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1967 Correspondence

Letter to Brahmananda -- Long Branch, NJ 14 June, 1967:

I have already explained to Satsvarupa that for the present I may return to India and try to recoup my health as well as begin the American house there. I understand the attitude of Rabbi Newman is not very encouraging. So if I go to India and utilize the building fund there, it will be nice. If we spend there 10,000 dollars only we can have very nice accommodations for training American youths in the matter of preaching work of Krishna Consciousness. We have tried our best to secure a house in N.Y. but so far we have failed and I think we can continue our centers in rented houses without endeavoring more for our own house. Rather we may train up boys for preaching work and send them back to all the parts of the world to preach this gospel.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Vrindaban 24 August, 1967:

Sincere souls who are engaged in the service of Lord Krishna are benedicted by the Lord by revelation. Sri Krishna, His Name, Form, Entourage, Paraphernalia and Pastimes are not material; they are purely spiritual. Therefore, in the beginning they are not appreciated by our materially conditioned senses, but as we go on chanting Hare Krishna with service mood and attitude, the Name, Qualities, etc., become revealed as Reality. For the Unbeliever Krishna and His Name etc are fictitious, but those who are advanced in K.C. realize that K.C. is pure and eternal.

Letter to Umapati -- Vrindaban 5 September, 1967:

It was my ambition to begin my movement from New York; and by Krishna's Grace, I got good cooperation from some boys like you; and I felt too much aggrieved when some of you left me, but I was confident that all of your would come again, because Krishna Consciousness is not a material thing, and cannot be broken: it cannot be burned or wet or dried or stopped at any stage. When I received your letter, it appeared to me that I had received a letter from a lost child; so please continue your present attitude.

Letter to Rayarama -- Delhi 4 October, 1967:

Krishna is such a nice boss that he gives more facilities & improvement to the sincere servant. From the very beginning of your meeting with me you have very sincerely & honestly carried out my orders & I am so much obliged to you for your simple and plain behavior. Kindly continue this attitude & advise all your God-brothers to do so & they will be happy consequently I shall also be happy. Please guide your innocent God-sisters who have come to our shelter. Girls are more susceptible to the finer attack of maya. Boys are a little stronger in getting out of the intricacies of Maya. Mrinalini, Jadurani & all other girls who are so qualified, good-looking, intelligent, educated & seriously engaged in Krishna Consciousness, should always be give protection from the attack of maya.

Letter to Hayagriva -- Calcutta 19 October, 1967:

Krishna will be bestowing his blessings upon you for your thinking in that way. From my part as I am your ever well-wisher I wish that you may preach Krishna Consciousness to the students of the entire western world. You are a sincere soul & both your mother Father are happy to see you in Krishna Consciousness. Please continue this attitude throughout your life & you will be blessed not only in this life but in your next eternal life in association with Krishna. Krishna has given you a very nice chance in the city of Wilkes-Barre Penn. & the idea of purchasing land as you have suggested is very nice. I think you can negotiate for this land immediately & the Society will be able to pay $3,000.00.

Letter to Rayarama -- Navadvipa 27 October, 1967:

The pressure Maya is elephant-like, big, but the roaring of Nrsimhadeva can drive away many elephants. Please convey my thanks to Satyavrata (Moskowitz) & inform him that I've received his letter. His humble attitude is just befitting a genuine devotee. I very much appreciate his devotional attitude. Hope you are well.

Letter to Rayarama -- Calcutta 9 November, 1967:

The separation of Kirtanananda and Hayagriva is not a very happy incident. I was practically in tears for their attitude of separation on such flimsy grounds. In other words it is my incapability that I could not save these two souls, but this a great evidence that every soul is individual. The nonsense theory of oneness becomes null and void by the evidence presented in this incident. But we should not be angry with these poor souls. Try to convince them by argument and reason but do not become angry with them. Lord Nityananda when he was dealing with Jagai and Madhai maintained the maximum amount of tolerance and patience in spite of the greatest provocation.

Letter to Jadurani -- San Francisco 29 December, 1967:

Bhismadeva, as soon as found Krishna in that angry mood, he gave up his fighting weapons and prepared himself for being killed by Krishna. This attitude of Krishna pleased Bhismadeva very much, and at the time of his death he recalled back the angry feature of Krishna. He was a military man so he was pleased to see Krishna in military spirit, as much as the Gopis wanted to see Krishna as the most beautiful lover. There is no difference between the attitude of the gopis and Bhismadeva in the matter of exchanging transcendental mellows between God and His devotee. Krishna can be loved in any feature and because he is absolute there is no difference to love Krishna as a military man or as a simple Gopi.

Letter to Madhusudana -- San Francisco 30 December, 1967:

My advice to you is to continue your good attitude that you are keeping now and this alone will help you in advancing your cause of Krishna Consciousness. I am pleased that you are very diligently assisting Rayarama. Rayarama is a sincere worker and by assisting him you will be benefited. You are doing your best and I shall advise you to continue this attitude.

1968 Correspondence

Letter to Yamuna, Harsarani -- Los Angeles 15 January, 1968:

Each and every living entity is an individual soul and as such disagreement is quite possible in our dealings with one another but we have to consider the central point of interest. You are both very intelligent sober girls and I have got good estimation of you; do not take at any time an attitude of non-cooperation because you may have not agreed with another's point of view. I have heard about the incidents created by a new devotee, Jivanuga. He appears to be a crazy fellow. He should not have been initiated, but I have given him a chance to improve. Next time I am not going to initiate anybody who has not attended our classes at least for 3 months, and is not recommended by the leading members of the society. Less intelligent persons cannot take to Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Upendra -- Los Angeles 5 February, 1968:

I thank you for your nice letter postdated Feb. 3, 1968, and have appreciated your very nice Krishna Conscious sentiments. My advice to you is to continue your good attitude that you are keeping now and this alone will help you in advancing your cause of Krishna Consciousness. Yes, it will be great advantage if you can chant so much as one lac of Names daily, and also read scriptures. This is good opportunity for you to learn to sing all the verses in the Srimad-Bhagavatam as you began to do so nicely in San Francisco. That will be very nice.

Letter to Jayagovinda -- Los Angeles 8 February, 1968:

I beg to thank you very much for your letter dated Feb. 5. Your attitude of humbleness is praiseworthy. A devotee should always remain humble and meek especially to the authorities and devotees. Lord Caitanya's philosophy is not to become God, but to become servant, servant, servant of God. The more one becomes the lower grade servant of the Lord, the more he is devoted nearer to the Lord. This is our philosophy. I have all my hearty blessings upon you, please do your duties nicely, and Krishna will be pleased to shower His Blessings upon you. He is very kind to sincere souls, and He gives intelligence from within to sincere devotees. We require only to become sincere in the service of the Lord, then everything is there ready for our convenience.

Letter to Hamsaduta -- Los Angeles 17 February, 1968:

I am very happy to hear you are making nice arrangements for the Kirtana Party; I am anxious to see the idea take shape. Yes, the more you develop the attitude for service sincerely, the more opportunities Krishna will give you to serve Him, in so many varieties of ways. And I am so happy to hear that you are finding strength to be determined to spread Krishna Consciousness all over the world; my Guru Maharaja wanted like that, especially the Western world, and my only request is that you all sincere boys and girls, to spread this Krishna Consciousness to every home, to every village and town, and to take this mission very seriously.

Letter to Mukunda -- San Francisco 26 March, 1968:

I am sorry I am delayed to reply your letter dated March 14, 1968, which I received over a week ago. I am very glad that you are repentant even for some action which is not sanctioned by me. This attitude is very nice and improves one in progressing on the path of devotional service. The Rakhi Bandhan ceremony observed by you under instruction of Prasad isn't approved by our Vaisnava rituals. Of course, such ceremony is observed among the Hindu community as a socio-religious convention. But in our Vaisnava community there is no such observance. Now, forget the incidence, and in future don't be misled by some unauthorized person. Our next ceremony is Lord Ramacandra's Birthday, on the 7th of April.

Letter to Mahapurusa -- San Francisco 28 March, 1968:

Both of you are sincere souls, sincere servitors of Lord Krishna, and He will be very kind to bestow His Blessings upon you. As you go on preaching you will become expert. In every sphere of activity the more a man becomes active, he becomes more and more expert. Your humble attitude is very praiseworthy. You keep yourself in that very humble mentality and Krishna will be very pleased upon you. All three of you are very sincere servitors, and you all should become very good preachers, Janardana, yourself, and Sivananda, so that this Krishna Consciousness movement will be spread all over the world.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Montreal 16 June, 1968:

So the party known as Gauranga Nagari, they are considered to be deviated from pure devotional service, on account of Lord Caitanya given the same facility of Krishna, which He did not like. Our service mood should be compatible to the attitude of the Lord. Not that we should overlap the attitude of Krishna to Lord Caitanya, or Lord Caitanya to Krishna, or Krishna to Ramacandra, or Ramacandra to Krishna. Therefore, in the Sastras, specific injunctions are there, just like to worship Lord Caitanya is by the method of chanting Hare Krishna.

Letter to Sacisuta -- Montreal 17 June, 1968:

So in the battlefield, neither Krishna was wounded, neither Bhismadeva died due to the injuries out of the wounds. He decided to pass away at that time, therefore he died. These things will be more and more clear when you understand Krishna by revelation. I think if you make progress in your present attitude, you shall soon know all these intricacies of spiritual and material living conditions.

I am very glad to learn that you are at Los Angeles temple. Please try to improve the condition of the temple conjointly, and this service will be very much appreciated by Lord Jagannatha. Just now I received one telephone message from San Francisco that a girl baby is born of Malati and Syamasundara. And they asked me for registration of the baby's name, and she is named by me as Sarasvati devi. Please pray for the newly born baby in Krishna Consciousness. Hoping you are all well.

Letter to Gargamuni -- Montreal 18 June, 1968:

We being part and parcel of Krishna, when we surrender fully unto Krishna with sincerity of purpose, through the transparent via media of the spiritual master. One who thinks himself as Krishna's, he is non-different from Krishna. So the attitude which you are mentioning is the Grace of Krishna, and I wish by His Lordship's Mercy you will continue this aptitude of becoming more and more progressed in Krishna Consciousness. Thank you very much for thinking in such a nice way.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Montreal 3 July, 1968:

And in order to favor the demigods, He had come there to cheat Bali Maharaja in the shape of begging some charities. Bali Maharaja was puffed up with his material vanities, and Vamanadeva as He is Visnu, all-peaceful, without interrupting his attitude, just approached him in the form of a Brahmin, Who has a right to beg something from the princely order. And the principle orders also are always disposed, to make charities to the Brahmins.

Letter to Upendra -- Montreal 4 July, 1968:

Any friend in any part of the world that you may contact, try to infuse him with this Krishna Consciousness idea. Never waste your time in any other talks. I think our students have already developed this attitude and they are not interested in idle talks. Ambarisa Maharaja, he set very nice example by engaging his mind always on the Lotus Feet of Krishna, and talking always about him. We should follow the same example.

Letter to Dayananda -- Montreal 7 July, 1968:

We have to seek after our eternal life in Krishna Consciousness and be transferred to the spiritual world in the association of Krishna. Continue to keep your present attitude and certainly even within this life, you will be successful in attaining perfection of Krishna Consciousness.

Regarding Mr. John Fugate: This news is very encouraging. As we are spreading our Krishna Consciousness in your country, we need a center in Florida, and if Mr. Fugate cooperates with this movement, certainly he will be very much benefited. So you can keep him alive by correspondence and send him our books and literature to read.

Letter to Gurudasa -- Montreal 16 July, 1968:

Your appreciation of the Rathayatra festival and realizing the beauty of Kirtana and Jagannatha as well as the magnanimity of Lord Caitanya in His sublime teachings, are some of the wonderful things that I mark in your progressively advancement in Krishna Consciousness. Please try to continue this attitude and you will be more and more happy in your life, and at the end, get entrance into the association of Krishna. Chant Hare Krishna, both husband and wife, regularly, and worship Lord Krishna's Sri Murti, as you are doing, and try to elevate others in Krishna Consciousness, which has nothing to do with academic education; I therefore wish that instead of wasting your time for 2 or 3 years for taking a degree, you may increase your scope of activities for recruiting such boys and training them in Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Yamuna devi -- Montreal, Quebec Canada July 16, 1968:

Your appreciation of the Rathayatra festival and realizing the beauty of Kirtan and Jagannatha as well as the magnanimity of Lord Chaitanya in His sublime teachings, are some of the wonderful things that I mark in your progressively advancement in Krishna Consciousness. Please try to continue this attitude and you will be more and more happy in your life, and at the end, get entrance into the association of Krishna. Chant Hare Krishna, both husband and wife, regularly, and worship Lord Krishna's Sri Murti, as you are doing, and try to elevate others in Krishna Consciousness as you are doing. These things are the right line of activities, and you must continue to do so.

Letter to Sivananda -- Montreal 24 August, 1968:

I understand that one Finland young boy has joined you, similarly many other young men will come and join, because the whole world is in necessity of Krishna Consciousness. My Guru Maharaja used to say that there is no scarcity of anything in this world, save and except Krishna Consciousness. Keep your present attitude, intact; have good faith in your Spiritual Master and Krishna and everything will be all right. You have already taken this secret of success, sincerity, and pull on with that mentality. And Krishna will give you all help.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Montreal 30 August, 1968:

Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura has sung in a poetry that my mind, my body, and my home is surrendered unto You. So a Grhastha or householder like you, you are also tridandi. Because you have sacrificed everything, your life, your home, and your child, so you are a tridandi sannyasi, in fact. So continue this attitude seriously and sincerely, so you will be also as good as a sannyasi even though you are in the dress of a Grhastha. The Saivite tilaka is three pundra, 3 lines, on the forehead, in 3 parallel lines. Our tilak udra pundra, they are distinctive marks of different sections. There are two sections of the Vedic followers. Namely, the impersonalists and personalists. So the tilak distinguishes one from the impersonalists. Our udra pundra, Visnu temple, udra pundra means Visnu temple, so we are distinguished from the mayavadis who use the three parallel lines, tripundra.

Letter to Hayagriva -- San Francisco 9 September, 1968:

And when you are not there, he will take care of the center. I think you will like this idea. In this way, Kirtanananda may develop New Vrindaban. He will have a nice assistant, Vamanadeva, and Hrsikesa, and I think everything will come out very successful without delay. Krishna is giving you intelligence and bestowing His Mercy upon you; continue this attitude, whenever you feel some difficulty, chant Hare Krishna. Pray to Krishna to help you, and there will be no difficulty. Be rest assured. I hope this will find you in good health and cheerfulness.

Letter to Syama -- San Francisco 11 September, 1968:

Therefore, Krishna being the Supreme Spirit, one who tries to understand Krishna, he can understand everything else. From your statement of the letter under reply, I can understand that by the Grace of Krishna, you are improving in Krishna Consciousness. And if you continue to keep up your attitude in this spirit, surely in this very life, you will be successful to reach the perfectional stages. It is my duty to open your eyes, because a Spiritual Master is he who can save his disciples from the darkness of nescience, illusion. So I am trying my best to do my duty, and if you cooperate with me, fully, certainly both yourself and myself will be successful in our missionary work.

Letter to Yamuna -- Seattle 23 September, 1968:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated Sept. 15, 1968, Sept. 21, along with the nice news clipping, and I am so glad to note your feelings of Krishna Consciousness gradually increasing. It is all Krishna's Mercy upon you for your sincere mode of service; please keep this attitude and you will be happy more and more.

Regarding the lost certificate paper: I understand from Govinda devi that you have got it back. Please print it nicely.

Letter to Acyutananda, Jayagovinda -- Seattle 13 October, 1968:

There are many Vaisnavas in Bombay, and they are very rich and charitable also. And if they are convinced that Krishna Consciousness is being propagated in foreign countries, and you American students are working in India, surely you will be welcome. As a matter of evidence, you have seen Seth Dalmia's attitude, how he has helped you with monthly allowances and all. So you have to pick up such many persons, and if you work combinedly together, strictly following my instructions, I am sure you will be successful. So before returning either to Germany or USA both of you should give a try in Bombay. If you fail there, also, however, then there will be no other alternative than to return back to your own place.

Letter to Rayarama -- Seattle 15 October, 1968:

I am very sorry I could not reply you earlier, because there are so many letters, and I have to reply them one after another. Anyway, the issue of Back To Godhead which you have sent me is very very nice, and Krishna is helping you for your sincere efforts. I hope you will continue this attitude and improve the quality and writing of Back To Godhead both nicely. It is also gratifying that Subala has joined you and so also Bhaktajan has come back to assist you. Now I think you have got sufficient staff, and you may not require the help of the boy, Cintamani in Montreal. I think that he's required there to assist Hamsaduta. I have received letter from him.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 2 November, 1968:

I am in due receipt of your note of Oct. 28, 1968, along with a letter to you from Jaya Govinda. His letter appears not very clear and your remark on Acyutananda's attitude is also notable. You write to say "Rayarama will forward one letter from Parvat Maharaja etc." I have not received any letter from Rayarama. I think both Acyutananda and Jaya Govinda have been poisoned by this Parvat and thus it is useless to request them to work for the society. Neither they have shown any capability till now. Under the circumstances, I think there is no hope of getting any service from these boys regarding our mission.

Letter to Umapati -- Los Angeles 11 November, 1968:

It takes a little time to understand the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness but I am glad that now you are prepared to do anything for Krishna's sake, this is a great causeless mercy of Krishna upon you. Please continue your present attitude of serving Krishna and His cause, and certainly you will be successful in the matter of Krishna Consciousness even in this life. You know that your intimate friend, Hayagriva, is devoting his whole energy and money now. Similarly other students they are also doing that and the more we do so, it is better for us. Exactly if we supply nice nutritious foodstuff to the stomach, it is better for all the senses. Similarly, to serve Krishna more nicely is better for our own interests. Krishna is not in need of our service but if we sacrifice everything for Krishna, that is for our good. You should always remember this maxim.

Letter to Devananda -- Los Angeles 23 November, 1968:

I can understand from your letter that you are working nicely for the spreading of Lord Caitanya's mission. Just keep this your attitude of sincere service and without a doubt Krishna will give you all intelligence to serve Him nicely. Krishna is not ungrateful but rather He sees all our efforts and appreciates our sincere service. Krishna is interested in how we engage our energies in His service. We are very small, very insignificant, so what can we do? Simply He wants to see that we are engaging our time and energy in His service. And you always remember to abide by the laws of Krishna as described by His bona fide Representative, and the passage of going back to Godhead is assured.

Letter to Malati -- Los Angeles 23 November, 1968:

That will save you from all discrepancies. As a householder even there is some flaws in following the rules and regulations, it doesn't matter. You should try your best and with Krishna's help—Krishna will help you. If you keep your heart in that attitude, that you want to become a pure and sincere devotee, you must be a sincere devotee. And Krishna will help you. You have to keep your heart in that way, that is your business. I hope you are well, with your child.

Letter to John Darsinos -- Los Angeles 23 November, 1968:

I have read your letter (undated) and am very pleased that you are appreciating this movement of Krishna Consciousness. Please continue this attitude of appreciation for Krishna's mercy and your life will be successful with no doubt.

In answer to your question about the importance of initiation, it is to be understood that initiation means that power is coming from the Supreme by the bona fide disciplic succession. This is required. Of course, for anyone to hear the message of Srimad-Bhagavatam will produce a favorable result but formally one should receive this knowledge from the disciplic succession. For example, Arjuna and Krishna were friends but still Arjuna submitted himself formally as Krishna's disciple. This is essential.

Letter to Hayagriva -- Los Angeles 23 November, 1968:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated November 19, and have noted the contents. I am very much pleased by your renewed and serious efforts to help me in my service to my Guru Maharaja. Please continue in this attitude and Krishna will save you, you need have no doubt.

Regarding your question as to obtain a house or a storefront for holding kirtanas, I think that you may use your own good discretion as to which will be most effective in popularizing Krishna Consciousness in Ohio.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Los Angeles 11 December, 1968:

Because you are very nice, sincere boy so Krishna is now giving you very good facilities by which you can serve Him and at the same time perfect yourself for going back to Godhead. So if you try to continue in the humble attitude you have now, with little time you will have wonderful success in further developing your Krishna Consciousness. Actually the Krishna Consciousness is already there, but it is now covered up so we must wipe away the dirt of maya from our consciousness so the pure essence of consciousness, or love for Krishna, may once again shine forth. I am always praying to Krishna to help you more and more so if you remember to always increase your efforts to make progress in spreading this movement, then Krishna will certainly save you, rest assured.

Letter to Lilasukha -- Los Angeles 17 December, 1968:

With great pleasure I have read your letter of December 9, 1968. I thank you for your kind sentiments expressed and your nice attitude of humbleness and devotion.

It is very good that you and the other girls are preaching in school to your class mates. This will bring the greatest benefit not only to them but also it will help you to progress more and more in your devotional service. Krishna Consciousness is so nice that when one makes some gain it does not detract from another's gain, but, rather, it means that there is gain for the whole world. When one is chanting or speaking of Krishna or working for Krishna then so many living entities hear him or help him in some way and thus find benefit also. This is why the devotee is dear to all creatures and to Krishna.

Letter to Brahmananda -- Los Angeles 19 December, 1968:

After all it is a broken house and I cannot expect all the comforts of a newly built house in an old broken residence.

I thank you once more for your noble sentiments about me and I can simply say that for this nice attitude Krishna will certainly help you. I am fully aware of your sincere service and therefore I pray always to Krishna for your all-round welfare. You have got a nice temple by the grace of my Spiritual Master. It is very encouraging to me. You should always pray to His Divine Grace because naturally He will be more affectionate to you than to me. Generally one is more affectionate to the grandchildren than to the children directly. So I am sure that my Guru Maharaja will be easily inclined to your prayers than that of mine. You will do good always by offering your prayers to His Divine Grace Bhaktisiddhanta Goswami Maharaja.

Letter to Malati -- Los Angeles 24 December, 1968:

I thank you for your letter of December 17, 1968, I am always so glad to be hearing from you. Your sincere attitudes expressed are very nice and I thank you for them. I am very pleased that you are serving your husband nicely and helping him so that he may advance his Krishna Consciousness. When the husband advances, automatically the wife shares in his success so there is all around benefit. So a good wife is a great boon to her husband and to her children so please continue in this way and I know that your life will be very successful. Kindly convey my blessings to Syamasundara and Sarasvati Devi. I hope that you are all well.

1969 Correspondence

Letter to Janaki -- Los Angeles 18 January, 1969:

You have already made the city of London feel something about the Hare Krishna movement. This is a great credit for you all and I appreciate it very much. Please do your duty combinedly without any disruption of peaceful attitudes amongst yourselves. We are pushing our movement on the background of a peaceful atmosphere in the world, and if we show a little disturbance in our own camp that will not be a very good example. Therefore, everyone should be forebearing, tolerant and cooperative. That is my special request to you all.

Letter to Sivananda -- Los Angeles 23 January, 1969:

I am in due receipt of your letter dated January 14, 1969, and I have noted the contents. I am pleased to note that you enjoy going out into the streets chanting and preaching from Bhagavad-gita. This is a very good attitude and in accordance with the teachings of Lord Caitanya that the process of Sankirtana should be presented to men all over the world. So as you are able you should continue to go into the streets to chant, and I am sure that the others at your temple will appreciate going with you as they are available. Surely this practice will attract many people there to take some interest in this Krishna Consciousness movement.

Letter to Arundhati -- Los Angeles 26 January, 1969:

Be sure to chant your sixteen rounds daily and read one chapter of Bhagavad-gita As It Is, one chapter daily. Follow the four regulative principles strictly, and I am sure that Krishna will see that your life quickly becomes more and more happy in devotional service. The attitude which you expressed is very nice, and please continue to develop this attitude always.

Letter to Arundhati -- Los Angeles 21 February, 1969:

Your desire to serve me is very praiseworthy. But because I am the humble servant of Krishna I cannot accept any service on my account. So what I say you follow so you may advance in Krishna Consciousness. That is your service and I accept it on behalf of Krishna. This is a very good attitude, and your wish to serve me actually means to serve Krishna.

Now there is ample activities for you as the Radha-Krishna Murtis are installed in Boston temple. So under the direction of Satsvarupa try to help out in these activities as far as possible.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Hawaii 16 March, 1969:

I do not think that in India there is any immediate possibility of spreading Krishna Consciousness very seriously. Under the circumstances, if you go to India, you have to make some propaganda against this attitude of the government and the public. Your desire for opening many temples is very laudable, but unless you prepare some temple worshippers then the temples will remain vacant. So in this age, it is more important to create devotees than to construct temples. My Guru Maharaja advised me to give more stress on literary work such as publishing books and magazines in Krishna Consciousness, and temple opening is a secondary consideration.

Letter to Syama -- Hawaii 24 March, 1969:

I have written Hayagriva in this connection. But I do not know what could be the cause of this illness. Please let me know what are the reports given by the doctor. But it is good that you are keeping even greater amount of faith in Krishna, and are chanting 35 rounds daily. Keep up this good attitude and surely you will be saved from all dangers.

Letter to Dayananda -- Allston, Mass 1 May, 1969:

The idea of New Dvaraka in Los Angeles is developing there, and Tamala Krishna has already informed Mr. Leo Brown, the real estate man, to find out a bigger place than the present one. So when you return you try to complete it. I thank you very much for your nice surrendering attitude by placing yourself at my disposal. Of course, I am using you already in the service of the Lord, and personally I cannot utilize your service. So whatever I demand from you, it is for Krishna's sake. Personally I am humble servant of Krishna as you are also, but I am deputed to accept your service just to transfer it to Krishna as via media. I shall try to do this service to you and Krishna throughout my life, and I am so proud to have such assistants as you are to help me in my mission to push on the Krishna Consciousness Movement.

Letter to Revatinandana -- Allston, Mass 6 May, 1969:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated May 1, 1969, and I have signed the letter to the draft board as you have requested. If it will be of help to you, I shall also send you one certificate stating that you are my disciple. I thank you very much for the nice sentiments you have expressed, and surely this nice attitude will be a great asset for your further advancement in perfecting your life in Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Tamala Krsna -- Allston, Mass 6 May, 1969:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your very nice letter dated May 2, 1969, and the attitude which you are now maintaining for rendering service to Krishna will certainly induce Him to bestow you with all His blessings more and more. I am sending herewith one program for the 18th of May which may be called Noukabihar. The song in this connection is also given and you may properly utilize it along with the translation. The next program on the 25th I shall send you in my next letter, and that is known as Rairaya. I understand you want every Sunday some program, and I shall try to help you as far as possible. Your statement that the program there could be to establish a large center for training preachers is very, very encouraging.

Letter to Balabhadra -- Columbus, Ohio 12 May, 1969:

I thank you very much for your letter dated May 6th, 1969, and I have noted the contents carefully. I can understand that you are working very nicely and sincerely for helping our movement in Hawaii, and this is very encouraging to me. Please continue with this attitude and surely Krishna will provide you from within the intelligence of how you can serve him in the best way. Regarding your question about maintaining your body nicely, I think that if you follow our regulations of diet, sufficient sleeping, and keep to the prescribed rules of cleanliness, two baths per day,* then you will be able to keep yourself in proper health. Of course disease will always be there at some time while there is this material body, but this we must tolerate and not be very much agitated by. Actually, the Vaisnava who knows that he is not this body, he does not therefore neglect his body, but he takes very nice care so that he may utilize his body in the service of Krishna.

Letter to Indira -- Columbus, Ohio 14 May, 1969:

I thank you very much for your nice letter dated April 5, 1969, and I have carefully noted the contents. The sincere sentiments you have expressed are very nice, and surely Krishna will be pleased to bless you because of your nice attitude for serving Him. I think that because you are unable to tend the Deities in the temple, that you and your sister, Ekayani, may serve the small Radha-Krishna Deities which you will be receiving soon. Try to follow all the rules and regulations of Deity worship as are followed in the temple.

Letter to Jayagovinda -- New Vrindaban 22 May, 1969:

Regarding my diary, you are right when you say that you would not see my personal belongings, that is a nice attitude, but still I have nothing to close from the eyes of my disciples. I think that my diary is now lying somewhere in New York, but that is not a very important thing. Regarding Acyutananda, he is now in Navadvipa in care of Sridhara Maharaja. I have written one letter to him, requesting him to supply at least ten first class mrdangas purchased from Navadvipa and sent to our different centers. I am seeing our Sankirtana is being accepted more and more in the Western World, and there is very good future for its spreading by the help of my very sincere disciples.

Letter to Vrndavanesvari -- New Vrindaban 25 May, 1969:

So don't be discouraged. If you follow the principles of Krishna Consciousness, your activities may be accepted anywhere. It doesn't matter whether it is in Europe or America because it is all transcendental. You may just continue your attitude to serve Radharani and you can be on the spiritual platform, without any being deterred by material impediments. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam, First Canto, you'll find that the first class occupational duty is to develop love of God without any motive or impediment. When we shall be able to execute our business of Love of Godhead, unimpaired, at that time we shall be freed from all sophistication.

Letter to Uttamasloka -- New Vrindaban 7 June, 1969:

If you have anytime any difficulty, please try to settle up in the above way, but do not leave the company of devotees. That will not help you, even though there may seem to be some difficulties.

I am so pleased to read in your letter that you have unflinching faith in Krishna and in my directions, and this attitude will help you more and more in Krishna Consciousness. Thank you once more for your letter.

Letter to Vibhavati -- New Vrindaban 12 June, 1969:

We find from the history of Mahabharata that the battle of Kuruksetra was because of the belligerent attitude of Duryodhana. So such war as is was conducted under the advice of Lord Krishna is not bad, but war declared and executed by demonic politicians is certainly very bad. A Krishna conscious person like Arjuna is not inclined to the activities of warfare, but when there is a necessity for peace in the world to educate men to become Krishna Conscious, a Krishna Conscious person does not lag behind. Therefore the first necessity for peace in the world is to instruct men how to become Krishna Conscious, because as soon as one becomes Krishna Conscious all the good qualities in human society are manifested.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- New Vrindaban 13 June, 1969:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated June 6, 1969, and I thank you very much for your submissive feelings. They are just appropriate for an advancing Vaisnava. Please keep yourself in this nice attitude and Krishna will bless you.

Regarding registration of the society, you can simply translate our New York registration form into German and submit it to the court clerk, depositing the requisite fees, and I think that will finish the registration problem. If the police do not allow you to perform kirtana in public places, do not disobey their orders. Try to abide by the law of the state for taking advantage of performing kirtana as far as possible.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- New Vrindaban 13 June, 1969:

Regarding your father's suspicion, you should not keep him in suspicion. As you are working in apprenticeship for jewelry work, you should continue that occupation, and even if your father comes and sees that you are engaged in your occupation as well as looking after management of the temple, he will not be displeased. I can understand from your attitude that your father must be good gentleman, otherwise how could he have such a nice son? So there is no need of playing hide-and-seek. If you continue learning the jeweler's trade, he will not be displeased. Besides that, some of our men must work, otherwise it is difficult to maintain all the expenses in the European countries.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- New Vrindaban 21 June, 1969:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated June 18, 1969, and I am very glad to understand that things are being arranged in Hamburg so nicely. Your attitude for Krishna's service is very much laudable, and I am very much proud of having a disciple like you. May Krishna bless you more and more in the advancement of Krishna Consciousness. If you want me to go to Hamburg, then you can arrange for it after the second week of July, because I am going to Los Angeles on the 23rd of June. Tamala Krishna wants me there immediately because some of the devotees are very much eager for my presence there, and probably I will also frame our future program for opening sub-branches in the Los Angeles area. In neighboring places, such as Laguna Beach, there is good prospects for a center.

Letter to Bhagavan, Krsna Bhamini -- Los Angeles 13 July, 1969:

When I speak with Hamsaduta and Himavati in San Francisco during Rathayatra Festival we shall make definite arrangements as to when they shall arrive. In the meantime, I am very pleased with both of your nice attitudes and endeavors, and may Krishna bless you for this.

Letter to Rupanuga -- Los Angeles 24 July, 1969:

The spirit souls in the Brahmajyoti, although they have no desire for sense gratification, still they feel inconvenience like the ghost, and they fall down again in the Maya's atmosphere and develop a material body. In the Bhagavat therefore it is said that persons who are impersonalists and do not develop the dormant devotional attitude, their intelligence is not pure, because for want of a spiritual body, they come down again to the material world. In the Bhagavad-gita it is clearly said by the Lord that the only way of not coming back to the material world is to be promoted to the spiritual planets.

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Hamburg 27 August, 1969:

Therefore, the staff engaged in Iskcon Press was dispersed, but Rayarama was there in his original position as managing editor. But since this expenditures was stopped, he is little bit sorry; so much so that he does not come regularly and practically he is inclined to give up our relationship. So I called him when I was in New York, but his attitude is different. I did not see him in the airport on my arrival or departure, neither did I see him at the function held on Sunday. So I think in the future you will have to take charge of managing BTG in consultation with Brahmananda when the press will be started in Boston. I have already decided to start the press, and I am glad to have your assurance that you will help in this respect, even with financial help.

Letter to Gargamuni -- London 22 September, 1969:

I am enclosing herewith one copy of the letter of the MacMillan Company sent by Brahmananda to me, and you seriously consider the whole situation along with Tamala and let me know your definite opinion what to do.

I am pleased to note your attitude regarding business. Our policy is nirbandhe krishna sambandha: We shall accept all kinds of civil activities, including business, trade, industry, only in connection with Krishna. I am glad that you are following this principle, and Krishna will be very, very pleased upon you to make you advance in Krishna Consciousness. Regarding Dwarkin & Sons, don't bother about it now. I shall see later on. I am keeping the invoice, and when it is required, we shall utilize.

Letter to Ranadhira -- Tittenhurst 8 October, 1969:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated September 28th, 1969, and your attitude of a humble devotee is very much appreciated. Caitanya Mahaprabhu taught us to be humbler than the grass on the street and more tolerant than the tree, and thus chant Hare Krishna Maha Mantra without any impediments.

Letter to Nico Kuyt -- London 4 November, 1969:

I thank you very much for your letter dated October 17, 1969, sent from the Detroit temple. I am very much pleased to note your sincere attitude towards our Krishna Consciousness Movement, and this sincerity will lead you to the highest spiritual consciousness if you continue in this way. That is the special Grace of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. In former ages the processes of spiritual elevation were very difficult and long enduring. But in this age of Kali Yuga our lives are so short and our minds are so restless that the process of spiritual realization must be very simple in order for success to be achieved. Therefore, Lord Krishna appeared on this world as Lord Caitanya to show the fallen living entities the easiest and most sublime method of achieving Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Brahmananda -- London 15 November, 1969:

It is very nice to learn that both you and Satsvarupa have highly praised Tamala Krishna. Similarly, Tamala Krishna has also highly praised you and Satsvarupa. This attitude should be maintained amongst your Godbrothers. That will elevate us more and more to the top of devotional service. This is called Vaikuntha attitude. In the Vaikuntha factually there is no fault in anyone, but there is another type of competition. The competition is that one devotee thinks of other devotees how nicely they are serving the Lord. In the material world the attitude is that everyone likes to think that I am doing better than others. This is material conception. In the Spiritual Sky it is just the opposite: Everyone thinks that my contemporary devotees are doing better than me.

Letter to Krsna dasa -- Boston 25 December, 1969:

I am so glad to receive your letter dated December 17, 1969 with enclosure of $15, for which I thank you very much. You have signed your name as Krishna das naradhama, but actually, one who is Krishna das is Narottama. But a Krishna das can deliver all naradhamas. I am always very much pleased with your humble attitude, and a Vaisnava devotee of Lord Caitanya always thinks himself as naradhama, the lowest of mankind; although he is narottama, the best of the mankind.

Tamala is there in London, and I have advised him to go occasionally to the German center and see things are very nicely managed. Now the Krishna Consciousness Movement is given to you, some selected European and American boys and girls. Please try to maintain it heart and soul with faith in Krishna, and your life will be successful.

1970 Correspondence

Letter to Rukmini -- Los Angeles 22 January, 1970:

You may paint Garuda with the figure of half man/half bird. That will be nice.

I am happy to note that you are all trying to serve the Deities more and more nicely. Please go on in this attitude and such efforts in devotional service will become the greatest pleasure or Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Ranadhira -- Los Angeles 24 January, 1970:

Now you can remember your last year's crying for $300. I did not very much encourage that attitude because I thought it was that necessity is the mother of invention. Now you must be realizing how it was good for you that within one year you are purchasing two adjoining lands and everything is in advancing position. Now you have got a nice truck and the road is open directly from the main road on account of the side properties being purchased.

Letter to Jananivasa -- Los Angeles January 26, 1970:

So, the secret of success is that one should be eager to serve the Spiritual Master and Krsna simultaneously with the same regard and things will become automatically revealed in the heart of the devotee. I see that these symptoms are there very nicely in you and if you continue this attitude, I hope you will be a great preacher and teacher of Krsna Consciousness Movement in the world.

So for the time being you will hand over a copy of this thesis to Hayagriva Prabhu for publication in the BTG in two or three installments.

Letter to Dindayal -- Los Angeles 2 February, 1970:

Your initiated name is Dindayal das Brahmacari. Din means poor and dayal means merciful. Krishna is so very merciful to those who are very humble in their attitude engaged in the service of the Lord. Lord Caitanya advised, therefore, one should be humbler than the straw and more tolerant than the tree and thus be seriously engaged in glorifying the Lord. This world is very awful. Anyone is ready to create some disturbance, especially they are very much apt to disturb Krishna Consciousness persons because that is the way of demoniac life. So, in order to protect us from all dangerous elements, we have to chant the Hare Krishna Mantra regularly being humbler than the straw and more tolerant than the tree. Then Krishna, Who is Dindayal, will bestow His Mercy upon us.

Letter to Anil Grover -- Los Angeles 5 February, 1970:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 2 February, 1970, sent through Sriman Vamanadeva. I am so glad to learn that you are an educated boy and coming to our Temple and trying to understand our Krishna Consciousness philosophy very seriously. It is very good sign. Try to continue this attitude; and whenever there is some question, you are welcome to put it before me, and I shall try my best to help you.

Letter to Mandakini -- Los Angeles 8 February, 1970:

I am so glad to learn that you are nicely appreciating the bliss of Krishna Consciousness and are endeavoring to become pure in this association. If you continue in this attitude you will progress more and more in your service. So chant Hare Krishna Mantra and be happy. That is my desire.

Letter to Ekayani -- Los Angeles 10 February, 1970:

There are many qualified devotees, so you may choose a husband from among them. I am very happy to learn how you are eager to start a new center and have nice Deity worship, so you may follow the fine example of your sister in this way. That is very nice. Just develop your sincere attitude of serving Krishna and He will kindly provide all the necessities for further advancement in Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Syamasundara -- Los Angeles 10 February, 1970:

I beg to acknowledge receipt of your two letters dated January 31 and February 3, 1970 respectively. Your attitude of humbleness and meekness in the service of Krishna Consciousness is the only qualification which can lead us to upper grade of Krishna Consciousness, and this is the version of Lord Caitanya. Your service is appreciated not only by me, but all other members of the Society.

Letter to Sivananda -- Los Angeles 18 FEbruary, 1970:

Since a long time I have not heard from you, but I am glad to learn that you are doing your duties nicely. I always remember your smiling face and submissive attitude. Be blessed by Krsna and be happy.

Letter to Ekayani -- Los Angeles 15 March, 1970:

Similarly, if you chant and read, you will also be powerful to preach, and whoever will hear will be converted. That is the way of spiritual life.

You are not poor. Of course one should be humble, but a devotee is not poor. Your attitude, however, is that you are poor and humble is nice. But one who is in Krishna Consciousness is the richest person. What value have these material riches got? But when it is engaged in Krishna's service, it is spiritualized.

Letter to Acyutananda -- Los Angeles 11 April, 1970:

The procedure is quite admitted that you do not accept invitation in the fashionable meetings and you lecture exclusively. That is very nice. You do not allow anyone to touch your feet—this is very good attitude—but if they want to insist on touching your feet and there is no other way to avoid it, you can simply remember your predecessor Acaryas and Spiritual Masters and accept them and return namaskara with folded hands. That is the Vaisnava etiquette.

Letter to Gopala Krsna -- Los Angeles 21 April, 1970:

I am very glad to learn that you are doing spiritual activities very nicely and you are always alert to see whether you are committing some offense. This is a very nice attitude. In rendering service to Lord Krsna and His representative the Spiritual Master, we should always maintain this fearful attitude which means careful attention. This attitude will advance you progressively in Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Kasturika -- Los Angeles:

I am very pleased also to note your nice attitude of humbleness in the service of the Lord, this is a very important qualification of a devotee. Now try to learn our philosophy very nicely with the help of your elder God brothers and sisters, go on Samkirtan, and always be engaged in some kind of Krishna work, then Krishna will bless you to advance more and more in Krishna Consciousness.

Letter to Sri Govinda (Bob Lindberg) -- Los Angeles 23 May, 1970:

I beg to thank you for your very nice letter dated 21st May, 1970, along with a set of beads.

I am very glad to note your humble attitude, so keep this nice state of serving mood and your success is guaranteed in Krsna Consciousness.

So I am very happy to accept you as my initiated disciple, and your initiated name is Sri Govinda Das Brahmacari. I have chanted your beads duly and I am returning them to you enclosed herewith. Please continue as you have been following the regulative rules and principles strictly and always chant sixteen rounds of the Holy Names daily.

Letter to Sridama -- Los Angeles 8 July, 1970:

It is a fact that the hippies are our best clients. I had very good response in San Francisco during Rathayatra festival. I saw that they were taking up the chanting of Hare Krsna maha mantra very feelingly even without the presence of any devotee to lead them. They appreciated my lecture and I appreciated their attitude. They joined in Rathayatra very enthusiastically. So try your best to convince them by very nice preaching and in particular very nice Sankirtana party and distribution of our literatures.

Letter to Himavati -- Los Angeles 30 July, 1970:

I have immediately got them on my Deities and They are wearing them and looking so beautiful. You have made the colors and clothes so nicely. I am very much pleased.

You are lying for some time in the hospital bed and still you are not wasting a moment of your time. This attitude is very good. This is Krsna Consciousness—not to waste even a single moment without serving the Lord in some way or other. So you have made these very, very nice dresses for Krsna and Radharani although you are so much inconvenienced by your injury. I am very, very glad that you have got this feeling to not waste even a single moment in the service of the body and mind but to utilize very carefully every moment of life in the loving service of the Lord.

Letter to Dinesh -- Los Angeles 1 August, 1970:

I am very glad to note your eagerness for expanding your service. This attitude is very nice and it is required of the devotee at every stage. So do it very enthusiastically with great faith and patience strictly following the regulative principles. Your good wife and yourself should set the example as model Krsna consciousness householders by your careful observance of all our Krsna conscious principles and thus make your lives successful.

Letter to Upendra -- Tokyo 18 August, 1970:

Tirthapada is your very sincere devotee and combined with him the activities there will be very much exemplary. I have sent the poetry written by Tirthapada to Satsvarupa for publication in BTG.

You are good for everything but your attitude to remain good for nothing is very nice. A Vaisnava is always humble and meek and he is never puffed even he has got the highest qualities of demigods. You are always welcome to write me directly.

Letter to Umapati -- Tokyo 23 August, 1970:

The Mayapur matter is lingering since a long time, so we are going to Calcutta, seven including one Japanese Brahmacari, to complete the transaction.

I am so pleased to note your Vaisnava attitude in your letter under reply. In this connection the incidence which occurred during Lord Caitanya's time may be remembered.

Letter to Umapati -- Tokyo 23 August, 1970:

One very intimate devotee of Lord Caitanya, most probably Vasudeva Dutta, requested Lord Caitanya to deliver all the conditioned souls in his presence. He said, "Let me suffer for their sinful actions, but my dear Lord You take them with You back to home, back to Godhead." So this attitude of offering facilities to others for going back to home, back to Godhead, and personally accepting their suffering thereof is perfect Vaisnava Attitude. Perhaps you know I have already formed a Governing Body Commission, so in my absence they will manage the affairs of the Society. I shall begin my 75th year from the Vyasa Puja Day and if you all combined together manage the affairs of the Society nicely, that will give me a great pleasure.

Letter to Bali-mardana -- Tokyo 25 August, 1970:

Yes, this attitude of surrendering to the Spiritual Master is the best qualification of spreading this movement of Lord Caitanya. That is the Vedic way. One should have unflinching faith in Krsna and similarly in the Spiritual Master. That is the way of understanding the secret of Krsna Consciousness. Unfortunately, attempt has been made lately in our Society to shake this formula. This mischievous attempt has done a great harm, but if you the members of the Governing Body Commission can rectify this mischievous attempt, then still there is hope of making our progress uninterruptedly. I hope Krsna will help us.

Letter to Bhagavan -- Calcutta 22 September, 1970:

So I can see that there is very good potency at the present moment for spreading this movement as was desired by my Guru Maharaja, and I am simply trying my best to carry out His desire. And if some of my students adopt this attitude, without any other motivation, surely Krishna will fulfill our desire. So push on with book publication and distribution, and I am very glad that you are now distributing to schools and libraries. Yes, Sri Brahma Samhita may also be printed.

Letter to Aditi -- India 29 September, 1970:

I am very pleased that you are so sincerely and humbly trying to surrender to the instructions of Krsna and your Spiritual Master. This is the prime qualification of a devotee, so maintain fine attitude and advance in Krsna's loving service.

Letter to Bhavananda -- Bombay 28 October, 1970:

In art class they should be encouraged to draw pictures of Krsna, Kuruksetra, etc. There are so many subjects for drawing as it is stated in our book Krsna. If they are trained, they will come out nice devotees. It will depend on the process of training. Regarding some misbehavior, that we have to check by training peacefully. Your attitude of tolerance and kindness is very nice, so train them in this way. It is Lord Caitanya's order that we have got to discharge welfare activities on behalf of Lord Caitanya.

Letter to Stan -- Bombay 17 November, 1970:

Your attitude of determination to progress in your transcendental knowledge of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krsna and perfect your devotional service to Him, is very praiseworthy. Ramananda Roy has explained that there is nothing so glorious or worth of fame in this world for a person who knows the true value of life other than to be famed as a devotee of Krsna.

Letter to Madhudvisa -- Bombay 24 November, 1970:

That is the real position; transcendental loving service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna. That is our real identification. All other identifications are false or temporary. Lord Caitanya said that "I am the servant of the servant of the servant 100 times removed" and similarly we should think ourselves as the servant of the servant of the servant and this attitude will lead to success in Krishna Consciousness (CC Madhya 13.80).

Letter to Satsvarupa -- Bombay 25 November, 1970:

I have asked that as far as possible, all unpublished manuscripts be printed by him on ISKCON Press. I have also requested Kulasekhara to go to Boston to assist Advaita and I am confident that the tense situation will be relieved.

Yes. You have the right attitude towards disturbing comments of fellow devotees. Lord Caitanya has advised us to always remain more humble than the grasses and more tolerant than the tree, devoid of all sense of false prestige and ready to offer respects to all persons. It is not our policy to reject someone on any personal grounds. Rather it is our duty to encourage him on the common platform of devotional service to Krsna.

Letter to Karandhara -- Bombay 30 November, 1970:

I am in due receipt of your letters dated 28th October, 19th, 13rd, and 10th of November respectively and have noted the contents carefully. Your sentiments for me are very nice and I thank you very much for your sincere attitude which is so encouraging for me.

If we have to repair our house and Mr. Raj Anand is willing to give us the loan and you think there will be no problem in repaying him, then it is all right and you may do it.

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