heavily. So, I shall be glad to hear from you what you advise. In this connection, you can contact my secretary, Giriraja das Brahmacari, at our Bombay center.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Honolulu 20 May, 1976:

So far that your request for funds to construct Vrindaban Gurukula, is concerned, I approve your plan to take one lac (Rs. 1 lac), out of the money that Bombay receives from Los Angeles. That will leave Bombay with Rs. 6 lacs monthly as you pointed out. I trust that by now you have rented the house in Delhi and there is no immediate difficulty for finding a place in Delhi at present.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Honolulu 20 May, 1976:

The Gurukula in Bombay was to be financed by Brig Mohan Mota. Giriraja, myself, and he talked together.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Honolulu 20 May, 1976:

Concerning the rooms for Mr. Badruka in Bombay; they are rich men and they can rent or purchase some other place in Bombay. Why they are utilizing our facility? They have already put us into inconvenience by occupying, but what is this that they are taking it permanently. It is a guest room, not for permanent occupancy.*

Concerning the book printing: why are you having Thompson Press import the paper? We can do it ourselves and save the commission that they would take; also we will not be bound to Thompson Press if we have our own paper. Gurukrpa Swami can send the paper from Japan. In that way he can get money out of Japan in the form of paper, for printing books. Why through Thompson Press we must purchase paper, and then export our books? We can purchase paper and export books ourselves. Simply we pay the printing costs, that's all. First thing you will have to take license of import-export. If we are going to get the Delhi land, we can do the whole business in Delhi, importing through Bombay and Calcutta. If the whole thing turns out cheaper and efficient, then we can print all our books there, so long the quality is not diminished. There is law that what you export, to that value, you can import, so part of the payment can be in paper from Japan, so we get as much as possible paper in profit, in addition to payment for the books. If this can be arranged, I do not know. If Thompson Press can import, why we can't import. Then we can also print where we choose and we save so much money in every respect.

Letter to Saurabha -- Honolulu 20 May, 1976:

Concerning the Vrindaban, I have written Gopala Krishna in Bombay what to do with the women and children in the guesthouse. It should allow for a better situation and sufficient room for guests.

Concerning marriages in the Bombay centre as a means of income, if it does not disturb the daily routine, then it can be done. However, the marriages can not take place before the Deity in the temple. Where in the tower would you plan to have the marriages take place? What rooms would be utilized for this purpose?

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Honolulu 23 May, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your letters dated May 9, and May 16, 1976, as well as one telegram from Bombay that the Russians are appreciating our books. In that telegram you mentioned that the "mantra books" arrived. What "mantra books" are those that the Russians have ordered?

Letter to Giriraja -- Honolulu 26 May, 1976:

You can make inquiry as to why the amount received was Rs. 4/- less than the amount which we transferred (telegraphic transfer) from Melbourne. From my letter to you dated May 5, 1976, you will note that the Rs. 59,000/- which I borrowed from the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust account is now all accounted for and with Yasodanandana Swami's payment it will be completed. Sri Brijratan Mohatta had promised that he would pay for the entire construction of the Bombay Gurukula, but you mentioned that he is only giving Rs. 10,000. Why only 10,000, Gurukula will require Rs. 10 lakhs?

Concerning the purchasing of other books for the Bombay library, I never gave a list of books to Saurabha for purchasing. Anyway, we may require but I never gave such a list to him.

The devotees must learn Hindi, as many as possible, and take citizenship. What about the Parliament? They were going to raise the question about our men coming to stay in India indefinitely, but I have heard nothing further in this connection.

Letter to Giriraja -- Honolulu 26 May, 1976:

I received the plan of my house in Mayapur from Bombay address. I do not approve of this plan just yet. I liked one plan which I saw in London. Where is that original plan? Then I can make comparison. There was supposed to be a lift from the ground floor to the first floor. Also, why the guest rooms are upstairs, above me. Guest rooms are alright, but they cannot be occupied while I am there. There is also the question of the kitchen. And moreover, if there is no sunshine it will not be very nice. Will sunshine be able to enter my room? . . (there are over-hanging verandas) . . and is there a place on the roof open to the sun for taking massage? In any case, I want to see the plans which I saw in London for comparison. Also, I do not want to go ahead with the construction of my house is Mayapur until I see the master plan of the Mayapur City. It may be that there in a more secluded, less congested, place to situate my house. Being so near the front gate, and the main road, it may get too noisy at times there. So, you can take up these matters with Saurabha, and have him send me the original plan which I saw in London. The site of the house can also be determined only after we have the master plan.

Letter to Giriraja -- Honolulu 26 May, 1976:

The facilities in Bombay appear to be very nice. I think it will be very peaceful up so high in the towers, and it may be a very good place for me to translate Srimad-Bhagavatam. Let us see.

Letter to Amogha -- Honolulu 29 May, 1976:

You may remain in Bombay and assist with the temple management in cooperation with Giriraja das. I hope that this meets you in good health.

Letter to Mr. Hunter -- Los Angeles 5 June, 1976:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter with enclosed contribution towards the development of our Mayapur City in W. Bengal, and I thank you very much. We are trying to construct a city where people from all over the world can come to visit and live according to the Vedic tenets of "simple living and high thinking." I am pleased to hear that you appreciative of our humble efforts and if you would like to contribute in the future towards this great spiritual city you can send your contributions to me care of:

Hare Krishna Land,

Juhu Road, Juhu,

Bombay 400-054, India

I am enclosing one copy of our latest issue of Back-to Godhead magazine as you mentioned you have read some of our past issues. I hope that this meets you in good health.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 6 June, 1976:

Concerning the Bhetnama, you can follow the plan of Tirupathi, that guests cannot stay more than 2 months, 60 days, like that. But, there must be space left vacant for receiving foreign guests. Guests must register like dharmasala, where they come and can spend 3 days, otherwise they create trouble. So for ordinary guests, they can stay for 3 days, the ordinary life members. And for those who have paid for constructing one room, they can stay for up to 2 months per year. In Bombay, apartments are very expensive, 2 lakhs, so everyone would purchase an apartment for Rs. 50,000/ if they knew that they could remain permanently. So we cannot have them as permanent residents, only 2 months per year. Precaution must be taken that people don't take advantage like Mr. Badruka who is occupying 3 rooms, it has caused us so much inconvenience. Be careful. Make it clearly understood when they give the donations towards the rooms that they cannot stay more than 2 months per year, otherwise they may cause trouble.

Letter to Giriraja -- Los Angeles 6 June, 1976:

I am anxious to know when my quarters will be ready. In your last letter you gave me an attractive idea of my quarters, so I am anxious for it. Please keep me informed. From Los Angeles, I will go to Detroit, from June 11-16, then Toronto June 16-21, then New Vrindaban June 21-July 2, then Washington, D.C. July 2-July 9, then New York July 9-July 20, then London July 20-26, then Paris farm and Rome July 26-August 10; Then Tehran from August 10-13, expecting to arrive approximately in Bombay August 14.

Letter to Jayapataka -- Los Angeles 6 June, 1976:

Concerning my house in Mayapur, I have requested Saurabha in Bombay to postpone any idea for beginning the house until we have the master plan of the city. I may decide to move the location away from the front gate to a more secluded place, less congested area. Also, I am not satisfied with the plan that he had submitted to me. I had seen one plan in London which I would like to compare to the present plan. I am enclosing a copy of the letter which I sent to Saurabha and Giriraja in Bombay concerning this matter explaining in more detail about this. So the house should not be started until I choose a place for it in the master city-plan.

Letter to B.R. Sridhara Maharaja -- Los Angeles 6 June, 1976:

Since I saw you last at Mayapur, I left India for my 15th world tour program. From Mayapur we went to Vrindaban, then on to Bombay. Then from Bombay to Melbourne, Australia, then Auckland, New Zealand, and then to Fiji Island where we have observed the foundation stone laying ceremony for our temple there, Krishna-Kaliya Temple. This will be the first temple on that island. There are many Indians on that island but there was no systematic temple worship so we are constructing a temple at the cost of $200,000. In the meantime, I have received one letter from Jayapataka Maharaja in which it informs that Madhava Maharaja and also possibly Damodara Maharaja are making propaganda against our attempt to construct a township in Mayapur, with the centre of attraction being the "Vedic Planetarium." In this connection we have applied to the government for 350 acres of land and the matter is in the process.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Los Angeles 7 June, 1976:

Yes, it is simply time wasting and money wasting the way construction is going on in Mayapur at present. I have seen also when I was in Mayapur that 50% of the workers are simply wasting time. Best will be to get a reliable construction contractor and adopt the same method that has been done in Bombay. We can check their bill according to the contract so that they do not cheat us.

Letter to Saurabha -- Los Angeles 7 June, 1976:

For worshiping the Deities in Bombay, including Sita-Rama, there is absolutely no change in worship. Adopt the same method as in our Vrindaban centre, simply with 3 pujaris just like in Vrindaban. They are all Visnu-tattva, Ramacandra, Radha-Krsna, Gaura-Nitai. No additional kirtanas, simply do exactly as in Vrindaban. I want to know what it would cost to have Kaliya-Krsna Deity (with four mermaids offering prayers, Nagapatnis), and also Radha-Krishna with Lalita and Visakha, and also Guru and Gauranga; what would be the approximate cost for production and transportation of these Deities to Fiji Island?

Letter to Saurabha -- Los Angeles 7 June, 1976:

Enclosed please find the letter to the Bank of America, Bombay for transferring Rs. 3 Lakhs to the State Bank of Hyderabad as requested.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Los Angeles 9 June, 1976:

The printing should be managed by the BBT. Yasodanandana Swami is printing through the agency of the BBT, simply for convenience sake due to the inefficiency of the order department in Bombay. Even a letter from Fiji was not replied. However, the accounts should be kept by the BBT. The printing of Yasodanandana Swami is only for some small books. The quality of the big books must remain, and so they should not be printed by Yasodanandana Swami independently. So you can keep the account what is being sold, and what is the profit. But what is the wrong if Yasodanandana Swami prints the books on behalf of BBT for convenience. You are accusing him of so many bogus complaints. What is bogus? What is genuine? If all these complaints come to me it is too much taxation for me.

Letter to Bhavabhuti -- Detroit 15 June, 1976:

Before we can begin any construction in Madras we first of all must complete any temple construction that we are presently doing. They are also in want of money. I understand that the Hyderabad Temple is also in want of money to complete the construction, Gopala Krsna knows it. First of all, Bombay and Hyderabad must be finished. The money which was collected in Madras can eventually be used in Madras, but our present projects must be completed, so why are you asking me?

Letter to GBC Secretaries -- Toronto 18 June, 1976:

I have received messages that Mahamsa Swami requires 2 more lacs to complete the Hyderabad construction by Janmastami, 1976. Already I have given about 5 lacs of Rupees, and I believe that Hamsaduta Maharaja hs also given a sum of money towards Hyderabad construction. So the total amount of the Hyderabad construction was estimated at about 10 lacs, and if I give this 2 lacs then I have given 7 lacs towards the construction so what is the collection in Hyderabad? It is not good that they are always asking me for money. The money is coming from the BBT in Bombay and it will have to be paid back in due course of time.

Letter to GBC Secretaries -- Toronto 18 June, 1976:

So I am sending advice to Bank of America to transfer 2 lacs of Rupees to the Bombay construction account at the State Bank of Hyderabad, Juhu Beach Branch, Bombay, and I want that the 3 GBC secretaries for India should discuss together whether or not to give this 2 lacs to Hyderabad centre for completing their construction. If you think that Mahamsa Maharaja will be able to repay the BBT this money then you can go ahead and give the money to Hyderabad. Otherwise, there is no rush to open the Hyderabad temple by Janmastami, 1976, it can be postponed until a later date when the Hyderabad temple can be completed by collections in South India. So if you are confident that he will pay back the BBT then it is alright, otherwise you can use the 2 lacs for Bombay construction and the Hyderabad temple can be finished with local collections.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- New Vrindaban 24 June, 1976:

Concerning the new bhakta program, unless one is educated, we should not admit anyone and everyone without discrimination. One who has got culture and education, he can be accepted. Yasomatinandana would be better to go to Bombay and do the Gujarati publications and from time to time he can organize programs in Ahmedabad. That will be better.

Concerning Hariprasada Badruka, he must leave and not create any inconvenience to us. However, if he gives in writing that he will stay up to the end of December, 1976 only, we can give him one room and a kitchen. That's all.

Concerning Kuruksetra project, I have already replied to you concerning this in my letter to you of May 20, 1976, addressed to Bombay address.

Letter to Harikesa -- New Vrindaban 24 June, 1976:

Concerning Arabic translations, someone has already done one. He came to me in Bombay. Also, there is no need to give commentary on the Koran. There is no other religion in the world in truth than this Bhagavat-dharma. However, something is better than nothing. The communism book that you have written, they say that there are some words that may be irritating to the communists. We have just finished a book which Hayagriva is editing at present. It is called Dialectic Spiritualism and within that book, your comments can be added if need be for preaching in the Eastern European countries.

Letter to Srivatsa Goswami -- New Vrindaban 24 June, 1976:

With reference to your letter of June 5, 1976, I regret to inform you that this transaction has taken place without my sanction. We are not interested in book exchange. If you want our books you should purchase them from our Bombay centre:

Bhaktivedanta Book Trust,

Hare Krishna Land,

Juhu Rd., Juhu,

Bombay 400-054, India

Our Los Angeles office has been notified to return all your volumes to you. I hope that you have not been too much inconvenienced.

Letter to Yasodanandana -- New Vrindaban 24 June, 1976:

So despite all these things, these people are still insisting that one can only be Vaisnava if born in a brahmana family. That is not a very learned position.

As yet I have not received a confirmation from


which I had sent to him c/o Hyderabad temple. Also, the BBT Bombay says that you owe Rs. 83,000 to them. So why haven't you paid yet? You are such a big preacher, why you shall remain in debt?

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- New Vrindaban 26 June, 1976:

Concerning the clinic idea in Bombay, that we shall have to consider. When I go there then I shall see to it.

Letter to Giriraja -- New Vrindaban 30 June, 1976:

Let Brijratan Mohatta help. Personally he can pay 25 lacs or anything. He is a son-in-law of Birla personally and personally he is very rich also. Personally he may give what he wants but let him help collect funds. He is such a big man in Bombay. What I know is that if he likes he can help us, and he is favorably inclined to our movement. Rs. 25,000, he can collect from at least 100 men in Bombay. So he can collect and help raise 25 lacs very easily, although we require about 10 lacs. To pay Rs. 25,000, there are thousands and thousands of men in Bombay who can very easily do it. Bombay is the richest city in India.

Letter to Ramakrishnaji -- Washington D.C 5 July, 1976:

I shall be returning to Bombay on or about August 14, 1976, after which time I shall be able to attend the Coordinating Committee meeting when the date is fixed up. After visiting our Washington, D.C. centre I shall be going on to New York where we are scheduled to have our Rathayatra procession down 5th. Avenue on July 18th, then London, Paris, Rome, Tehran (Iran) where we have our centers, and reaching Bombay thereafter.

Letter to Internal Revenue Service -- Washington D.C. 5 July, 1976:

This is to certify that Miss Elizabeth Luise Reuther contributed the amount of U.S. $50,000 (fifty-thousand) to the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust which is a registered charity whose head office is in Bombay. This contribution was made in March, 1975, and these funds are being used for religious-charitable work.

Letter to Gargamuni -- New York 11 July, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your telegram and I have informed Gopala Krishna to supply you with the needed books. However, he has complained that you have a large debt to the BBT and you are not paying it off. So I request you to gradually reimburse the BBT in Bombay.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- New York 11 July, 1976:

What happened to Jagat Purusa in Bombay? He is an experienced man in Bombay so why he should be changed to Delhi? This change of Presidents is to be made in the GBC meeting. In the middle of the year there is no question of change. Tejyas can continue as President. Three times changing president is not good. It should first be conjointly considered by the GBC.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- New York 11 July, 1976:

Sridhara Maharaja, if he is in Hong Kong, there is great need of introducing our Chinese literature. Chinese people are interested in India, and Vedic literatures. It is understood that they are purchasing other editions of Bhagavatam from India . . . why not approach the Chinese representative in Bombay for introducing our books. They are establishing good relations with India. In case Sridhara Maharaja cannot stay long in China, that will have to be discussed with Trivikrama Maharaja. But the Chinese Distribution is required.

Letter to Yasomatinandana -- New York 11 July, 1976:

Your program in Ahmedabad is very encouraging. Do it. Why not take the government land immediately. If you can publish these magazines you will get many supporters and sympathizers. If the order department in Bombay is not despatching the orders on literature to the foreign temples then you can sometimes go to Bombay and organize things. You are one of the trustees. You can organize it or have some professional shipping agent do it. Ahmedabad is such a big city. Aren't there any shipping agents there? Why from Bombay, why not from Ahmedabad?

Letter to Krishna Mahesavari -- New York 11 July, 1976:

Unfortunately in India, the Vaisyas are not very much interested in agriculture and cow protection. They are more interested in opening factories. So how things can be done if the Vaisyas give us free advice for cow protection and then they themselves are more interested in opening factories, then how can cow protection be properly done? If you see me personally in this connection I shall talk to you in detail. I am returning to India on August 14, 1976 and you can reply this letter to my Bombay Office which address is below.

c/o Hare Krishna Land,

Juhu Road, Juhu,

Bombay 400-054,


Letter to Mr. Mukherjee -- New York 14 July, 1976:

I am returning to Bombay by August 14th, 1976, when I shall be glad to see you in our Juhu Temple and talk in detail about this scheme.

Letter to Saurabha -- New York 14 July, 1976:

Concerning the payments for Vrindaban Gurukula construction, you can submit to me bills just as you are doing in Bombay and the funds can be transferred directly from Bank of America to the Punjab National Bank savings account 6685 (ISKCON construction) in Vrindaban.

Concerning Mr. D. Mukerjee, I am always prepared to do anything for spreading Krishna Consciousness. It may be that with our name he will collect from big men. But, the best thing is to wait until I see Mr. Mukerjee when I go to Bombay. Your proposal sounds nice but in Mr. Mukerjee's letter he does not mention anything about anything except to open an audio-visual laboratory. So we don't want to be used by some film producer who might collect money in our name. In any case, I can see him when I return in one month's time, and I am enclosing a copy of my letter to him for your reference.

Letter to Anangamanjari -- New York 19 July, 1976:

The best thing will be if you come here to New York and leave your situation there at Bombay. You are a very sincere devotee, that I know, and there are many nice girls here like Silavati who you can associate with. We have just had our Rathayatra here down Fifth Avenue and it was a grand success. It is a very nice field for expanding Krishna Consciousness and you will be very happy here I know. It is not advisable to marry again as this may disturb your former husband who is now engaged in preaching activities. So rather you can come here to New York where your service will be appreciated and there is very nice association with so many nice girls.

Letter to Ramakrishnaji -- New York 19 July, 1976:

Tomorrow I am going on to London. I hope to return to Bombay on or about August 14th. Hoping that this meets you in good health.

Letter to Giriraja -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 24 July, 1976:

This news of the donation of Mr. Malhotra is very good. Take the land and utilize it. Many good guests will come to such a place and I will also come. Estimate the cost and we shall do it immediately. I will come and see the land upon arriving in Bombay.

Letter to Giriraja -- Bhaktivedanta Manor 24 July, 1976:

This idea of Mr. Binbani's is very good; you should encourage him. You may say that the entire expense of this issue has been met by the Binani Trust. This will encourage the other trusts to also contribute. It is very nice that he wants to help the printing of literatures. The construction of the temple is going on, now let us have new publications. I am sending by separate registered post the Hindi translation of the Nectar of Devotion. You should print it. Our Bombay center is a general cultural institution for the education of scientific knowledge and spiritual life. I am trying to induce responsible men to fully retire from family life and take to Krsna consciousness.

Letter to Parmanand Patel -- Paris 31 July, 1976:

At present I am in Europe, France, and very soon I shall return to Bombay; the latest by the 15th August, 1976. My Bombay address is as follows:

Hare Krishna Land

Gandhi Gram Rd.

Juhu, Bombay 54


I shall be very much pleased to see you in person in Bombay and certainly Krsna will give us the opportunity to engage you fully in Krsna conscious service. You are naturally a devotee of Krsna. Pray to Him always for help and chant the maha-mantra; Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Certainly very soon you will get all possible facilities for advancing in Krsna consciousness.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Tehran 9 August, 1976:

I have received your letter of July 31, which was addressed to Harikesa Maharaja and I have noted the contents. I shall be returning to Bombay from Tehran on Friday the 13.

Letter to Sons and Daughters -- Bombay 14 August, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated August 9, 1976 and the enclosed daksina and pictures of the murtis in New Dvaraka which I am having framed and put on my wall here in Bombay.

Letter to Ramesvara , Radhavallabha -- Bombay 14 August, 1976:

I have received the photocopy of the August transfer to Bank of America, Bombay. I think that the reprinted books should have a list of the numbers on the first page. The totals listed will be very good publicity.

Letter to Kapoorji -- Hyderabad 20 August, 1976:

I have just received your letter dated 4th April 1976. I have been away on a tour of Europe and America and upon returning to Bombay I have just gotten your letter. Therefore I have not replied sooner.

Letter to Sri Paramanand Patel -- Hyderabad 23 August, 1976:

I have already left Bombay and I presently am at my Hyderabad center, leaving for Delhi on the 25th of August. I shall remain there up to September 2nd or 3rd and then we shall go to Vrndavana. The distance from Delhi to Vrndavana is not very much. By car it is two and a half hours and by bus it is four hours.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Hyderabad 23 August, 1976:

Gurukrpa Maharaja has taken charge of the collecting for Mayapur now. You can simply send his food relief collection money to Mayapur. When the Bombay project is finished and Mayapur begins, the Mayapur project should be financed in the same way.

Letter to Dinesh Candra Sarkar -- New Delhi 26 August, 1976:

In New York I caught a cold and it continued for about one month of coughing at night without any sleep. But still I am travelling. I went from New York to London to Paris to Tehran to Bombay to Hyderabad to here.

Letter to Ramesvara -- Vrindaban 26 September, 1976:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated 17th inst. including two transfer receipts for $70,000 from BBT to B/A Bombay a/c and $1900 rent to M/V a/c LA.

Letter to Sriman Bajaji -- Chandigarh 14 October, 1976:

I accept your invitation. I will advise Giriraja, my secretary in Bombay to see you in this connection. I wish to take with me my sankirtana party whether you would like to accommodate them. If not then only my personal secretaries, all together five, will go with me, so you have to arrange accommodation for them.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Krishna Balaram Mandir October 22, 1976:

I am happy to hear of our great victory at the Chicago airport. Do not mind the dogs barking to get us out of the temple in Chicago. Stay in the temple and prolong as far as possible. In Bombay they tried to evict us in so many ways, but Krsna allowed us to stay and now we are going forward.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Krishna Balaram Mandir October 22, 1976:

N.B. Please find enclosed some questions and answers I have given for Bhavans Cultural and Religious Journal in Bombay. This may give you some help in writing your book.

Letter to Sudama -- Vrindaban 22 October, 1976:

I never said that your troupe should come to Bombay for the opening. That is not very necessary.

Letter to M. M. De -- Vrindaban 1 November, 1976:

From my side there is no instruction for stopping payment. There is a good job for you in Bombay. Free quarter and boarding and salary up to one thousand per month. If you like you can come to see me immediately.

Letter to Vasudeva -- Vrindaban 3 November, 1976:

Whatever Ramesvara and yourself will do, that is alright. Now you order huge quantity of Hindi and Gujarati books from our BBT office in Bombay. Distribute as much literature as possible, English, Hindi, and Gujarati. That is real preaching. Thank you very much.

Letter to Giriraja -- Vrindaban 6 November, 1976:

Yes, if there is no difficulty to finalize the fixed deposit later we can wait until I come to Bombay.

Regarding the Gita Pratisthan conference, will they pay for my going or not? Talk to Bajaj personally about it, his secretary is useless. When he returns speak to him. If they do not pay we will not take a sankirtana party. But, if we can transport in our own bus, then we can do.

It is good that our friends are coming forward to help in Bombay. Let them present a statement that it is a genuine movement. All Indians are interested in spreading this movement. Krsna is accepted as the Supreme Lord by all Indians. His birthday ceremony, Janmastami, is observed by all Indians. In Bombay there is an embassy branch. Our Bombay friends should go there to express their protest.

Letter to B.S. Bodhayana Maharaja -- Vrindaban 9 November, 1976:

I'm very much obliged to you that you write to say, "It is clear to me that you are great powerful Acarya in the Vaisnava world at present." Sometimes Sridhara Maharaja also says like that. So, actually if you are feeling like that let us work conjointly. There is great prospect for preaching Caitanya Mahaprabhu's message all over the world and in India also. At least in India we can preach very vigorously if we combine together. It is already tested in many cases. Whenever we held some festival in big, big cities like Calcutta, Bombay, Hyderabad, Madras, Delhi, etc. thousands of men gather and they request regularly to continue the program. Recently we held a similar program in Candigargh and the devotees of Sri Caitanya Gaudiya Math also participated. They invited me in the local center of Sri Caitanya Gaudiya Math and many thousands of people came to hear me. So there is great prospect if we work conjointly at least in India. So you can consult Sridhara Maharaja also. He's also of that opinion s you have opined and if in this old age we can do something combinedly it will be a great triumph. I thank you very much once more.

Letter to Syama Sundarji -- Vrindaban 15 November, 1976:

You'll be surprised to know that these books and my magazine Back To Godhead are selling daily 5-6 lakhs of rupees in the foreign countries. Out of such proceeds I am bringing foreign exchange of not less than 10 lakhs per month for construction work in Bombay, Mayapur, Vrndavana, etc. So, this is all due to the blessings of Srila Prabhupada. I have no credit in this connection. These American boys are helping me in this endeavor, therefore, until they are admitted to the Jagannatha Puri temple I'm not inclined to go there.

Letter to Giriraja -- Hyderabad 5 December, 1976:

After thorough deliberation it seems much better for us to go straight from Hyderabad to Vardha instead of going first to Bombay. There is no advantage in going first to Bombay. There is a train which goes direct from Hyderabad to Vardha called the daksina express. It goes every night at 10:15 from Hyderabad arriving in Vardha the next morning at 8 AM. This way I can leave here on the 17th and arrive in time for the meeting with Vinobhaji on the 18th morning. Ask Mr. Bajaj to send us the money for purchasing the tickets. I would appreciate to have four first class accommodations so that we may have one full compartment and the balance seven can be second class. Then from Vardha I would like to go with one assistant to Nagpur and return to Bombay by plane. The balance nine men can go second class by train either to Bombay or Hyderabad. Hamsaduta is prepared to bring as many men as possible to make up the quota of ten others.

Otherwise the program as outlined by you is accepted. I am preparing now for the meeting with Vinobhaji as you have suggested.

We shall not exchange our top floor flat because we have the advantage of the roof. I also approve the suggestion to hold the pandal in Bombay the weekend after returning from Vardha.

Letter to Dr. Suresh Candra -- Hyderabad 8 December, 1976:

I'm very much pleased for your proposal to devote your life for Krishna's service. You are a qualified man. Anyone can become a pure devotee by engaging himself in the business of glorifying the Supreme Lord (Sankirtana movement). So long we have got this material body the problems of birth, death, old age, and disease will continue. Therefore, to help the devotees when they're in bodily ailments is also a great great service. If you so desire you can join our Movement. We have got very good centers, especially in Mayapur, Bombay, Sri Vrindaban, Hyderabad, etc. If you decide to join, we can give you all facilities for rendering this service. At present I am staying at Hyderabad center and very soon I shall go to Bombay by the end of the month. Our Bombay address is as follows: Hare Krishna Land, Juhu Road, Juhu, Bombay 400 054. I shall be glad to hear from you. Thanking you once more for your offering service to Lord Krishna.

Letter to Gaura Govinda -- Hyderabad 11 December, 1976:

N.B. I have just now received your letter dated 8/12/76. You may come to meet me in Hyderabad before the 17th or come to Bombay by the 22nd December 1976.

Letter to Prabhusvarupa -- Hyderabad 11 December, 1976:

Regarding the construction of the boundary wall you may consult with Jayapataka Swami and Bhavananda Goswami. They'll do the needful, I have already advised them. Please work very closely with them in all matters.

Hoping this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

very soon I shall go to Bombay and send you the new plan.

Letter to Giriraja -- Hyderabad 12 December, 1976:

Regarding going to Wardha, we could not get reservations till now. We shall try again tomorrow. If reservations are not available we shall have to fly to Bombay and then go to Wardha from Bombay, as it will be suitable.

Letter to Rajiva -- Hyderabad 12 December, 1976:

I am going from Hyderabad on the 17th to Wardha for Gita Pratisthan conference. From there I will go to Bombay by the 22nd. After Bombay it is not yet fixed up, but most likely I will go to the Kumba Mela in Allahabad in January.

Letter to Yasomatinandana -- Hyderabad 14 December, 1976:

I'm going to Bombay by the end of the third week of December. If possible, try to see me there.

Regarding the artist you have written about, if he can paint improved paintings, we shall publish. Yes, you can bring him to Bombay when you come.

Letter to M. N. De -- Bombay 20 December, 1976:

Regarding Bhuvaneśvara temple, whatever you have said is alright, but we have received estimate much less than that of yours. It is almost 50% less than what you have said. Besides that we are not prepared to spend so much for this project. So, for the time drop this matter. But, I am going to Bhuvaneśvara by the first week of January 1977. So, as proposed, you can accept the other responsibility as proposed by Govinda. He is not pestering, but he is your real well-wisher to give you a good chance. If you desire you can see me at Bombay between 21st to 31st December 1976 and do the needful.

Letter to Alanatha -- Bombay 23 December, 1976:

Regarding the installation of Lord Ramacandra, it is a very good idea. For obtaining these Deities you can take the help of Saurabha. During the festival you are invited to come to Bombay to see the Deities here.

Letter to Saurabha -- Bombay 23 December, 1976:

Yes, make this guesthouse the most beautiful building in Bombay. You have got the credit for Vrindaban, now take the credit for Bombay. Your service will be commemorated as long as the buildings remain. Krsna will shower all blessings for your long life and spiritual advancement. Perhaps when you come back you can take the still more wonderful Mayapur project. One thing, making the hallways Kotastone is not good. It has no aristocratic value. Why not tiles? Of course, as you decide. This is my suggestion. I think Kotastone pavement is no better than cement pavement.

Letter to Adi-kesava -- Bombay 26 December, 1976:

Mare krsna rakhe ke rakhe krsna mare ke. If Krsna protects, who can kill? And, if krsna kill, who can protect? So, if we are sincere servants, then Krsna will give us protection. Who can kill us? This Bombay land, such a huge attempt was made to kill us. Now we are the owner of this huge property. We were going to be driven out, now we are the richest men. In Bombay nobody has got such property.

Letter to Shaktimati -- Bombay 29 December, 1976:

At present I'm in Bombay. In a couple of days I am going to Bhuvaneśvara, then probably to Kumbha Mela and then to Mayapur.

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